Thursday, November 22, 2012

This backlash is exactly what has Israel vulnerable in the first place. It is outrageous !

Can't Israel accept the decisions of its own leaders? That is crazy. What is wrong with everyone?

How long have I heard from the Prime Minister of Israel there can be no pre-conditions to any ceasefire? It seems like forever. That is exactly what has occurred here and now people are stating he is not worthy of their loyalty? That makes no sense.

All these people are heroes to their nations. The leaders involved have done the impossible. Secretary Clinton, President Morsi, the leadership of Hamas that lent their loyalty to the Egyptian President and Prime Minister Netanyahu. They have done the impossible. There are no winners or losers here, there are simply people alive. Haven't enough died? Over decades, haven't enough died?

Benjamin Netanyahu, (click here) Israel's prime minister, was forced to defend his decision to cease hostilities in Gaza against a public and political backlash in which he was at one point dubbed a "loser" by his own troops.

Both Israel and Hamas claimed victory after a truce brokered by Egypt and the United States brought an end to the week-long bombardment over the Gaza border.
But Mr Netanyahu faced allegations he had boosted the popularity of Hamas without achieving his military goals.
"Deterrence was not restored," said Shaul Mofaz, head of the centre-right Kadima party, rival to Mr Netanyahu's Likud. "There was no resolution. Hamas achieved exactly what it wanted.
"There is no security for the residents of southern Israel and of central Israel."
Mr Netanyahu's handling of the operation was, however, praised by security experts who said it had achieved the limited objectives that the prime minister had set down....

This may be linked to the bus explosion in Israel.


( Mahmud Hamsa / AFP/Getty Images )
Palestinians search the debris of the al-Dallu family home following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, on Sunday.

CNN's Carol Costello read a remark by those responsible for the bombing of the bus stating it was in revenge of the deaths of the al-Dallu family. I ran across this picture in the Los Angeles Times. Ms. Costello also asked, "Who is the al-Dallu family?" during her broadcast.

This was one of the homes hit during the targeting of militants in Gaza. From reading reports there were four children involved. 

I am grateful for #Occupy

Since early (cick here) Wednesday morning, Norman Kai Lee, owner of Stable House Bar and Café in Bedford-Stuyvesant, has been busy overseeing nearly 30 food preppers at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Fort Hamilton. Some cooks chopped fruits and vegetables while others cleaned, seasoned and brined turkeys in what has become a major hub of food distribution for Occupy Sandy. At last count, the crew was preparing to cook 340 turkeys for distribution on Thanksgiving morning to victims of Hurricane Sandy....