Sunday, April 21, 2013

A favorite 'ideal' that bolsters Republican compliance with the NRA is this.

"Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge."

That is a quote from the Founder of the Academy in Athens, Greece.

Imagine that, the Right Wing Nuts of the country have a real affection for a Greek.

It is estimated he lived to be eighty years old. He knew nothing of guns because he was born between 428 and 427 BC. He died of natural causes somewhere between 348 and 347 BC.

We was a student of Socrates, a philosopher, but was a mathematician by trade. He had a student by the name of Aristotle.

He believed in many deity, but, if the shoe fits the NRA by all means wear it.

In regard to the statement above he believed reason, will and and desires united in virtuous harmony. He believed in a rightly ordered human. A government could not produce laws that would result in a harmonious society as each human in that society had to be in order to bring about the final result.

The he here is Plato. The picture of him above has him pointing to the heavens.

Dialogues of Plato (click here)

His philosophy about how people have to be rightly ordered falls in line with the NRA endorsements of mental health criteria. Plato's philosophy about the failure of governance speaks less to his understanding of law and governing, but, to his rebellion against the Greek hierarchy which he believed never ruled well.

I learned about the passsions of Plato and the GOP from a Right Wing Talk Show.

Yep. The Right Ordered Human. Standardized. Right. Can I order one now, I need a housekeeper?

The Right Ordered Human cast 45 votes against background checks. Okay then.

The last of the Top Ten Gun Death States

Missouri's Senate Republican Roy Blunt voted against background checks while Clare McCaskill voted for background checks. Eight in the nation and Blunt favored the NRA and corporate profits over citizens' lives.
8. Missouri
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 5.59 (4th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 88.90 (5th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 447.4 (12th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Jay Nixon (D)
There were 5.6 homicide deaths by firearms for every 100,000 Missouri residents in 2010, more than all but three other states. There were also 88.9 aggravated assaults with a firearm per 100,000 residents that year, more than all but four other states. Nearly 76% of murders in 2011 were committed with a firearm, higher than all but two other states. The Republican-dominated legislature has spent more time focusing on expanding gun rights rather than curbing them. One Missouri lawmaker, Rep. Mike Leara, recently introduced a bill that would make it a felony for anyone to propose legislation that “further restricts the right of an individual to bear arms, as set forth under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States.”
Arkansas Senators Democrat Mark Pryor and Republican John Boozman vited against background checks. Ninth in the nation in gun deaths and both these Senators favored the NRA and corporate profits over citizens' lives.

9. Arkansas
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 4.53 (10th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 100.56 (3rd highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 480.9 (10th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Mike Beebe (D)
Between 2001 and 2010, there were an average of 15.32 total firearm deaths per year — including homicides, suicides and accidents — in Arkansas for every 100,000 residents, the ninth highest of all states. Moreover, the state was one of just three to have more than 100 firearm-related aggravated assaults for every 100,000 residents in 2011. The state’s largest metropolitan area, Little Rock, had the seventh highest violent crime rate of all metropolitan areas. The state’s crime problem was broader than gun use. There were 3,754 property crimes per 100,000 residents in 2011, higher than any state except for South Carolina. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence awarded the state an F for its gun control laws.
Republican Senators Saxby Chambliss and John Hardy Isakson voted in favor of the NRA and corporate profits hailing from the state with the tenth highest gun deaths in the nation.
10. Georgia
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 4.57 (9th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 58.64 (13th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 373.2 (21st highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Nathan Deal (R)
In 2010, there were 4.57 firearm homicides for every 100,000 Georgia residents, the ninth highest rate of all states. Between 2001 and 2010, 1.78 women were killed by gun violence annually for every 100,000 residents, more than all but four other states.The state has very permissive gun laws. In 2011, the state scored just an 8 out of 100 in the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s scorecard. According to the Center for American Progress, the state’s poor guns laws allow for a high level of illegal gun exporting. There were 28.3 guns used in a crime exported from the state for every 100,000 residents, the 10th highest of all states. Meanwhile, 27.6% of crime guns were purchased in the past two years, the seventh highest of all states.

Florida fails it's citizens to prevent more deaths.

After the killing of three deputies and a little boy, Florida voters demanded background checks for private gun sales. And then, the whole thing fizzled.



It was a rare moment (click here) in American public life: A killer’s shooting spree had claimed lives young and old, giving rise to a burst of political will to strengthen gun laws.
In November 1998, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state Constitution that allowed counties to mandate background checks for private gun sales — closing the so-called “gun-show loophole.”
Public support for universal background checks had surged over the summer after Tampa resident Hank Earl Carr, a volatile ex-felon who acquired a stockpile of firearms despite his criminal record, fatally shot three law enforcement officers and a 4-year-old boy. The constitutional amendment passed with 72 percent of the vote.
With their newly granted authority, Florida’s most populous urban counties, including Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, rushed to enact ordinances regulating gun shows. From a distance, it looked like a bracing example of voters making their will known on an issue that confounds politicians....

Vickie Childers, left, hugs Donna Bell after the jury's verdict. Their husbands, Ricky Childers and Randy Bell, were killed by Hank Earl Carr. [Times photo: Tony Lopez]

Sixth and Seventh in gun deaths in the nation is South Carolina and New Mexico.

The former South Carolina Senator Demint has resigned from the Senate to join "The Heritage Foundation." (click here). I am quite certain his NRA rating played a part in his new job. But, realizing South Carolina is the sixth highest gun death state in the nation, what does that say about The Heritage Foundation? The NRA owns them, too, along with Senators and House Members. Really?

Current Repubican Senators Lindsay and Tim Scott voted against background checks. The NRA and gun club profits; not people. People are disposable. People are responsible for their deaths by choice, of course. All three Senators wash their hands regularly of the blood on them by believing people live and die by the gun as a choice.
6. South Carolina
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 4.95 (7th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 127.88 (2nd highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 571.9 (3rd highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Nikki R. Haley (R)
Between 2001 and 2010, nearly two women per every 100,000 residents were killed in a gun homicide in South Carolina, more than all but three other states. In 2011, there were 128 aggravated assaults with a firearm for every 100,000 residents, a higher rate than all states except for Tennessee. That year, South Carolina had 571.9 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents, higher than all but two other states. This included 6.8 murders and 438.4 aggravated assaults, the third and fourth highest rates in the United States, respectively. The state scored a D– from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence for its gun control and safety laws. According to the Center for American Progress, the state’s weak gun laws result in the state having one of the highest rates of illegal gun trafficking.
Democratic Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich take their responsibility to the people of their state seriously. Both of these Democratic Senators voted for background checks. New Mexico is closer to the national average, but, still higher.

7. New Mexico
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 3.69 (18th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 87.26 (6th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 567.5 (4th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Susana Martinez (R)
Gun safety is a particular problem among children in New Mexico. Between 2001 and 2010, 3.12 children per 100,000 residents were killed annually by a firearm, higher than all but three other states. Moreover, there were more than 87 aggravated assaults with a firearm for every 100,000 residents, the sixth highest rate of all states. The state’s largest metropolitan area, Albuquerque, had one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation, with 662 violent crimes for every 100,000 people. New Mexico received an F from The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence for its gun control and safety laws. However, unlike most states on this list, New Mexico legislators may be moving toward imposing tighter gun restrictions. In February, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed a bill to tighten background checks at gun shows, although the Senate did not vote on the measure by the end of the legislative session.

Everything the NRA puts out to promote the 'idea' citizens have a constitutional right to high powered weapons is a lie.

Citizens have a right to guns to protect their homes, but, not guns that out gun police or the USA military. That capacity was never understood to be a constitutional right.

Remember the how the National Guard and Reserves were called up to serve in Iraq? The Commander and Chief has a right to do that, but, never were they ever designed or suppose to be used in such capacity.

About the National Guard (click here)

The National Guard, the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States and one of the nation's longest-enduring institutions, celebrated its 370th birthday on December 13, 2006. The National Guard traces its history back to the earliest English colonies in North America. Responsible for their own defense, the colonists drew on English military tradition and organized their able-bodied male citizens into militias....

It was the origins of the National Guard that was the beginning of the Continental Forces that would fight in the war for independence with the help of allies to the colonists. Those allies, by the way, also included Native American Indians.

The reserve branches formed a military strategic reserve during the Cold War, to be called into service in case of war.Time magazine writer Mark Thompson has suggested that with the Global War on Terrorism, the reserves deployed as a single force with the active branches and America no longer has a strategic reserve.
Army reserve
In 1908 (23 April?) Congress created the Medical Reserve Corps, the official predecessor of the Army Reserve. After the First World War, under the National Defense Act on 4 June 1920, Congress reorganized the U.S. land forces by authorizing a Regular Army, a National Guard, and an Organized Reserve (Officers Reserve Corps and Enlisted Reserve Corps) of unrestricted size, which later became the Army Reserve. This organization would last into the 1950s, providing a peacetime pool of trained Army Reserve officers and enlisted men for use in war. The ORC included the Officers’ Reserve Corps, Enlisted Reserve Corps and Reserve Officers Training Corps. The Organized Reserves were redesignated 25 March 1948 as the Organized Reserve Corps. Recognizing the importance of the Organized Reserve to the World War II effort, Congress authorized retirement and drill pay for the first time in 1948.

Arizona comes in 4th in the nation followed by Mississippi.

Republican Jeff Flake voted against the Background Check bill, while a more conscious Senator and Former Presidential nominee John McCain voted for the bill.

Long about now I'd be asking why would any state with such a high death rate not seek more control over the violence?

The state levels are still higher than the national average.

4. Arizona
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 4.24 (13th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 57.36 (16th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 405.9 (19th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Jan Brewer (R)
Arizona ranked in the top 10 states for firearm deaths between 2001 and 2010, along with homicide deaths of women and deaths of children 17 and under in those years. In addition, 30% of guns used in a crime within the state were sold less than two years before the crime was committed, indicating a high likelihood of illegal gun trafficking. This was a higher percentage than all states except for Missouri. In March, Guns & Ammo magazine ranked the state as “The Best State for Gun Owners,” noting the state is one of just a few that do not require a license to carry a concealed firearm. Also, concealed carriers are not required to notify law enforcement of their weapon except during “lawful traffic or criminal investigation, arrest or detention or an investigatory stop by a law enforcement officer.”
Mississippi has one of the highest rates of impoverishment in the USA. Who among the poor could actually afford a gun? If anyone looked into gun ownership in Mississippi, it is my ESTIMATION, it would fall along racial lines favoring White gun ownership. Betcha.

Republican Senators Than Cochran and Roger Wicker voted against background checks. The fifth highest gun deaths in the nation and they voted against safer practices.

5. Mississippi

> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 6.91 (2nd highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 51.69 (19th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 269.8 (18th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Phil Bryant (R)

Mississippi scores at or near the bottom of all states in several criteria used to measure gun violence. In 2009, more than 50 guns were exported from Mississippi for every 100,000 residents and were used in a violent crime in other states, more than any other state and more than three times the average among all states. There were 6.91 firearm homicides per 100,000 residents in 2010, higher than all states except for Louisiana. In addition, there was an annual average of 2.5 homicides of women involving a firearm, also more than all states except for Louisiana. The state scored an F from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence for failing to require a background check when guns are transferred between private parties, or to regulate gun dealers effectively.

Suicide by gun. New Hampshire wants to stop it. So, why did their Senators vote against background checks.

By Bettye Miller On APRIL 4, 2013
RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Residents of states (click here) with the highest rates of gun ownership and political conservatism are at greater risk of suicide than those in states with less gun ownership and less politically conservative leanings, according to a study by University of California, Riverside sociology professor Augustine J. Kposowa.
The study, “Association of suicide rates, gun ownership, conservatism and individual suicide risk,” was published online in the journal Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology in February....

NH Suicide Prevention Project Focuses on Gun Shops (click here)

CONCORD, N.H. April 20, 2013 (AP)

Ralph Demicco has watched the surveillance footage  of a man shopping around his store, leaning on the counter and calmly chatting with the clerk before buying the gun he used to take his own life later that day. The man was one of three people, who in the span of a week purchased firearms from Demicco's gun shop and used them to commit suicide.
"I was devastated," Demicco recalled. "At the time, I remember saying over and over, 'I just can't believe it.'"...

The idea the USA was to be based in a citizen military to prevent a King from ruling the USA was never true.

As a matter of fact, while after the Revolutionary War the colonists did not have the financial means to support an independent military, the country had allies. 

A few decades after the original military of the war for independence was dissolved, the USA found the need to revisit it's right to form a militia.
Rising tensions at various times with Britain and France and the ensuing Quasi-War and War of 1812 quickened the development of the United States Navy (established 13 October 1775) and the United States Marine Corps (established 10 November 1775). The United States Coast Guard dates its origin to the founding of the Revenue Cutter Service on 4 August 1790; that service merged with the United States Life-Saving Service in 1915 to establish the Coast Guard. The United States Air Force was established as an independent service on 18 September 1947; it traces its origin to the formation of the Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps in 1907 and was part of the U.S. Army before becoming an independent service.

Depending on the source the history of these branches of the military has more depth.

...The Coast Guard's official history (click here) began on 4 August 1790 when President George Washington signed the Tariff Act that authorized the construction of ten vessels, referred to as "cutters," to enforce federal tariff and trade laws and to prevent smuggling.  Known variously through the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as the "revenue cutters," the "system of cutters," and finally the Revenue Cutter Service, it expanded in size and responsibilities as the nation grew....

But, basically, the political rhetoric stating the USA was based at any time in it's history as a citizen's militia is false. The history of the USA Coast Guard proves beyond a doubt, the new nation was not only well organized but had a vibrant economy to protect and REVENUES to collect. At no point in time in the history of the USA were we ever reliant on citizen's guns alone.

Alabama and Alaska take 2nd and 3rd place in highest deaths in the nation.

From Alaska, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski and Democratic Senator Mark Begich voted against the background check bill.

2. Alaska
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 4.22 (14th highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 80.47 (9th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 606.5 (2nd highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Sean Parnell (R)
In 2010, there were more than 20 gun deaths for every 100,000 residents in Alaska, more than any other state in the country. That year, the state had more 15 suicide deaths with a firearm per 100,000 residents, also more than any other state in the country. Between 2001 and 2010, there were nearly six firearm deaths among children 17 years old or younger per 100,000 children, also the most in the country. In February, Alaska’s House of Representatives passed a law that would exempt the state from new federal gun laws. Any federal agent who attempts to enforce the law could be charged with a felony. Despite its passage, the bill is considered unconstitutional since federal law is superior to state law.

Republican Alabama Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby voted against the background check bill.
3. Alabama
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 5.92 (3rd highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 40.50 (23rd highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 420.1 (16th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Robert Bentley (R)
In Alabama, there were 16.36 deaths due to firearms in 2010 for every 100,000 residents, more than all but three other states. That year, there were 5.92 firearm homicides for every 100,000 people, higher than all but two other states. The state also ranked within the top 10 for homicides of women with a firearm, firearm deaths of children and law enforcement killings, all within a 10-year time frame. Recently, the Alabama Senate voted to ease gun restrictions. The legislation, if signed into law, would allow residents to keep guns locked inside their vehicles at work without fear of pushback by their employer. The legislation also would allow people to carry a visible pistol without being charged with disorderly conduct.

The colonists had a sovereign ally in the USA Revolutionary War. It was France.

France helped train the colonists to form their own military to carry out the revolution against the British. There were still crowns in Europe at that time, so there was a clear advantage for France to move against the British crown. France was settling land in the "New World." So, France became an ally. The colonists didn't achieve independence on their own.

The Continental Army was established to carry out the war for independence. Sure they were citizens, sure they were a citizen's militia, but, they were not an unprepared citizen to be awaken from their sleep to fight. Their battles started before the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. There was reason for those signatories to believe they had a good chance of winning their freedom. This wasn't some kind of childish blood oath based on faux hopes. They knew their potential.

There has been an organized central military concept from the beginning.

The Continental Forces were celebrated on a US Postal Stamp. 

These are some of their officers (click here).

The Continental Army, (click here) Continental Navy, and Continental Marines were created in close succession by the Second Continental Congress in order to defend the new nation against the British Empire in the American Revolutionary War.
These forces demobilized in 1784 after the Treaty of Paris ended the War for Independence. The Congress of the Confederation created the United States Army on 3 June 1784, although the Army's founding is celebrated as occurring on 14 June 1775. The 1787 adoption of the Constitution gave the Congress the power to "raise and support armies," "provide and maintain a navy," and to "make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces," as well as the power to declare war and gave the President of the United States the responsibility of being the military's commander-in-chief.

The USA national average of citizen death by gun is 3.25 per 100,000 citizens.

Louisiana has the highest gun death rate in the USA; more than three times the national average.

By The Associated Press 
on April 17, 2013 at 3:48 PM, updated April 17, 2013 at 7:26 PM
Louisiana's senators split with Republican David Vitter voting against the measure and Democrat Mary Landrieu voting for. Landrieu, who faces re-election in 2014 and had not taken a stand on the measure, drew applause from bill supporters in the Senate gallery when she cast her vote....
The highest number of gun deaths in the nation and Vitter voted no. Politics not people.
April 17, 2013
WASHINGTON – Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu (click here) voted Wednesday for a proposal to expand background checks for gun purchases but voted against a proposed ban on assault weapons.
Each proposal failed to get the 60 votes needed for passage....
1. Louisiana
> Firearm homicide deaths per 100,000: 9.53 (the highest)
> Firearm aggravated assaults per 100,000: 99.51 (4th highest)
> Violent crime rate per 100,000: 555.3 (7th highest)
> Need permit to purchase handgun: No
> Governor: Bobby Jindal (R)
No state had a bigger problem with gun violence than Louisiana. Between 2001 and 2010, there were 18.9 firearm deaths — which includes suicides and accidents — annually for every 100,000 residents, more than any other state. In 2010, there were 9.53 homicides involving a firearm for every 100,000 residents, by far the highest rate in the country. In November 2012, nearly three-fourths of Louisiana voters approved a state constitutional amendment that placed a very strict standard on determining whether individual gun rights can be limited. Since the amendment was passed, a host of legal challenges have been filed against the state’s gun restrictions, including a challenge of the ban on felons to own firearms. The state received an F for its gun laws from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Among the reasons for the poor grade are the fact that the state does not require a waiting period for gun purchases or prohibit the sales of assault weapons or high-caliber rifles.
Below is an article from The Washington Post
Posted by Max Fisher
December 14, 2012 at 4:50 pm
One piece of this puzzle (click here) is the national rate of firearm-related murders, which is charted above. The United States has by far the highest per capita rate of all developed countries. According to data compiled by the United Nations, the United States has four times as many gun-related homicides per capita as do Turkey and Switzerland, which are tied for third. The U.S. gun murder rate is about 20 times the average for all other countries on this chart. That means that Americans are 20 times as likely to be killed by a gun than is someone from another developed country....

The Libertarian Party with US Senator Rand Paul now it's leader, best as I can tell, claims they are constitutionally correct regarding guns.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Annotated bibliographies are a summary and/or evaluation of each of the source on a studied subject. It can include a summary and / or an assessment and / or a reflection. Much of the authorship of an annotated bibliography comes through as an expertise as well as a listing of the source being referenced. That is what is being conducted in an Annotated Constitution noted below. It makes reference to law and brings a summary / evaluation / reflection to it.

CRS Annotated Constitution (click here)

...The opposing theories, perhaps oversimplified, are an “individual rights” thesis whereby individuals are protected in ownership, possession, and transportation, and a “states’ rights” thesis whereby it is said the purpose of the clause is to protect the States in their authority to maintain formal, organized militia units. Whatever the Amendment may mean, it is a bar only to federal action, not extending to state or private restraints. The Supreme Court has given effect to the dependent clause of the Amendment in the only case in which it has tested a congressional enactment against the constitutional prohibition, seeming to affirm individual protection but only in the context of the maintenance of a militia or other such public force....

The Libertarian Party would not even be correct if it were still 1776. The original Second Amendment, according to the Libertarian Party, bravely put itself in the direct path of prohibiting an organized military under a king or in this case a President. According to The Libertarians,the colonists of the thirteen  colonies did not want to have a central military because they believed it would turn on the country they had carved out of their understanding of freedom. They, instead, wanted a citizens's militia where they would have control over their lives. The citizen's militia would have one Commander and Chief, not thirteen or more. One sole purpose was to bring the citizens together to serve and it would be lead by the President.

The U.S. has a strong tradition of civilian control of the military. The President is the military's overall head, and helps form military policy with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), a federal executive department, acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out.

Make no mistake there is an understanding that provides the Presidency, even today, the power to command the military. The CIVILIAN authority commands the USA military. The civilian's President says yes or no to movement of the military.

So, one has to wonder where the sincere meaning that the Libertarian Party claims as its has actually existed. Why the demand for access to such high powered weapons? We are all still a citizen militia?
It is Sunday Night

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" by The Andrew Sisters (click here for official site)

He was a famous trumpet man from out chicago way.He had a boogie style that no one else could play.He was the top man at his craft,But then his number came up and he was gone with the draft.He's in the army now. he's blowin' reveille.He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.
They made him blow a bugle for his uncle sam.It really brought him down because he could not jam.The captain seemed to understand,Because the next day the cap' went out and drafted the band.And now the company jumps when he plays reveille.He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.
A root, a toot, a toodlie-a-da-toot.He blows it eight to the bar in boogie rhythm.He can't blow a note unless a bass and guitarIs playin' with him.And the company jumps when he plays reveille.He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.
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Andata toodliata-toodliata toot tootHe blows it eight to the bar.He can't blow a note if a bass and guitarIsn't with him.And the company jumps when he plays reveille.He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.
He puts the boys to sleep with boogie every night,And wakes 'em up the same way in the early bright.They clap their hands and stamp their feet,'cause they know how it goes when someone gives him a beat.Woah, woah, he wakes 'em up when he plays reveille.The boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B.
A root, a toot, a toodli-a-da to toot toot tootHe's blowin' eight to the bar.Yeah, he can't blow a note if a bass and guitarIsn't, woah, with him.And the company jumps when he plays reveille.He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B

"FOX News Sunday"

Guest Expert states the bombers were not well trained killers. No evidence of any terrorism. States murders are the proper focus and just as consequential. States FBI had no reason to take their investigation further than they did of the eldest of the two brothers.

US Representative Peter King critical of other Republicans for seeking to cut funding to Homeland Security.

US Senator Diane Feinstein states no resident in Watertown or any surrounding community needed assault weapons to protect themselves. States, quite correctly, there are no more automatic weapons in the USA. I am adding this: The automatic weapons, the Tommy Guns, were made illegal in the USA. Senator Feinstein states there are no more automatic weapons in the USA. Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA states the bad guys will get the guns anyway. I state: They have never gotten automatic weapons in the USA after they were made illegal and today there are none on the streets of the USA. Therefore, Wayne LaPierre is using his culture of fear for profits because applications of past laws to remove dangerous weapons from the USA have worked and worked well.

An investigator from Boston states they are not investing any international connection to the Boston bombing. He has no knowledge of any such connection. I state: The FBI already investigated all that and found nothing. I want to know where the bomb making materials came from and how to stop it. I want to know where the guns came from and why with ease did they get them.

When the investigator stated they were not investigating any international connection, Chris Wallace blew right past it and continued to instill the fear of international terrorism.

Bill Krystal stated he believed in immigration reform, but, after this incident that has all changed now. I state: Let's follow the logic to that. Bill Crystal wants to play politics with the immigration issue to deny President Obama a legacy achievement. If Bill Crystal wasn't such a biased bigot he would realize how stupid his statement was. If indeed he is as concerned about international terrorism as he stated, then why would he want to continue the same immigration laws that allowed them in? He should be demanding reform, not denying it is necessary.

Where did they get their expertise, where did they get their training?

Where did they get their guns? Where did they learn to make their bombs?

Why did Tamerlan Tsarnaev become estranged from the values that brought him to the USA? That is actually a question? The FBI investigation denied him his citizenship. Where was his life going? That is not a legitimate question, but, what the heck put it out there since he can't answer it now.

It is understandable more and more how we ended up in Iraq. The Press has a symbiotic relationship with the Right Wing politicians. They feed each other. The Press wants the culture of fear, they want the culture of violence, it plays well with performance art and ratings. It is amazing to watch them try to rope the public into believing we have still yet another war to fight. They are among the lousiest bastards I have ever witnessed in my life. It is interesting to see it happen again.

The virginal and perfect USA has yet to fight another war and this is the one the "W"s want. The war with Russia.

Peggy Noonan from The Wall Street Journal stated she was relieved it was a silly bomb and not a dirty bomb. That was her first thought. Not that it was a tragedy in Boston, that it was not a dirty bomb; are they invested in sensationalism or what? Gee, what a shame it didn't make her day. 

Chechnya is a federal subject of Russia. Does anyone want to know what other entity causes the problems in Chechnya? Russia? No, not exactly.

Mr. Tamerlan Tsarnaev visited his parents in Dagestan. This is the neighborhood where Dagestan and Chechnya exists.


By some remote chance if the Champions of USA Virginity contort the reality surrounding the bombers in Boston and they find a way to spin this mess promoting an international problem with a terrorist network in Chechnya or Dagestan; the USA would have to seek assistance through Russia to thwart the network. Basically, the USA would be Russia's ally.

Now, with Russia laughing at the remote possibility and the USA Virginity Champions insisting through political clout with corrupted Senators and House Members the war focus would then shift directly at Russia. 

Real charmers, aren't they? That is the USA Press for you.


Add to that the fact "W" parked Star Wars at the Russian border. Add to that Germany hates the price they pay for gas through Gazprom. Do we have another war for the petroleum industry? You betcha we do!

Now, realize Peggy Noonan was relieved it was not a dirty bomb and what do we have? 

Don't know?

The programming of the public that we should be relieved there will only be a limited nuclear war with Russia while Europe is safe. And on the Western border of Russia? North Korea. Do the Neocons want this, or what?

Ah, but, it is only performance art after all.

This is the way I see it comes down and no differently. When the Champions of the Virginal USA spin this mess out of control and there are symbiotic Senators and House Members demanding we go to war....Russia is left to deal with it, no different than when Alexander Litvinenko died and Russia would not extridite Andrei Lugovoi. Dead end for The West. End of discussion.

The saga of The Virginal USA and the Evil Empire goes on and on and on. What a shame Osama bin Laden is dead, otherwise, he'd be at the center of this along with Russia. Well, no one can blame Iraq anymore and put the Right Wing at risk for loss of elections.

Lindsay Graham the rhetorical moron of the Right Wing.

They are looking for a political leg up with the rest of the Right Wing morons in the USA. These idiots really line up, don't they? We haven't heard from Sessions yet, but, he will chime in soon, too. 

All these jerks would not know how to say something intelligent. The rhetoric is so ingrained in their dialogue they don't know to think anymore, yet alone think critically in the Executive Branch. I don't care of McCain voted for the gun control measure, he should have and this is shameful for him to be involved with along with Graham.

John McCain was a prisoner of war. Shame on him.

By Ari Melbe
APRIL 21, 2013
Senators  John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), (click here) as well as other elected officials, are now calling on the Obama administration to follow the enemy combatant route. Before the Justice Department considers whether that’s a good idea, however, it must determine if it is a legal possibility.

If Mr. Tsarnaev was to be an enemy combatant, he speaks English so well and was not out of the USA with his brother, there would have to be a Civil War.

Oh, wait, maybe Graham and McCain believe the civil war is still going on, do they?

Mr. Tsarnaev is not even as bad as McVeigh. Not even close. Maybe the next move for the Right Wing Nut Cases in the Senate want him transferred to Gitmo, too?

You want to know what is going to happen here? Mr. Tsarnaev isn't the mastermind. He was an accomplice with his brother, but, I would put real money on the fact he didn't know what was going to happen until the bomb went off. He became a capture of his older brother after the fact. He was trying to get away from his older brother when he drove over him.

I am telling you, there is an IQ problem with the Right Wing. Now, all these bozos are stating Mr. Tsarnaev is an enemy combatant based on what Russia stated to the FBI was the problem. 

Is that right? And of course the USA media goes right along with this stupidity.

Now, the sovereign state of the USA relies on Russian inquires of a USA resident alien. Right.

Russia is a sovereign nation known to have drum up whatever mess they want to about any person in the world. Now, Graham and McCain are hanging their hats on Russia intelligence. I don't think so.

One has to realize these same men along with "W" and Cheney dismissed German intelligence, a sovereign ally of the USA, about Atta.

Why would the CIA issue a document entitled "Bin Laden Known to Strike within the USA." Why would that happen? Even when the FBI had reg flags about Moussaoui the Bush Regime dismissed the danger. Excuse me? And now the USA is suppose to believe Russia about this man. 

Russia let him back into the country to visit his family. The older son was in Russia after the inquire to the FBI. They could have interrogated him then. Do you think for one minute his parents, knowing their son was questioned by the FBI, were going to let him out of their sight?

Is the NRA scoring this one, too?

Where is Ed? I have been waiting.

MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” (click here) hosted by Ed Schultz, will move to weekend evenings next month. The announcement was made by Ed Schultz on his broadcast this evening. “The Ed Show” will air live on MSNBC from 5-7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in April. More details of Ed’s new weekend program will be announced in the coming weeks.