Sunday, May 07, 2017

The documents produced under President Obama are the last trustworthy USA documents.

The 2011 RCA Appraisal (click here) provides an overview of land use and the U.S. agricultural sector; of the status, condition, and trends of natural resources on non-Federal lands; and of USDA’s program for soil and water resources conservation. Looking ahead, it examines interrelated issues that have implications for U.S. agriculture and forestry: climate change, biofuels production, and the quality and availability of water.

I would not trust anything written under Trump. There is no reliable, trustworthy or expertise in most of the Secretary positions in the current White House.

There is too much 'odd' paradigms within the Trump White House to consider it legitimate in it's authority. Appointments, resignations, investigations, tampering from outside governments and the plutocracy without restraint. There is nothing within those descriptors that tells me any information being brought forth is worthwhile.