Tuesday, January 05, 2010

There is no more 'actionable intelligence' to be gained from inmates at Guantanamo Bay. The prison needs to be closed. It has become irrelevant.

And I will remind, that IF these men are to be considered 'enemy combatants' they are then POWs. POWs have rights under the Geneva Conventions and are required to be returned to their country of origin.


If the people of the USA want to call them international criminals and have them tried for the crimes they committed I strongly suggest these men be housed in USA prisons and tried in a court of law.

General Protection Of Prisoners Of War (click title to entry - thank you)

  • Article 12. Prisoners of war may only be transferred by the Detaining Power to a Power which is a party to the Convention and after the Detaining Power has satisfied itself of the willingness and ability of such transferee Power to apply the Convention.

  • Article 84. In no circumstances whatever shall a prisoner of war be tried by a court of any kind which does not offer the essential guarantees of independence and impartiality.
  • Article 99. No prisoner of war may be convicted without having had an opportunity to present his defence and the assistance of a qualified advocate or counsel.
  • Article 101. If the death penalty is pronounced on a prisoner of war, the sentence shall not be executed before the expiration of a period of at least six months.

  • Article 102. A prisoner of war can be validly sentenced only if the sentence has been pronounced by the same courts according to the same procedure as in the case of members of the armed forces of the Detaining Power.

  • Article 103. Judicial investigations relating to a prisoner of war shall be conducted as rapidly as circumstances permit and so that his trial shall take place as soon as possible.

  • Article 106. Every prisoner of war shall have, in the same manner as the members of the armed forces of the Detaining Power, the right of appeal or petition from any sentence pronounced upon him.

    - AP

  • Terror suspect raised no suspicion in Amsterdam (click here)
    January 05, 2010 16:26 EST

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- Investigators have been studying more than 200 hours of security video from the Amsterdam airport, to learn more about what the suspect in the Christmas Day bombing attempt was doing while he was there.

    And they say they've found no evidence that the Nigerian man contacted any accomplices while in Amsterdam. They also say he had the explosives on him when he arrived from Nigeria on a connecting flight.

    Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane near Detroit by injecting chemicals into a package of explosives concealed in his underwear.

    Dutch investigators say he underwent a security interview in Amsterdam, and did nothing unusual in his three-hour stopover there.

    Investigators have seized the airline seat Abdulmutallab occupied from Nigeria to Amsterdam and sent it for forensic tests to check for traces of explosives.

    Like I said, warmer temperatures are coming in from the west.

    January 10, 2010
    UNISYS North and West Hemisphere Infrared Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

    The satellite above clearly shows TWO (one on each coast of the USA) heat driven vortexes moving warmer air from the equatorial regions of Earth to the Arctic Circle and driving the denser and heavier air to the lower latitudes. The intense cold the USA is experiencing is due directly to displacement of frigid air over the lower latitudes. This is NOT normal, it is Human Induced Global Warming. Those are vortexes that are 'heat driven.' The vortexes have replaced the jet stream as the dominant force directing climate. It started in October 2002 and hasn't stopped yet.

    This is the most recent map from USGS regarding current flooding in the country. The red dots mean there is currently moderately flooding, the purple dots are major flood events.

    Click title to entry for map. It is an interactive map and one can click on any dot for updates. Thank you.

    The frigid weather won't last much longer.

    The weather at Glacier Bay National Park (Crystal Wind Chime) is finally freezing.

    What I don't understand is why would Bush go through so much trouble to HIDE evidence of Human Induced Global Warming? Huh?

    This is OUR country, not Bush's country, yet he deliberately blocked use of data received by satellites the USA owns to hide profound evidence of Human Induced Global Warming. I guess there is something to this, huh?

    I suppose it would hurt his Cattlemen friends of 'THE TRUTH' actually got out.

    A satellite image of the East Siberian Sea from 1999-2008. This image has been degraded to hide the satellite’s true capabilities.

    I wish Americans would pay profound attention to the level of deception the Bush/Cheney administered for eight years with the permission of Republicans in the House and Senate. This isn't a political game.

    The Bush/Cheney White House deliberately hid evidence of Human Induced Global Warming from the very scientists that wanted the information to discern more and valuable data, yet Republicans are NOT held responsible for these 'political games' with information garnered from satellites paid for by taxpayer dollars. That reality is astounding to me.

    That should place a new definition on 'Reality Television' when one realizes the LIES Americans allow in their lives when it come to elections and the people they place in office.

    C.I.A. Is Sharing Data With Climate Scientists(click title to entry - thank you)

    ...The collaboration restarts an effort the Bush administration shut down and has the strong backing of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In the last year, as part of the effort, the collaborators have scrutinized images of Arctic sea ice from reconnaissance satellites in an effort to distinguish things like summer melts from climate trends, and they have had images of the ice pack declassified to speed the scientific analysis.

    The trove of images is “really useful,” said Norbert Untersteiner, a professor at the University of Washington who specializes in polar ice and is a member of the team of spies and scientists behind the effort.

    Scientists, Dr. Untersteiner said, “have no way to send out 500 people” across the top of the world to match the intelligence gains, adding that the new understandings might one day result in ice forecasts....

    Lat/Lon: 58.8° N 137.0° W

    Local Time: 11:23 AM AKST (GMT -09)

    Elevation :: 33 feet

    Temperature :: 16 Fahrenheit

    Conditions :: Clear

    Windchill :: 16 F

    Humidity :: 86%

    Dew Point :: 12 Fahrenheit

    Wind :: Calm

    Pressure :: 30.20 inches (steady)

    Visibility :: 10 miles

    UV :: 0 out of 16

    Clouds :: Clear