Thursday, March 24, 2016

There were many North Carolinians who voted for McCrory because of his time as mayor in Charlotte.

When was the Charlotte rights extension passed originally? 
He looks like a jerk in that picture. He never lost the fist thing. It appeared during his first year as Governor. I thought, well he'll lose that mess with time. Evidently, not.

...What’s notable about the Tar Heel law is that it passed. Why did it have more success? (click here) 

It isn’t that North Carolina is more conservative than a lot of the other states considering legislation—in fact, although Republicans control the governorship and state legislature, it’s a fairly purple state, and voted for Barack Obama in 2008. The spark for the law passed Wednesday was an ordinance passed in Charlotte, the state’s largest city. The state’s urban centers tend to be fairly liberal.

One obvious difference in North Carolina is speed. Charlotte passed its updated ordinance, banning LGBT discrimination and creating the transgender bathroom accommodation, on February 22. Here in the Old North State, there were almost immediately calls for the legislature to enter a special sessions to block or overturn the the ordinance. But it was unclear whether that would happen. On February 29, Governor Pat McCrory and Senate leader Phil Berger said they thought the legislature should wait to act until April 25, when the regular session began....

I don't think it's passage is all that odd. I know NC has been purple for a couple of elections, but, the state government is blood red. They are horrible. They operate on ideology. It is why they were elected. Religion rules the state house.

There is a reason why he wheels fists all the time. He is fighting mad about the turn the country has taken under a Democratic President. 

"The Fist" illustrates the overt methodology of governing. If the governor looks tough on those lefties, then he is. 

It is kind of surprising McCrory is taking on a city law from Charlotte. I wonder if he still has friends there?

It is important these decisions are made. The world knows about Daesh. There is no doubt it is a genocidal regime.

There was some criticism that President Obama took a long time to make his announcement about the genocidal determination regarding Daesh. The determination has to hold up to intense scrutiny. There should not be omissions or errors. It is moments like this that matters above all complaining.

Ex-Bosnian Serb leader (click here)makes stunning remark at end of trial in The Hague, saying he was a ‘true friend to Muslims’

March 24, 2016
By Marlise Simons

The Hague — Radovan Karadzic, (click here) the former Bosnian Serb leader, was convicted of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by a United Nations tribunal on Thursday for leading a campaign of terror against civilians in the deadliest conflict in Europe since World War II.
Mr. Karadzic, 70, was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role in lethal ethnic cleansing operations, the siege of Sarajevo and the slaughter of 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995, in proceedings that were likened to the Nuremberg trials of former Nazi leaders.

6 April 1992: A Bosnian special-forces soldier returns fire he and civilians are shot at by Serbian snipers in Sarajevo

The trial here was the most important in the 23-year history of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and a defining test for the entire system of international justice, human rights advocates said.
“Twenty-one years after Karadzic was indicted, this verdict is a forceful manifestation of the international community’s implacable commitment to accountability,” the United Nations human rights chief, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, said in a statement....

27 June 1992: (click here) A man supports the head of a Bosnian woman badly injured by a Serbian mortar shelling in Sarajevo as she is transported to a hospital in the back of a car

If there was a contest President Obama would win, without a doubt.

Ted Cruz owes Mrs. Trump an apology. Ted Cruz is refusing to accept ownership of the very nasty advertisement. Ted Cruz is responsible for the tone of his campaign and issuing an apology is his responsibility in order to send a strong signal to his superpacs.

Ted Cruz accepts money and wants money and wants superpacs. He needs to let his supports know the campaign is moral and not underhanded. He did fire a campaign executive, evidently that wasn't enough.

Donald Trump doesn't accept money or superpaces. Ted needs to get a clue.

The President put his best effort forward, but, I wouldn't say he nailed it.

March 24, 2016
By Evan Real

The Obamas slay, OK? (click here) U.S. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama attended an official state dinner for Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday, March 23, and the first couple nailed the country’s national dance, the tango.
During the event held at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires, guests were treated to a tango showcase. Making the performance all the more special? The fact that POTUS and his wife were invited to participate....

I am sure the dancers in Argentina feel left out of the popular shows in the USA. They are extremely good dancers. I think the dancers are looking for an invitation as a cultural exchange.

President Obama was there for diplomatic purposes. His visit included his daughters and the First Lady. The inclusion of the family set the tone to the visit. President's decision to work through the issues abroad was correct. There was little he could do that Vice President Biden and Secretary Kerry could handle competently. And it was handled competently because the Americans involved have linked with their families and there are searches for those missing.

I think the complaining about the President in Cuba and Argentina is sour grapes. And there are plenty of sour grapes to go around in regard to Cuba. The leadership of Cuba wanted to prove to the people of the USA they are willing and able to conduct opportunities for the people of Cuba. That was important.

It is well known studies can be bought. There are perfectly terrible investigative doctors that make a name for themselves through victimization of patients.

The tobacco industry set the paradigm and strategy, didn't they? Ask climate scientists about the tobacco paradigm. Wherever there is a Wall Street product on the line there is a paradigm to defeat the truth tellers.

Where the NFL will lose their argument is how deeply they were involved with establishing false outcomes in a study. The ball inflation issue was done well, I thought. If that was the NFL's relationship with past reliance on medical studies then it has no conspirator involvement.

The issue with all these studies is the efficacy of them. The responsibility lies with the profession of medicine or areas of science. That is where malpractice lies. If the NFL sought out corrupt doctors and there was an understanding the studies would go on for awhile and be a significant income to their scientific study then the innocence of the NFL is in question. 

Was the money that may have been paid to doctors to uphold the lack of proof of concussion enough of a head nod by the NFL? There is that. But, what enters into this is the ability of the CEO and Board of Directors capability to understand the sincere content of those studies. Basically, could the NFL understand the studies were pandering to money.

The other idea in understanding the NFL's head nod is the question did they seek several opinions or did they chronically seek the same information from the same people because they were satisfied with the information?

The concussion issue has been decades in the making and touches the evolution of the NFL, CEOs, Board of Trustees and the neurological science and advances. The legitimate questions will revolve around the awareness of the NFL regarding concussions that caused their players early problems with cognition and even death. Such repeated issues, considering the value of the men, should have been a warning flag that something was happening, regardless of the scientific basis of expertise at the time. 

As the men were falling by the wayside, there should have been at least one Trustee that became upset. It is simple statistics that at least one Trustee over all those years would be disgusted with the problems their former players were experiencing.

What is definitely surprising about this concussion issue that men were being recruited with fist fulls of money for a short career that would end tragically. The NFL kept it's luster a long time while these problems were occurring. It is difficult to believe at some point even draft picks should have known about the aged players now sitting on the sidelines.

It is a grievously upsetting issue. It would suit the NFL well if they could make it clear there were minutes to meetings that reflected concern about the players as far back as possible, but, the concern was never upheld by the science. There has to have been some compassion somewhere. If there isn't any, it proves the NFL is only a money machine and nothing more.

That reality will effect fans deeply, even today.

Looking the other way can be criminal.

March 24, 2016
By Alan Schwarz, Walter Bogdanich and Jacqueline Williams

The National Football League was on the clock. (click here)

With several of its marquee players retiring early after a cascade of frightening concussions, the league formed a committee in 1994 that would ultimately issue a succession of research papers playing down the danger of head injuries. Amid criticism of the committee’s work, physicians brought in later to continue the research said the papers had relied on faulty analysis.
Now, an investigation by The New York Times has found that the N.F.L.’s concussion research was far more flawed than previously known.
For the last 13 years, the N.F.L. has stood by the research, which, the papers stated, was based on a full accounting of all concussions diagnosed by team physicians from 1996 through 2001. But confidential data obtained by The Times shows that more than 100 diagnosed concussions were omitted from the studies — including some severe injuries to stars like quarterbacks Steve Young and Troy Aikman. The committee then calculated the rates of concussions using the incomplete data, making them appear less frequent than they actually were....

The victory over Ebola should teach the world a great lesson.

Ebola Trilogy (click here)

Telling extraordinary stories of courage and perseverance, the groundbreaking HBO Documentary Films Orphans of EbolaBody Team 12 (2016 Oscar® nominee for Best Documentary Short) and Ebola: The Doctors’ Story each approach the pandemic that claimed thousands of lives from different perspectives. Following the doctors, the response teams and the children left orphaned by this devastating disease, the trilogy paints a picture of the Ebola crisis over a period of eight months, from the outbreak’s rapid escalation, through the height of the epidemic, to its waning. Ranging from international response teams, to local citizen-responders, to ordinary families, the documentaries highlight the urgent need to treat the sick, the grim and dangerous collection of the dead, and the aftermath of survivors picking up the pieces....
Of course compassion matters. We are all Ebola when there is one person infected with Ebola. There are medicines that helped such as malaria treatment, broadspectrum antibiotic, pain medicine and fluids for rehydration.
But, the real miracle with Ebola is that a person infected if fed with nutritional food and fluids such as milk/formula for infants and young children or water for older children and adults live through the ravages of the disease to have their immune system develop antibodies and they become well. 
There are those that die, but, there is a reason such as dehydration or a secondary infection or being so ill they cannot eat and they waste into a death. They are provided pain medicine as necessary and we know a patient does better with their own immunity when there is no pain.
A person with a healthy body is not immune from Ebola. It is a hemorrhagic disease and attacks the very blood system that would work to protect the body. It attacks it with such vigor a person has to be maintained on good nutritional status in order to replenish the very fluids and viability to develop an immune response. It robs the human being of time to create it's antibodies. It is a vicious disease with only one purpose, to live at the expense of the host.
The caregivers in this documentary are amazing. The filmmakers brave beyond their important work. The patients are wonderful in that they believe in the hope doctors and caregivers can bring them. There are survivors. 
It is all good, except, it should have come sooner for many other outbreaks. 

Ebola with this outbreak taught the world an important lesson. Health, clean water and good living habits such as eliminating vermin that are vectors from any village or town. The people that died did not have a chance because they lacked a healthy body to begin with. That is the moral lesson of Ebola. The world forgot to look in on the profoundly impoverished. 
Recruiting citizens for soldiers armed for war is the sole right of the sovereign. The people of the USA wants to end the registration for "The War Draft." Our military has no use for it, now or in the future. That is as per testimony to the US Senate Oversight Committee.

As to the above is an example of an induction notice. 

What are Belgium authorities waiting for? NATO is not far away.

Ayman Mohyeldin knows of a mosque in the suburbs of Brussels that is responsible for the dehumanization of young men to recruit them as soldiers to Syria and Daesh.

Shut down the mosque and arrest all those involved with it to be charged with treason. No bail and held for trial.

The families of the neighborhoods won't speak out in public because they live in fear for and from their children now with Daesh.

Go door to door and take information and testimony for trial as evidence. Their names can be held in anonymity for their safety and vital importance to ending the terrorism in Belgium.

I know how wonderful European parents can be. These young men were dehumanized by a religious leader, not their parents. These families have asked the police for help in stating their young men were being dehumanized and perhaps even young women. The police could not charge anyone as they found nothing wrong. Obviously, the police were wrong.

Radicalization is dehumanization. It removes a young mind away from the teachings he/she has known and alienates it from it's family and society. That is a crime. Every society values their people and to remove them from those same affections and into being a killer is a very dangerous paradigm to leave in a city's mosque and removes the beauty of it's people.

Every worry of a parent has should be considered important. We as societies tell parents over and over they are important people to their country in raising good and happy children. When that is removed from the minds of the very children a country has nurtured, it is a crime against the state.

There is no such thing as absolute freedom. A mosque has sanctuary status for it's followers, however, when a mosque turns itself into a center to spawn killers for disposal to a foreign destination to kill others; that mosque no longer embraces it's followers in a wholesome way to be a benefit to stable and happy minds. It loses it's sanctuary status by it's actions to inspire killing of others. A country does not have to tolerate religion at any cost. That is not the compact between the people and the state.

When a country tolerates such estrangement of their children, the government of country lose legitimacy and citizens will be estranged from their government the same as their children from the family. That is a goal of the terrorists taking young men and women from their home. The more pain inflicted to people because of the loss/death of their children creates a sovereign of the religion and not the government. It is treason by every measure.

The religious sovereign then becomes the place where solace replaces anger with their losses. It is a very dangerous paradigm and people know it is inherently wrong, but, they also find the pain of loss too great.

My only purpose is to have my words considered as a method to return the beauty of Europe through the happiness of it's people.

end of entry

NATO needs to work with local authorities to prevent another attack. I knew it would come to this.

March 24, 2016
By Mark Kenny and David Woe
European authorities (click here for speech by Prime Minister Turnbull) have lost control of their own security in a perfect storm of poorly integrated Muslim communities, and an inability to know who is within its borders, Malcolm Turnbull has declared, delivering a dire prognosis of the acute threat facing the continent.
And he warned those conditions, elements of which exist elsewhere as well, were ideal for creating the "a favourable ecosystem for an Islamist milieu"....

The lead up to NATO occupation of Europe started with Charlie Hebdo, then the power plant and drone flights over nuclear facilities, then Paris and now Belgium. It is time to move house to house in order to secure the society beginning in Belgium. There is no alternative. This is the second country to be effected.

That's right, NATO as if urban warfare. The borders of Europe will require security otherwise there will be more jihadists coming into the region.

There is a stagnant system in the center of the USA.

March 24, 2016
By Pete Deikus and Colleen Coyle

The slow-moving storm (click here) system tracked across Colleyville, Grapevine, Coppell, DFW Airport, Carrollton and Addison before moving along the border between southern Collin and northern Dallas counties.
Radar indicated the storm was dropping large hail up to 2.8 inches diameter. There was some accumulation on grassy areas, and the melting hail generated a fog that decreased visibility for motorists.

The pictures under the system are very dark. I lightened this photo in order to see the shelf cloud.

March 22, 2016
Wind Map (click here for animated map - current activity)

March 23, 2016
Unisys infrared north and west satellite (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)


March 23, 2016
Wind Map

President Obama was on a very important mission. Cuba's leadership should take him seriously and so should the US Congress.

March 24, 2016

United States President Barack Obama (click here) challenged Cuba's Communist Government with an impassioned call for democracy and economic reforms yesterday, addressing the Cuban people directly in a historic speech broadcast throughout the island.
Taking the stage at Havana's Grand Theatre with President Raul Castro in attendance, Obama, who later in the day arrived in Argentina where he hopes to reset relations after years of tension, said he was in Cuba to extend a hand of friendship and "bury the last remnant" of the Cold War in the Americas.
But he also pressed hard for economic and political reforms and greater openness in a one-party state where the Government stifles dissent, internet access is low and the media is in state hands.
His speech was the high point of a 48-hour trip made possible by his agreement with Castro in December 2014 to cast aside decades of hostility that began soon after Cuba's 1959 revolution, and work to normalise relations....

Cuba should send a delegation to Congress to lobby for the end of the economic blockade. It serves no purpose and hurts the people of Cuba. If Congress refuses to carry out change in economic status with Cuba, then Cuba should welcome ships with delivery of goods from other countries. USA goods participate in the global economy and an ally to Cuba could act as a forwarding agent. The extra shipping would add a little to the cost of goods, but, it would defy the bigoted idiots in Congress.

There should be an exchange of culture and science, especially medical science, as a beginning.  

The oceans usually give up it's mysteries in time.

March 24, 2016
Two pieces of debris (click here) recently discovered along the coast of Mozambique are "highly likely" to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian officials said Thursday.
An analysis of the parts by an international investigation team showed both pieces are consistent with panels from a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft, Transport Minister Darren Chester said in a statement.
"The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370," Chester said....

At the time of the missing aircraft it is stated on this blog it would be found near of on western Africa. There was also a sighting by people on a island of a low flying jet in the direction of west Africa.
March 24, 2016
By Greg Miller

For three days last week, (click here) counterterrorism officials and experts from dozens of countries gathered in Brussels for a conference on a threat quietly gathering in the city around them.
They passed through an airport whose vulnerabilities had been assessed by Islamist militants. Some even stepped off a subway system already marked as a soft target. They heard a top Belgian official warn that the recent arrest of a suspect in November's Paris attacks had exposed only the edge of a larger network.
The suspect, Salah Abdeslam, "was ready to restart something from Brussels" four months after he went underground, said Didier Reynders, the Belgian Foreign Minister. At the conclusion of the massive manhunt, authorities had "found a lot of weapons, heavy weapons ... and we are seeing a new network of people around him in Brussels."...