Saturday, June 11, 2011

I want to thank Secretary Gates for all he has done for our country. "You got him!"

I wish him well.  I apprecaite the character he showed in what I would call some of the best years of his tenure in the DOD with President Obama. 

I also appreciate telling it straight to NATO.  They can't keep leaning on us for all their needs.  At one time as single countries and much smaller than the USA it was understandable, but, the European Union has to stand on its own.  The world is dangerous and the USA is an entire ocean away should anything ever become overwhelmingly dangerous.  They must take this step. 

You'll be missed.  Much success to you and your family.

Gates: NATO's retreat from combat assignments 'unacceptable'  (click title to entry - thank you

...Instead, the significance of his words is likely to be as a historical marker indicating a global shift in the balance of power, some analysts of transatlantic relations say. The surprisingly unvarnished warnings came Friday in a speech in Brussels, delivered during what is Secretary Gates’s valedictory European tour....

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The 2011 field of three year old champions didn't like the mud. Such is the state of the modern thorobred, poorly bred and on lasix.

Secretariat set a track record at the inaugural run of the Marlboro Cup International in the mud.

He set a track record of 1:59.2 for his 1973 Kentrucky Derby.  That record still stands today but was challenged in 2001 by Monarchos.  Monarchos did not win the Triple Crown.  All the other Derby finishers were over 2 minutes. 

The Princequiillo line has always and consistently produced champions.  This was one of that line's best.

Secretariat had a stride that could match Man o' War.  He and Man o'ar were born at the same stable, Meadow Farm in Virginia.   He finished the Belmont something like 31 lengths ahead of the next horse and never saw whip.  It was a world record time of for one and a half miles of two minutes and twenty-four seconds.  With that victory he had won the Triple Crown for Three Year Olds and went on to compete to win Horse of the Year and award for races on the turf as well. 

He retired a year later and sired over 600 foals in his retirement.  No one could ever catch him.  He had a huge stride and the same size heart with a girth of 72 inches.  They just don't make 'em like that anymore and they should.

Mud isn't easy to run in, so this is quite an accomplishment.

Belmont Stakes Results: Ruler on Ice Claims (click here) 
Belmont Stakes at 24-1 Odds 

By Ryan Rudnansky
(Featured Columnist) on June 4, 2011

Belmont Stakes Results See 24-1 Darkhorse Ruler on Ice Shock in New York
Ruler on Ice wasn't given much of a chance headed into Saturday's Belmont Stakes, a 24-1 darkhorse who faced odds as bad as 42-1 the morning of the race.
But one thing Ruler on Ice did have going for him, beyond the third-place finish in the Sunland Derby and the second-place finish in the Federico Tesio Stakes, was he had shown he excelled in muddy conditions....

Ruler On Ice, who posted an official time of 2:30.88  (click here).  Over six seconds longer that Big Red.  You could put a freight train through that gap.  The whole throughbred world has gone to hell in a handbasket and they don't care.  Darn shame.  A nag like that wouldn't have even showed his face on a race track a decade ago.

I believe US House Representative Anthony Weiner is doing what is best. It has the appearance of being a "Tiger Woods" thing.

The media did the same thing to former Governor Spitzer of New York and they were "W"rong then.  The Governor was never convicted of any crime and the entire episode was a witch hunt.  The adultery was found to be nothing his wife was willing to dissolve her marriage over and rightfully so.  If anything prostitution is a symptom of something rather than a choice of a new partner in life.  I sincerely believe the media was guilty of 'trial by public opinion' due to the 'tone of the culture' of the time which was "A Bushy World." 
The 'thing' with Spitzer and I believe with Edwards is that the Bush Kingdom views these men as more than capable to be and of becoming President of the USA, they don't like their priorities and they certainly want to eliminate their ability to compete against them in any venue. 

The adultery topic really is not a public debate as it is a private one.  In the case of US Representative Anthony Weiner, a lot of this mess are reminants from his single life.  So, it is more or less an adjustment.  I believe his spouse realizes that as well.  He was NOT committing adultery and I could get into reasons why I view it that way and if his spouse sought a divorce the courts would honor it at some level, but, in all honesty this was not a man 'on the hunt' for flesh.'  The contacts were opportunistic and ego driven by both participants and in the case of a new marriage, perhaps there was a longing for a 'mistress' relationship though unspoken.  

The contact with the seventeen year old is not illegal unless it was solicitis and if there was sexual intent.  If she is a constituent, as other interns have been to other Congressmen then the motivation by her might be questionable.  In some states, seventeen year olds are viewed as adults.  I am not sure how New York views it.  It all hinges on the tone of the contact and the intent.  From what I can discern, which is all in the media, the contact between the Congressman and the women involved was more or less 'ego driven play' and was never meant to go any further.  It was seductive and long lived.  So there are a lot of dynamics and quite frankly his spouse can safely believe she was sincerely the only love in his life.  Her safety and her pregnancy hinges here as well and the media doesn't seem to have any respect for that either in their 'dogged' pursuit of ruining the Congressman's reputation as if the women are completely innocent and without responsibility.  It takes TWO to TANGO.

But, if one pays attention to the 'empty viciousness' of all the antics that go along with the Former Governor, the Former Senator and the current Congressman, it all carries a rather 'hideous' tone.  One of invasion of privacy, malicious intent without sincere and credible facts and without blame in 'equality' of the genders, the hopes for 'star quality' by the women seeking fortune and possibly fame and of course without a basis for legal action.  It is OBVIOUS this is political driven by greed.  Hardly moral in itself, now, is it?  It is like the "Pot Calling the Kettle Black" for lack of a better expression. 

Have the women lost their jobs or been prosecuted?  What are their 'preferences' and were they pursuing many men?  It just seems that Congressmen have to be accommodating to some degree and it opens them up to 'opportunistic' relationships.  Evidently, relationships that were enjoyed by both.

In the case of all these men there is the question as to why the women have 'escaped' legal scrutiny that resulted in legal problems for the men.  Odd.  Isn't it?  Even a prostitute profits after the fact.  And on the loose besides.  Hm.

The Former Governor of New York should have never resigned, I stated that then.  He was so intensely harassed by the media it was impossible for him to function and that is exactly what is occurring here.  The Former Governor needs to find his 'sea legs' again and get back into politics if his spouse is up to it.

I applaud the Congressman's decision to take a leave of absence while rehabing from a very interesting life of 'single bliss.'  Hard to give up, so say the least.

Where are Caylee's teeth? They would have 'effects' of gastric acid on them.

I don't see how the prosecution of Ms. Anthony can get a guilty verdict based on the evidence they presented.

She puts a celebrity on the stand to testify that the child's death was caused by homicide.  Homicide is a adjective, it has no definition in what caused the death.  Death occurs by blunt instrument, suffocation, strangulation, gun shot, stabbing, etc., but, saying a death is a homicide only states it is a crime and does NOT state how the child died.  Now, if the State wants the jury to be lead down the garden path to BELIEVE the child died by suffocation due to chloroform and duct tape, my question is how does a child breath in large amounts of cholorform with duct tape over her mouth and nose?  And if the prosecution is saying the child was killed by inhalation of chloroform and when the mouth was taped to contain stomach contents so they would not leak all over the trunk of the car, then WHERE DID THE CHLOROFORM come from?  Where is the purchase, where is the receipt, where is the criminal that sold her that lousy stuff?

And if the State is saying the duct tape is actually staying in place after the death of the child to contain the stomach contents, then HOW do stomach contents with a pH of 1-2 actually allow duct tape to stay intact on the skin of a child afterwards and what makes the State believe the duct tape would not leak out into the trunk of the car and where is the proof it may have?  Where is the proof the duct tape IN ANY CASE, not just the Anthony Case, holds up to emesis or otherwise for as long as this was suppose to have stayed in place which I believe is 31 days?  If the tape was wrapped around the head that would be believeable, but three pieces of loose duct tape?

I just don't see it.  I have a difficult time believing the jury will unless they were brainwashed by the celebrity on the stand and the media hype before the trial.  If nothing else this case screams of appeal in a very  big way.

...digestive enzymes...(click here)  The presence of gastric acid in the stomach and its function in digestion was first characterized by a U.S. Army surgeon around 1830....

How to Remove Stickers from a Laptop (click here)

...Third, apply a small amount of cooking oil, such as canola or olive oils to the adhesive with a paper towel. Allow the oil to sit on the adhesive for site 2-5 minutes. The adhesive should now easily scrape off with your finger or a soft plastic tool. Using window cleaner, such as Windex, and a clean paper towel clean the remaining oil and adhesive off.
Fourth, if all previous attempts fail, use chemicals. A popular and extremely useful method is to use a citric-acid based cleaner such as "Goo-Gone". These types of cleaners will not harm metal or harder plastics, but may dry the surface of softer plastics, leaving a white, frosted appearance. Test this on a small, hidden area first. Another liquid to try is alcohol (try spraying a small amount of your deodrant or perfume, if that is handy). Aerosol furniture polish, like Old English, can be very effective. Another is WD-40 which won't hurt the surface and can be cleaned off the computer's surface with a dish rag and a little soap.

There are a lot of questions about the State's case seeking justice for Caylee.

Keep in mind, though, that since the government restricts the purchase of chloroform (click here) to insure that it is used only for legitimate purposes, it might be tough to you get your hands on it. Even if you do, the penalty for possession in a federal court is severe!

David Brooks on Charlie Rose stated, "Twenty percent of American students are avoidantly attached." (click title to entry - thank you)

"The Social Animal" by David Brooks on Amazon (click here)

I do believe David Brooks made an important statement and expressed why it is important a teacher has the time to connect with children emotionally.

I thank Charlie Rose for  the interview and Mr. Brooks for the dedication to write this and speak the words.

"What can an avoidantly attached individual...(do to overcome it).  (click here)

David Brooks’s Theory of Human Nature (Book Review from the NY Times - click here)