Thursday, November 18, 2010

Right on cue. The lynch mob came after Rangel. Sorry, but, it is all too obvious.

The disciplinary action against Representative Charles Rengel didn't even have the ink dry when Mr. Boner rang out to end the Ethics Process.


Why exactly was Representative Rengel persecuted? 


Wouldn't it be great to have Democrats feel 'theatened' by the censure of Rep. Rengel just so they would start a firestorm to end the House Ethics Process.  Not bad, Boner.

...WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Incoming House Speaker John Boehner, (click title to entry - thank you) R-Ohio, may run into trouble with his base over his opposition to the Office of Congressional Ethics, activists say.

The Ohio Liberty Council, the state's umbrella Tea Party organization, supports efforts to strengthen the OCE -- created by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in 2008 -- and is advising House GOP members to eschew any attempts to weaken the office, The Hill reported Thursday....

Speaker Pelosi needs to refer the matter of Charles Rangel to the Congressional Black Caucus for an opinion in the Ethics review.

At 80 years old he is found guilty of being SLOPPY.

I am sorry, but, I do not support the proceedings that were carried out against Representative Rengel.  He needs to return to his duties of Chair to House Ways and Means for the remainder of this session.

The complaint was full of revenge and not VALID concern for the basis of corruption.  There was no corruption found and the proceedings were a witch hunt at very best.

I thought Representative Lewis was more than eloquent when he spoke of his friend of fifty years and that matters.  When a peer can come forward and speak well of Rep. Rengel after all the charges were finalized, he was doing so at his own peril and willingly came forward to do so.  That is admirable and stands for a great deal of compassion for the work and the work load of an eighty year old legislator that saw his fair share of hardship within Black America.

The poor reporting of taxes began when he was 63 years old.  Yet, today the Ethics Committee demanded his years of loyal and dedicated service meant nothing.  NOTHING.  If that is the case then the CHARGES originating seventeen years ago mean nothing as well.

The proceedings from the start of the allogations to the completion today have been nothing more than an outrage and should have never occurred.  Dear God, seventeen years ago?  That isn't even within the statutes of limitations of most criminal charges don't go back that far.  You would think the man committed murder.

Representativer Rengal needs to back to work in dignity for the rest of his years. 

Chevy Volt receives The Green Car of the Year. Wonderful !

It's sticker price more than compensates for the fuel economy a consumer will receive.  The Volt will pay for itself several times over in its lifetime.

Chevy Volt takes Green Car of the Year award  (click title to entry - thank you)

Anti-Matter. The Europeans know what they are doing. (click title to entry - thank you)

A part of Large Hadron Collider is seen in its tunnel at the CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research) near Geneva, Switzerland. File photo



 Trapped antihydrogen  (click here)

...Under a theory expounded in 1931 by the eccentric British physicist Paul Dirac, when energy transforms into matter, it produces a particle and its mirror image — called an anti-particle — which holds the opposite electrical charge.

When particles and anti-particles collide, they annihilate each other in a small flash of energy. Until now, experiments have produced anti-atoms, namely of hydrogen, but only in a free state. That means they instantly collide with ordinary matter and get annihilated, making it impossible to measure them or study their structure.

In a paper published on Wednesday by the British journal Nature, a team at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva explain a method of snaring these so-called anti-hydrogen atoms....

There are times when I sincerely wonder about the IQ of the Murdoch media. Sincerely.

President Obama just held a news conference and in wonderful eloquent manner explained the need for passage of the START Treaty with Russia.  He spoke of all the past Presidents since Ronald Reagan that have brought treaties to Congress and received overwhelming support as Russia is more an ally than an adversary.

Was there something DIFFICULT to understand about that at the Murdoch media service?

Because Orrin Hatch was asked by Blond Bomb Shell Number 999 if he trusted Russia.  


Was there something NOT explained by President Obama that HAD to be REPEATED by Senator Hatch in order for Blondy to understand what was going on?

Honestly.  Talk about dense and stupid or at least willing to play the role.  A real boost for the female gender with that interview.  So much to be proud of.  Dear God where has national pride and dignity gone?  Come to think of it, she could have sounded like Palin.  Actually.  Contagious.  

Perhaps, President Obama needs to reach into the 'gutter' of life and explain YES, HE AND MANY OTHERS, INCLUDING MY REPUBLICAN FRIEND ORIN HATCH  TRUST RUSSIA before explaining why.  Perhaps sinking to their level may actually mean something.

The beauty of the American Economy is The Middle Class.

The American Economy is like a pyramid.  It is best 'stabilized' by a strong and broad 'base' of support from its Middle Class.

If the top two percent of the nation was the only survivor to the American economy rather than a pyramid, the economy would be a pillar.  The Middle Class would be virtually non-existant as the competition for labor would create dirt cheap income similar to the Louisiana ? Independent Contractors ? to BP.

What is occurring at GM is a re-invigoration of the work force.  By calling back laid off workers the unemployment rolls are being reduced and a real income with benefits of all kinds is being returned to the work force.

What does that mean on a broader scope since this is only 600 workers?

It means those workers are no longer 'subsisting,' but, will be out purchasing higher end gifts for the holidays and CREATING jobs when demand for services and products are increases.  It is a small amount with 600 workers returning, but, the PROPORTION of burden on the USA government in its deficit spending is also relieved. 

There are a lot of perks for each worker that is re-engaging the economy.  This SMALL increment grows exponentially.

The tax breaks afforded GM to establish its presence in that city will be returned to the city in taxes from other venues.  

It is all good and it should continue in every sector of the economy.

There might be a real 'heart beat' at GM again.

We all know about the IPO. 


It is also accompanied by hiring. 

Interesting.  It isn't completely emply of moral standards regarding RE-ENGAGING the American workforce.  It is only 600 jobs, but, they are jobs.  It might actually be safe to purchase the stock.  Hm.


GM adding 600 jobs in Lansing to build new Cadillac (w/ video)  (click title to entry - thank you)

$190 million investment announced today

Melissa Domsic
October 28, 2010

LANSING - Demand for a new Cadillac is driving General Motors Co. to hire hundreds of workers in Lansing.

As expected, the Detroit carmaker this morning said it will invest $190 million in the Lansing Grand River plant and create about 600 jobs as it gears up to make a new small car likely to be called the Cadillac ATS.

The move capped a months-long effort that included the city of Lansing granting GM $9.8 million in tax breaks.

Under a national agreement with the United Auto Workers union, GM must first offer jobs to laid-off workers in the surrounding area, but there will likely be new hires, said Mike Green, president of UAW Local 652, which represents hourly workers at the Lansing Grand River factory.

GM did not release a timeline for hiring or production, so the number of new hires has not been determined....

Namibia Police intercept bomb attempt.

'Bomb' found on Germany-bound plane in Namibia, police say  (click title to entry - thank you)

A suspected bomb was discovered in a suitcase checked on a German-bound plane in Namibia, Germany's Federal Crime Office said on Thursday.

10:19AM GMT 18 Nov 2010

Namibian police intercepted a suspicious object with a detonator and a running clock in the luggage on an Air Berlin plane from Windhoek to Munich.
Authorities in Namibia were investigating whether the device found during the loading of the Airbus jet on Wednesday could have exploded.
"A subsequent X-ray (of the luggage) revealed batteries that were attached with wires to a detonator and a ticking clock," the German authorities said in a statement....

It doesn't matter, although interesting, if the bomb couild explode.  We know for a fact, many devices used by the 'modern day' al Qaeda are ineffectual.  So, this was definately AN ATTEMPT, but, it was intercepted by very astute security officers.  Well done.

After the Bernanke Bailout, comes Retribution to benefit cronies. Now, Mr. Boner is sincerely corrupt. Hello?

Time to play through, huh, Boner?  It seems as though defunding NPR will increase the unemployment rate, not decrease it.  If Boner and his henchmen make draconian cuts to benefit cronies, it is called CORRUPTION.  End of discussion.  Ah, oh.  To JUSTIFY the cuts, Boner has to prove NPR is in violation of Federal Requirements in regard to Williams.  No, they weren't.  They were seeking to stop the bigotry Williams insisted on speaking about.

It doesn't take long, does it? Cronies start getting thei PAY OFF as soon as the elections are over.  The RANT among the Right Wing Extremist Network at Murdoch is CRYING they are being SHUT UP.  They are so worried about being SILENCED.


This is really interesting considering the evidence. 

...House GOP Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) and Rep. Doug Lamborn (Colo.) said that cutting funds to the publicly subsidized news organization was the winner of the conference’s weekly "You Cut Contest," in which the public votes online on spending items they want eliminated.
“When NPR executives made the decision to unfairly terminate Juan Williams and to then disparage him afterwards, the bias of their organization was exposed,” the two Republicans said in a statement. “Make no mistake, it is not the role of government to tell news organizations how to operate. What is avoidable, however, is providing taxpayer funds to news organizations that promote a partisan point of view. Eliminating taxpayer funding for NPR is precisely the kind of commonsense cut that we have to begin making if we want to fundamentally alter the way business is conducted in Washington.”
Republicans had indicated that they sought to take action against NPR after it dismissed Williams for making controversial remarks about Muslims....

This is such a joke.  In order to receive FEDERAL FUNDING the public stations, which relies on these funds, have to uphold the values of NON-DISCRIMINATION.  Juan Willians is completely guilty of religious-bigotry.  So, the CHOICE by the GOP regarding the WEEKLY WINNER isn't even possible to enforce or defund without breaking the laws of the USA requirements for the funding. 

I believe the "Frum Forum" is David Frum the former Presidential Speech Writer that was attacked by the 'Old Men' of the GOP.