Friday, October 02, 2015

I don't know if the Oregon Victim - Witness Fund takes donations.

Every year, (click here) hundreds of people in Oregon are seriously injured or killed due to crime. In addition to psychological and physical trauma, victims and their families often incur unanticipated medical expenses, counseling and other costs and loss of income. In homicide cases, families suffer emotional grief, loss of financial support and funeral costs.
In the aftermath of a crime, the Oregon Crime Victim's Compensation Program works to ease the financial burden suffered by victims and their family members. Types of benefits include:... 

I think it is inappropriate to call strangers to a FOX News account for donations of money or otherwise. The State of Oregon has the needs of the survivors and the family covered.
Melania Trump (click here) is probably among the most beautiful women in the world. She is allowed to be. It's legal.

Born on April 26, 1970 in Slovenia, (click here) Melania Knauss began her modeling career at the age of sixteen. At the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan. After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, finally settling in New York in 1996....

Interestingly, my understanding is that she approached him initially to begin the relationship. That is not a woman that is a wallflower.

I am not surprised she will be demonized by the media. The media wants headlines and a beautiful woman is not welcome by the political media. I look at it this way. When Jackie Kennedy, another beautiful, cultured and gracious woman entered the White House she became controversial when she redecorated the place.

When Jackie Kennedy married a Greek shipping magnet her pictures were on every gossip rag on the planet. It happens. Melania will handle the press just fine. She'll probably pick up customers for her products and jewelry without even trying.

I think the son's name is Barron. He is at a tender age. More like the age of Chelsea Clinton when her parents were involved in a run for the Presidency in 1992. Melania will have to set limits on the press regarding Barron. 

There is a rule of thumb. A spouse is usually hands off unless there is an issue she can speak to involved in the campaign. Otherwise a wife is there to support her spouse and make friends with the American people. BUT. Teresa Heinz Kerry was given some very rough treatment she never deserved. So, perhaps, Melania can chat with someone like Teresa to find a footing in dealing with the inflammatory press. But, in all honesty. I think she'll handle it just fine. She has lots of friends that can speak to her esteem and relationship and motherhood. I think her friends will be out in the media at first glance and she should welcome their generosity in being her friend and letting the country know how wonderful she is.

Those trying to diminish her image as a glancing blow of Donald Trump should be ashamed of themselves.
I have a suggestion for Megan Kelly. Rather than getting her dander up with every subject and sentence she speaks, she should find a somewhat more noble approach. 

If I may?

Rather than running high cortisol levels herself and the poor audience. There is a far better approach to the gunmen calling out Christians in the classroom.

During the years of Bush, the evangelical became a prominent focus of the political beast in the White House and legislature. As that transpired and there were wars affiliated with it and military commanders that saw the face of Jesus in the clouds, a good deal of people became impatient with it. There was definitely a great deal of the Evangelical image tarnished during those years. 

This focus of religion is somewhat an extension of that. At least that is my take, but, there is also Columbine. There was a religious focus if I recall correctly. The thing is the Assault Weapon Ban actually cut down on mass killings, so the religious undertones to the killings in the USA weren't made simply because there weren't killings.

Black Trench Coat Mafia. Yep. 

Excuse me?

Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer is stated to be an Army Dropout that studied mass shooters.

Anyone is almost finding it necessary to say the shooters names when discussing this mess because there are so many of them.

October 2, 2015

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) — The 26-year-old gunman (click here) who opened fire on fellow students in his community college English class, killing nine people, was an Army boot camp dropout who studied mass shooters before becoming one himself....

President Obama is correct. The Russians have their hands full because the battlefield is so denatured/altered/basically destroyed. Fours years of a stalemate of a civil war has forced Russia into the country to recapture some degree of stability.

The USA is not going to get anymore than it is currently. The Neocons are having a rough time accepting it. The Arab Coalition has it.

The Middle East is not a threat to the USA. The USA entering the Middle East AGAIN would simply be another illegal invasion. All this talk is nothing but political fodder. 

This has nothing to do with Israel. Israel at the United Nations was pathetic in pandering to the idea the Palestinians would actually return to the peace table. Palestine is receiving international support and that is the only reason Israel made a gesture toward Palestine.

Maybe this video will help out those that act tough when they don't know a thing about an issue.
Here we go. Here comes hate speech about Russia. Bill O'Reilly would never get away with writing a book entitled, "Killing Stalin or Lenin or any current day Russian leader."

Putin is a thug. That is so very mature. When do Republicans actually live in the real words as adults?

I don't want to hear complaints about Donald Trump and his language and delivery when Bill O'Reilly runs around his universe calling the Russia president a thug.

The commercials on FOX are enough to choke a horse. Come on, Bill, let's hear how gun control of assault weapons should never occur, although the US Constitution provides for it. Much better for the FOX 5000 to remain an overwhelming forces with the ability to kill federal agents. Who needs the government when small government is so much better.

"America in Retreat." Is that a weekend gathering by the church?

"It is a failure because of the politicization of intelligence." Oh, yeah. You mean like the failed intelligence into Iraq. Right. There were UN inspectors on the ground in Iraq and there was no failure. The failure to the Iraq War was due to a Bush White House that didn't care about THE INTELLIGENCE THAT ACTUALLY EXISTED IN IRAQ.

Here we go, "The Civilian Leadership." Panetta, was no good at what he did. President Obama ignored him. "It is a matter of time before the Russians and US jets will collide and crash to the ground."


It is only a matter of time before the hundreds of jets over the USA at any given hour will crash to the ground in a commercial nightmare. The USA should really stop that policy and only let one jet fly at a time.

Let's see what Waters is rounding up as trouble in the USA. Oh, the ladies of the street. There is every reason to believe their patriotism is overwhelming. I got to hand it to Waters he knows how to pick those dangerous folks ready to destroy the American international image. There ya go Waters, "... the lady started conversations." That has to translate into FOX ratings somewhere.

People take pictures. I guess. Women are the people taking more photos than anyone else. Interesting. It is a way of coming up with ideas for the bedroom and of course if their husbands tried it, it would be a different issue. 

New york City Mayor Bill de Blasio (click here) plans to tax women who wear paint for clothes in Times Square, claiming they’re a business so they need to pay.
Known as “desnudas”, topless women wearing only underwear and body paint stroll Time Square accepting tips for pictures and ogling. But the New York City mayor told radio host John R. Gambling on Thursday that they are providing a service in exchange for money, thus they are a business and deserved to be taxed.
“If it’s a business, it’s a business, and it should be treated like any other business” de Blasio said during the radio interview. (RELATED: NYC Mayor Wants Topless Women In Time Square To Cover Up)
But if the mayor does move forward with this legislative plan, it could possibly open a can of worms on how the city taxes other street “businesses.” Until now, the desnudas were viewed as panhandlers — not businesswomen....

Mayor De Blasio actually has something here. I know the USA political and Puritan ideology doesn't lend itself to having painted women in the street, but, this obviously has to do with the donations and not the privilege to 'work the street.'

In New York City it is going to be seasonal work, but, there are young people in Europe that earn money by standing still in a pose for hours at a time. The people passing by actually donate to their expression of 'their gift.' 

There is a documentary of this form of street entertainment. Young men and women, mostly clothed that I saw usually have a step stool they bring with them to stand on. Their faces are usually painted and it is a form of pantomime.  

Women for as long as I can remember demonstrate from time to time about how men can have naked chests and the can't. The painted bodies of these women is an art form. It just is. They don't realize there are European folks that do the same thing and accept donations. The idea is Europe is similar to that of a street musician where people drop money in the guitar case. 

Interesting. Mayor De Blasio needs to take a more pragmatic approach to it. He should read up on these type of street people and their plight. They need money. Women have a built in money meter and it is sexuality. I think New York City can handle it. The European variety of street performers don't pay taxes, they are low income at best.

This is unbelievable in journalism.

The Assault Weapons Ban worked. We know for a fact it did. We know that background checks work, except, when mothers think their young men are mentally healthy enough to own them, as happened in Sandy Hook and now in Oregon.

But, the statement in a New York Times article is hideous.

In 2012, only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows (click here)

ONLY. Only 322 people were murdered by big scary guns. ONLY.

That is a political statement, so don't start that President Obama is demanding gun control as a political focus.

The facts are simple. The US Constitution ALLOWS gun control. More people are dying in mass shooting than ever before in history of this country AND the shooters are white Caucasian young men that define their masculinity with Big Scary Guns. 

The Assault Weapons Ban needs to be reinstituted and the age of participating in gun purchases doesn't occur until age 21.

The Assault Weapon Ban will prevent mommies and daddies from giving their disturbed children a method of causing death.

Kindly remember, Pope Francis is not a polaring figure, he is not an icon for anything, he loves all people and holds no malice.

September 24, 2015
By Tony Gentile

Vatican City (AP) — The Vatican (click here) on Friday distanced Pope Francis from Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk at the center of the U.S. gay marriage debate, saying she was one of dozens of people the pope greeted as he left Washington and that their encounter "should not be considered a form of support of her position."
And in a new twist, the Vatican revealed that the "only real audience" Francis had in Washington was with a former student and his family, who later identified himself as Yayo Grassi, an openly gay Argentine who met the pope with his longtime partner and some friends.
The revelations turned the table on the narrative of Davis' encounter, making clear that Francis wanted another meeting to come to light: that of an old student and his "family," who happens to be gay....

Another Afrian American man murdered by a cop. Are police going out of their way to murder innocent people?

I can completely understand why sheriffs are willing to obstruct gun control laws. They are afraid. They are afraid the public might actually take their guns from them.

I really think all any city needs are meter maids that issue tickets and record the facts of any traffic accident to assign responsibly.

October 1,  2015
By Laura Hanna

An artist (click here) was murdered in Oakland as he worked on a mural painting a message of peace.
Antonio Ramos, 27, was shot dead in broad daylight as he contributed to the colorful charity project.
Devastated friends and relatives said they were shocked that Ramos had been gunned down while he was doing something positive for the community.
“He was a good kid, and this was his love. He was always willing to help out,” his aunt Margaret Holappa told SFGate.
“He was amazing. He was an artist, he works on music, he just does all kinds of stuff," said Krystal Carpenter, Ramos' godmother. “He's never been in any trouble with anybody.”...

RT has a video (click here).

Antonio Ramos was not alone when working on his mural. He was enjoying life and was leisurely. He wasn't interested in breaking the law. There were people passing by appreciating his work. Why was he murdered?

Let's hope King doesn't do much damage until January 20, 2017.

October 2, 2015

...King is a Brooklyn native (click here) who worked as a teacher and co-founded a charter school in Boston. He joined the education department in January after a turbulent tenure as commissioner of education for the state of New York, a position he assumed in 2011. He was a key architect of new teacher evaluations tied to test scores and played a key role in pushing New York to adopt new tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards years before other states did the same.
King defended those moves, favored by Duncan and the Obama administration, even as they made him the target of public outrage. Parents saw their children’s test scores fall and teachers unions called for his ouster.
Duncan, 50, has been the longest-serving education secretary and, by most accounts, the most influential....

He hates unions.

April 14, 2015
By Al Baker

Under sustained attack(click here) over new standardized tests and learning standards, the New York State education commissioner told an audience on Thursday that “we’re not retreating” and that the constant criticism was damaging an overdue effort to raise student achievement.
“The road to change will always be bumpier for some than for others,” the commissioner, John B. King Jr., said in a speech to officials, educators and public policy students at New York University. “But that’s no reason to stop.
“We teach our children to meet failure and challenge with renewed effort. Adults must do the same.”...

Where does anyone in leadership of any agency get the idea they don't have to listen to students, teachers and parents? Where does that come from? He is no less than "Father knows best." 

Adults, mother and fathers, don't appreciate the system knows better than they do. I think parents and grandparents do just fine all those pre-school years. What changes in the confidence in parents once the child hits school age?  To my knowledge parents don't live in caves. 

"Focus Media" originated in China. There has been significant investment by Wall Street into this company.

I do believe Chinese companies are taken advantage of out of pure naivety. The Chinese government should be interested in that possibilities. China needs an oversight authority that understands fact, ethics and legal standing.

October 1, 2015

In the culmination (click here) of a long, sordid story of deception and self-dealing, and a classic case of Chinese "guanxi," the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission announced on Wednesday, September 30th that it had reached a $55 million settlement with Focus Media and CEO Jason Jiang. The settlement involved an investigation into violations of Section 8A of the Securities Act of 1933, in specific relating to failure to adhere to disclosure and reporting requirements regarding M&A activity.

The settlement calls for Focus Media to pay more than $34 million in penalties, and the firm's CEO Jason Jiang to cough up a total of $21 million including disgorgement and interest.

The company has been selling fraud.

August 14, 2012
...FMCN (click here) has been fraudulently overstating the number of screens in its LCD network by approximately 50%....

As China unwinds what has occurred over the past year in their markets, it may very will find government overseeing its companies may be a good idea.

There is a new vaccine for women. It sounds like a vaccine given during pregnancy.

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) [Trend Analysis] stock closed at $6.41 (click here) in last session with the total traded volume of 26.28 Million. Novavax reports positive top-line data from its Phase 2 clinical trial of RSV F Vaccine, used to protect infants via maternal immunization. The purpose of the Phase 2 trial was to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the RSV F Vaccine in healthy pregnant women.Women in the vaccinated group demonstrated a geometric mean 14-fold rise in anti-F IgG, 29-fold rise in PCA, and 2-fold rise in microneutralization titers... 

This stuff always makes me worry, regardless, of it's benevolence. I am not aware of a vaccine provided during pregnancy. This also isn't about every pregnant woman. 

Test ID: FACT:  F-Actin Ab, IgG, S
Evaluating patients suspected of having autoimmune hepatitis (click here)

Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is caused by chronic inflammation within the liver, resulting in damage to the hepatocytes.(1) Initially, patients with AIH may be clinically asymptomatic, usually identified only through an incidental finding of abnormal liver function tests. At a more advanced stage, patients may manifest with symptoms such as jaundice, pruritus, and/or ascites, which are secondary to the more extensive liver damage...

I am sure the Mayo Clinic could address any cutting edge pharmaceuticals.

I also want to know what these labors tax rate is.

The Department of Labor is running a seminar on October 7, 2015. Labor leaders need to keep track of the DOL efforts and possibly participate if they aren't already.

October 1, 2015

Editor’s note: (click here) The White House Summit on Worker Voice will provide a historic opportunity to bring together a diverse group of leaders – including workers, employers, unions, organizers and other advocates and experts — to explore ways to ensure that middle class Americans are sharing in the benefits of the broad-based economic growth that they are helping to create. The conversation will include both seasoned and emerging leaders from across the country who are taking action in their communities to lift up workers’ voices....

This can be a great opportunity for union leaders to meet industry leaders and SHOW THEM how benevolent union leaders of their workers insures. Unions enforce an educated and healthy and well paid work force.

When a company has a strong ethic and invites long term employment unions can support the industry benefits enormously. A union brings a stable work force rather than one that has to be trained every six months with high turn over rates.

Unions know worker concerns. They can address them before it becomes a problem to the company. 

It looks real to me.

2 October 2015
Departing military planes, (click here for video) high security and constant alert as terrorists are only 40 km from you - RT's Murad Gazdiev has exclusively visited Russian airbase in the Syrian city of Latakia from where Sukhoi jets have been taking off to target Islamic State positions. 

One or the reasons civilians are important to protect is because of the diversity of ethnic groups. I hope they are as cautious as possible.

The so called problem in now targeting Daesh is all part of the civil war. Eastern Syria is where the Alawites are, so I am sure that region is a high priority to President Assad.

There was also a move by Turkey against a Kurdish village in it's eastern region. It seems as though Turkey disregards the Kurds as important.

Syria is not NATO. The USA has no resolution into Syria. I also think eastern Syria is a target of Russia and the Syrian President to deliberately stay out of the fly zone of the Arab Coalition. 

I also would be surprised if the Arab Coalition would reject Russia's help. Russia has good standing with all these countries. So, if this will end the civil war and stabilize the region it is probably welcome. 

As I have stated before President Assad was accepted as Syria's legitimate leader. I don't know how the current King of Saudi Arabia views President Assad, but, King Abdullah, even when he was Prince Abdullah, embraced him. 

I also do not believe this Russian initiative has anything to do with the USA's involvement. The fact Russia's President Putin made a specific effort to speak to President Obama and Russian authority met their own coalition in Baghdad with an open invitation for others is obvious this has no priority except stabilizing the region. US advisers are in Baghdad. 

Baghdad at one point was a target of Daesh. That was stemmed and the city is reasonably secure. Russia is not in Iran setting up a lead in to WWIII. Russia is in a city that was under threat at one time. This isn't about Russian aggression to take it past this effort to stabilize the region. The actions of Russian authorities have not been inflammatory to the consolidated effort by these countries. 

In recent weeks, President Putin has told Iran to stop it's mischief in Yemen. So, I have no problem with Russia's involvement in the region. Russia has influence with these countries including Syria and Iran. It really is the only way forward. I hope Russia's coalition suffers no casualties. It should be noted Jordan has lost a pilot to Daesh's brutal regime and it has housed millions of refugees before it had no choice to close it's borders. 

I want to add one more thing. Russian military authority was in Egypt after it's current president was elected. Within weeks Egypt was targeting Daesh in Libya. None of this is evidence Russia is seeking a greater war. It was not Russian pilots that flew into Libya. It was Egyptian military that carried out those strikes.

What was their tax rates? We know Warren Buffet's tax rate and even his secretary, but, what are the others?

September 29, 2015
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (click here) topped Forbes magazine’s latest list of the 400 richest Americans for the 22nd straight year.

The list, released Tuesday, was largely unchanged for 2015. The combined wealth of those on the list rose 2.2 percent to $2.34 trillion, helped by a stronger U.S. stock market.

Gates’ net worth totaled $76 billion, down $9 billion from 2014.

Investor Warren Buffett, head of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., remained in second place at $62 billion, down $5 billion from last year.

Oracle Corp. co-founder Larry Ellison also kept his No. 3 spot with $47.5 billion, down $2.5 billion from 2014.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, ranked No. 4 with $47 billion. He was the biggest gainer overall, up $16.5 billion.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, worth $40.3 billion, made it into the top 10 for the first time, ranking No. 7...

David Rubinstein states philanthropy is patriotic. (click here) He also stated he put his initials at the top of the Washington Monument when he climbed the stairs. He stated he doesn't think anyone knows that.