Thursday, July 10, 2014

The employer mandate? That is the best he's got?

I'll admit I find all the delays frustrating, but, reacting to requests of a community in a softened economy is not illegal. It is actually Presidential. I think John Boehner may lose his seat over this.

July 10, 2014
By Andrew Prokop

Speaker John Boehner (click here) is planning to file a lawsuit against President Obama on behalf of the House of Representatives, focused on the president's delay of Obamacare's employer mandate. Is there any precedent for this lawsuit? How would it proceed? We answer your questions below....

I wish the Speaker would reconsider his stand on this. He is stating there is some corrupt reason the mandate was delayed. That isn't what happened. He is acting against his own constituency. 

North Dakota is destroying drinking water.


A pipeline has leaked 1 million gallons (click here) of oil drilling saltwater into the ground at a North Dakota Indian reservation, and some of the byproduct ended up in a bay that feeds the lake that provides the reservation's drinking water, company and tribal officials said.
Cleanup at the Fort Berthold reservation site continued Thursday, two days after the leak was discovered. It was expected to last for weeks, said Miranda Jones, the vice president of environmental safety and regulatory at Houston-based Crestwood Midstream Services Inc.
Jones said the leak at the underground pipeline, owned by Crestwood subsidiary Aero Pipeline LLC, likely started over the Fourth of July weekend. The pipeline was not equipped with a system that sends an alert when there is a leak, she said, and the spill was only discovered when the company was going through production loss reports.
"This is something no company wants on their record, and we are working diligently to clean it up," Jones said....

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I hear Mr. Beck is sending humanitarian aid to the children coming to our southern border. Thank you. That is a good beginning in understanding the plight of these people. Very decent of him to do that. I am sure he is working with forthright organizations to be sure the children receive the aid.

Each child is a broken family. These are highly religious people with deep faith in God. Each child represents a victory for the USA in saving people from the vicious drug cartels. 

One has to stop and realize why each child is here in order to understand the violence they face at home. They are very brave, but, they are still children.

Thank you, Mr. Beck. Perhaps your generosity will reflect a growing understanding of the emergency and the softening of American sentiment to protect these lives.

Israel needs to de-escalate the attacks.

An entire Palestinian family was wiped out last night. Israel needs to return to the peace table and hopes the world forgives them.

July 10, 2014
Associated Press

Israel dramatically (click here) escalated its aerial assault in Gaza Thursday hitting hundreds of Hamas targets, as Palestinians reported 16 people killed in strikes that hit a home and a beachside cafe and Israel's missile defence system once again intercepted rockets fired by militants at the country's heartland.
Military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said Israel struck more than 320 Hamas targets overnight, focusing on underground tunnel networks and rocket launching sites. That brought the total number of targets hit to 750 in three days of the massive offensive that has killed at least 80 Palestinians....
Israel can begin to end it's aggression by recognizing the Palestinians are burying their dead now.

I just have this feeling Mr. Snowden is coming home this year.

July 8, 2014

..."We consider (click here) this as the latest unfriendly move from Washington," Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement demanding "coherent explanations about the incident."
The ministry recalled two previous incidents involving wanted Russian businessmen Viktor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko in observing that the Seleznev detention abroad was "not the first time that the U.S. government, ignoring a bilateral agreement on mutual legal cooperation regarding criminal issues, has conducted a literal kidnapping of a Russian citizen."...
Russia has been shutting down outside financial interests and seeking to create Russia credit cards based in rubles. So, this trafficking issue is not all that surprising. It is coincidental that Mr. Snowden's temporary asylum is also coming to an end.