Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michael !! Michael Moore !! I love this. I simply love it. Thank you. Thank you.

Here Comes Trouble

At the Grand Canal Theatre Monday 17th October 2011

It would seem as though the benevolent Libyan Rebels are indeed in control of their country.

Journalists caught by a Reuters photographer at the basement of the Rixos before they were set free.  (click  title to entry - thank you)

It would seem as the next huge responsibility for the Rebels is to meet up with NATO and secure any WMD storage facilities before some wise guy decides to try to use them against the people of Libya.

The Newspaper printing this article online is "The Tripoli Post."  Libya has working capital and enterprises intact to report the nation's news.  I congratulate the Rebels for indeed proving they love their country above any corrupt intent.

It must be a relief to the journalists and their families all are safe.  The freed journalists can now thank their peers for being so vigilant.

I am sure "Virgin Galactic's" creator worries about Corporate Espionage all the time.

It is just so very odd so many incidents regarding space travel and the people that line its hallways are having such trouble all at one time.
Academy Award-winning actress (click title to entry - thank you) Kate Winslet helped rescue Richard Branson's elderly mother from a fire that destroyed his Caribbean home.
The Virgin Group boss said in his blog that he wanted to offer “many thanks to Kate Winslet for helping to carry my 90 year (old) mum out of the main house to safety.” He joked that Ms. Winslet “was wondering when a director was going to shout ‘CUT!'”

In a separate statement Tuesday, Mr. Branson praised Ms. Winslet's two children, 10-year-old Mia and 7-year-old Joe, who were also staying in the house when it caught fire. He called them “two of the bravest kids I've ever come across.”...

The USA Space Shuttle, no different than the ISS is a PEACEFUL venture.

There is always some military advantage to these vehicles in one way or another, but, sending up High School Projects into outer space isn't what I would call a DEFENSE strategy for the USA.

We mourned the dead of a school teacher some time ago.  It is a dangerous mission.  We watched as O-Rings failed while freezing temperatures contracted to a size they weren't able to do their jobs.

The Chinese Space Program is a matter of national pride.  I don't know of any REASONABLE directive in the USA that would see either the Chinese or Russian Space Program as an impingement to USA national security to the point where the Space Shuttle would become a weapon of mass destruction to either Russia or China.  

It gives an entire new definition to 'Star Wars.'

I don't think it is funny and if any of USA capacity is in PLAY to destroy sovereign space programs while a PRIVATE venue is being nurtured in the USA by NASA, then heads are going to have to role and I'll volunteer to operate the guillotine.

The frontier of space for any country is dangerous enough without imperiling its safety.  Odd, these two incidents happened so close together.  

Is the USA Cyber Unit working overtime?

18:57 24/08/2011

MOSCOW, August 24 (RIA Novosti)

The wreckage (click title to entry - thank you)  of the Russian Progress M-12M space freighter which sent a breakdown report while separating from the carrier rocket on Wednesday, fell in South Siberia's Altai Republic, a source in the region's law enforcement structures said.
"At 5:25 p.m. Moscow time [13:25 GMT] we received information about falling wreckage from the M-12M space freighter," the source said.
The head of the South Siberian republic's Choya District, where the wreckage presumably fell, said a powerful blast was heard within a 100-km radius....

It is highly unusual for a Russian spacecraft to fail.  Someone in the USA Defense Department having a "FIT" over the end of the Shuttle Program?

Lousy thing to think?

No, not really.  Not when one considers such problems with sovereign nations a potential for war.

And especially when a similar incident occurred in China last week!

The failure of a Chinese Long March (click here)  rocket last week will not affect the country's plans to launch a 19,000-pound space station module later this year, a senior Chinese space official told state media.

The mishap occurred Thursday (Aug. 18) during the launch of an experimental Shijian 11 satellite aboard a 138-foot-tall Long March 2C rocket. It was the first problem during a Chinese space launch since 2008, when an Indonesian communications satellite was placed in an incorrect orbit.

God help them if it is USA interference in these sovereign programs.

It looks as though Vice President Biden stopped in Japan after leaving China.

Strange he should be in Japan on the day a historic earthquake shook a nuclear reactor in Virginia. Odd. The timing of it all.

But not missed by the right wing extremist media of the USA was a comment made by the Vice President in China regarding their one child policy.

Nixon went to China in 1972 when H.W. was 'an envoy' to mainland China. H. W. was actually in Taiwan because the USA did not enjoy an embassy at that point.

The first USA Embassy in China was opened in 1979, the very year China decided to institute its "One Child Policy."

The Right Wing Anti-Abortion Crowd can condemn the 'idea' of a restrictive policy for political reasons, but, at the time China had a lot people and serious human rights issues including profound poverty. The One Child Policy was a daring way for the Chinese nation to begin to reduce their enormous population that would result in less and less stress on China's ability 'to provide' for their people and enhance the potential for building schools and universities to build the country's brain trust.

I do believe it is better for the Chinese people to speak to their government regarding this than anyone else. A few years ago as there became a 'wealthy class' of citizens. Not just a ruling class, but, a wealthy class, they began to speak out against the now institutionalized policy. The women among the wealthy wanted more than one child. They were able to address the topic in a social venue as a method to move the government to consider lifting the ban that has been in existence for over 30 years now.

What Vice President Biden did was to bring practicality to the topic of allowing families to decide about the number of children. His hopes are not to return poverty to China, but, to provide the Chinese government a reason to consider changing the dynamics of this policy to educate their people regarding population growth and choices.

I applaud the Vice President for even breaching the idea. He did it well without insulting his hosts, the Chinese government and people. I am confident his words fell on the ears of those eager to hear them and encourage a dialogue to change the policy.

The One Child Policy was a very brave step for China to take. It worked for the most part. It reduced the burden of a growing populous that would be forever in poverty and allowed breathing room for change within China.

When Vice President Biden addressed China about this topic he did it well and with diplomatic grace, honoring the USA and China. You know. That is a real switch for Joe.

No one knows where Saif surfaced?

There are flags in the video. I suppose he could have driven somewhere. Saddam was in hiding in a rat hole or so it was called for months, but, there are land marks to this location. Someone has to know where he came from at this point. Just saying this though will cause them to move to a different location. That movement could eventually result in them being caught. "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide." Tripoli isn't that big, if the location 'on camera' is within Tripoli. I hope the rebels are able to settle their issues about this. I think they should simply take it in stride and figure they will find them all IN HIDING. The 'hiding' is a victory all by itself.