Thursday, November 01, 2012

In complete honesty, I do not see where there will be severe weather for the northeast USA again.

November 2, 2012
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The closest I can see is a vortex across  the Atlantic Ocean headed in the opposite direction of the USA. There is some turbulence in the Caribbbean, but, there isn't any kind of storm even formed yet. There is a storm working across the northern portion of the nation with snow warnings in Montana and North Dakota, but, I don't see a threat to the area effected with Sandy. I could be wrong, it is just I don't think so right now.

Secretary Napolitano needs to coordinate spiritual councilors as well.

Staten Island is an older and well established community. This disruption is going to be hard on them. They have not had to face such trauma before. Older Americans will also have far less resilience to their circumstances, especially in a community as wonderfully settled and consistent at this.

There are some wonderful places of worship on Staten Island that may need assistance in providing all the help needed for their communities.

The idea they are cut off from medical attention and their regular activities are very much a looming threat. They have raised generations of family and that reliable life is now something more elusive. It is very threatening. The idea people have died at the mercy of water is more than scary. 

Staten Island is also mindful of other New Yorkers. The people there were actively involved in receiving people from Lower Manhattan the day September 11th occurred. I know because a family member found his way home to his three children and wife in a New Jersey community by taking the Statin Island Ferry to transition closer to home. He watched the smoke billow from the site while being grateful for his life as he was about to enter his office in Building Seven when the terrorists struck the first tower.

The people of Staten Island are wonderful people. They are all about family, children, community and enjoying the simple pleasures of life as more important than the latest fancy invention now marketing for a few hundred dollars US.

They deserve the attention of the nation, yet alone the federal authorities that can make a difference. They are wonderful examples of life as it should be in the USA.

This has little to do with Staten Island, but, I am assuming the Tramway is shut down. It needs to be thoroughly inspected if it hasn't been already.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (click here)

Incredible devastation.

Waves break in front of a destroyed amusement park wrecked by Hurricane Sandy in Seaside Heights, N.J., on Oct. 31, 2012.

More twisted steel. I would not trust any of the remaining infrastructure of that pier.

In watching some of the video of the storm water in the tides swirling among the city, it was very obvious there was a large amount of sand in the water. The color of the water was exactly the same color as the sand. That is not average for a storm at sea. It is average for storms to wash out roads and flood areas, but, to carry huge amounts of sand ashore to the extent this storm did is unusual.

It may be at least a section of the pier was lifted right out of the sand under it. It is speculative that all of the pier was disturbed in the same event. It looks as though the waves roll up on this beach from right to left. The destruction occurred the same way. The sand was completely undermined. I think that pier is a complete loss. Sea water is also salt water and it is corrosive.

(NEW YORK) — The cleanup of miles of New Jersey shorefront (click here) ripped apart by Superstorm Sandy has just begun, but New York City moved closer to resuming its normal frenetic pace Thursday by getting back its vital subways.
The storm-crippled trains began rolling uptown from Penn Station shortly after 6 a.m. Technology worker Ronnie Abraham was on one of them, hoping to get home to Harlem....
After all the facts are in the storm will be classified higher than a Category One.

I find criticism of Governor Christy by anyone unwarranted and completely stupid especially on political grounds. It shows how completely perverse the political dialogue is on political right in the USA has become. I believe it was Governor Christy that stated, "We are seeing 100 year storms every two years." I believe Governor Cuomo stated something very similar. I am sure Mayor Bloomberg never expected his city to be this crippled by the storm. A return to such denial of the obvious only to throw away the experiences of these storms as 'it just happens' only proves how estranged the American people have become in their hopelessness to deal with a government of denial. Why would anyone want to put a city or people through this all over again and deny what occurred here? It is not only immoral, but, completely flagrant of responsibility of the public trust.

There is no way anyone has a right to carry criticism of these leaders. No way.

Published: November 1, 2012

The number of New York City (click here) fatalities from Hurricane Sandy jumped to 37 on Thursday, including two young boys who were swept from the arms of their mother on Staten Island and found dead at the swampy end of a street, the police said.
The mother, Glenda Moore, told the police that her sons, Connor, 4, and Brandon, 2, were swept away on Monday shortly after 6 p.m., as the storm arrived. The mother and children had been leaving Staten Island, heading for Brooklyn, as their car was disabled by water, the police said. Ms. Moore, 39, got out of her car with her two sons, near Father Capodanno Boulevard, when a surge of water caused her to lose grip of her children, the police said.

The two children were found at the end of McLaughlin Street, said Paul J. Browne, the chief spokesman for the New York Police Department.
“We just brought the parents into a trailer for the awful duty of identifying their little ones,” Mr. Browne wrote in an e-mail....

These two children are a very tragic loss for the nation. A Climate Crisis storm took the lives of the innocent. Will the USA allow this to continue? Continue the denial? Because this is the cost. It will be repeated over and over until this country comes to grips with reality. Every one that denies the reality of the Climate Crisis cannot deny the death of innocent Americans caused by a storm never witnessed in the world before.

I have no sympathy for whining about gas lines, train schedules and enforcement of 3 passenger car pooling. Get over it.

It makes me laugh.

People complain and complain they need a government that understands their needs, reacts to them and delivers services for the taxes they paid.


Isn't that what occurred?

Maybe folks can't believe it, but, through all the Middle Class struggle to have leadership reflecting their hopes; they finally have it.

It is up to them to keep it now. The oppressors are many. The struggle is not over, but, stop speculating on suspicions this is not what it is.

What happened here? Why not animosity?

How could these two men get along so well?

You have got to be joking. Both these men have lived their lives for the moment they were sincerely needed.

Neither were born with silver spoons in the mouths. They grew up 'making life' happen the way their ambitions lead and it put two MIDDLE CLASS leaders in the very moment in time they have aspired their careers.

They were the PERFECT LEADERS for this moment in history. They found themselves among the Middle Class with their lives in destruction and disruption. No two other men could have done this together.

Why did they get along so well? That is not the question. That is not the question at all. The question is, why wouldn't they?

Sandy's devastated areas need diplomatic delegations.

That statement is not meant to be humorous. There are some very old cities in these areas. The populations are stable and frequently the Middle Class or impoverished. This devastation is more than a matter of rebuilding to them. This is a return to LOSS.

When people have little in life, there is that much more loss realized when all comforts are gone.

Some of what occurred in these communities was due to the age of the towns and buildings themselves.

But, rationalizing the loss isn't comforting. There is nothing the government can do to bring back what was and make the tragedy go away. Community after community need their local leaders to be strong and examples of what is possible. They need to lead. The President nor the Governor can make visits to every doorstep to bring help. This is the role of the local leadership.

Everyone in these circumstances are facing devastating events in their lives, but, they have to be motivated to move away from their loss. There are shelters everywhere. There is no reason for exposure to contaminated water and air with burgeoning health problems.

It will not be long before molds and fungus will begin to build in these areas. That will cause hideous disease requiring medical treatment almost as bad as the disease itself.

It is not realistic for citizens to remain in their homes. No matter how difficult it is to leave there are many, many reasons to do so.

People have to understand they have to return to their lives as they exist now while in a zone of safety provided for them by their government in recognition of the importance of their lives. The devotion of the state, federal and local governments in this disaster has been more than remarkable. They acted in protection of their citizens and to defeat that now is a matter of denial of reality as it exists at this moment.

There are shelters where space, food, warmth and other community members are to find their lives moving into the future. There is support at the shelters. 

None of this is easy, but, families are not about suffering so much as coping, growing, loving each other through such tragedy and looking forward to a future.

A remarkable number of people are alive. Let's keep it that way.

Superstorm Sandy: The north-east begins long struggle to recovery (click here)
Death toll at 58 and millions still without power as recovery begins from devastating storm that cost billions of damage
Paul Harris, Karen McVeigh and Gizelle Lugo in New York
Thursday, November 1, 2012

America's devastated north-east began to struggle to life in the wake of superstorm Sandy even as millions of people remained without power and the US military continued to launch rescue missions to people trapped by floodwaters.
The historic storm killed at least 58 people in the US and has left more than 8 million people without power. New Jersey bore the brunt of the storm and in the city of Hoboken – just across the Hudson river from New York – the US National Guard arrived to help evacuate up to 20,000 people stuck in their homes.
Sandy is now thought to have caused tens of billions of dollars of damage with a unique combination of high winds, a massive flood surge and even a blizzard in mountainous areas. Its cone of impact stretched from North Carolina to Canada and it has been described by many as the worst ever to hit the region....
Look, if people insist on being exposed to petroleum tainted water there will be....THAT WAS WILL increase in cancers in 20 years and less. The people have to be moved to safety until it is safe to return.

The City of Hoboken is facing desperate circumstances.

National Guard Evacuating Flooded Hoboken, Bringing in Supplies (click here)

Sandy flooded roughly half the town of 50,000 people


Thursday, Nov 1, 2012

Updated 12:22 AM EDT

...Tooke said the estimated 20,000 people still stranded in their homes were being encouraged to shelter in place, and that high-water vehicles would get supplies to them. He said people with medical and other special needs were being taken out by trucks. Two churches were serving as shelters.
Public housing, senior projects and private residences were all affected. Mayor Dawn Zimmer said senior citizens were the most distressed and eager to get more supplies.
National Guard troops in 12 trucks arrived Tuesday night, officials said. On Wednesday the city appealed for additional aid, including boats and generators. Zimmer asked local businesses to get water and nonperishable goods to City Hall....