Sunday, September 16, 2012

I saw the photos. Like. Ah. So, what. I am pleased they have pressed charges. There should be.

They seem happy in their marriage. Something wrong with that?

...With Harry we had a young single man on the lash with his pals behaving in a very unprincely manner with people he hardly knew, shortly after frolicking in the very public hotel pool and in the process raising very serious issues about his security.
Kate, on the other hand, is a newly-married young woman enjoying a relaxing and obviously loving moment with her husband on holiday in a private chateau miles from any other member of the public.
Harry clearly compromised himself while Kate did not, yet on both occasions the outrage was that the photographers involved, either an opportunistic groupie of a determined paparazzo, had committed a gross breach of privacy no matter what the circumstances and that others had given them wider circulation....

I am taking the evening off.

Until tomorrow.

Tariq Ramadan is a well known authority on the faiths of Islam.(click title to entry for his appearance on Book TV)

He also has a website (click here).

In his discussion on Book TV he stated there are tens of millions of dollars invested in the elections in Egypt to place the most conservative parties in influence. There are members from religious orders that stated they would never be part of the government. And these are among the most backed parties in the country. I thought his insight was more than interesting.