Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The next RNC nominee for President is having no trouble raising money.

...It was an impressive haul (click title to entry - thank you) by any measure, including a similar “call day” he held four years ago for his last presidential campaign that brought in about $4 million less....

...Can any of the other contenders for the 2012 GOP nomination even come close? And do they have to?

The answers are “probably not” and “no.” Each candidate faces his or her own benchmark of fundraising success when the bell rings on June 30 and candidates report their second quarter 2012 numbers to the Federal Election Commission. (The results will be made public some time in July, but expect the big fundraisers to trumpet their success in press releases.)...

Four months after leaving office, the Granholm Economy is booming.

Before Rick Snyder can do more damage he needs to be recalled.  He has already driven the film industry out of Michigan, what is next?

Stop Snyder's TOXIC Business Tax cuts, NOW !!!

State economists say Michigan tax revenue is up  (click title to entry - thank you)

Michigan is expected to bring in $429 million more than anticipated this fiscal year, raising the possibility that lawmakers will use some of that money to reduce cuts to public schools and other programs now facing the knife.

If lawmakers were counting on a similar surplus in next year's budget, however, they're going to be disappointed. The strengthening economy is expected to lift revenue above forecasts by an even greater figure, nearly $500 million, in the budget year that starts Oct. 1. But that money will largely disappear into the $1 billion hole created by business tax cuts that take effect once Gov. Rick Snyder signs them into law....

Nakba Day should be in mothballs by now.

Israel, the only sincere democracy in the Middle East should be realizing less violence and not more.

In 2009, Chris Jordan photographed dissected remains of dead birds killed by floating garbage.

This Albatross was found on Midway Atoll.  (click title to entry - thank you)

Now the NRA is demanding the USA Congress enforce more danger to wildlife by demanding legislation that assures the sale of lead shot, bullets and sinkers. 

Once lead is ingested by birds and fish it creates toxins that will kill them and/or and lead to their flesh when sports provide them as a meal on the table.

Every aspect of the use of toxic substances allowed in wildlife habitat is disgusting as well as dangerous.  The EPA needs to ban lead from any and all use when it comes to POLLUTING the environment.

...There are perfectly acceptable, nontoxic substitutes. (click here) Fishermen and hunters have been voluntarily adopting bismuth shot, copper bullets, and nonlead sinkers. Several states have set up exchange programs to encourage hunters to turn in lead-based shells for nonlead shells. In the past few years, 25 states have proposed bills to eliminate lead shot. They have regularly gone down to defeat thanks to deceptive campaigns that portray the effort as anti-gun, anti-hunting or anti-fishing.

Banning lead poses no threat to hunters or fishermen. It is a way of making sure they kill only the prey they seek without inadvertently killing other creatures as well. Congress should ignore the N.R.A.’s importunings and reject this latest misguided legislation. And the E.P.A. should issue the ban.

To the right is lead shot removed from the stomach of a Mallard Duck.  The birds, fish and wildlife treat it like food.  Allowing this to continue is hideous.