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I think US Fish and Wildlife can do better. Currently, they are in a holding pattern for many species because of habitat loss. There are, however, some species that are ready to increase their populations by obtaining additional habitat. 

All President Obama has to do is issue an order to US Fish and Wildlife to assess the endangered and threatened species in their jurisdictions for additional habitat. There is potential for many of these species to survive in habitat not currently available to them either due to urban sprawl and population pressure or because the habitat has changed due to the Climate Crisis. 

I strongly urge President Obama to encourage US Fish and Wildlife to stop being the equivalent of zookeepers to wildlife or curators to plants. They need to add a simple paradigm to any species of plant or animal listed; "Explore increasing habitat whenever possible."

Thank you. I know for a fact it will make a huge difference.

Ya can't even keep alive in a cave?

The Alabama cave shrimp is only known from five caves, all in Madison CountyAlabamaShelta Cave is the species' type locality, but viable populations have only been confirmed in Bobcat Cave and the complex comprising Hering Cave, Glover Cave and Brazelton Cave.

They don't bother anybody and if the State of Alabama can get this much right, they might even improve the drinking water for it's citizens.

The Alabama Cave Shrimp is a tiny creature that is nearly transparent  and less than an inch long. It lives in flooded underground caverns and pools in caves, where it eats small bits of organic matter. The  cave shrimp is found in just two cave systems in Madison County,  Alabama, one of which is within the boundaries of the U.S. Army’s  Redstone Arsenal. It was Federally-listed as an endangered species in 1988. The main threats to its survival are a low reproduction rate and groundwater contamination.

The Bog Turtle is an Eastern USA Seaboard sweetheart.

I am worried that the large storms have threatened it further.

Population location: Entire, except GA, NC, SC, TN, VA

Listing status:  Threatened 

  • States/US Territories in which this population is known to or is believed to occur:  Connecticut ,Delaware , Maryland , Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York , Pennsylvania

A nature science class to identify the states threatened and endangered species is a good idea. It will help these precious members of any community out to survive and thrive.

by Andrew L. Shiels
The bog turtle's (Clemmys muhlenbergii) story is filled with irony and contradictions. It is Pennsylvania's smallest turtle. Even though it does not require large areas of habitat to survive, its populations have suffered from more problems associated with habitat loss than any other turtle in the Commonwealth. Bog turtles are cute, petite, and very attractive, which makes them an easy animal for people to like and want to protect. However, those same attributes also make this species very desirable in the black market pet trade. It lives in wetlands primarily in the southeastern counties of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, those areas also have the highest human population densities in the Commonwealth.

Marine Protected Areas Executive Order

Scientists (click here) from the workshop concluded that the President of the US should  issue an Executive Order to establish of a comprehensive national system of MPAs.

The Elkhorn Coral off Florida's coast was listed as Threatened within the past decade. With all the damage to the area, including oil spills and dispersants it isn't doing too well.

The Elkhorn are about six and a half feet across.

The strange thing is that one would think it would be easy to rebuild these corals because once protected they usually grow so fast.

Colonies are fast growing: (click here) branches increase in length by 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) per year, with colonies reaching their maximum size in approximately 10-12 years. Over the last 10,000 years, elkhorn coral has been one of the three most important Caribbean corals contributing to reef growth and development and providing essential fish habitat.

There is currently a proposal to move the Elkhorn to the Endangered List because it cannot seem to rebound.

This is the range of the Elkhorn Coral. It isn't as though there are many options for the species. The USA needs to protect their coral reefs. It is where fish do well.

Now, if anyone can come up with a treatment or vaccine for Avian Malaria it would be a good thing.

Mortality Threats to Birds - Avian Malaria (Plasmodium relictum) (click here)

It is what is killing the Hawai'i Akikiki and why it found protections where mosquitoes don't breed.

Avian malaria in Hawai'i is caused by the protozoan parasite, Plasmodium relictum. In birds, this parasite infects peripheral red blood cells and internal tissue such as liver, spleen, bone marrow and brain cells. It was first introduced to Hawaii in exotic birds kept by settlers, but it was not until the introduction of the southern house mosquito (Culex quiquefasciatus) in 1826 that it could spread. Hawaii’s native birds succumbed quickly because they have no resistance to the disease.

We may be losing species of butterflies in Florida. Sometimes there is a potential for individuals in Cuba as well as Florida.

Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly (click here)

Currently ranging from Biscayne National Park to Key Largo and Lower Matecumbe Key, the Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly is dwindling with populations numbering less than 1,000 individuals. The primary reason for decline is loss of habitat, use of insecticides, collection of the larvae, and extreme weather conditions. Recovery efforts for this endangered species includes captive breeding programs to help restore the population.

To the right is the range of the Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly. We have to do better and hopefully there are still some individuals left in the wild.

Posted Friday, 04.23.13
by Curtis Morgan
By their nature, (click here) South Florida’s tropical butterflies have always been ephemeral creatures, coming and going with the rhythms of the life cycle and season. Now they’re just gone.
In what may be an unprecedented die-off, at least five varieties of rare butterflies have vanished from the pine forests and seaside jungles of the Florida Keys and southern Miami-Dade County, the only places some were known to exist.
Marc Minno, a Gainesville entomologist commissioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to perform a major survey of South Florida’s butterfly population, filed reports late last year recommending that the Zestos skipper and rockland Meske’s skipper — both unseen for a decade or more — be declared extinct. He believes the same fate has befallen a third, a Keys subspecies called the Zarucco duskywing, and that two more, the nickerbean blue and Bahamian swallowtail, also have disappeared from their only North American niche....
Read more here:

The Polar Bear is the most popular Threatened Species in the USA.

Dutiful mothers, female polar bears usually give birth to twin cubs, which stay with her for more than two years until they can hunt and survive on their own.

It is so popular a child's activity book entitled "Fur and Feathers" includes the bear (click here).

Average life span, 25 to 30 years
Size: Head and body, 7.25 to 8 ft (2.2 to 2.5 m); Tail, 3 to 5 in (7.5 to 12.5 cm)
 Weight: 900 to 1,600 lbs (410 to 720 kg)
I've seen one standing up on it's hind legs. They are huge. I mean gigantic. They are also very powerful when they are healthy, well nourished. They are one of the most magnificent creatures I have ever seen in the wild. Amazing mothers, too.

You'll never convince those animals do not feel love for their young. They most certainly do. They thrive on instinct, but, they nurture based in love and loyalty. 

Their diet preferences are: Polar bears feed mainly on ringed and bearded seals. Depending upon their location, they also eat harp and hooded seals and scavenge on carcasses of beluga whales, walruses, narwhals, and bowhead whales. But, when all else fails they are known eat fish, too.

The Northeast USA is not exempt.

April 27, 2013
Atlantic Ocean Off Northeast Warmest in 150 Years (click here)
A new report shows the greatest jump in sea surface temperatures measured.
By Doug Olander

Atlantic sea-surface temperatures off the U.S. Northeast coast during the second half of 2012 were the highest recorded in 150 years, according to a report released on April 25 by NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center.
A deviation in average temperature by more than a degree is uncommon; this increase, from the average of 54.3 degrees F. over past 30 years to 57.2 degrees F. in the second half of last year is the highest jump measured. It is also an amount of warming not seen in any other ocean.
Warming ocean temperatures off the Northeast have meant changing distributions of some fish populations; black sea bass and summer flounder are among the species shifting northeastward.
One NOAA scientist said while it’s not yet clear what these findings will mean for the Northeast Shelf ecosystem and its marine life, that ecosystem is changing.

The Bush Administration delisted the American Bald Eagle from the Endangered Species List because they didn't BELIEVE in the science of the Climate Crisis.

Ecology and Evolution. 2012 March; 2(3): 501–514. (click here)


...According to our analysis, the effects of climate change on overwintering bald eagle bioenergetics in the Puget Sound region will be outweighed by the effects on bald eagle food supply. Warmer winters in the 2050s caused a slight decrease in eagle metabolism, but sharply accelerated decomposition of salmon carcasses, their main food source. We further expect reduced food quality; Stalmaster and Gessaman (1984) observed a steady temporal decline in energy content (kJ·g–1) of chum salmon carcasses, and the microbial and invertebrate activity that reduces energy content should increase at higher temperatures (DeVault et al. 2004). Although precipitation at our sites was projected to decrease slightly, winter flows in most Puget Sound rivers are expected to increase due to higher temperatures, land use changes, and reduced water storage in mountain snowpack (Elsner et al. 2010Cuo et al. 2011). Higher flows may reduce carcass availability (Glock et al. 1980Hunt et al. 1992) and visibility (Patterson et al. 2007), and have been correlated with reduced bald eagle foraging success in other systems (Brown et al. 1998). Moreover, bald eagle densities in Washington are expected to continue increasing (Stinson et al. 2007), which may lower individual feeding efficiency (Stalmaster and Gessaman 1984).

Currently, Chum Salmon is listed as endangered, it is time to return the Bald Eagle to the Threatened List.

From an Oxford Journal so there is general consensus about this mess.

ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas - click here) Journal of Marine Science 
Fukuwaka, M., Kaga, T., and Azumaya, T. Regional differences in climate factors controlling chum and pink salmon abundance. – ICES Journal of Marine Science, doi:10.1093/icesjms/fsr033.
Conclusions (click here)
Responses of chum and pink salmon stocks to global climate change vary among regions. Interdecadal climate changes might not be related to recent large increases in catches of chum and pink salmon. Because the thermal environment plays an important role in salmon population dynamics, a warming trend in the North Pacific might affect long-term changes in salmon abundance. In addition, global warming could affect not only the thermal environment, but also other freshwater and coastal environmental conditions for Pacific salmon (Bryant, 2009). The mechanisms controlling regional salmon abundance should be better understood to forecast successfully future conditions for Pacific salmon stocks, because responses of salmon stocks to global climate change vary among regions.

Warmer oceans are hostile environments for some species of fish.

This is a Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta). You could say it is a fish out of water in Seattle, Washington.

Whatever it Takes (click here)
by Jim Ames

...In the photo above (to the left), a large male chum salmon is attempting to cross a flooded roadway in the lower Skokomish valley. Behind it, a dozen or so other salmon are awaiting their chance at a crossing. Many of these chum salmon will be successful in reaching their upstream spawning grounds, but others will be stranded by the receding flood waters and may die before spawning....

These are temperature predictions from Canada. (click here) One might notice the warming trend including the coastal waters of the Pacific northwest and the waters near Alaska. I could not find such maps for the USA, but, Canada is good enough. These warming trends are not exclusive to Canada alone.

In the index at the top right of the top image it is noted the red color means it is above normal temperatures. Why would that matter?

From NOAA:

One of the lower-priced (click here) Pacific salmon at the market, chum salmon, a.k.a. keta, is a leaner, less oily salmon mainly harvested in Alaska fisheries. Chum salmon populations can vary dramatically in abundance from year to year. They’re generally healthy in Alaska, but some groups of chum salmon in the Pacific Northwest have declined to the extent that they’re now protected under the Endangered Species Act. There are no directed fisheries for chum salmon in federal waters in this area. There are chum fisheries in inland waters of the Pacific Northwest, but they only target healthy stocks of chum salmon. Scientists actively monitor salmon populations, and managers adjust regulations for salmon fisheries every year, and often in-season as well, according to changes in salmon abundance and other conservation considerations....

The climate is effecting the temperatures of the oceans which are effecting the outcomes of the fisheries.

The Canada or Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis)

One might note the snow. The Canada Lynx is a small predator that has territory in the USA.

There are at least three subspecies of Canada Lynx.

They have a very lush coat which is why they have been trapped into an endangered status along with loss of habitat.

The critical habitat in the USA as of 2007 is below. There was suppose to be a 5 year review. In 2009, there was a listing for the species in New Mexico as well (click here for Federal Register listing) with a call for public comment, but, the final decision has yet to be published although US Fish and Wildlife states it is appropriate for habitat in New Mexico.

The cat tends to be reclusive and does not seek to attack larger predators that share the same territory, so it's food sources can be limited because of competition among other species. It likes to hunt snowshoe rabbits. It is about 2 feet tall and weighs about 20 - 25 pounds. It is a relatively small predator.

Below is additional habitat realized by US Fish and Wildlife since 2007 (click here)

The lynx rarely leaves the edge of a forest by more than 100 yards. It's behavior would indicate the forests are protection for the species. The species in the USA is having good success, however, there is a problem in Maine.

May 22, 2011 2:00 AM
By Michele Keith

...Why did we allow the wanton destruction of the forests in southern Maine (click here) for the purpose of satisfying the needs of real estate developers who had to make more room for businesses we don't need and homes and condominium complexes for people from out-of-state, who have changed the face of this area irreparably? On Route 1 about three years ago, in the lot next to the York Antiques Gallery, the woods were destroyed and the hill was blasted away to make room for an office park, which still stands mostly unrented. No outrage. No complaints. Why?

The latest scourge on the forest recently occurred in the Yankee Commons mobile home park in Kittery. A Canadian company, the Hynes group of Vancouver, which owns the park, decided to profit on the sale of its diseased and dead trees, which were clearly marked with a big orange X. They didn't stop there, though. Instead, they decimated the park and the forest, cutting down more than a hundred trees both in the park and in areas that had previously just been deep woods. Why doesn't anybody care except the residents of the park? Where are the ecologists, when a company is allowed to perpetrate the wanton destruction of healthy trees, and completely eradicate a forest area? What about the natives of these woods? The deer, the squirrels, the rabbits, chipmunks, foxes and birds that made their home there? Where is the outrage?...

...When are we going to do something to protect our forests? They are every bit as important as wetlands. They are home to thousands of animals and birds. More importantly, they are essential to our children who have a right to appreciate the beauty and tranquility that only a walk through the woods can give them. If we really want to use the slogan, "The Way Life Should Be," then we should probably stop destroying the most important part of our heritage: Our Forests.
Michele Keith is a resident of Kittery, Maine.
When Wall Street economies fail the politicians turn to natural resources to make it look as though nothing significant has happened. Does the USA have to lose it's understanding of moral standards because Wall Street has? There was a change in leadership in Maine after the 2010 elections and the place hasn't been the same since.

Akikiki, a Hawaiian species, needs help from becoming extinct.


This paper presents data obtained from studies of the dependence of different migratory processes - spring arrival, migratory take-off, spring and autumn en route migration - upon climate change in Lithuania. The article confirms the impact of global climate warming on different breeding bird species and populations, changes in their ranges and population state, and their staging and wintering areas. The list of bird species and populations, changes in their ranges and population state, and their staging and wintering areas. The list of bird species which are shifting their ranges north - eastward or eastward in the Baltic region under the influence of global warming is presented. It was established that the impact of global climate change upon birds of terrestrial and wetland complexes is more evident than upon waterfowl. Attention is focused on the practical importance of global climate change impact on environmental protection and different branches of the economy.

This is the ʻAkikiki (Oreomystis bairdi), also called the Kauaʻi Creeper.

It is critically endangered. The bird is endemic to KauaʻiHawaiʻi.

It belongs to the Hawaiian honeycreeper subfamily and the family of true finches.

It is a sweet tiny bird about 5 inches in length and about one half ounce in weight. 

It has had a tough time staying alive in Hawaii. First there were invasive species introduced to the island in the late 1800s, then it was the mosquitoes; so it finally found a safe haven at the upper elevations of the mountains. But, the habitat is minimal and they are still very few in number because of the loss of habitat. 

The State of Hawaii should make a concerted effort to save this species, remove invasive species to their homelands and bring their mosquito populations under control. 


Because global warming is heating up the air in the upper elevations where they live and the mosquitoes are finding their last safe haven a warm place to live now. The Climate Crisis will be the end of the Akikiki if extreme measures are not taken to save it. It will become extinct due to the Climate Crisis.

Between 1971 and 1995, many British bird species began laying their eggs an average of nine days earlier each year. A dozen species in Great Britain have shifted their ranges an average of 12 miles northward in the past 20 years.

It's Sunday Night.

The William Tell Overture, composed by Gioachino Rossini

The William Tell Overture (click here)
The composition is stated to be a musical interpretation of life in the Swiss Alps. It is an overture to the opera by the same name. The overture has four parts easily discernible within the composition; Prelude, Dawn; Storm; Ranz des Vaches; Finale, March Of The Swiss Soldiers.
Most people know this composition already as it is easily adapted to many references, but, many don't realize it is part of a greater picture.

Gioachino Antonio Rossini (click here for historical information - no official website)

Gioachino Rossini, (click here) whose leap-day birthday is marked by Google on Wednesday, had a gift for comic timing that would be recognized by today's sitcom writers.

By Schuyler Velasco, Correspondent

February 29, 2012
In 1822, hotshot opera composer Gioachino Rossini got a bit of advice from Ludwig van Beethoven: Stick to comedy. At age 30, Rossini was already an international superstar, with nineteen operas under his belt, when he met the crotchety, near-deaf German composer in Vienna."
So you’re the composer of The Barber of Seville." Beethoven said. "I congratulate you. It will be played as long as Italian opera exists. Never try to write anything else but opera buffa [comic opera]; any other style would do violence to your nature."...

FOX News Sunday

"Boston is the greatest terrorist attack since 911." You've got to be joking. Seriously. There is no comparison between the two events. Exploitative rhetoric that dishonors the victims.

The events of 911 caused a financial crash in the markets. Can we please be real about this.

This is the chemical weapon plants in Syria. They are outside of Aleppo where the release was detected. There is a very good chance the Syrian government never intended to use the weapons. I think the release and the reason for it is far more important at this point.

Syria is not a signator of the Chemical Weapons Convention. In that lies the understanding they continued to stockpile these agents. There is no valid reason to invade Syria by most other nations because they are not in violation of the treaty. No one is discussing this correctly in the media, are they?

The media is seeking political leverage and not informing the public of the USA or the people of the region for that matter. I mean there are many nations in the region that would be very upset by any plan for Syria to use these weapons, so the USA is not alone in this concern.

Of a greater reality to me is the fact there was a release at all. Aleppo has been an interest of the revolutionary forces for a long time. I think we all know why now.

With such a small release of the Sarin one has to sincerely think this facility could be under attack by the rebels. The rebels do not have the expertise to protect the facilities. We have witnessed the complete disregard for infrastructure by rebels in Algers in not that many months ago. The rebels know how to destroy, but, they do not have the expertise to handle established infrastructure to protect it. I am more worried about rebels within this facility than an attack by Assad.

No one can deny there has been people effected by these stockpiles, but, the question is what if anything is Russia doing about it. Russia stands in the way of safety at this point, but, the place is in disarray. If even Russia were to roll into Aleppo there would be a major outbreak of war. This is a real pickle and Russia needs to talk to Turkey and other nations in the region to solve this dilemma. This is not an easy one.

As a matter of fact, if there were a full invasion into the region to gain control of the agents at this facility, it could completely backfire and cause large numbers of deaths. That would be more than irresponsible by any nation.

It is my understanding there are leaders for the rebel forces in Turkey. Are there any among them that actually understand the dangers of this facility and how to protect the people they lead?

If there was a release of Sarin because rebels invaded these facilities then the rebels are dead by their own hand. If there is no further release of these lethal weapons then it is because the facilities are no longer being toyed with and hopefully there are people on the ground in the facility that can actually handle the stockpiles correctly.

Cooperation in the area has to result as well as the people and the rebels, otherwise, this is a dangerous dilemma without a clear resolve. Senator McCain is correct in stating the nations in the region can be protected by a No Fly Zone established by interceptor missiles and other methods. That may be the only answer available to The West, Syria and Russia at this point.

The USA has to solve it's own problems. The FBI and CIA have to disseminate information more effectively to local governments.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, (click here) center, mother of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, reportedly spoke of radical ideas with her eldest son in 2011. Anzor Tsarnaeva, the boys' father, is on the left. At right is the boys' aunt, Patimat Suleymanova.

I am sure Mrs. Tsarneava regrets the day her sons came to the USA, but, that doesn't mean she was their mentor. I think that is a ridiculous claim. As a matter of fact that idea is full of hate.

April 28, 2013
By Bill Chappell
...Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev "vaguely discussed" jihad during a 2011 phone conversation with his mother, according to a U.S. official who described the recording to the Associated Press. The call, taped by a Russian government agency, reportedly did not include any mention of a plot inside the U.S.
The recording is among data recently sent by the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB, to the FBI to aid its investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings, in which Tsarnaev and his brother, Dzhohkar, are accused of detonating two homemade explosive devices near the race's finish line.
In the recorded call, Tamerlan and his mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, reportedly talked about Tamerlan traveling to the Palestinian territories. But the son said he would probably not go there, because he doesn't speak Arabic....

It is no secret young Muslim men sometimes seek jihad to prove their devotion. John Walker Lindh was an example of that reality. They also have to travel to Mecca once in their lifetime, so the idea they are looking to far away places as part of their identity is not unusual to the faith.

I don't believe their mother wanted them to die in a blaze of glory. I think she is angry about what occurred, but, that is a phase of grieving. Fact. I heard someone stating she is looking for help while in the USA. That is not unusual for a Muslim woman facing financial adversity. They do ask for help, that is cultural and their asking is welcome.

There is no reason to hate this woman. She had hopes for her sons. They and we have disappointed those hopes. Something sent terribly wrong. The young men did not find their way into success in the USA. If anyone is responsible for recruitment of the younger brother currently in prison it was his older brother. That is completely obvious.

Mothers have discussions with sons about their identity and how they transcend masculinity within their culture and religion. That is common place. If she was talking to her sons about their devotion this conversation would have taken place. She never stated 'Go kill Americans.'

No one should seek to find answers to the violence from Russia, it is not up to Russia to secure the USA. No one should be seeking to scapegoat Mrs. Tsarneava as the person most responsible for the violence. Her sons were adults, they stand alone in their responsibility. Did she talk to her sons about many subjects? Sure she did, but, she wasn't going to try to overthrow a government she had placed hopes in for the success and safety of her sons. The discussions are getting out of context and seek to victimize her. 

The USA has to solve it's own security problems and that means the agencies with information have to disseminate it differently.
Hold dearly to this thought. I sincerely doubt President Obama wants a 'Decision Tree Computer' in his library to justify illegal wars. See how that works for the media.

Reagan invaded Grenada in 1983 because he didn't wanted to 'one upped' by, that woman, Thatcher in 1982 when she invaded The Falkland Islands. These were sissy wars. They killed people while those being invaded were grossly out numbered and completely surprised a Western Power would do such a thing.

Someone needs to explain to me how the Falkland Islands and Grenada were actually national security risks to the Brits or Americans. People had to die for this mess? You've got to be joking. No wonder there are decision tree computer games in the Presidential Libraries; the invasions including Iraq are cruel jokes on the citizens of their respective countries!

I said when Tim Russert died the title "Meet the Press" should have been retired in his honor, I still mean it today.

Gregory's program should be titled, "Free Press Pass for Neocons."

Karen Hughes, "The Syrian people feel as though the United States let them down...."

Excuse me? Karen Hughes has intelligence the USA doesn't have from Turkey?

That statement is worthless. It is an opinion poll. It is no wonder the USA ended up in Iraq, it was the populous thing to do.

There will be no involvement by the USA with a Russian ally. Since when does anyone from the Bush Administration have a place in the discourse of this nation as an expert on military deployments?

The USA has an ally in Turkey. It is important our allies be safe from a hideous Russian ally. There is not going to be WW III. Sorry, to disappoint all the "W"s.

The most sane statements on Sunday morning nonsense came forward from Senator McCain. BUILD ON IT!

Why do faith based organizations receive government monies? Are they doing the work of the government or their faith?

Faith based organizations are well adept at depersonalizing and why they should not receive government monies of any kind. If they want to do their 'good work' they need to raise it themselves.

Faith based organizations are power structures that depersonalize all the time. They depersonalize the gay community and they even depersonalize the family. 

Within the definition of family in any faith based organization is the understanding role models are more important than the person themselves. Man of the House, Head of the House, Heart of the Family, are all roles and assigned to family members. 

So, when a faith based organization is depersonalizing the child to fulfill adoption needs to their members or those seeking a family they are well adept at doing it. Most of the people within a nation where they are harvesting children are not Christian.

So, when a faith based organization goes into a country they are harvesting CONVERTS and not simply placing a child of need with a family able to provide. The reason they pay off the governments is to increase their flock. The larger the flock the more income they ultimately achieve.

So, to create deception to harvest children to increase their flock is an act of generosity because the birth parents are not 'of the faith' and it would be impossible to explain to them they will never see their child again. It is a n act of mercy, surely everyone can see that.

Monsanto makes their PROFITS to stockholders based in ANNUAL sales.

Most farmers are not stockholders. Monsanto no longer provides a viable product due to the Climate Crisis.

On the left in all these photos is 'the wheat product' by Monsanto. On the right is a perennial wheat. The wheat crop on the right fights dangerous climate dynamics.

Twelve months of the year the perennial crop has roots that old the soil, the soil holds the nutrients, it prevents erosion and controls topsoil loss. It does it naturally. It does it extremely well. 

The root systems of the perennial crops will maintain the integrity of the soil including moisture. These roots hold moisture. They maintain soil integrity while also allowing grazing when the crops are not being harvested.

These are NOT genetically modified. These are HERITAGE crops grown in the USA within the centuries of this country.

There is no reason for genetically modified crops anywhere. The crops are highly viable and productive. The perennial crops also save costs. They maintain the integrity of the soil so well, the farmers don't necessarily have to apply fertilizers or lime or any other soil treatment because these crops take care of themselves.

Multi-national companies like Monsanto don't have to sell seed each year and that is their goal in any lawsuit. It has everything to do with profits and not people.

Genetically Modified Foods are a failure, in the USA and globally. Genetically modified foods is like putting iodine in salt. But, the human body still has to incorporate the nutrient into metabolism to make HEALTH.

Genetically modified foods only continue the paradigm of the Climate Crisis. They don't solve the droughts, they don't solve the variety of trade needed between nations to bring all forms of nutrition to their people. Genetically Modified Foods is a dreamscape that robs the integrity of humanity and believes people can think their way out of any dilemma. That is not the case. The human body does not change on an annual basis to have their food sources change with them. There are nutritional basis for every human body and it is very predictable. There is no reinventing the wheel here.

When any company has to file lawsuits against the majority of American Farmers they have to sooner or realize they don't meet the need and need to get out of the way. The American People don't want GMOs and they don't have to have them.

There are military veterans finding wonderful lives by farming to the interests of local communities of their own history and nutrition to match. We are proud of them. Very proud of them. No one told them to go out and be a farmer, but, they managed to find their way just fine.

Monsanto has outlived it's day, is antiquated and struggling to hold onto what remains a ? purpose ?.

The Local Farmer can feed the world without GMOs. They need to be recognized as a precious resource to the state and federal governments to help balance trade between countries. The local farmers don't feed junk to their cattle or chickens; they feed them wholesome and time tested grains. 

Perhaps, the international community whom reject USA Beef need to look to their own or American organic and local farmers to fill their gaps. They may even be more than satisfied as to what they find. A CONTRACT to provide is all that is required. The importing country can provide the 'power leverage' to make it happen.

In the USA, local food cooperatives could bring everyone together to make it happen in a way that will expand all their interests. The local food cooperatives are owned by the patrons and are not affiliated with large corporations. The reason they are owned by the patrons is because they honor the patron and do not impose faux standards on product choice.
An item of interest about the North Carolina Titty Bars is that married couples now go there with friends. Seriously, it is a night out. The new pole dancing 'get fit' videos? Right? Dream come true. The married women get a chance to dance at the 'real pole' and take off as much as they feel comfortable with. 

Wet T-Shirt Contests are a prize that college women seek to win. 

There are people across the social spectrum that participate with the Titty Bar Experience.

Look, the porn industry now has their own web address: XXX.blah, blah, blah. It isn't going anywhere.

The entire PURE NATION stuff is not only bull-oney, but, it is guaranteed to be the most successful rhetoric for the Red States where married women bear the shame of their philandering husbands. But, married women have a lot of company in North Carolina. So, unless there is a profound awakening in the Red States, nothing will change. What has to happen here is vast exposure of philandering men like the "John's List."

North Carolina has been trying to shut down exotic dancing in the state since it began.

If North Carolina shuts down the exotic dancing industry in the state it will deprive it's treasury of a sizeable amount of income.

It is no different than the attack on public schools, these are all the bozos that have no ideas, so they go to the state capital, pass legislation they believe will be to their advantage and try to redefine success.

The Republicans in North Carolina try to mimic success, then when they are unsuccessful they seek to pass legislation to destroy success so they can turn around and profit from the recreation of success. 

It's nonsense. It is the same thing Neil Bush does. He wants to demonize public education, turn it's on it's head and then redefine it for profit, in this case an electronic paradise. Same thing.

The deception to the public is always the same. The state has to be purer and rid itself of evils such as titty bars in order to be redeemed out of economic collapse. North Carolina's economic collapse happened long before 2008 and is why the Contractor Lobby is now powerful.

What does anyone think that entire mess happened under "W?" Every federal bill was a contractor's dream. Why so many? Buildings are built and the job is over so there needs to be more and more building otherwise the economy collapses. The problem in North Carolina is the construction lobby is running out of room to build things.


The real motto of North Carolina and the Republican Party is, "A pure state and nation will bring about heaven."

But, back to the titty bars, they are a sincere opportunity for poor women. They are respected. The Titty Experience doesn't end at the bar, there are radio programs, internet commerce and any kind of commercial explosion one can imagine, including, T-shirts, motorcycle rallies and names of boats. The strippers, oh excuse me, exotic dancers provide for interviews and advice on business management.

I do not lie.

So, if North Carolina shuts down the titty bars they lose more than half their state treasury income. Serious.

For those that are seeking to protect the electorate through lawsuits remember this,...

...the decision that will be made for justice and constitutional content won't happen until the appeals process makes the Virginia Appeals Court. If there is defeat in any of the lower courts before Virginia that is the STANDARDIZED corruption of North Carolina. The corruption has existed a long, long time and it is the Virginia Appeals Court decision that actually governs law in North Carolina. Expect to take it all the way to the Virginia Appeals Court and nothing less. Once it makes it to Virginia it will be permanent law.

But, Mr. Moffitt is one of those men elected to government because of his rhetoric. How many are no in the US House. They are legislating nonsense and nothing that matters.

Tim Moffitt

Apr. 23, 2013

...Moffitt sponsored and introduced the bill earlier this year, (click here) but he pulled it in February just before a planned vote in the House. The bill would clarify the state’s indecent exposure law to make it illegal for women to expose their nipples, but it also would include the possibility of women being charged with a felony for nipple exposure.

Moffitt introduced the bill at the request of the city of Asheville, he said. The bill has an exemption for breast-feeding mothers.

For two years in a row, a private group hosted a topless rally in downtown Asheville, drawing a large and boisterous crowd. The city of Asheville said its hands were tied because state law allows toplessness and a city ordinance could not supersede that.

State Sen. Tom Apodaca, R-Henderson, who chairs the powerful rules committee, said late last week, “The nipple bill is in trouble.” The provision that could make nipple exposure a felony, which is part of the existing indecent exposure law, “was way too much,” Apodaca said....

One other thing, Art Pope. He is a lot of hot air. He is affiliated with John Locke Society, Americans for Prosperity, but, his NC State lecture series doesn't carry that stupidity.

The monies he spends at North Carolina State is not spent on frivolous nonsense. I sincerely doubt the Chancellor would allow such nonsense for his enrollment. The John. W. Pope lecture series currently provides something like $110,000 per year for five years. 

This is its most recent speaker:

LUIGI ZINGALES (click here)
Robert C. McCormack Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance and the David G. Booth Faculty Fellow

Blowing the Whistle (click here)
Which External Controls Best Reveal Corporate Fraud?
Research byAdair Morse and Luigi Zingales
...As the new millennium dawned, so did a spate of U.S. corporate scandals. The names Enron, WorldCom, and numerous others are tainted by cases of corporate fraud and malfeasance. These frauds and the accompanying outrage spurred the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). The underlying premise of SOX was that institutions charged with uncovering fraud had failed in their duties, and their incentives and monitoring needed to be enhanced....