Friday, July 11, 2014

The Lancet (click here) publishes a Series of reviews dedicated to the health of Americans, with contributions from leading health experts at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from the US Department of Health and Human Services, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The Series describes some of the major health challenges facing the United States, including chronic and infectious diseases, injuries and accidents, and outlines how opportunities provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) could improve public health. The Series also evaluates health spending in the US (currently the highest in the world per capita), by comparison with other high-spending OECD countries.

Improving health in the USA: progress and challenges (click here)

Pavlov's Response

The Israelis call the house and/or drop a concussion bomb and the Palestinians are suppose to exhibit a pre-programmed response by running from the area to save their lives. 

The legitimacy of Israel's so called humanitarian approach to dropping bombs holds no water.

Israel is throwing around language as if it's suppose to make Palestinians the 'bad people.'

 7/10/14 at 1:10 PM

Warning tactics used by the Israel Defense Forces to apparently avoid civilian casualties in Gaza have been captured on camera. In a video published on LiveLeak, an IDF aircraft fires a loud, nonlethal bomb (It is a concussion bomb.) on a building to alert residents that they’re in the area of a target, allowing them to leave quickly.
But in the video below, people scurry onto the roof of the building, acting as a human shield to prevent weapons from being dropped on them. And it looks as if it worked: Upon seeing people moving onto the roof, the IDF aircraft appears to forgo the strike....

We already know the handy work of a concussion bomb. It creates confusion and disorientation for a period of time sometimes up to 5 minutes. Using concussion bombs isn't going to act to the benevolence of the people in the area. This article features a video of how people react to concussion bombs.
In the video it is stated people are running to the top of the building as human shields. They are voluntarily putting themselves between the bombs and their building. That is not Hamas holding anyone as a human shield.
There were many, many people effected by that one concussion bomb. They were running in all directions. 

The Palestinians are not that stupid to believe they are human shields. They are obviously martyrs, though.

Gaza is not that big an area. I imagine there are many places to run and certainly no place in particular to call a 'bomb shelter.' The Palestinians don't have the benefits as the Israelis do to shelters and interceptor missiles. 

Israel is wrong in every aspect of the word. All the international attention brings self-righteous reasons to kill more Palestinians. 
Minority Whip Steny Hoyer has pointed out to Majority Leader McCarthy there are still five outstanding appropriations bills to be passed by September and the Unemployment Funding since December of 2013 that once passed will provide relief for 300 million Americans.

Majority Leader McCarthy is stalling and it is unsure why. He promises to bring one appropriation bill next week and keep everyone informed about the rest of July.

Rep. Hoyer states there are sufficient numbers of votes to pass the bills in question.

July 10, 2014
By Ashley Parker WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans (click here) pushed back Thursday at President Obama’s request for nearly $4 billion to help stem the surge of young migrants from Central America to Texas and to deal with the humanitarian crisis there, signaling that they expected concessions for their legislative approval.

The Republicans said that at the very least they planned to amend a 2008 law that affords migrant children from Central American countries extra legal protections when they cross the border. That measure, signed by President George W. Bush, has inadvertently made it more difficult to quickly return these children home....

It is a start. The reason that amendment is necessary is because it will take forever before these people are processed.

There is all kinds of squawking by the right wing media about the teenagers coming across the boarder are members of M13 and very dangerous. That is a blantant lie. Gang members become members after they are in the USA and they don't surrender to Border Patrol agents. I hate it when Americans are played for fools by the right wing media. It's a stupid focus. 
The Boehner lawsuit is politics. There was nothing the President could do to stop Congress from acting if they believed he was misguided in his ADMINISTERING the Affordable Care Act. This is more proof of the lack of leadership with John Boehner and his inability to get along with his own party.

The fact of the matter is, John Boehner simply had to ask his party in the US House to pass a bill that did what he believed to be the best answer for the Employer Mandate. He can still do that today. The fact of the matter is if John Boehner would have asked the US House Republicans to pass a bill reversing what the President had done he would not have own his seat in 2012. 

John Boehner is pouting because of his own power vacuum as Speaker.

Does he want the Employer Mandate to begin today? Does he? What is the purpose of the lawsuit, just to point a finger at Executive Power? Somehow a lawsuit stating, "You really hurt the country," is suppose to mean something? The lawsuit has no purpose.