Saturday, January 10, 2015

When are extremists going to be held responsible for their actions, before or after they kill?

January 10, 2015
By Rick Feneley

...A Muslim community leader (click here) who called for a crackdown on extremists in Sydney says he has been assaulted while walking in the street with his two-year-old son and warned that his family would be killed, eleven days after he was threatened and told to stop speaking out.
Jamal Daoud, a prominent refugee advocate, claims police have failed to take his reports seriously and says the community will start taking its own action to photograph and publicise attacks if they do nothing.
He says a man punched him in the chest about 2.20pm on Friday while he and his son were walking towards a shop at the corner of Hall and Station Streets, Auburn.
The man, with a long beard and speaking in a Lebanese accent, had told him: "I will kill you if you don't get out of my face."
Mr Daoud said two other "extremists" had got off a double-cabin white utility and abused him and threatened to kill him and his family.
They had made references to his campaign against extremists....

Best I can tell extremists are actually criminals, very dangerous criminals, hiding behind a religion they claim sanctions violence.

These people are dead serious. They are deciding life and death and no one is taking them seriously?

January 11, 2014
By Rachel Olding

...Among the scribbles (click here) were references to an Australian Federal Police building as a target and a plan to carry out guerrilla warfare in the Blue Mountains, police allege.
Just two weeks earlier, he uploaded a series of amateur lectures to YouTube filmed in front of a black sheet and aimed at the youth in western Sydney. 
The Sun-Herald uncovered the videos uploaded under the name Millatu Ibrahim, a fundamentalist Islamic organisation banned in Germany.
In the lengthy diatribes, he lectures his listeners on everything from the sin of tattoos to the smell of heaven.
"The tattooist and the one who gets the tattoo is cursed," he says in a 15-minute long video. "I advise you for the sake of Allah to not go near any of this stuff. When the shaytan [devil] invite you to haram [sin], are you gonna accept the invitation? Do you want to be a lowlife that's burning in hellfire?"
In another, he criticises Muslims who drive "hot shot cars" and sit at cafes "wasting time smoking, drinking coffee, speaking about Dunya [worldly possessions]".
"Why do you talk to the talk and not walk the walk? Where is the action for Allah?" he says. "I'm not angry for your sake... [I'm] angry for the sake of Allah and we are allowed to be angry for the sake of Allah, why? Because we're calling you to good and forbidding you from evil."
At the end of his videos, he tells listeners that he will answer any of their questions about Islam....

They have bought into the idea of a caliph as if it were beneficial. When Mohammad died there was no government. No laws. There was a power vacuum and a leader was chosen. It was not all that either. 

The urgent need (click here) for a successor to Muhammad as political leader of the Muslim community was met by a group of Muslim elders in Medina who designated Abū Bakr, the Prophet’s father-in-law, as caliph

Mohammad never was the leader of a caliphate. Never. The caliph was no different than Caesar in Rome. He was an expansionist and killed anyone not recognized as a worshiper. The caliph ultimately would split the faithful.

Mohammad never ran wars. The teachings of jihad were defensive measures should the people be attacked. Mohammad wanted to spread the word of a faith he believed to be the best for peace in Islam. He wasn't killed people to fear him.

ʿUthmān was the fourth caliph and he was assassinated. A caliphate is not all that. It is a secessionist reign of an artificial king. It is fiction these men are using to recruit people who believe they have to become a jihadist when all they have to do is practice the pillars of the Muslim faith and visit Mecca. This is outrageous and why this continues on the internet is beyond my imagination. These faux Islamic leaders are actively asking people to kill. That in any language or any country is highly illegal. Why is anyone exposed to this methodology of mass murder? The internet is not chaos unless one allows it.

These bozos aren't even covert and no one does anything. Amazing. If I ever told anyone I wanted so and so dead by the hand of Jonesy in the name of god, I'd either be looking at a prison cell for awhile and/or the looney bin. What goes on here these idiots are getting away with threatening murder and recruiting soldiers to anarchy? This is insane.

Governments act as if there is no law to invoke because of religious dogma. That is bullshit. No religious leader or illegitimate religious leader has the right to demand followers to kill. End of discussion.

Syria is not a government recognized for it's caliph. It is not children confused about their religious attitudes and actions. Syria is in turmoil and in profound civil war with factions pretending to be the most holy of all holy wars because it brings a following of dolts from the West along with their money and bleeding heart families.

Another OJ. It is just a matter of time.

In his Nov. 19, 2013, file photo, George Zimmerman listens in court, in Sanford, Fla., during his hearing on charges including aggravated assault stemming from a fight with his girlfriend. The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office says Zimmerman was arrested in Lake Mary on Friday on an aggravated assault charge. (Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel/AP)

January 10, 2015
By Peter Holley
...On Saturday morning, (click here) Zimmerman appeared in court and was given a $5,000 bond and ordered to stay out of Volusia County, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Judge John Galluzzo told Zimmerman that he has until Tuesday to surrender firearms in his possession, according to the Sentinel....

The Stand Your Ground Laws are completely "W"rong for the USA. This is not the wild west anymore and people don't know how to handle themselves. Stand Your Ground is as much a cultural problem as a legal one.

Be well, Harry.

I was concerned when I first heard about the terrible accident. It is more serious than I thought. We miss you, Harry. You have to get well and come back soon.

I thought all space equipment that fell into the ocean was picked up anyway.

The oceans don't need space debris, too. It has enough problem with plastic garbage.

January 10, 2015
By Paula Mejia 
SpaceX, a private company (click here) that specializes in manufacturing rockets and spacecraft, recently launched a mission to deliver a 5,000-pound cargo capsule containing equipment, supplies and belated holiday gifts to astronauts at the International Space Station. While the cargo capsule successfully reached orbit on Saturday, the Falcon 9 rocket that launched it into space crash-landed, Reuters reports....

I hope France is getting enough support from other countries. This is a foreign experience for them.

The society deals differently with anger and violence. This is completely foreign to them.

The two brothers — Cherif, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34 — (click here) who attacked the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo earlier this week may have been part of a sleeper cell, Morten Storm, a Danish national who spied on al-Qaeda for Danish, British and American intelligence, told ABC News.

What I can say from my experience or from my knowledge is that these people here have managed to deceive French intelligence to believe that, while they were once extremists, they no longer were," Storm said. "So they managed to get under the radar and… they finally woke up again, like a sleeper cell, and (committed) this atrocity."...

France military is more than able to carry out missions to end violence as they did in Libya and other countries Africa. But, to have their own citizens become monsters is quite another issue.

I have no idea why she would consider Syria a safe haven. No one is safe in Syria. The difference between France and Syria for her is she thinks Syria will emphasize for the deaths she has caused. I am not so sure.