Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ms. Casey Marie Anthony, AKA "Tot Mom" has been acquitted of three of the seven charges the State brought against her.

She had an incredible legal team.  It was astounding to realize the number of people needed to successfully addrss a First Degree Murder case.  How many people have that level of dedication from their defense team.  The cost to find that 'not guilty' verdict should never exist in the United States of America.  The State did a horrible job and could not even tell the jury how the child died while her mother was wrongfully incarcerated for three long years and the USA media racked in billions of dollars from the exploitation of a child's drowning.

I listened to CNN as, much to his credit, Jeffery Toobin stated the descension of his collegue, Nancy Grace.  I didn't know Casey Marie Anthony was "Tot Mom" until I heard Toobin say it.  I had heard the words in the media but didn't know who exactly they were talking about since they enjoy crucifying mothers so often.

I am not going to speculate about what I believe happened to Caylee Marie Anthony.  She was a beautiful child and there are people that know what happened to her.  They will have to live with their conscience, but, while that would be ridiculed to have people believe there are no people of conscience capable of remorse, what I saw in that court room after the verdict was a room full of people of conscience.  What occurred in finding Casey Marie Anthony not guilty of First Degree Murder was more than correct. 

July 6, 2011 9:13 AM
Anthony juror wanted to know how Caylee died  (click title to entry - thank you)

By Alex Sundby

(CBS News)  Casey Anthony was acquitted in the death of her daughter, Caylee, because prosecutors couldn't prove whether a murder took place, an alternate juror said.

On Tuesday, the panel of 12 Floridians returned three verdicts of not guilty on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in the nearly three-year-old case against the 25-year-old mother.

That is 'it' in a nutshell.  No matter how much anyone tried to make the case that circumstantial evidence IS ENOUGH to sentence a person to death, at least jurors are still unwilling to be tainted by the media hype.

She never should have been arrested in the first place because the State did not have a case.  It is all too easy to arrest people without considerable reason do to so.  In some instances, such as attempted bombings or otherwise it is 'welcome relief' to do so while the State builds its case.  BUT.  It is usually because the 'accumulated evidence' is not fully evaluated that arrests occur, NOT, because there is no evidence enough to convict.

This young woman's life has been effected by the media circus surrounding it.  The legal system has been effected.  There has to be considerable peer review and review by the State and Federal Justice Departments in regard to the way the State conducted this case and explain exactly why she was arrested and imprisoned for three years without proof of the child's death.

There is a lot wrong here.  I don't know how she is going to get on with her life, but, my guess is that her legal team is not simply abandoning her because 'the case is closed.'  There was too much compassion and dedication by her team to abandon her now.  I find all the defense atttoneys and their assistants to be admirable people.

Perhaps the first place for her to start to heal from this is for her AND her legal team to write a book about their journey.  It would be a Best Seller and it would give her some financial security to work with for the rest of her life.  It would also show how dedication to EXCELLENT legal practice means.  I wish her and her legal team the best.

The "Debt Ceiling" is a Republican responsibility for eight years of UNCHECKED DOMESTIC spending for the sake of a 'jobs market.'

...Lost in the debate have been several key facts. (click here) The U.S. debt, measured as a percentage of gross domestic product, isn't particularly out of line with most developed nations. The bond market, which should be most worried about the U.S. debt burden, doesn't seem concerned at all about the U.S. debt load....

...Congress, of course, was well aware of the debt ceiling when it passed its spending authorization on April 15, which legally mandated a 2011 deficit of about $1.7 trillion. (The federal fiscal year ends Sept. 30.) This hasn't stopped members of Congress from lamenting the feckless spending habits of Congress.

The U.S. debt is vast, by all accounts. But the country is by no means broke....

The current USA debt is directly related to the unchecked spending of the Bush/Cheney domestic failure to garner a sincere economy.  The debt ceiling was raised annually during that administration in the name of "We are at war,"  In fact, it wasn't the military spending that caused the debt problem the USA currently is experiencing, it was the runaway domestic spending on housing and pouring concrete that caused the problem.

This was the USA budget for 2008.  While the military budget and while the military budget and the budget for the global war on terror comes to over 21% of the pie chart, it was not included in the 'President's asking' of Congress.


Because the Republicans were attempting to push the SSI spending to be over 50% of the USA budget which  would require Congress to 'readdress' the law. 

During the Bush/Cheney years the military budget was always a SUPPLEMENT to the national budget to improve the chances of the Republican assault on SSI.

The Debt Ceiling as it exists in its entirety is responsible for allowing the global banking collapse as well.  The domestic spending of the Bush White House is directly related to artifically supporting a 'construction' economy in the USA to HAVE AN ECONOMY.

The Bush economy from January 2000 was a reactionary economy developed to prevent the loss of a second term in office as was the problem "H.W." faced in his re-election bid.  The people of the USA, through the frivilious domestic spending of the Bush White House and allowed by a Republican Congress paid for their economy for eight years.  Now, the Republicans AS ALWAYS want to dump their responsibilty for their 'desperate' tactics at the doorstep of a President that saved this country from fiscal collapse following the exit of Paulson and Bush in January 2009.  I found it more than interesting that Bush allowed the country's collapse to exist while exiting office without doing anything to stop it.  After the banking collapse and rescue and abandonment of the USA economy by the banks allowed by the Paulson legislation, the Middle Class was not only abandoned by banks they were abandoned by their Republican President so he could not be blamed for the spending that occurred in order to retreive the economy from further degradation.

The Republicans STILL have the same old sad agenda of 'Throwing Grandma Under the Bus(h)' so they dont' have to pay taxes.  That is what this is about and nothing else.  The Republicans should be CUTTING their programs left and right for their sins of the past, but, they don't.  They manipulate their public image and cause the electorate to believe their will actually do something constructive for them and the public ends up with recall elections to correct the lies of the election.

How much discretionary domestic spending would be saved if all Faith Based "Take" was removed?  But.  No one wants to be viewed as "God's Enemy" and removing God from children's classrooms while demoralizing the public education system.  "God forbid there should be a real delineation between Church and State" and congregations have to modify their number and size of churchs to survive in a REAL economic environment as the Republicans believe should be the case with the American Elderly. 

Perhaps what needs to happen, in order for Republicans to deal with reality, is for Faith Based Nursing Homes to line the streets of the country to take in all the Seniors that can no longer survive FINANCIALLY and remove them from homes and a life of independence.  Maybe that is what needs to happen in order for Republicans to 'ideologically' 'deal with' SSI, Medicare and Medicaid.  Maybe we should have vast Faith Based orphanages where children not covered by a parent's medical insurance would be deemed neglected and removed to a place where the government assists churches to 'properly' care for children rather than pay for SCHIP.  Maybe that is what needs to happen. 

Maybe what really needs to happen to wake up Republicans to their reality is for every unemployed American to be in servatude to a Faith Based Government Supported Servitude Program to build all those nursing homes and orphanages at labor costs less than illegal immigrants receive.  Maybe that is what needs to happen.

Maybe then "The World According to Republicans" will be realized and we can pass the Debt Ceiling spending year after year after year because otherwise they wouldn't be elected.  Maybe that is what needs to happen!''


Under the Bush/Cheney that nearly happened and it was called 'wars with end' and the young people of the nation that didn't have hope for employment anywhere joined the military in order to HAVE A LIFE.  And given the fact the USA military was literally 'dropped into a war zone' at every turn, they better prey for their lives.

So, given the fact the Republicans are guilty as sin for causing the debt ceiling in the first place I see no way that our Seniors and vulnerable Americans including the disabled and children should be suffering with budget cuts that will ultimately satisfy Republicans with 'Re-election Bid Problems.'  The Ryan Budget occurred because the Plutocratic Agenda is behind schedule and thank God it is.  That means somewhere along the way 'Ameicans were clued in' to the fact their Golden Years were now up for resale to the private sector that has no regard for the American Dream or its security as the back bone to our economy.

End of Discussion.

Gee, I wonder where Breitbart, the disenfranchised Republican scandal artist, received his information?

LONDON—News Corp.'s tabloid reporting scandal (click title to entry - thank you) continued to swell, as allegations about the possible hacking of phones related to dead teenagers and victims of terror attacks unleashed public outrage and placed the company's top U.K. newspaper executive in the hot seat.

News Corp. has been under pressure for several years amid investigations into the use of a private detective by its News of the World tabloid to break into the mobile-phone voice mail of celebrities and political leaders.

Public rebuke of the company reached a new level this week with the allegation that, in 2002, the paper used the same tactic to access the voice mail of an abducted 13-year-old girl who, it turned out, had been murdered. ...

Major companies (click here) have begun withdrawing advertisements from this Sunday's News of the World in the face of a campaign to boycott the tabloid over the alleged phone hacking scandal....