Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The President is correct. The GOP is attempting to ruin Ambassador Rice career.

...At his first news (click here) conference since winning re-election, the president said Rice has done “exemplary work” and accused GOP critics of trying to “besmirch” her reputation....

That is not obvious?

The Tampa Social Club was getting to be dangerous.c

For a couple of reasons.

To begin the idea there was a social gathering on a regular basis where the USA's top brass was considered friends in a collective idea is dangerous in its definition. They hold the security of the nation at the heart of their purpose and if there was a single way of bringing down the USA military brain trust; it would be in an unsecured room where sensitive military personnel were known to gather. That is not all of it.

Here again we enter into ethical issues. It is why the resignation of Mr. Petraeus was best. It put him back together with his family and that is vital to a man dedicated to decency and protecting the country he loves. He was estranged by the demands of his country from his basic values of family and the love of his wife. 

It would be within the character of Mr. Petraeus to reflect repeated deployments and time away from family that was the reality of his military. I have no doubt his actions in dedication was based in the purpose of living the life his military faced. He has a great deal of character. He found himself compromising his values and it is the fault of the nation and not the lack of character he has.

The nation has an indebtedness to him and his family. The idea a female journalist writing a thesis would be embedded with the then General without mentoring or security screening on a regular basis to keep them both safe from scandal and emotional distress is astounding. We put them together and they were left to their own ability to deal with their circumstances; both are still human beings. We compromised them. It doesn't change things, but, the nation has a responsibility for the damage to their lives. Reputations were destroyed and that is not a minor issue. 

I do believe the hub in Tampa facilitated dangers beyond that of the nation's security. Ms. Broadwell was outside that social circle. She didn't like it. 

We all know there are those that found Mr. Petraeus a sincere focus for politics; ie: Eisenhower. So, the fact there was a social group supporting that idea and even networking to achieve that goal, including removing scandal from within the group itself (sister without custody of child) before 'going public' with their political agenda was a very real threat to Ms. Broadwell. 

If Mr. Petraeus was to go forward with political ambitions it would be with his wife of many, many years. It would not be with Ms. Boardwell. The entire group was going to have problems beyond networking for political aspirations. The threats from Ms. Broadwell were real for real reasons. Ms. Broadwell was a mistress and she was being marginalized in defense of their goals.

I don't like the sound of any of it and the USA top brass should have recognized the dangers but they were blinded by their own power, ambition and skirt chasing. Talk about a toxic cocktail.

I am grateful to the FBI agent. He was more than correct to step in and expose the issues at hand. Well done. His motives can be shadowy, but, at the core of his actions and his persistence to expose the activities of these folks was more than correct. It is sometimes difficult to be 'completely clean' of intent when DISCOVERY results from a vibrant personal life. He is not at fault here. 

Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United States" is another one of his best historical works.

Does Paul Ryan realize the campaign is over and he lost!

Ryan did nothing to help the Romney ticket. He wants to makes millions on the heels of Palin's example. His focus is illegitimate. The only reason the House still holds a majority is because of gerrymandering. It is an illegitimate majority. It is not illegal, but, in the true methodology of the GOP, the majority is illegitimate. 

Ryan needs to stop his open bigotry and join a skin head group. Even skin heads pay attention to Joe Biden! The campaign is over and let's face it the only reason he ran for Veep was to keep his House seat. None of his arithmetic adds up in his budget or otherwise and he needs to 'get over himself.'

Perhaps Ryan's best roll now is to split the Tea Party group into two factions and allow the House to actually work again.

The ONLY swing state Ryan won was North Carolina and that was on the coattails of the gubernatorial candidate. His attack on Medicare isn't going to work anymore. It was misguided, simplistic and inspired by his resident lobbyist.

Paul Ryan: Obama Win Given By 'Urban' Areas (click here)

Hm. Let's think about that for a minute.

Okay, time up.

The urban areas is where the SuperPacs concentrate their monies; ie: Santorums success in rural America. So, the methodology of the SuperPacs and Romney's "I approve this message" was to target high density population areas. 

Get it, yet?

Want another minute to think about it?

Okay then, Ryan isn't good at anything except rhetoric, so let me make this clear. If Ryan wants to live with his reality that they lost the election in urban areas, then the ad intensity in those areas FAILED! They voted for the other guy, Ryan, even though your money dump was all over them.

You lost, Ryan and if the urban areas rejected you it was because your message was a losing message, your focus a hostile one and an uneducated one. 

When is Speaker Boner going to look to real values rather than political rhetoric as a reason to actually lead the House?