Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 24, 2015 there will be a reairing of "Erasing Hate."

The documentary, called "Erasing Hate," (click here) chronicles two years in the life of Bryon Widner, who was a violent skinhead for 16 years before he decided to turn his life around. He had one problem, though: the startling array of racist tattoos that covered his entire body. The documentary gets its title from Widner's harrowing 20-month tattoo removal process.

I saw the first airing of this documentary. It was impressed then and I can't think of a more appropriate time to see it again. Thank you, Lawrence O'Donnell.

Thank you Governor Bentley.

June 25, 2015

On the order of Gov. Robert Bentley, (click here) the Confederate battle flag which stands at the foot of the confederate memorial on the state Capitol grounds was taken down this morning.
Two workers came out of the Capitol building about 8:20 a.m. and with no fanfare quickly and quietly took the flag down. They declined to answer questions.
Moments later Gov. Bentley emerged from the Capitol on his way to an appearance in Hackleburg. Asked if he had ordered the flag taken down, the governor said, "Yes I did."...

The war dead of the confederacy can be listed name by name in any museum. The confederate flag is too inflammatory.

Arlington National Cemetery should be provided the names of the dead from the Civil War, both North and South. Currently, there are mass graves in Arlington and the soldiers have no identity. Those mass graves are from the Civil War. They are not small mounds. There is also the "Tomb of the Known Soldier." 

April 29, 2011

Arlington, Va. — The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (click here) is conducting an criminal investigation into the mishandling of remains at Arlington National Cemetery.
The first part of the investigation concerns eight sets of cremated remains found in a single mass grave, Christopher Grey, spokesman for the commandtion, said at a press conference Wednesday at the cemetery.
The FBI is working with the Army on the investigation, begun in October. Grey said that the investigation concerns possible contract fraud and falsification of records, but that no current cemetery administration officials are involved. While multiple urns were placed in a single grave, Grey said multiple burial is not a criminal act.
Through a "myriad of methods" three sets of the remains were identified and two of those have already been re-interred at the families' request, Grey said. Another three sets of remains are unidentifiable....

I feel an obligation to address those practicing their lives through their faith.

Senator Graham stated Senator Scott is deeply faithful to God. Senator Graham went on to say Senator Scott was sitting in a common room in the Senate with headphones on. He asked what Senator Scott was listening to. Senator Scott stated, "My bible study."

Those words chilled me because Senator Scott could have been in the church when these assassinations took place. 

The USA prides itself on religious freedom. There are many faithful in the USA. The 'talk' about those that don't worship has to end. There are atheists in the USA. There should never be any hate against any religious event. We are all Americans, we all should recognize diversity and we all have the right to spiritual practice, traditional or otherwise.

No one in the USA should ever be compelled to speak against any form of spirituality. It is a vital part of personality and personal identity. Faith and religion should never be a political topic. 

Please, stop the hate first and foremost.

Unless this is the annual expression of racism, there is trouble in Israel.

Terrorists (click here) won't be allowed to sit here,' Likud's Yaron Mazuz says; Netanyahu accuses Arab Joint List of hypocrisy; Zionist Union MKs leave session to avoid taking part of a vote on the citizenship law. 

24 June 2015

By Jonathan Lis 

A Knesset session descended into acrimony on Wednesday, after the deputy interior minister accused Israeli Arab lawmakers of participating in terrorist acts and called on them to "return" their Israeli citizenship...


Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) up for vote.

Senator Scott voted "No." Thank you.

It reached 60 votes and passes.
US Senate honors the nine South Carolina citizens assassinated one week ago. The Senate was lead by South Carolina Senators Tim Scot and Lindsey Graham. An amendment was added to the bill to bring recognition of the deaths. Each person's name was read on the Senate floor.
Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

US Senator Jeff Sessions changed his vote to "No." Thank you.

The bill passed with a simple majority of 51.

States with the Medicaid Expansion have to flle lawsuits to receive the dollars promised to them.

...The Republican budget proposal, (click here) introduced by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, would subject Medicaid to some of the largest cuts in the history of the program. This proposal would cut federal Medicaid funding significantly—not by reducing underlying health care costs, but simply by shifting those costs to already overburdened state governments. It would do this by converting the program to a block grant that would provide considerably less federal funding with each passing year. The Republican budget proposal would cut federal funding to the states by 5 percent in 2013. In 2014, the cut would be 15 percent. Over the coming years, these funding cuts would get larger and larger, until, at the end of the 10-year period, the cut in federal funds would approximate 33 percent. (Other budget proposals under consideration don’t specify the size of their Medicaid cuts. However, they do include global caps or other limits that would trigger automatic spending cuts, which could easily result in similar cuts to Medicaid.)...

Do not take the insult to any state on the chin by Republicans who can't do math. The states receiving the expansion did not bargain for trouble. Those states have to file suits against the federal government. Just because the Republicans want to use Medicaid monies (which were budgeted with additional taxes in the ACA) for other reasons to APPEAR to be cutting the national deficit is no reason to stand by and tolerate such breaches in contract law. Just that simple. The state Attorney Generals should not wait. If the contract with the federal government is in breech during the first quarter there should be lawsuits filed already.

August 22, 2014

...The federal government (click here) has refused to reimburse the state for its expanded Medicaid coverage this year and despite efforts to come to an agreement, the deferrals may continue into September.
The feds have been holding out on the state over a technical dispute regarding eligibility. Because of the disagreement, the state was not reimbursed for $249.2 million for the first quarter. The second quarter deadline is approaching next month, but Budget Secretary Ben Barnes said it’s not clear whether that payment is coming.
“If this is not worked out we’re going to have to substantially pay,” Barnes said Friday.
At the very least, Barnes said he believes Connecticut should be receiving 50 percent reimbursement until they can negotiate for the rest to cover the cost of the care already delivered for this population of low-income adults.
“This could put Connecticut into another cash crunch,” Republican state Rep. Vincent Candelora of North Branford said Friday.
Candelora said he hopes this issue is resolved quickly because if it isn’t, then the state is going to have to take $249.2 million “that we can’t afford to be without” out of the state’s checkbook...
The Republicans have been playing with the ACA and not honoring the contracts that exist in the federal government to take care of people in the ACA. Those monies were guaranteed to the states and there is no financial emergency. As a matter of fact there are tax increases to the wealthy and the deficit is closing. The Republicans are attempting to cause pain to the people for political purposes. This is toying with the government for the benefit of politics. There should be ethic violations already in process to those that sought to undermine the good faith of the federal government with the states. 

US Senator Dan Coates has a "Waste of the Week" government spending.

I would expect it to be a joke and a right wing rhetorical political strategy. But, it is interesting. I have to read through them and decide to write more.

This week it is about sugar subsidies. Shhhhhh, Florida. I already know this one and so does the former governor and current Senator.

The environmental damage those companies in Florida does is not to be believed. I already know this one. Water quality.

"Waste of the Week" (click here)

Hey, Senator Coates is talking about sugar laden foods. The First Lady would be proud of him. She should provide a metal of honor to his words alone. How often does a Congressman/woman on the right ever talk about their cronies. This is a big one!  

The First Lady's Office should have "Hero of the Week/Month" to those that take steps to healthier foods. 
Senator Richard Blumenthal was on the US Senate floor again advocating gun laws. He is correct and a serious discussion about national security has to accompany it.

Senator Blunt may be more correct than some would like to admit.

Yemen was a success story for the USA. It was right up to the point where President Obama brought it to the attention of Congress.

Think about it.

I find it odd that Iran is in negotiations with the P5 +1 (Germany), President Obama comes out to state Yemen has been a success for the USA and all of a sudden the winds shift. I'm just sayin'. 

It is true the influence of Iran throughout the Middle East is felt through what legal nuclear countries call terrorist groups. But, in that reality, Iran should realize it's responsibility beyond supplying weapons. The best place for Iran with it's diaspora is to advocate it's place in main stream citizenry and to remove permanent victimization from it's militias. Iran has to up it's game into diplomacy. No doubt.

ie: Saudi Arabia has Shi'ite mosques. At least that was the case before fear gripped the people of Saudi Arabia with Yemen being stupid.
Senator Durbin is absolutely correct. It is far to soon for any interruption to the ACA. Absolutely. And the debate about this 'wordy' issue is dividing along the idea the IRS should not be allowed to define their own vocabulary. That is completely asinine. There is a director to the IRS for a reason.

The IRS is not going to write regulations to benefit the Secretary of Education. This is hideous. Completely. The agencies have authority and need to be able to write their regulations without a limited Freedom of Speech issue. 

There are agencies with the State Department that provide partnerships with the USA government and NGOs to bring better quality of life to others. They have to have the freedom to interpret laws and write organizational rules and interaction with the citizen.

How does an NGO benefit the State Department? (click here)

I would fully expect this is not an easy task and relies on security evaluations, too. So the ? idea ? the IRS is to be limited to certain interpretations is stupidity at work. It sets extremely bad precedent. It should have never made it to the Supreme Court, but, this is a right wing activist court and here we go again.

This is foolishness. France wasn't enough of an example?

This opens up every American to the danger of being taken hostage. This is not an improvement in foreign relations. It proliferates groups such as Daesh. It is privatizing the State Department. What is a Secretary of State suppose to say, we don't pay for hostages, but, check with the Christian organization that will.

June 23, 2015
By Will Dunham and Roberta Rampton

 The U.S. government (click here) will no longer threaten to prosecute families who try to pay ransom to win the release of American hostages held overseas, and the United States will directly negotiate with militants holding them but will not pay ransom, officials said on Tuesday.
The policy, to be announced by President Barack Obama on Wednesday, changes the way the government handles cases in which Americans are taken hostage by groups like the Islamic State and al Qaeda. The announcement follows a six-month review prompted by sharp criticism of the Obama administration by some victims' relatives, who said they had been threatened with prosecution if they tried to raise money to pay a ransom....

This problem for the US really does belong to "W." The proliferation of Christian non-profits occurred under his administration. The break down of the wall between church and state. It was a political paycheck to the right wing. The number of non-profits responding to humanitarian calls have increased and there exposure of Americans to these very dangerous lands and people has increased.

January 15, 2009

While Torie Osborn (click here) makes a case in this issue of Blue Avocado for the fresh start she thinks nonprofits can and should make in the wake of the Obama campaign, Carol Stone argues that we would be well served to appreciate nonprofit strides made since 2003 under President George W. Bush. What do you think?...

Ah, yes, a thousand points of light. A Bush legacy. The favorite excuse for Republicans is limiting public programs within the USA, including food stamps, is volunteerism and 'deep pockets' donations.

...In his 2002 State of the Union address, President Bush issued a challenge to all Americans to make time to help their neighbors, communities, and our nation through service. He called on each person to dedicate at least 4,000 hours – or two years – to service over the course of their lives.

Today the nation’s 350 volunteer centers encourage people across a given community to work together to meet local needs. The centers reach out to those concerned with a wide scope of issues and dedicated to many types of activities.

Americans have answered the president’s call to service and more Americans than ever before are volunteering both at home and abroad....

The USA has humanitarian programs called "The Peace Corps" (click here) and "AmeriCorps." (click here) They are sanctioned by the government and provide a platform in areas of the world that are far more safe than the Middle East.  

There is a limit to the ability of non-profits to carry out missions in other countries. They have become a real problem for Russia. There is the risk of being picked up as spies and all sorts of issues. Why go there? It makes no sense to defy US policy as if to say, "I told you so." Faith organizations can be a real dilemma for the USA in foreign policy when they leave the standard precautions of the State Department. There is no policy for NGOs from the USA that states, "Missions to Syria are sanctioned by the USA." That is crazy and causes more problems than it solves.

While NGOs from the USA go where no one else dares, the USA military doesn't! The failure of the Special Forces speaks eons to this foolishness.

The other agency the USA sanctions is USAID.

Mandatory federal cuts (click here)

Like other federal agencies, the U. S. Agency for International Development has to cut its budget as a result of sequestration. The four-percent USAID must cut will reduce its foreign assistance, but many ongoing projects will not be affected immediately since USAID provides funding up to two years in advance.

Even if the budget cuts for USAID and other U.S. aid and development programs remain small, they will affect the health and the lives of real people, says George Ingram of the Brookings Institution.

"The area that will be impacted the most is health, and that because it is the biggest part of the development budget. And the cuts that will be taken on health are almost $400 million, which is a large amount of money,' Ingram explained. The second is humanitarian assistance, which will be cut by about $200 million.  Both cases are very serious hits because in both of these accounts we are talking about life and death situations."

NGOs from the USA most probably receive government funding. So the hostage payments will be coming from the US Treasury. Unless an NGO is completely autonomous they are going to be paying for hostages with US Treasury money. There has to be a complete separation of US Treasury funding and any ransoms and that means no government funding for NGOs with ransom funds. They can't have separate accounts like 403 C or D. There has to be no ransom funds affiliated with the group and it's members.

NGOs that work in dangerous lands that are not recognized by religious leaders should not be in the region. I think it is the Red Crescent Society recognized by religious leaders in the Middle East. They are somewhat guaranteed influence through the United Nations. I do believe there was a cease fire in Syria that provided for an opportunity for the Red Crescent to do their work and even bring women and children out of danger. That is the dynamic recognized by regions mired in religious conflict. The USA has no place in those regions. 

The US government should not be in the business of backing any religious group. It makes for very messy foreign policy. 

Realize the Americans executed in Syria were captive for at least a year. Their deaths were expected by those holding them. The reason the deaths were not carried out sooner was because the Daesh regime didn't want to alarm the greater powers before they were better established and it was obvious they were going to kill large numbers of people. 

Daesh didn't wake up one day and say let's take Americans hostage and execute them on yoU-Tube. There is a very good chance they would have been executed anyway to influence people within the Iraqi military. There are no guarantees when dealing with these very dangerous people. Ransom payments should not be allowed. It provides treatment of human beings as chattel.

I haven't relied on this publication for accuracy, but, it is perspective.

October 31, 2013

...Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (click here) has a long track record of extorting ransom payments in the millions of dollars. Many countries, including France, Spain, Canada and Switzerland, have paid ransoms to secure the safe release of their citizens. France also has attempted hostage rescue operations to secure the release of kidnapped citizens, although such missions have not been successful. For example, a hostage rescue operation in Mali in 2011 resulted in the deaths of two Frenchmen. The failed attempt also caused al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to change its kidnapping strategy and hold hostages in multiple locations.

If roughly $27 million was indeed paid for the four hostages, it would be in line with previous ransom payments made to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The group received an estimated $19.4 million in July 2012 to release three aid workers kidnapped in southern Algeria in November 2011. Stratfor estimated that the payment could have funded the group through May 2013....

The people I worry about are newspapers/news media and it's journalists. Many news outlets have marginal operating budgets. There has also been some companies purchasing news organizations, such as "The Boston Globe," " The Washington Post." This creates a big problem from my perspective simply because these are global organizations and they are automatically thrust into such a dynamic.

This creates a far greater danger to journalists and their organizations don't necessarily have funds to bring them home. It was really wrong to do this. 

It opens up the debate is this just another Millionaire game. Even millionaires may not have enough money to return a family member home. It was necessary to bring the idea of millionaires into this entry. Millionaires should not be in the practice of discussing their fortunes or the people they love. It is just that kind of environment.

As a matter of fact, some of these folks may want to take privacy very seriously and sue whoever publishes their personal holdings to the public. It will grow to be a problem and there should be protections before it gets to be a problem. Discussions of wealth and being wealthy has been a problem for the USA for a long time, now would be the time to get away from it. The struggle of the Middle Class and the impoverished is far under represented in the public domains. Political campaigns are not stationed in foreign countries.
The double talk of the Obama Administration lies in the revote on TAA. Egos can't insure lack of impact of negotiations with other countries. This is nonsense. McConnell is calling TAA a real victory for American labor.

Cyber security is now the priority of the Republican majority.

In case anyone is looking for Vice President Biden, he is doing the country's business.

June 23, 2015

WASHINGTON - The United States (click here) on Tuesday expressed deep concern about state-sponsored cyber theft and stressed the need to keep Asian sea lanes open at the start of annual talks with China, and said the world depended on the ability of the two countries to narrow their differences.
In opening statements at the wide-ranging Strategic and Economic Dialogue forum in Washington, China expressed a desire for constructive relations with the United States, and said the two sides could manage their differences - as long as they accommodated each other’s core interests.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said China and the United States might not resolve all of their differences during the Cabinet-level meetings that began in Washington on Monday with preliminary talks and a dinner and run into Wednesday, but should commit to working on them....

Minority leader Reid states there have been cyber bills to improve government function, but, filibusters stopped it.

Annual talks have their benefits, but, also can add drag to resolution of problems by tabling it until next year. 

The power plays by the Supreme Leader in the face of a reasonable President has to stop.

It is tag team wrestling.

Good cop - bad cop. 

The current President was elected for a reason. He is a reflection of the will of the people. The Supreme Leader needs to respect President Rouhani's judgement and move forward to a solid agreement that is verifiable.  


Restore the sanction to 100 percent of where they were before. When that happens fully expect Iran to return to weapons proliferation. 

24 June 2015
Iran's supreme leader (click here) has said that the US wants to destroy entirely the country's nuclear industry, state TV has reported, pointing out that international inspections of Iran's military sites are out of question. 

"America is after destroying our nuclear industry altogether," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in his address on Tuesday. "Our negotiators' aim is to safeguard Iran's integrity ... and our nuclear achievements during the talks." 
Our negotiators aim is to safeguard Iran's integrity...and our nuclear achievements during the talks.

Ayatollah Ali Hamenei, supreme leader Khamenei ruled out freezing Iran's sensitive nuclear activities for long period such as 10 or 12 years, state TV quoted him as saying. He has opposed inspections of military sites by foreigners in the past... 

When Iran returns to nuclear proliferation, no matter when it is, they should fully expect to be in the lens of nuclear weapons of other countries.

This is the problem with "Third World Nuclear Capacity." Nuclear weapons are easy to produce to become a country immune from invasion. Brinkmanship becomes a real defense strategy. The nuclear sites then carry greater priority than the people. The people are ultimately hurt by such proliferation. The international community becomes less interested in social development to a first world economic status, so much as proliferation of poverty along with the nukes. 

This is the way the world works to end the dangers of nuclear weapons. Iran contemplated their issues with nukes before the last election and chose wisely. The problem with Iran is that the Supreme Leader carries too much authority with the people and is less a religious leader so much as a weighted political player. He has a global stage. Why change that when he could ultimately rule the world with religious proliferation along with his nukes.

The entire mess is hideous.

This is a simple issue. Iran is not a permanent nuclear nation. Iran has to provide a transparent platform for the IAEA for complete compliance with the non-proliferation treaty. There is no negotiations here. Either comply or not. If not suffer the consequences.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty demands IAEA involvement and it demands unlimited verification of nuclear status for any country. Unlimited in time or depth of development.

The best examples of how nuclear proliferation goes bad with real life impacts is Pakistan and North Korea. The condition of the people has never recovered since nuclear proliferation.

In a speech on Tuesday night, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei insisted Iran would only dismantle its nuclear infrastructure if economic sanctions were lifted first.

He also ruled out a freeze on research and development for 10 years, as well as inspections of military sites. 

Why waste a country's assets on nuclear knowledge and proliferation if the country is a member of the non-proliferation treaty. The treaty is a PEACE document. It was intended to be a peace document to end potential to annihilation of human beings from the face of Earth.

If nuclear research means a better place and greater safety as a medical measure there are avenues that are recognizable.  The same is true of nuclear energy. There is no excuse to legitimate inspections and compliance. 

Prisons aren't part of the usual American landscape. The country is large and most states have land that is not populated.

Jails are different from prisons.

New York State prison break.

How did the escaped convicts know about the cabin?

They didn't. They nearly got caught. They are making their rules up as they go.

There was a bloody sock in the cabin, right? I still say they are having PR problems with bears. There is nothing easier to track than a sweaty man hiking hopelessly through the woods. Bears have great olfactory capacity.

Looking at a black bear's head, (click here) it's obvious that they have a very large nose. The area inside a black bear's nose, called the nasal mucosa, is 100 times greater than ours. This large nose results in an excellent sense of smell! Even bloodhounds, dogs so famous for their sense of smell that they're used to track missing people, don't smell as well a black bear. It is estimated that black bears' sense of smell is about seven times greater than a bloodhound's.

Honestly, between blood hounds and bears, these guys don't stand a chance. One might pay attention to the ears, too.

The animals will drive them. Eventually, authorities will find them. 

It is not unusual for prisons, especially maximum security prisons, to be build in hostile land. That is part of the design. A town will build up around the prison because there is a chance for making money with traffic, but, isolation from society is taken into consideration for just this reason alone.

Straw purchaser,

The federal government and/or the states, depending on their ability to move legislation through should be setting a standard for sales of guns within the USA. I would say the average person might purchase anywhere from one to three guns in a visit to a shop; or what do they call those things, auctions or whatever (those strange places where guns are sold without a trace); and all numbers purchased greater than three at a time have to be reported. 

I can't say enough about the very real potential to the number of guns on the street of the USA. If there is a potential for a militia to exist within the walls of cities, the government needs to pay attention and the FBI should be sending any reports of concern to such activity to governors and legislators (in case the governor doesn't give a hoot). 

The FBI doesn't have to work in a vacuum. I think most Americans realize the danger within their society of the vast ocean of guns and their potential. The FBI should be working with local investigators and/or legislative agendas to realize the danger within their states, cities, etc.

All to often the subject of guns is assigned a political dynamics when in fact it is far more than that. 

I don't have a problem with the FBI making their jobs easier in relation to real potential to militias and danger to citizens. 

The truth of the matter is, if there were militias building their capacity in the shadows, the average person doesn't have a chance armed or not, unless they have a militia response themselves. The National Guard is the end of militia activity on the streets of USA cities. That doesn't happen within minutes. The USA is not set up for the reality of Baghdad or worse. 

Any recommendations by the FBI might be met with far better reception than it might expect.

June 24, 2015

The latest mass shooting (click here) again illustrates the consequences of the lack of gun control in the United States. We have much better licensing and control over cars and trucks.
America's only recourse seems for the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider its previous rulings on gun control. It is clear from a reading of the Second Amendment that, in the 18th century, gun ownership by citizens was crucial in order to form militias. When the U.S. Consititution was drafted, America had no standing army. Also, few communities had a police force.
Today we have an army supported by the National Guard in every state, including the District of Columbia. We have a Defense Department with a $600 billion budget — larger than the next 16 countries' combined defense spending. We also have a police force in every community.
Why every citizen should have access to a gun everywhere does not make any sense today. 

Al Riutort
Newport News

I am a white Virginia native and I applaud Gov. Terry McAuliffe's decision to remove the Confederate flag from Virginia license plates.
I do not see why white Southerners find pride in this flag. The South, symbolized by this flag, lost a war that nearly destroyed this country. But iIf pride is what you feel, fine. Display the flag all you want — as a private citizen.
To expect our government, which represents descendants of both black slaves and white Southerners, to display this symbol of division is absolutely ridiculous.

Barbara Riebe


Some of the best internship opportunity can be found for biologists with the Nature Conservancy. They provide a good wage per hour. 


They offer a stipends to assist with housing needs when moving to another place in order to work for the extent of the internship.

I would like far more competition for THE BEST of the field of interns regardless the field of work. Women in politics and in government is very important, there should be well paying internships in those positions. 

The Nature Conservancy realized it's brevity a long time ago. It pays well to bring the best because little animals and precious plants rely on it.

If journalists want to debate their proper place in the movement to remove the confederate flag from government expressions of power.

This is my reply.

The $10.00 debate. There is a reason I brought up the currency issue. It has brevity.

I find it disheartening there is no ONE woman in our history that comes to the forefront of the debate. There is not one particular woman that carries brevity in this new campaign to place a woman on USA currency.

The last time a woman was placed on USA currency, it was Susan B. Anthony. It was a good choice and very collectible. But, the coin was resolved to be an annoyance. It don't think it is minted anymore. So, where did it get women except more static. 

I think the movement for the addition of a woman's portrait to the $10.00 should hire an excellent historian to not only bring a portrait, but, tone to the newly minted bill. In different words, "What was profound about her display on our currency?" 

Some currencies of the past for the USA has beautiful art work. I'm trying to remember the year, but, there is a dollar bill (I think it is larger in size than usual.) that has our industrial past on it's reverse side. The art work of that particular bill was quite intricate. I think there is room for such a change in the $10.00 bill. 

I would preferred Ulysses S. Grant to be removed from the $50.00 bill. We need to reflect on his significance as an emblem of war and the tone of victory in reflection of the confederate flag. Just a thought.

The $10.00 currency is now being redesigned so the potential for a woman to appear on it is relevant to today. Postponing the new design is silly. The opportunity exists and women should insist on it.

Donald Trump has a shot at it.

His red cap on his head is a result of golfing. He was at a promotion of his latest golf course. 

“I would take it down, yes,” (click here) the billionaire real estate mogul said. “I think they should put it in a museum and respect whatever it is you have to respect.”

Then, when asked what woman he would like to see on the new $10 bill, he responded — to laughter — “My mother.”

If red golf caps catch on I would not be surprised. I also believe Donald Trump knows he has a shot at the nomination and a serious run at the presidency. Actually, Donald Trump himself is a wedge issue for the Republicans. He takes them on.

I'll go where no one has gone yet. Donald Trump has more money to finance a presidential election than anyone else in the field, including Democrats. Republicans measure political success by their war chest. Hello? 

Donald Trump would make a mistake in asking Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate.

I don't recall any Trump for President commercials yet. Why spend money when he doesn't have to?  His FEC documents are filed, right? Okay then.

Power players at FOX are also hoping for a lasting backlash against Hillary Clinton.

Evidently all the civil rights "The Clintons" (click here) carried out in their life times is not as powerful as the Arkansas flag still flying.

That's a confederate flag. I am not defending it or insulting it, but, it has the name of the state across the middle of it.

The history of the flag is very different as well. It was designed by a member of the D.A.R. for the launch of the USS Alabama. 

It is up to people in Arkansas to decide about their state flag. But, this is an interesting example of the power politics of symbols in any form.

Now, Arkansas has a controversy, I guess. Hillary Clinton has made her position regarding hate and civil rights very clear all her life. Power play over.

Recruitment into hate. It is about power. It has to end.

Backlash is no reason to buffer or end the decent against expressions of hate. There is some speech prohibited and considered criminal as well. If someone says, "I'm going to kill you." that is a place for prosecution. Women use words of hate to obtain restraining orders against those that threaten them. So, there is no absolute to what forms of hate can be a used. It is the emotional threat that matters. The confederate flag is a public display of hate. There is no history applied to it other than the civil war. It all belongs in a museum. History books need to be scrutinized as well.

The politics of hate is outrageous in the USA. It bring violence into our society and victimization. The politics of hate has to end. This is nonsense. 

June 23, 2015
By Anna R. Schecter and Tracy Connor

As proposals to ban the Confederate flag (click here) gain momentum across the South in the wake of the Charleston church massacre, a civil-rights group is warning that white supremacists will try to exploit any backlash as a recruitment tool.
Officials at the Southern Poverty Law Center say fringe groups are framing the removal of the flag as "cultural genocide."
"There's no question that organized white supremacy right now is using the battle flag as a rallying cry for their views," said Heidi Beirich, Intelligence Project director for the center.
Neo-Confederate and white-pride groups say the flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and a memorial to Civil War dead — not a symbol of the racist views of Dylann Roof, the white gunman who killed nine black church members last week...