Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mid-latitude vortices have four sectors of weather fronts.

November 3, 2011
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the USA (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

The division of storm fronts are as if the face of a clock were over the 'eye' of the vortex. The dividing lines run from 12 to 6 and 3 to 9, otherwise realized as north-to-south and east-to-west.

The tricky part of this is realizing the 'strongest and most turbulent' front within the vortex. The 'usual' manifestation of the worst of these vortexes is the southeast quadrant. It is usually the 'tail end,' the narrow 'cloud accumulation' that begins to pick up velocity AND moisture resulting in tornadoes.

The occurrence of the Mid-latitude vortex is chronic now since October 2, 2002. They are not only chronic but also becoming more and more volatile in their wind and water content. They are frequently in 'oscillation' and are somewhat unpredictable. Although, energy 'set in motion' has a 'vector.' Those vectors 'will realize' a 'certain outcome' as 'energy is constant.' The trouble in predicting the storm fronts with these vortexes is the increased heating of Earth and the 'high energy' affiliated with 'uncertainty' of velocity. Heat energy is highly volatile, especially when linked with ionic disturbances that occur with these vortexes which reach very high altitudes in their 'cloud/water content.'

Why do I bring this up?

Because. being aware of the four quadrants is being aware of uncertainty and oscillation velocity within the vortex itself. Every vortex 'at its peak' of uncertainty is still STATIC to the amount of 'fixed energy' within its capacity. An interesting dynamic is also the location of 'direct solar radiation.' In the recent hurricane at the Yucatan the hurricane dissipated into a vortex that later inundated the east coast of the USA with snow.

It would be best to not only track unpredictable air masses when rotation on Doppler Radar is noted, but, also to capture the 'energy' / 'heat energy' of any vortex to realize its ultimate capacity and the distribution of that capacity with
in the vortex and how the four quadrants react to oscillation.

What I am saying is that Climate Crisis storms are becoming more unpredictable even within their own dynamics. The public has to be served and protected.  While the most volatile quadrant is normally the southeast quadrant, that may not necessarily hold true for higher velocity storms where each quadrant may begin to realize higher energy.

#Occupy is an incredible movement by this generation of Americans.

A sign is seen posted between tents at the Occupy Oakland encampment Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011, in Oakland, Calif. Oakland is bracing for Wednesday's citywide general strike, a hastily planned and ambitious...   (Associated Press)

It is some of the worst police work I have ever witnessed.  The police are confrontational and hostile.  The demonstrators have never given them a reason to act.  This is a peaceful and nonviolent movement.  The demonstrators are joined by vast numbers of people in support of their positon.  They do nothing but assert their RIGHTS under the US Constitution.

The police appear out of nowhere with ORDERS from headquarters, announce their demands and don't even give people a chance to process what is going on before they become aggressive and out of control themselves.  It is police brutality, plain and simple.  It needs to stop.

The only acts of violence by the demonstrators are in reaction to the aggression they are faced with.  If police want to incite violence then they are successful in doing so.  Any person when confronted will seek to defend themselves.

The 'style' of reporting in The Guardian, a British newsprint, is punitive to demonstrators.  The Brits have very violent confrontations by their demonstrators due to aggressive police tactics.  This is the same style reporting that landed three journalists at the World Court on charges of genocide.  It is hostile to human life and attempts to deny Americans their rights under the law, while demonizing them. 

Occupy Oakland general strike – live updates (click title to entry - thank you)

...At least one protester was carried away with an injury to his leg. Another who had been arrested, his hands bound behind him, lay on the ground with blood streaming down his face.
Police estimated around 60 protesters had been arrested. Dozens of them were lined up seated along a street curb in plastic wrist restraints as they waited to be taken away.
One of them, Adam Konner, 29, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, said he heard a police announcement ordering "campers to move back to your tents," before police advanced again.
"I was trying to figure what they were saying. I was trying to figure out if I could go back into the plaza," he told Reuters. He said he was suddenly confronted by police who knocked him to the ground and placed him under arrest....

There is a very real reason why this generation is as successful as they are; they are only the 'representative' number of people who know the ? new normal ? for the American citizen.  This generation is carrying 'the shame' of this nation into the streets, but, they are joined by everyone else in their focus.  So, when the demonstrators are confronted by authority that results in harming them the people that turn out after the fact have been there the entire time.  I like to think of the people in support of this movement as "Ghost Riders."  They are always there, but, just not present at the time, but, trying to keep the nation afloat while being vigilant of 'the truth.'  "# Occupy" will never be alone or abandoned by the Ghost Riders.