Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is vastly obvious the petroleum industry does not have ANY answers for a rupture at this depth.

There is no research to back up any of the methods currently being employed by the petroleum industry in regard the Gulf oil rupture.

It is up to the USA military to solve this problem.

I really don't see any excuse for the military's inability.


See suggestion below.

To encourage offshore drilling on any coast of the USA is grossly negligent of the Public Trust.

The USA needs it fisheries.  The Petroleum COMPLETELY neglected its responsibility, without exception of ANY company / corporation.

The USA military has no way to respond to close a drill hole once it is established.

The Petroleum Industry has no method to close a drill hole at 'depth' once it is established.

The repercussions of this inability to control an oil rupture is counter productive to the USA national security. 

We'll be lucky to close the drill hole in the Gulf at all and salvage the biotic content of the Gulf.

President Obama is committed.  The Gulf States should have had an emergency procedure for such an occurrence along their coast. READY TO GO, with all necessary endorsements from the federal government, so Homeland Security could immediately deploy measure that may have been necessary.

This lack of organization is no different than the poor response to Katrina that caused the deads of over a thousand people.  Mayor Nagin was the only person 'at the ready' and the best defense the people of New Orlean's Ninth District had was to hack through the roof of their homes and many did. 

THAT was the only immediate measure available to the citizens of New Orleans.  This is no different.  The lack of preparedness started long before January 20, 2009.  Currently, chasing every aspect of protections of this disaster is all the Coast Guard, NOAA and NASA can do to attempt to stem the damage locally and globally.