Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I never thought a USA President would terminate highly qualified people from important federal agencies, but, it is happening.

The people being fired are at this moment filing grievances with their unions and they will be back. Government employees at any level, federal, state or local, are usually represented by unions to protect them from vicious politics like that of Donald Trump. So, what this boils down to is a political dog and pony show for the constituents of "Mean People." I have nothing against dogs and ponies, just mean people.

These employees are not being fired, they are being purged. 

It would seem as though the goal of the Trump administration is to defund all the agencies they don't like by at least one third every year from the federal budget until they are gone at his re-election campaign. It would be interesting to begin to think outside the box to realize there may be no EPA, Interior Department, except for the lease department, Department of Education, Labor, Energy or Agriculture. The area outside the box is going to have to wait, because, here again Mr. Trump and his Executive Branch are acting against the USA Constitution.

The Executive Branch Cabinet was established in Article Two, Section Two of the US Constitution and again in Amendment 25. Need I say more?

But, the US Congress can defund the departments and make them completely ineffective. I also believe that is unconstitutional and anti-American. Please know that is also not going to happen either because Congress persons are complaining to the Secretaries of the agencies they are creating problems in the country by advocating defunding of the department in the next US Budget for fiscal year 2018.

Honestly. Trump and his cabinet actually thinks they can make fools of people and expect them to vote for him again in 2020? I don't think so.
You know the more I think about it, maybe CNN is just trying to keep up ratings like FOX News Fake News Network.

It has a nice ring to it:

"FOX News the First in Fake News"

"Turn to FOX for all your weather information, "Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.""

At least the sexual harassment was real. Funny, it never made the news, then again, not that funny.

Bill O'Reilly, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

It seems like fake news to me.

Mitch McConnell is scared.

June 26, 2017
By Frank Bruni

...Republicans were fortunate enough. (click here) McConnell became the majority leader. And if you can find committee hearings, transparency, full participation, comity, respect or anything akin to good faith in the way he just tried to ram his health care bill through the chamber, then I want you on the hunt for the yeti and, pretty please, the Fountain of Youth.

His approach may prove fatal: On Tuesday, he had to postpone any vote on the legislation until after July 4....

He and his Republicans are running home to mommy to find out if he is still a good boy.

He wants his Republicans to go home, march in a parade, shake hands, kiss babies and basically run a campaign so there can be a vote after July 4th. He wants the Republicans to count heads to understand how many that will be left without health care are Republican voters.

Mitch is scared. He wanted to go home a hero waving an American flag that will destroy health care coverage of millions of Americans and people will die as a result.

The fireworks aren't going to drown out the outrage over the direction the Plutocratic Republicans are taking. There is a lot of damage done to the average American and they don't think they can sustain the path forward with the viciousness already shown by the Republican Party.

FOX News is backing up the Plutocratic Republicans with a war on Democrats. They state they are "Revealing the Left" as if there is some kind of radical movement taking over the country. More propaganda fear campaign at FOX while they they tout watching CNN is illegitimate information.

Of all people Governor Terry McAuliffe is in the sites of FOX News. Really? Terry McAuliffe the Health Care Governor

June 21, 2017

Richmond, Va. - A ceremonial bill signing (click here) was held in Richmond on June 7 to celebrate new efforts to support veterans in Virginia.
Democratic Governor Terry Mcauliffe was joined by republican leaders in the General Assembly to recognize these actions.
The commonwealth will boost services for health care, education, and families of veterans. At the ceremony, a new Veterans Care Center in Virginia Beach was a major focal point.
Leaders on both sides of the aisle said the federal government was falling short of providing quality, timely health care. This has resulted in a push for the state and private sector to step up.
The governor also signed legislation that will allow certain cuts to community college tuition and fees for active duty service members.
Gov. McAuliffe said, "There has never been an inch of space between our administration and the General Assembly when it comes to taking care of our veterans. This has truly been a great bipartisan effort."
The other legislation enhances access to mental health, rehabilitative services, and supporting families who have been impacted by deployments.
The new Veterans Care Center will specialize in patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other chronic illnesses.

Governor Terry McAuliffe the governor that declared war on PTSD? That Terry McAullife? 

Governor Terry McAuliffe, the UNITER and not the divider? Really? Terry McAullife?

Governor Terry McAuliffe that called for gun control after the shooting of Scalise and stated 93 Americans die every day from gun violence. 93 Americans. Every day. Every day 93 Americans die of gun violence. That Terry McAulliffe?

The worst controversy Governor Terry McAullife has is trying to find a way forward for Pritchard Colon (click here). Is FOX News running interference for the family of a quite possibly brain dead boxer? No. They are trying to CREATE controversy and scandal out of thin air. That is unhelpful.

I think calling for the firing of every person working at the time Pritchard Colon succumbed to what is stated as illegal boxing blows, isn't going to do anything for the boxer or his family. There needs to be an effort to address concussion in boxing and the lack of head gear. There needs to be appropriate measures to identify the serious disabilities that occur because of boxing and the Colon family should be out front raising money for their son and ending the disabilities of the sport of boxing.

Governor Terry McAuliffe is a great governor. He cares about the people, not gold watches, fast cars and expensive weddings. Most Democrats want to be in government because of the people and not because the power entitles them to corruption and wealth. All Democratic Governors are treading water as fast as they can to protect their people from the ruthlessness of the Trump White House and Republican Congress.

I am curious as to how the Republican Governors and their 'taker governments' are going to cover the lost health care of their people. If their share of federal health care dollars dry up what will they do?