Monday, June 24, 2013

I congratulate Mr. Snowden for 'so called' infiltrating Carlyle's Booz-Allen. Infiltrated Carlyle? I thought he was hired.

What does that say about the 'security procedures' of Carlyle at all?

"Walk this way, we'll make it worth your while." 

Mr. Snowden has successfully proven how incredibly loose the protections of USA National Security is at Carlyle's Booz-Allen.

He must have been blown away to realize how much access he had to national security records and only to have that propagated at Carlyle. It was like, "What is this?" 

Mr. Snowden is NOT the problem, Carlyle is!

I mean you have got to be joking. He didn't hack into anything. These were not illegal access by Chinese Hackers. Admirable as they are at times, but, this? I can't believe Carlyle continues to have ANY access to USA national security information.

If it were me? I'd withdraw any USA contract from them the next day. It is sooooooooooooooo very, very convenient to blame the victim. Isn't it?

Oh, yes, Mr. Snowden is a victim of conscience we should all be grateful for.

The media is at least corruptible as those now with national security clearance on Wall Street. 

The media is a joke.

Endanger the Olympics and expose CIA agents - Yes.

Hold Carlyle for loose national security policy and practice. - No.

Why the media is batting ZERO so far.

Put the surplus back!

...Under Bush—A Return to Fiscal Irresponsibility (click here) When George W. Bush came into office, he was determined to return to the trickle-down economics of Reagan/Bush. The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts enacted by the Republican congressional majority and the Bush administration are responsible for the financial crisis we are in now— helped along by Congress’s earlier repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which allowed commercial banks to merge with investment banks, opening the door to the financial meltdown.

George W. Bush spent $1.37 trillion of Social Security surplus revenue during his eight years as president. In his last year alone he spent $526 million of our Social Security money each day. 

There will be no raiding of Social Security. There will be privatization. There will be no endangering the trust fund. The SSI Surplus needs to be put back ASAP.

President George W. Bush participates in a discussion on Social Security reform at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005. Also pictured, from left, are Sonya Stone, Rhode Stone, Bob McFadden and Scott Ballard. White House photo.

The coveting of the Social Security Trust Fund has a very long history, but, Bush took the cake. He spent his entire honeymoon period of his second term campaigning for privatization demanding Trillions to invest in privatization. That was 2005. If he was ever successful the fund would have been bankrupt by 2008.

President Bush Meets with Social Security Trustees, January 9, 2005
President Participates in Conversation on Social Security Reform, January 11, 2005
State of the Union Address, February 2, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Montana, February 3, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in North Dakota, February 3, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Florida, February 4, 2005
President Participates in Conversation on Social Security in Arkansas, February 4, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Nebraska, February 4, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in Pennsylvania, February 10, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in North Carolina, February 10, 2005
President Discusses Social Security in Radio Address, February 12, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in New Hampshire, February 16, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Radio Address, February 26, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in Indiana, March 4, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Kentucky, March 10, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in Alabama, March 10, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Louisiana, March 11, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in Tennessee, March 11, 2005
President's Radio Address, March 12, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Pensacola, Florida, March 18, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Orlando, Florida, March 18, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in Arizona, March 21, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Colorado, March 21, 2005
President Meets with Seniors at Senior Center in New Mexico, March 22, 2005
President Participates in Social Security Conversation in New Mexico, March 22, 2005
President Discusses Social Security with Jan Mickelson, WHO Radio, March 30, 2005
President Discusses Strengthening Social Security in Iowa, March 30, 2005

Confiscating Social Security funds is unconstitutional.

The 67 to 27 vote prevented any filibuster... 

There is no indication the monies paid to the USA Social Security Trust Fund won't be used by the people that paid them. Those same people are currently seeking the subject of Immigration Reform. The Senate passed an illegal measure within the text of the bill they passed today.

That is double Federal Income Taxation. It is illegal. 

The federal government already borrowed against that trust fund. By confiscating monies from the Social Security Trust Fund they are imperiling the fund itself as well as imperiling the people that will eventually have legitimate citizenship in the USA.

This is outrageous and fully expect injunctions and lawsuits to end this travesty. 

Under current law, (click here) undocumented people are ineligible for Social Security benefits. As long as they are undocumented, they cannot secure credit for their own contributions. But if and when they adjust to lawful status, they have the opportunity to benefit from their actual earnings record. This feature of current law carries important advantages:

The US Senate is robbing the very immigrants the bill benefits.

Up to a quarter of a trillion dollars US will be removed from the Social Security by the passage of this bill. 

[1] Peter Goss, Social Security’s Chief Actuary, has estimated that three quarters of undocumented immigrants pay payroll taxes. This generates $6 to $7 billion per year in Social Security tax revenue and $1.5 billion in Medicare taxes. See Eduardo Porter, “Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security with Billions,” New York Times, April 5, 2005.

This measure was written by a former Senator that resigned after breaking the law himself, John Ensign.

...In June 2009 Ensign publicly admitted (click here) that he had an affair with Cynthia Hampton, who was his political treasurer and was married to Doug Hampton, Ensign’s administrative assistant. The Ensign and Hampton families lived in the same neighborhood outside Las Vegas and were considered the best of friends. 

In 2008, when the affair became known to the other spouses, Ensign dismissed both Hamptons from his political and legislative payroll. Ensign’s parents, wealthy casino magnates, paid the Hampton family $96,000 in what was labeled gift income for tax purposes, the precise amount legally permissible without triggering taxes.

In addition, Doug Hampton returned to Las Vegas and began working as a lobbyist for a consulting firm run by Ensign’s top political advisers. Doug Hampton has alleged that Ensign helped him line up his first few lobbying clients -- all donors to Ensign’s political committees -- and that the senator helped arrange meetings for Doug Hampton with Obama administration officials. 

A Justice Department investigation into possible criminal activity by Ensign ended with no charges. Hampton, however, has been indicted.... 
Ecuador to The West, 'What the heck is wrong in your countries?'

'I don't think we are beginning to have the whole picture yet. If this keeps up there will be more Westerners in Ecuador than Ecuadorians. Seriously. This is getting to be a serious global issue with a lot of dangerous implications.'

'What is more astounding is the information coming out is absolutely enlightening. We have no idea what the USA even thought or said about the rest of us until Mr. Bradley has a rush of conscience. I mean some of the cables and memos, what are you thinking?' 

'We don't have these problems in Ecuador. As a matter for fact your Wall Street oil bozos come to our country and other countries and create a great deal of hardship of all of us. I can't even stand with my own people for the fear of the power of the USA. This is hideous.'

The knock-knock joke was a calcualted risk to raise doubt about the process.

I am quite confident the defense has convinced themselves the State has no case. The joke was made to raise the idea there are two George Zimmermans in the public mind. So, the defense wanted the jury to be deprogrammed and that is why their opening statement was lengthy.

The jury is sequestered so now the defense they have control to remove any media bias and create a new identity for their client.

It was done in such bad taste that it automatically raises the issue of appeal and/or mistrial.

The defense in the Martin Zimmerman case absolutely believe that if Mr. Martin didn't attempt to defend himself he would be alive today. See, Mr. Zimmerman was doing nothing more than seeking to be sure Mr. Martin was not a threat to the community as Neighborhood Watch Captain. Mr. Zimmerman was within his rights to carry out his vigilance. 

So, the defense has to set the tone of the trial to raise doubt about the State's motivations, (Black President - Black Young Man - "If Trayvon was my son I would feel the same way."), raise doubt about Mr. Zimmerman's actions and raise doubt about Mr. Martin's 'temperment.' The defense wants the jury to believe beyond a reasonable doubt about the propriety of the charges itself. Mr. Zimmerman was released by the police after all. 

If Mr. Martin had behaved he would be alive today. Mr. Zimmerman did what any reasonable man would do and defend himself from someone out of control. Mr. Martin was not suppose to have feelings. He was suppose to behave and disarm any idea he was suspicious in his appearance, demeanor and defiance of someone following him. 

That's the defense. It is Mr. Martin's fault that Mr. Martin is dead because he over reacted to the presence of Mr. Zimmerman.

They'll love her in Beijing.

I am surprised Smithfield Foods dropped Paula Deen. Besides knowing she was a Southern Chief with a long history in that culture, I would think she would be a beacon of interest in China.

June 24, 2013
NEW YORK (AP) — Paula Deen (click here) lost another part of her empire on Monday: Smithfield Foods said it was dropping her as a spokeswoman.
The announcement came days after the Food Network said it would not renew the celebrity cook's contract in the wake of revelations that she used racial slurs in the past.

Smithfield sold Paula Deen-branded hams in addition to using her as a spokeswoman. In a statement, the company said it "condemns the use of offensive and discriminatory language and behavior of any kind. Therefore, we are terminating our partnership with Paula Deen."

QVC also said it was reviewing its deal with Paula Deen Enterprises to sell the star's cookbooks and cookware....

When it comes to the Martin Zimmerman case, is attitude due to gun culture a role in violence?

There were opening remarks by the lawyers today. The prosecution is pointing to the facts that is the basis of the charge of Second Degree Murder.

Second Degree Murder upholds the fact the death was a one way street and there was no way out. In other words, no matter how Mr. Martin was seeking to avoid or prevent any confrontation that would lead to his death, it was inevitable. 

Some of the controversy to the State's case is the idea this was manslaughter. Manslaughter is very different than Second Degree Murder. Manslaughter is more the opportunity of the circumstances that caused the death of a person. In this case the State has the burden of proving there was no way out for Mr. Martin.

The odds are in the State's favor. I don't think the tape about the voice crying out for help has much to do with this, except, it proves the dramatic struggle before the death of Mr. Martin. I don't care if the voice is that of Mr. Zimmerman, it is the struggle that carries the most brevity. 

If the State is correct, as I believe they are, no matter how well prepared Mr. Martin was to defend himself in a good fight, the odds were in this case, no matter how well he defended himself he wasn't going to make it out alive. 

Mr. Zimmerman took his responsibility as a neighborhood watchman with brevity. The defense is stating Mr. Zimmerman was compelled in his actions by that responsibility. It was a one way outcome for Mr. Martin. This case seems open and shut to me, but, it is the jury that has to determine the outcome and not me. Mr. Zimmerman has a jury of his peers.

This is corruption at the federal level.

June 24, 2013
By Greg Stohr

...The court (click here) in the earlier case said those suits are “pre-empted” because federal law requires generic-drug companies to copy the packaging inserts used by brand-name manufacturers. The court said it would be impossible for drug companies to comply with both federal labeling requirements and state-imposed duties to supply even stronger warnings.

Absolutely not. Generic drugs have similar but not the same formulation as drugs produced under trade names. The federal law has to change to demand the formation by generic manufacturers be determined and published with the drugs they sell. 

This case should have been the impetus to that change, but, instead the Supreme Court decided life and limb of the American people are marginally better for generic drugs to be as cheap as possible including cutting corners on safety.

No one using generics expects to put their lives on the line for formulations UNKNOWN to the consumer.

This decision basically states the lower cost of drugs has greater benefit than the side effects of not knowing the formations of the generic. It is gambling again with the health of the American people. 

This is not that expensive. Independent labs can determine the formulations of the drugs and printers will be more than happy to typeset the information. The inserts are being printed anyway. Generics should also have quality control. They may not need the intense quality control of trade named drugs, but, quality control should exist. That isn't that expensive either. It means hiring one person per shift to collect the 'batch' sample and send it to an independent lab. As soon as a new batch is started then the process has to be repeated. These costs are very marginal in assurance to the American consumer. 

Physicians can prescribe the medications with greater confidence if these measures are accomplished. 

Crime reporting is inconsistent which reflects gun statistics as well.

I think it was Slate that had the daily tally of gun crime based in news reports. That is probably a better indicator at this point. The Martin-Zimmerman case is a gun case, too.

The illustration below is the Slate page (click here).

Denver is claiming a software problem. If that is the case the trouble could be systemic. It is not unusual for police departments nationwide to purchase and use the same computer software. I am wondering if this effects Background Checks. It has to effect the information police have in doing their jobs. 

According to the statistics as Slate the body count since Newtown is 5331. This sort of problem will be ongoing. The organizations such as Sandy Hook Promise and Americans for Responsible Solutions and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence are going to be needed to police this type of problem. As a matter of fact these organization can even develop and recommend APPS and programs for such issues. 

There can easily be a business spin off to the organizations to promote excellence in the integrity of the reporting and background check system. This isn't going to end with legislation, this is a longed lived problem that will require dedicated people and monies to bring justice and consistency. There needs to be a separate organization aside from the work of the non-profits to coordinate efforts to diminish violence and find methods and practices that work. Yes, they can be profitable and employee people. It might be a good idea for these organizations to bring expertise together in a single company that can then be promoted.

By Sadie Gurman
June 24, 2013  
...Hundreds of crimes (click here) in Denver were not included in FBI statistics last year largely because of officer error and software glitches, Denver Police Department officials acknowledged.
As police dig further into how those mistakes happened, high on their list of unanswered questions is why 25 percent of the homicides in 2012 are not reflected in the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, which experts say is an important tool in examining overall crime trends nationally.

In anticipation of the Supreme Court decision on Pre-clearance, President Obama has nominated members to Federal Elections Commission.

June 24, 2013
By a MetNews Staff Writer 

...The FEC (click here) is a six-member body, divided equally between Democrats and Republicans, that enforces the Federal Election Campaigns Act. One seat is currently vacant, and five members are holding over after their terms have expired.

Ravel, 63, has headed the FPPC, which enforces the state’s campaign finance laws, since 2011. She served from 2009 to 2011 as deputy assistant U.S. attorney general, overseeing tort and consumer litigation in the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. 

Before joining the DOJ, she spent 33 years in the Santa Clara County Counsel’s Office, the last 11 as county counsel. 

She was a member of the Judicial Council of California from 2002 to 2005, and served one full term plus two short appointed stints on the Board of Governors, in addition to her service on the JNE commission....

I think we are on a slippery slope.

June 24, 2013
By Saumya Vaishampayan

...“I think the dollar is getting pushed round based on what fixed income and equities are doing,” he said....

The more there is investment in USA Treasuries the more attractive they become and vise versa with the Yen.

...The 10-year Japanese government bond yield was up 1 basis point to 0.878% in recent trade, according to FactSet data. The 10-year Treasury was up 6 basis points recently to 2.6%. U.S. stocks fell on Monday...

The USA economy is the strongest of all other nations. The bond yields are most secure. Our allies need to get their economies chugging along to bring about stability.

...The euro   — which makes up more than half of the comparative basket used for the ICE dollar index by weighting — fell to $1.3097, down from $1.3138 late Friday.

The British pound slipped to $1.5417 from $1.5428. The U.S. dollar rose against the Canadian dollar   to C$1.0523, up from C$1.0456.

But the Australian dollar  edged higher to 92.48 U.S. cents from 92.45 U.S. cents late Friday....

It would help all economies if allies were on the same page.

By Danielle Douglas 
Japan’s Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (click here) agreed to pay $250 million to settle New York state charges that it illegally funneled billions of dollars to countries that are under U.S. sanctions, including Iran, Sudan and Burma.

The settlement is part of a larger effort by government regulators to clamp down on funding for countries under sanction, drug traffickers and terrorists. International banks, including HSBC and Standard Chartered, have in recent years faced stiff penalties for flouting U.S. laws. Critics, how­ever, question whether fines are enough to deter this behavior....

As long as Wall Street is exempt for underming USA national security this will continue!

They betray the American people. They threaten our national security and this is the outcome. It is no different than the banks and executives that never find a pathway to prison for their exploitative of Americans, their economy and treasury. Same thing. Blame the homeowners, blame the debtors while everyone receives their bonuses compliments of a bailout.

Here are the men that should be on the run, but, they aren't!

Carlyle Group, led by Daniel D'Aniello, left, David Rubenstein and William Conway Jr., remains in investors' good graces despite problems with some of Fund V's holdings.

Despite NSA spying uproar, investors are loyal to Carlyle (click here)
Troubles with Carlyle's fifth fund have not deterred fundraising for fund six 

By Arleen Jacobius
June 24, 2013 

Carlyle Group's fifth buyout fund is again under attack, this time following the stunning revelation that Edward J. Snowden, a former employee of Carlyle portfolio company Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., leaked National Security Agency documents showing the NSA is spying on American citizens...

At least the Itnaians didn't jail the girl as a traitor.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's latest legal troubles centered on exotic dancer Karima el Mahroug.
June 23, 2013
A panel of judges (click here) Monday sentenced former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to seven years in prison for having sex with an underage prostitute and abusing power.
The high-profile case centered on an exotic dancer nicknamed "Ruby the heart-stealer."
Judges also barred the flamboyant former prime minister from holding public office.
His attorney told reporters he planned to appeal the conviction. He said he was not surprised by the verdict, because Berlusconi had not gotten a fair trial.
Prosecutors had argued that Berlusconi had sex 13 times with underage dancer Karima el Mahroug and abused his position when he intervened in May 2010 to get her released from jail, where she was being held on charges of theft....
The only people that should be losing patience are the American People.

Mr. Snowden is NOT the problem. This is outrageous. Carlyle is the issue and always has been the issue and for the damage THEY have done to the USA national security is where the responsibility.

Mr. Snowden is being scapegoated for the benefits of Wall Street. This is an outrage!

The 30-year-old NSA leaker (click here) (Whistle Blower) manages to make Washington seem stumped as he slips out of Hong Kong and lands in Russia, apparently planning to end up in Ecuador.

All the rantings by the Obama Administration at this point is nothing more than mind speak. Where are the officers of Carlyle being held? Prison or the Gulf Club?

All the corporate leaders have the right idea then. They can use the American military for their own purposes and priorities. Snowden is NOT the problem, albeit, the individual exposing the problem. The problem is the very loose policies of the American government. Where is the evidence all that is being changed and the American people are actually important to their government! 

June 24, 2013

Edward Snowden, a former US intelligence contractor wanted by the United States for revealing a highly classified surveillance program that allegedly monitored millions of Americans, has eluded a pack of journalists at a Moscow airport, and officials from Russia as well as Ecuador, where he has requested asylum, say they do not know where he is.

While Snowden had checked in for a flight to Havana at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Monday, he apparently did not make it aboard the plane, which had been sold out and was packed with journalists. There is no direct flight from Moscow to anywhere in Ecuador.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian foreign minister said Monday that he was unaware of the whistleblower’s whereabouts....

As long as this scapegoating continues and individuals are viewed as the enemy and not the policies and practices of the USA government this will not end. There are a million Mr. Snowdens and to believe jailing him or worse is the only answer to USA national security is pure propaganda!

I want the officers of Carlyle held responsible for this. I am confident their travel visas haven't been revoked, now have they? 

The flight plans were a ruse you jackasses! 

"Good Night, Moon"

Waning Gibbous

99.4% Full

15.5 day old moon

Close enough for me to call it a full moon.

Time-lapse of the Supermoon rising over the New York City skyline
This weekend marks the largest full moon of the year. The "supermoon" will be at its closest point to Earth, appearing 12 percent larger in the sky. 
(Video by John O'Boyle/The Star-Ledger)