Sunday, April 25, 2010

The service for the lost Miners was a beautiful service with spiritual support for the community. Sincerely appreciated the youth choir.

Every participant had a unique message, but, the State Police Officer was truly an inspiration to realize how dedicated he was during the tragedy and remained with the community afterward.

I sincerely appreciated the welcome the President received from the community, I am sure his resolve carries the brevity of the burden of the loss of these men.

The convection system that brought the tornadoes to Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas and death to at least two people has inverted. It aint' over until it is over.

April 25, 2010
UNISYS North and West Hemispheric Water Vapor Satellite

It is back in the center of the country.  There is also turbulence over Utah and Colorado.

The only 'Earth System' moving these systems is Coriolis Effect.  The vortexes  override the jet stream. 

There are still remnants in Florida, too. 

Tornado watch issued for most of Central Florida  (see link below),0,5902987.story

It is a union breaking strategy designed by a test. It is ingratitude. It is also age discrimination and hatred of age. (click title to entry - thank you)

Duncan is the white guy.  Coming out of Chicago I would think he would know something about inner city education and its best approach.  Just a guess.

Recently I heard Arne Duncan speak.  His point of view regarding testing is rather interesting.  He said and I quote.

"Testing is not something that is done to the teacher, it is done with a teacher."  In other words, teachers need to have a voice in the EXAM that will ultimately judge their job performance.

He also stated, decisions regarding classroom content has to be made with input from teachers, not just idealistic administrators.

By the way there is a MODEL that works quite well in determining THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES of any given teacher.  It was employed by "Head Start."

There has been a complaint by "Learning is Fundamental" in that they can't 'get in on' the funding under Secretary Duncan.  Hm.  The solution to me seems fairly obvious, they need to adapt their corporate model.

Perhaps "Reading is Fundamental" and its proven success should decentralize to help 'fit' the model Secretary Duncan is advocating.

See, I really believe the complaining that goes on is about unwillingness to change.  Sincerely.  Complaining is 'the tail wagging the dog.'   Corporate Cry Babies.