Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Recall Elections should not be limited to misconduct.

Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. Misconduct is usually handled through criminal proceedings or pressure from the public when it is personal misconduct.

Recall elections before were successful, but, not all recall 'attempts' were successful. The Recall Attempt in Wisconsin was very successful receiving nearly twice the needed signatures. 

Not all Recall Elections before Wisconsin involved misconduct, as a matter of fact the California Recall in 2003 was about Proposition 187. Proposition 187 was about inhumane treatment of illegal aliens working in the USA prohibiting access to health care, public education, and other social services. It was to be implemented as a screening process to eliminate those in California illegally from receiving assistance. Most if not all illegals in California are poverty level and it was a huge issue. The courts ruled Proposition 187 unconstitutional and Davis refused to proceed with further action against that ruling. The "SOS" proponents, which is what Proposition 187 was called "Save Our State" didn't like that, so that and the fact Gray Davis signed two gun legislation bills brought the NRA money to result in his recall.

The other occurred in 1921 when North Dakota's Lynn J. Frazier was recalled over a dispute about state-owned industries, and was replaced by Ragnvald A. Nestos. There was a conflict between two parties, Frazier's Party and the Independent Voters Association. The government ownership issue was in regard to whom should own the Bank of North Dakota. The Independent Voters Association was an up-spring pro-capitalism group and they won the recall. 

So, historically misconduct has absolutely nothing to do with recalls of State Governors. I think Walker is inappropriate to attack the right to recall in Wisconsin. It makes we wonder what he has up his sleeve for the next election.

I also want to thank the unions involved for standing up for the citizens most concerned about the Walker administration. Unions are the mainstay for the Middle Class and their image is chronically tainted by the political right wing. I don't believe we thank them enough for their efforts in all they do. So, being a former union representative, but, retired now, I thank them for all they do and all the negative imagining they receive. They are good decent people and they don't deserve the slandering they receive. The Wisconsin Recall Attempt was hugely successful and without the backing of the unions it would never have gotten off the ground.

The Wisconsin Senate has gone Democratic as of last night, too. That is huge. The efforts in Wisconsin would not have been possible without the support of unions.

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