Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Open Letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Dear Majority Leader Reid,

This episode in USA history was more than disturbing to me. The level of ignorance involved with some Senators and House members to the extent the USA can actually operate without a fully funded government and a debt ceiling to honor all legislative spending is more than worrisome. These bozos have no clear indication that they were pushing their agenda to a level of treason not witnessed before. Their willingness to place politics ahead of the integrity of the United States of America can no longer be ignored. 

One of the most troubling aspects of this most recent episode involved the USA Treasury. Senator Burr of North Carolina was not alone in his bellicose statements about how the nation would not default because the interest on the debt would be paid regardless of the shutdown or lack of debt limit increase. That is about the most crass and worrisome ideation I could ever imagine. 

These Congress members didn't care about the people of this nation. They had their own agenda and only realized all too late they were completely wrong about the ability to pay the interest on our national debt, otherwise, this circus would have continued well past October 16th. 

Senator Reid there should never be any legislation to stipulate the way payments from the USA Treasury is constructed. When debts and obligations are due they should be paid, without discrimination to political priorities. If the Congress were ever to pass a measure that regulated the payments of the USA Treasury according to the agenda of Senator Burr and others; it would provide a platform for this brinkmanship all over again.

Any regulation of payments, any laundry list of priority should be considered a frank attempt at treason of the United States of America. Such legislation seeks to weaken the ability of the USA to conduct it's business and imperil our democracy. The USA Treasury has to operate according to the administration of the Secretary of the Treasury and the demands of legislation causing the spending. If spending is to be reduced, then the legislature has to stop padding their districts at the cost of the increased National Debt.

I want the actions of the House and Senate Republicans reviewed for ethics violations during this episode of brinkmanship. Their demeanor was horrible, they openly broke established laws and played politics with the lives of our federal employees while toying with the future credit rating and integrity of the USA. There have been major institutions in the world and other nations that made statements of concern regarding the ability of the USA to successfully govern itself. There are significant reasons for the ethics review in order to demonstrate to our allies and world leadership that we are a serious democracy in regard to our honor in regard to fiscal integrity.

I fully expect this will never occur again even as soon as January of 2014 and I expect those responsible to understand they are not the authority in legislating an agenda in opposition to the USA Constitution. Many of these members of Congress like to believe they are as noble as the Tea Party of our Revolution when this nation was founded. They do not honor the founders of our nation. They trample the Constitution and disregard the Declaration of Independence by denigrating the integrity of this nation. I want the dignity of my country back. This is to never be an agenda ever again. It is treasonous and dangerous.

What was the bill number that passed?

I think I've got it: 

The baseline bill was HR 2775 (click here)


Declares that no premium tax credits or reductions in cost-sharing for the purchase of qualified health benefit plans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) shall be allowed before the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) certifies to Congress that there is a program in place, consistent with PPACA requirements, that verifies the household income and coverage requirements of individuals applying for such credits and cost-sharing reduction.

The primary bill HR 2775 carries the Amendment that returns function to the USA government. The primary bill is above and the amendment is below.

Amendment No. 2004 

Text of Continuing Funding Resolution (click here)

Under Section 114 There is $1.25 billion added to the Social Security Administration. 

The is language that allow provides back pay to all those furloughed.

The law also returns monies to the States if any funds were paid for what is usually the burden of the federal government.

I haven't read all of the bill yet.

I don't trust Congress. This stunt was exactly the same as 2011, but, enhanced with a shutdown and fiscal debt limit. Part of what I was looking for was this PROCESS that was to begin to bring about a bill for January and February. I was interested in knowing if that process was going to be part of this bill. It doesn't appear to be. 

I have appointments tomorrow late morning so I am going to return to sleep for now. I need address an open letter to Harry Reid first.