Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reba McEntire - Turn On The Radio

McEntire in her S&M video is advocating radio listening. This song and video came out at the same time there was a compaign on Right Wing Radio called, "I heart radio." The 'heart' is a visible heart symbol.

"iHeartRadio" (click here)

I suppose promoting radio is a way of increasing 'product distribution' but it is really odd a Country singer as popular as McEntire actually uses herself as a commercial for the industry.  I think Reba wades into political activism more than anyone wants to talk about.

I haven't heard anything about Reba being a guest on Limbaugh.

Reba --Van & Cheyanne Get Food Stamps

The "Gingrick Food Stamp" gaffe is based in a Right Wing cultural attack. It is amazing how far the "County Community" (Reba McEntire) will go to back up their 'idea of political fun.'

The USA has suffered the worst economic recession in recent history due to the policies of the Republican administration of Bush and the info-tainment industry actually ridicule Americans that are receiving food stamps.

The drama that plays out pn "Reba" actually portrays Americans as lazy and enjoying 'government dependancy.' Not only that but the food stamps are viewed as a 'pay off' for the people. "Reba" continues past this segment to make the statement that employment is just waiting for those too lazy to look for it.

The entire show was amazing to realize how it aimed (displaced an entire 'class') anger directly at a group of Americans of a growing poverty level due to Wall Street abuses and abandonment. Maybe as Iraq is becoming the next China or India all the impoverished Americans need to emigrate.

Food stamps have become a populous political expression for the lazy in the USA.  It is bigger than Gingrick's statements.  There was a reason for the applause and it stems from the 'populous' expression of anger.  It relates to the deficit and debt.  See, the national debt would disappear if it weren't for the lazy poor in the country.

Maybe the Repubicans are simply trying to cover up the fact their welfare reform under Gingrick has resulted in the unemployed under Bush.

The 'condition' of the land has a direct effect on climate.

January 10, 2012
USA Drought Monitor

Despite rains that have visited Texas in recent weeks, the drought is profound.

In the satellite picture below it is noted to have a heat transfer system extending from Mexico to the eastern third of the country.

There is an 'interruption' in the image over the extremely dry southern tip of Texas.  That is not simply 'the weather' is a result of 'the drought.'

January 17, 2012
1730 z
UNISYS Infrared Satellite Image of the continental USA

The land in Texas is so parched it does not lend itself to rainfall. 

When the weather system passes over poorly conditioned land the air heats up and absorbs the heat.  As a result the 'water vapor' contained in the weather system is evaporated. 

The reason Texas is remaining unrecoverable from the drought is because it has created its own hostile climate outcome.

One of the remarkable climate on the West Coast is contained in the Redwood Forest.  There is not necessarily rain in the region in general, but, every morning when the ocean mist rests over the Redwoods it accumulates a humidity within the trees themselves due to the trees use of water for growth and nutrition.  As the day progresses and the trees 'respirate' they provide high humidity to the own climate.  Literally, the Redwood Forest maintains its own climate due to its storage and use of water vapor.

The same is true in Montain Forests or Cloud Forests.  They create and maintain their own climate through their use of water vapor.

In the case of Texas the drought has created a very dry climate for the region.  That dry climate simply reinforces itself due to lack of 'climate systems' that provide their own climate and the surrounding region.

Those two images are a full one week apart, yet it is profoundly simple to realize why they are so strongly related.

The auditors are not finished reviewing the Governor's past ten years of returns yet!

by Tom McGregor
Thu, Jan 5, 2012, 03:31 AM

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, (click title to entry - thank you) a multimillionaire and the wealthiest GOP presidential candidate, disclosed that he would never release his income tax returns if he wins the party’s nomination. He’s setting himself apart from past nominees in both political parties who have routinely done so.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that, “Romney whose recent disclosure in august estimated his personal wealth as much as $250 million, said Dec. 22 he had already released extensive financial information and had no ‘current plans’ to make his current tax returns public.”…

Time to bring in the salvage companies.

This is the most hideous accident I have ever witnessed.  The crew was completely incompetent in conducting the safety of passengers.  Their only defense is the bizarre content of the disaster. 

If divers cannot find those missing there is a chance it is a dangerous situation to explore.  The divers need to assess the prospects of retrieving any people still within the hull of the ship.  The reality may be, those still missing are not within reach in the current position of the ship.

I am not familiar with the tides and underwater environment including stability of the soils, but, there is the possibility the ship could drift further offshore with arrival of rough weather, etc. 

The shipline should be held responsible in the most profound manner for this disaster.  Besides the missing and traumatized there will be a environmental disaster accompanying it.  I can't believe commercial interests of 'seeking cheap thrills for passengers' actually took priority over every other operational priority.  Amazing.  Competition is that tough, huh?  If competition is that tough then it isn't profitable to leave port at all.