Saturday, January 25, 2014

Log Entry:

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, January 24, 2014 a rather unusual set of circumstances occurred while online. I was online a lot yesterday. I hadn't been the previous three days. 

I was on Blogger and finished an entry, turned off the computer and did some other activities. I returned to Blogger about 30 minutes or so later. I didn't expect to be typing this entry so I don't know the timing for sure. Blogger was down. I could not log on and I could not obtain the Home Page to Blogger.

I went to a help page at Google before attempting to discover whether it was a 'bug' on my personal computer. I discovered on the Help Page that at least two others whom were strangers to me were experiencing the same thing. It became obvious to me the problem was at Google. It is very rare that Blogger has any problems. There have been times when Google upgraded or changed the program, but, to have it down for no obvious reason is extremely rare.

So, while Blogger was down, I went to a gaming site; "World of Warcraft (WOW)." There are characters at the site others in the family had created years ago, probably at the beginnings of WOW. So, when bored and having nothing else to do I log on and enjoy the computer gaming found there. 

I was at WOW at least 30 minutes and here again I wasn't suspicious of anything so I wasn't really paying attention to time. I have alerts set up to bring my attention to other activities so I don't obsess over time online. And I am not so attached to any online activity or identity that I can't stop. That is not an issue for me. But, suddenly I was kicked offline at WOW. Still didn't think anything of it and attempted to sign on again. It wouldn't connect. I knew another player personally so I went to Facebook and left a message as I would expect her to be online to WOW about that time of day. This was the reply: "Yeah, something happened with the servers tonight and a bunch of them went down for a few min. I got kicked off for a while."

What I didn't explain to my friend was that the original interruption in online service at WOW was somewhat limited to the "realm" I was on. When I realized it was limited to that realm I changed to a different realm with a higher number of characters. Within a few minutes that realm went down. I was unable to long on, again. Service returned relatively quickly as per usual with WOW.

I ran scans on the computer and there was nothing there.

But, get this, the Dish Satellite Television had the settings changed today, January 25, 2014. I had to reset the program first by unplugging it and then looking through the menus to be sure they were correct after it rebooted. Some were, some weren't.

This computer is not connected to the television. The power is turned off to this computer as well as the wireless receiver when not in use for any length of time. There is no personal information anywhere on this computer of anyone. This computer doesn't use apps either, by choice, not capacity. I suppose if emails and saved information were hacked into a degree of familiarity could be discerned, but, specific information isn't there.

I don't think this online episode was a figment of my imagination. I have strong opinions I place on Blogger by using computers, but, it isn't always this one. Those opinions are about power in the world. By world I mean Earth and not a realm at WOW.

I sincerely believe this computer was being triangulated yesterday by 'an entity' using a stationary satellite.

Call me crazy, but, I have no intention of changing my point of view and criticism of those that I believe need it, including China who has no conscience about buying out USA companies that have been the cornerstone of this country's economy. China needs to develop it's Middle Class and internalize more of it's economy and THEN it and other nations such as India will actually be emerging economies. But, until then? They are nothing more than parasites to the USA economy. Get over it. And don't buy major US cities like Detroit. That is not developing the internal economies of that will result in emerging economies.

Emerging economies are like islands created in the oceans by volcanoes. They add territory to profits by companies. If China wants to buy Tesla automobiles that ADDS to the companies original investment. It is new territory for Tesla. Additional monies to come into the company. New money. Not simply recycled monies from the USA through outsourcing of jobs. Outsourcing limits the 'circulating money' in the global economy and doesn't increase profits through sales. Wall Street is currently devouring it's own investments to turn them into liquid assets. Liquid assets don't create jobs.

I happen to think China has more integrity than to destroy other nations' economies to have wealth. I sincerely believe China wants a Middle Class. It takes invention or purchasing franchises or building industries within the borders of a country to have a Middle Class with a good income from their jobs. There is a reality very few want to recall about China. It's space program, while a focus of national pride, was achieved through expertise of the USA, not discovered and built by the Chinese. That is a vulnerability of China's national security. China needs to develop it's brain trust and stop steeling it from others.

It wasn't necessarily Chinese hackers either. There are others with the same ability all over the world. I mean even the USA military is seeking criminals to pursue information that is not theirs to have. I know, I know, it is called spying. But, criminals? I don't think so. You mean to tell me the USA PsyOps has no idea about the thought processes of criminals? Really? That might even explain the willingness of the USA to use torture, drones and engage in wars without end.

End of entry. 

The ICZ (Intratropical Convergence Zone) is void of water vapor.

January 25, 2014
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of north and west hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop - Thank you.)

The overriding presence of movement appears to be Jet Stream at this point. What is troubling is the vortex in the Atlantic offshore of Africa. It is incorporated into the Jet Stream. There is a significant water vapor at it's northern boundary. It may very well develop into a Superstorm.

There are telltale presence of the ICZ, but, the water vapor is gone. When the vortexes showed up in 2002 I was concerned about the jet stream as it was mostly undetectable. But, every few days there would be similar 'telling signs' of the Jet Stream if one was looking for it. I have records that detailed the jet stream at the time of the vortexes. It got really strange in it's global travel before the vortexes finally appeared. Two. One in the North Atlantic (North Atlantic Oscillation) and one in the North Pacific (Arctic Oscillation). If one knows anything about the oscillation phenomena of Earth, they never appear at the same time.

Hawaii might want to declare a state of emergency if it's tourism business is falling off due to storms.

The 'white foamy' appearance is aeration of ocean salt water. That degree of aeration of Pacific waters means it is really stirred up far into the ocean.

Spectators watch giant waves from the cliffside at Waimea Bay as high surf hits the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, where a big-wave surfing competition was called off. 

Half Moon Bay, California: (click here) With a Pacific storm pushing big waves toward California, organisers of a contest at one of the world's most perilous surfing spots have told competitors to grab their boards and get ready.

Jeff Clark, director of the Mavericks event, set the contest for Friday after forecasters predicted that the mix of swell size and weather would make for waves with faces exceeding 12 metres.

Twenty-four of the world's best big wave surfers now have until then to make their way to the break a 0.8-kilometre off the coast near Half Moon Bay.
Two seasoned watermen have died there, including legendary big-wave rider Mark Foo from Hawaii in 1994....

...The huge swells are being generated by a powerful low pressure system in the central Pacific.

The same weather system that has delivered monster swells to Hawaii this week.

Some of the biggest waves to hit Hawaii in years began slamming onto shore on Wednesday, turning beachgoers into spectators as waves up to 12 metres tall crashed into idyllic getaways.

Waves up to 15 metres high were feared on the famous North Shore of Oahu and at other islands.

Beaches were closed across the island chain as the surge hit on Wednesday and Thursday.

Coastal roads and parking lots reportedly flooded as wind gusts up to 64 km/h whipped onlookers and tore fronds from palm trees. Officials urged surfers not to risk their lives to ride the violent surges....

The wave height is across the entire Pacific Ocean. The Marine Data (click here) of the central Pacific is unavailable. The other regions of the Pacific are quiet. It is a movement of wind that has raised the water height from the West Pacific completely across to the East Pacific. The velocity must be homogenous for the height to be this consistent across that body of water. Of course, these heights are in the upper layer of the Pacific. The floating 'beige sand' in the picture above is near shore water turbulence. It didn't come from Asia or the bottom of the Pacific.

The Jet Stream is carrying the turbulence. The water vapor is dropping across the planet that supports the vortexes. Below is the current snow fall map of the USA. There is far less snow that one would expect with such severe cold winds and storms.

The areas of the USA where snow has accumulated the drought has been relieved. The Mississippi and East of Mississippi have received tropical water vapor to relieve the drought. But, the Jet Stream is not carrying significant water vapor to cause rain storms in the west.

If the water vapor is significantly absent in the lower troposphere, there may be far less vortexes since they are water vapor dependent. 

Indonesia is receiving rain across the week with little to no wind expected. Australia is expecting another heat wave within a day or so. The last of the ships stuck in the Antarctica sea ice arrived at port a couple days ago.

Australia's climate map states they expect rain at or above the average. The southern hemisphere has less land mass than the northern hemisphere. They might be expecting reasonable temperatures as they move into autumn and winter.
The reason the Christi Administration addresses the monies from the federal government as if their own to distribute is because State Senator Barbara Buono used those issues as a wedge issue during the Governor's race. I suppose Christi could have set the record straight then, but, he didn't want to appear diminished in authority either. He also had some say in trying to prod the federal authority along, so perhaps he did have an interest in it however distant.

Blood Sport. I never liked it in our politics. I don't think it is good for the country. It demands citizens to be held at bay to understand the underpinnings of the American Political Games. It prevents citizens from their personal power to know facts, discern how government works and who indeed is telling the truth or even to discern what is in their best interest. If a politician is relying on his morality be that of the Ten Commandments, that same politician doesn't want the public in on the truth about their real morality.

New Jersey and New York does play blood sport. It is primarily focused on sex scandals and improprieties of power. The defense is always to deny those escaping realities to the public, but, inevitably the media has a strong position in carrying out the bloodletting at will. The New York Times was determined to rid the state of Governor Elliot Spitzer because Wall Street has their back and Spitzer didn't.

Am I naive of this reality and the power it carries? No. I just don't approve of it. 

Politics is a blood sport. (click here) President Obama is not, by temperament, a warrior. That's why he lost last week's debate. Obama is rational, deliberate and thoughtful. They are good things if you're a college professor. They're not if you're fighting a battle.

Democrats were enraged by Obama's performance. It was bloodless. He didn't show enough fight. Partisans expect their standard-bearer to be ruthless and aggressive. Especially if your opponent gets down and dirty, as Mitt Romney did. You're expected to do whatever it takes to win. Remember how Lloyd Bentsen humiliated Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice presidential debate ("Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy")?...