Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I apologize for any offensive reference to the African American community in the use of Mr.

The widow, Mrs. Myrlie Evers, has asked for the murderer not to be addressed as Mister. Interesting.

The cultural divide includes fine details regarding respect. 

The use of Mr. in relation to Dylann Roof was simply to remove the idea he was best called Dylann, as if a friend. I thought the use of Mr. would remove the idea he could ever be a human being with positive characteristics. Basically, he was not worthy of a first name. He would be more of an object.

It makes sense to me the properness of the title Mr. in relation to Dylann Roof would be offensive to a community of people that value respect. 

I simply ask, to mention how Dylann Roof should be referred when journalists write about him. I might also point out he is not being discussed in recent hours. I haven't seen any discussion of Dylann Roof for nearly a day now. The country is far more worried about respecting the lives of African American citizens to prevent any understanding of hate. So, if there is a solace in any of this, it is the country is sincerely concerned about their African American and minority citizens.  

Until it is clear I suppose anyone writing about Dylann Roof will be in a quandary to how he is expressed in the written word.

Knock it off with the skinny jeans. They are causing compartment syndrome. It is not worth it!

They are far too constricting for a healthy body. If a woman or man for that matter wants to wear something this revealing to a body's fitness and beauty use tights. They HAVE TO STRETCH to match body movement without restriction. Fashion is not worth it. End of Discussion.

June 23, 2015
By Deborah Netburn

...In a report (click here) in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, a team of doctors relay the cautionary tale of a 35-year-old woman who wound up lying prone on the pavement, unable to get up, after spending the day in skinny jeans while helping a relative move....

 ...However, it was only after she spent hours squatting while emptying cupboards that she noticed her legs were feeling increasingly tight and uncomfortable. 

When she was walking home later that evening the woman found that she could no longer move her feet properly, causing her to trip and fall. She spent several hours on the ground before she was discovered and brought to the hospital, according to the report....

No more stupid fashion! They should be prohibited from teens. They are still growing.

June 23, 2015
Jillian Mohney

...Doctors were surprised (click here) to find that squatting in the tight jeans had lead to compartment syndrome, a dangerous condition where an injury leads to swelling of the muscle or nerves that is constrained by a layer of tissue called the fascia. As the swelling continues the fascia is unable to expand and eventually the muscle and nerves can be injured as blood flow is cut off... 

Women have been squeaking into freshly laundered jeans for a long time, but, these jeans are compromising extremities and it is out of the question.  We know all the hazards with extra high heels and compromising terrain. There are some times it is just silly in the way women dress for success. Shoes can come off. Ankles can mend, but, some times need surgery to do so. These jeans are a different kind of animal. 

Compartment syndrome is extremely serious and if the extremity is compromised significantly can lead to amputation. No one is guaranteeing these jeans for safety. Maybe the FDA should look at them. But, the girls of the USA are smart enough to recognize sound information and caution.

Truth talkers. What I heard from this group of African American women is their initiative of truth talking between the communities and authorities.

Hillary Clinton was in Missouri meeting with some very talented African American women. They are professionals and have been working hard to understand what is going on within the communities, such as Ferguson, to end the senseless deaths and promote stronger communities.

Ready for this. There are virtually minimal numbers of male African American teachers. The panelists also state, there is a need to work between the community and the police. There are cultural differences to varied to bridge the gap between community and authorities. Basically, these ladies are taking households one at a time to improve the understanding of the community and bring about greater understandings between the community members and the authorities that limit their choices.

Hillary also stated Americans could live in two different communities about twenty miles apart and the disparity in longevity in each community is eighteen years difference.

We have a lot of work to do and the sooner we start pre-school with American children the sooner these cavernous cultural divides will change. Poverty breeds dysfunction.

This particular community also uses saving accounts for placing hope of higher education within the grasp of parents. The city begins a savings account for the babies born. As a result parents aim higher in their expectations of their children. The parents invest more time with their children as well. 

The community is incredible. There are huge disparities in our minority communities. Huge. It has to change and it doesn't begin because they are cheering the same sports team 20 miles apart.

Anything that triggers and exacerbates asthma has to researched and understood to prevent diminished quality of life and death.

Yes, Mr. Harry C. Alford I am looking at you!!! 

There is a growing understanding of genetic links for African Americans to disease. One of the most common is hypertension. Hypertension is important enough, but, when one realizes the other health problems that results from hypertension, including reductions in longevity, it has to be addressed.

J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2012 Dec;130(6):1302-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2012.09.001. Epub 2012 Oct 12. 

Genetic ancestry and its association with asthma exacerbations among African American subjects with asthma.

Rumpel JA, Ahmedani BK, Peterson EL, Wells KE, Yang M, Levin AM, Yang JJ, Kumar R, Burchard EG, Williams LK. 

Abstract (click here)


There are large and persisting disparities in severe asthma exacerbations by race-ethnicity, and African American subjects are among those at greatest risk. It is unclear whether this increased risk solely represents differences in environmental exposures and health care or whether there is a predisposing genetic component.


We sought to assess the relationship between genetic ancestry and severe exacerbations among African American subjects with asthma.


Participants were part of the Study of Asthma Phenotypes and Pharmacogenomic Interactions by Race-ethnicity (SAPPHIRE). These subjects were 12 to 56 years of age, received care from a single large health system, and had a physician's diagnosis of asthma. Genetic ancestry was estimated by using a set of validated ancestry informative markers. Severe exacerbations (ie, asthma-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and burst oral steroid use) were prospectively identified from health care claims.


We assessed genetic ancestry in 392 African American subjects with asthma. The average proportion of African ancestry was 76.1%. A significant interaction was identified between ancestry and sex on severe exacerbations, such that the risk was significantly higher with increasing African ancestry among male but not female subjects. The association among male subjects persisted after adjusting for potential confounders (relative rate, 4.30 for every 20% increase in African ancestry; P = .029).


African ancestry was significantly and positively associated with severe exacerbations among male African American subjects. These findings suggest that a portion of the risk of asthma exacerbations in this high-risk group is attributable to a genetic risk factor that partitions with ancestry.
Copyright © 2012  
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. 
Published by Mosby, Inc. 
All rights reserved.

Asthma kills.

  • Asthma accounts for almost 2 million emergency room visits each year.
  • Each year, asthma accounts for more than 14 million doctor visits and 439,000 hospitalizations.
  • The average length of stay (LOS) for asthma hospitalizations is 3.6 days.
  • Asthma is the third-ranking cause of hospitalization in children.
  • African Americans are three times more likely to be hospitalized from asthma.

  • Each day 9 Americans die from asthma. There are more than 3,600 deaths due to asthma each year, many of which are avoidable with proper treatment and care.
  • Women account for almost 65% of asthma deaths, and African American women have the highest mortality rate due to asthma.
  • Since 1999, asthma mortality rates have decreased by 26%.
  • African Americans are three times more likely to die from asthma.

From the Mayo Clinic.

Are triggers not the cause? Air Quality makes a difference. The research regarding high carbon dioxide levels is about the increases in pollen.

Unchecked global warming (click here) will worsen respiratory allergies approximately 25 million Americans. Ragweed - the primary allergen trigger of fall hay fever grows faster, produces more pollen per plant, and has higher allergenic content under increased carbondioxide levels. Longer growing seasons under a warmer climate allow for bigger ragweed plants that produce more pollen later into the fall.

Springtime allergies to tree pollens also could get worse. Warmer temperatures could allow significant expansion of the habitat suitable for oaks and hickories, which are two highly allergenic tree species. Changing climate conditions may even affect the amount of fungal allergens in the air....

In testimony before Congress Mr. Alford attempted to state the regulations regarding CO2 has no link to any verifible source of asthma.

Harry C. Alford, (click here) President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) — to push back on the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed limits on greenhouse gas emissions. The Chamber of Commerce is the last one to come into reality and back government efforts to increase the quality of life on Earth.

Simply because the actual cause of asthma is not specific, genetics and/or air quality, doesn't mean it isn't a danger to human life. Shame on Mr. Alford. 

You know on cloudy days, my mother was advise me to carry a raincoat to school. It wasn't because there was a guarantee of rain, but, it was because there was reasonable expectations for rain. 

Doctors have yet to hammer out a clear connection between asthma and heart disease, but the link is a statistical fact, according to Russell B. Leftwich, MD, a physician specializing in allergy and immunology in Nashville, Tenn., and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. “Even when you take away smoking and other risk factors, there is still an increased risk of heart disease in people with asthma.”

Asthma causes problems in breathing. That is not disputed anywhere. Depleted oxygen on the blood for a sustained length of time and repeated episodes results in long term health problems other than breathing.

By Katherine Lee
Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH

Doctors (click here) have yet to hammer out a clear connection between asthma and heart disease, but the link is a statistical fact, according to Russell B. Leftwich, MD, a physician specializing in allergy and immunology in Nashville, Tenn., and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. “Even when you take away smoking and other risk factors, there is still an increased risk of heart disease in people with asthma.” 

It is outrageous to realize a greedy man in Mr. Alford will actually put lives in danger regardless of the practice of doctors for generations who testify otherwise. Who does Mr. Alford believe he is in relation to the country's health and it's children as he leads the National Black Chamber of Commerce? 

There is solid proof there are triggers to asthma and air quality is one of them. Amazing. 

It isn't clear (click here) why some people get asthma and others don't, but it's probably due to a combination of environmental and genetic (inherited) factors.

...triggers are different from person to person and can include:
  • Airborne allergens, such as pollen, animal dander, mold, cockroaches and dust mites
  • Respiratory infections, such as the common cold
  • Physical activity (exercise-induced asthma)
  • Cold air
  • Air pollutants and irritants, such as smoke
  • Certain medications, including beta blockers, aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and naproxen (Aleve) 

The country needs to reflect on the issue of racism and what contributes to it.

June 23, 2015
By Halimah Abdullah

Virginia will start (click here) phasing out license plates with the Confederate flag — a move that follows a shooting massacre in South Carolina and the ensuing debate over a lingering symbol which for many is associated with painful memories of slavery. 

The decision, announced during an event Tuesday by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, also comes on the heels of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last week that Texas cannot be required to allow the Confederate flag on car license plates. McAuliffe called the symbolism of the flag "unnecessarily divisive and hurtful."... 

No states is exempt from examining the morality of their government. Every state government and otherwise needs to end any form of racism regardless how it manifests. Simply because there is a populous demand for the confederate flag doesn't mean the state reacts to it. Regardless of what the state intends, the reality is, racism is enhanced by any measure that can be assigned that definition.

South Caroline is voting to debate the confederate flag. I wish them success.

Local USA economies have to fight back against the invasion of imports.

TPA passed the Senate by 61 to 39.

The importance of local governments have never been more important. Participation in the local governments and their path forward is very important. 

Do not sacrifice your local economies. The trade agreements are not about small business, it is about Wall Street. The banks are too big to fail, too big to answer to the laws of the USA and now they are too big to leave local economies to their success. 

Since 2008, the local economies have carried the burden of the recovery. It is not the time to stop now. When workers lose their jobs they will have to retrain for other jobs. There is no equity in that training. If one has a job that paid well and offered good benefits and are is promoted by a union; the retraining never promises to provide the same pay, benefits or security. People will retrain for less pay, absent benefits and no organization to promote their well being and best interests.

The politicians will not tell anyone what the new jobs will be, because they haven't got a clue. If they knew the outcome to the trade agreements it would be every place to reassure the public. The expectations of the trade agreement is adverse if known at all. 

Import-Export Assistance (click here)
The Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms is a federal program providing financial assistance to manufacturers affected by import competition. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, this cost sharing federal assistance program pays for half the cost of consultants or industry-specific experts for projects that improve a manufacturer's competitiveness.
The federal government also offers a number of export financing programs to help small manufacturing firms expand their business overseas.

The SBA stands ready to offer welfare to failing businesses after the trade agreements take place.

Venture Capital

Early-stage high-tech manufacturers can have difficulty finding the right venture capital source. While government agencies are not equity investors, they do have programs that match up small manufacturers with private equity investors. Visit the Seed and Venture Capital Guide to learn more about these programs.

Understand what seed money is? It has nothing to do with agriculture.

January 15, 2014
By Carol Tice 

It’s the hardest money (click here) for aspiring startup entrepreneurs to get: That very first cash from the investors bold enough to take a chance and get your brand-new business rolling, often while it’s still little more than an idea. Thousands of companies pitch investors, and few are chosen.
Fortunately, 2013 was a robust year for venture capital seed funding, a new survey from investment-research firm CB Insights found....

It is the money used to begin a new business. The Republican million-billionaires use it to begin new non-profits to build a base for elections. There is no problem finding seed money from the Koch brothers. 

So, if the trade agreements go unchecked by American local governments, businesses will begin to go out of business. If a business goes bankrupt, will the owner be able to qualify for seed money? Even when the business can say the trade agreements caused their failure, they'll never receive seed money. When there is no rebound to USA small business, Wall Street will have destroyed the recovery of 2008 and will start their greed economy all over again. 

There will be laws in these new trade agreements to force existing businesses to accept imports over USA goods. It is going to be a fight. 

The local governments can pass an ordinance stating federal trade agreements do not carry brevity in making decisions regarding the local economy. 

When opposing the trade agreements, know the history of the devastation of NAFTA. According to recent statements, but, with little proof NAFTA standards are suppose to stand within these new agreements.

November 17, 2003
By Robert E. Scott

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (click here) was signed in 1993, the rise in the U.S. trade deficit with Canada and Mexico through 2002 has caused the displacement of production that supported 879,280 U.S. jobs. Most of those lost jobs were high-wage positions in manufacturing industries. The loss of these jobs is just the most visible tip of NAFTA’s impact on the U.S. economy. In fact, NAFTA has also contributed to rising income inequality, suppressed real wages for production workers, weakened workers’ collective bargaining powers and ability to organize unions, and reduced fringe benefits....

Title II, Section 2, Clause 2 covers the topic of treaty. This is where the President has the authority to carry out agreements, however, these agreements are not carved in stone according to the USA Constitution.

There is already a history whereby such agreements can be interrupted, appealed or repealed. 

The impact of US Senate trade agreements. (click here) This is a somewhat old document, but, it has invaluable information to prohibit laws adverse to the country's economies at the 'micro' level.  

The fact local governments are dependent on micro economies it is placed directly in the path of federal authorities that cause harm. The best case against this capacity of the USA Constitution to dictate economic characteristics and dependency on foreign trade is the idea all trade is suppose to enhance the economic outcomes of the USA's private businesses. There is no way a federal agreement should go unchecked to destroy a hard fought for economy. When the federal government acts against the best outcomes of the economy at any level there is a threat against sovereignty or local governments and ultimately the federal government.

This also holds true for citizens' salaries to be benevolent. There is no way there should be a destruction of contracts because of wayward agreements. That is an assault against the citizen.

Also the promises matter. The promises that have come with these agreements matters. If the treaty is proven to be hostile and not benevolent to it's own promises it can and should be challenged.

The lack of information before the public also matters. If there is no review by the public in a meaningful way that results in changes, it is a hostile act toward the citizens. Any public review has to carry brevity and not simply a condescending period of time. 

The time to get this ready for opposition is now. Know the economy as it exists pre-agreement and maintain evaluation at least every month. At the first evidence of a downturn there should be stops placed at the local level based on the facts recorded pre and post agreement.

The American people were promised something. It has to live up to the agreement's promises otherwise it needs to be dissolved at the federal or local level. It doesn't matter if only the local government acts so long as the economy of any local region is upheld.  

What does matter is that the downturn was discovered and the local economy was protected through local statistics and laws. Let the lousy federal government prove those facts wrong and why the agreement has authority over an economy it is destroying. 

Records of valid economic benchmarks is not rocket science. Local GDP, unemployment rates, INCOME to the local treasury, homelessness and stability of the town or city to maintain it's authority. If a local economy deteriorates it directly effects the ability of the city or town to pay it's bills and provide quality of live to their citizens. The city will fail and children won't have the same opportunity to a healthy city economy. This is no joke. This is about life in the USA and how we protect it.

Don't count on the local Chamber of Commerce or otherwise, unless, they are on the same page as the local government as they should be.  

This is not isolationism. Not at all. This is about defense. The world understands defense when it is the USA military in action. This is no different. Local governments need to defend it's best interests. Defense of local economies results in defense of our country. 

Melamine and cyanuric acid in pet sickness

I remind. Already the agreements demand the label of food sources to be removed from packaging. My understanding is that all products regulated by the FDA is suppose to receive permission from the FDA regardless of country. Now, we are supplementing other governments to evaluate their goods. That's nuts and adds incredible stress on our government agencies. The FDA struggles to maintain enough certified agents to cover the USA now. Add to their responsibilities eleven other countries and what the heck are the implications to sovereignty then? 

The USA is on the losing side of these agreements. There are stresses on government infrastructure that will provide for mistakes and gaps in protection of citizens. 

From the AP

WASHINGTON – A top executive says Takata Corp. (click here) is encouraging automakers to replace defective air bag inflators with newly designed ones from the company, or with those made by competitors that don’t include a volatile chemical.
The defect is linked to at least six deaths and more than 100 injuries.
Kevin Kennedy, executive vice president of North America for Takata Corp., will also tell Congress the company “deeply” regrets every rupture episode involving its air bags, especially those causing injury or death.
Kennedy says in written testimony for a U.S. House hearing Tuesday that the percentage of air bag inflators likely to have a problem is “extremely small” but Takata is replacing all of them.
The company has declared 33.8 million air bags defective in an agreement with U.S. regulators. It’s the biggest auto-safety recall in U.S. history.
Takata uses the chemical, ammonium nitrate, to inflate the air bags. It can explode with too much force, blowing apart a metal inflator and sending shrapnel into the passenger compartment....

In recent testimony to Congress, Takata has stated it will be a year or more before all 33.8 million cars are serviced to change the outcomes of air bag deployment so there is no DEATHS.

October 30, 2014

In 2010 the front seat air bags (click here) in Kristy Williams’s 2001 Honda Civic deployed while the Atlanta-area woman was stopped at a light. Shrapnel allegedly flew from one of the safety devices during the blast that inflated them. The metal hit Williams in the neck, severing her carotid artery, according to a suit she filed in Georgia state court against Honda and Tokyo-based Takata, maker of the air bag inflator. Williams stuck two fingers in the wound to stop the bleeding as she waited for an ambulance. Her loss of blood led to several strokes, a seizure, and a speech disorder, according to the suit....

While Takata resolved the shrapnel issue, it never changed the accelerate in the air bags that caused it's inflation. The Ammonia nitrate explodes into fire. The USA government has been involved in investigation with Takata airbags since the 1990s. Takata should be banned from any vehicles in the USA.

Companies that cannot meet American standards should not be selling their products within our borders.

Enough! Where are the airbags the USA manufactures? Where are they? 

The President, Senate or House will never be able to stack the odds against citizens. From here forward there aren't enough words in any agreement that will result in citizen illness, death or loss of financial status. We have a national debt we need to pay before another generation of Americans are burdened and abandoned.
There are aspects of the vote in South Carolina that would be a mistake to discuss at this point. I think Governor Haley is incredibly gracious to ask for her legislature to return to honor the dead by removing the confederate flag. I think the South Carolina legislature has to speak out about this violence and remove the flag.

I actually didn't expect Governor Haley to call for such a convening for the state's legislature. It is magnificent actually that she has ask the people of the state to bring the flag off the capital grounds. She is surprisingly refreshing.

I want the South Carolina legislature to conduct a moral and just debate to bring about the removal of the confederate flag. I want them to do the right thing for their own untainted reasons. I want them all to be respected when the flag comes down. Their words are extremely important.