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Americans for Responsible Solutions

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Thank you (click here) for joining the conversation about gun violence in America that our leaders have too long neglected to have. We are excited to work with YOU to bring about needed solutions to reduce gun violence and protect the rights of responsible gun owners. 

We can reach a commonsense consensus to reduce gun violence in this country. What is it? We want to hear from you! 

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Two years ago, a mentally ill young man shot me in the head, killed six of my constituents, and wounded 12 others. Since that terrible day, America has seen 11 more mass shootings – but no response from Congress to prevent gun violence. After the massacre of 20 children and six of their teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary though, it’s clear: This time must be different.
Americans for Responsible Solutions will encourage elected officials to stand up for solutions to prevent gun violence and protect responsible gun ownership by communicating directly with the constituents that elect them.
Join us today, and tell your elected leaders that Americans are demanding responsible solutions to reduce gun violence.

Our new campaign will launch a national dialogue and raise funds to counter influence of the gun lobby. (click the link above - thank you)

The Pro-Gun Zealots want to federalize all gun crime with at least ten year sentences.


They want to federalize all gun crimes with mandatory sentences such as Florida's "10-20-Life Law." BUT. There can be no federalization of an assault weapons ban. BUT. The States can have an assault weapons ban if that is what the people demand.

Updated 12/17/2012 11:59 PM
By: Zack Fink
...On Monday, he explained why.
"I think that is fundamentally a federal matter because the guns transfer easily over borders," Cuomo said.
Illegal guns often travel up the I-95 corridor to be sold illegally in New York City.
But advocates for gun control say more can be done here, like strengthening the state ban on assault weapons.
"In all my time in Albany we have put a ban on assault weapons year after year after year. We pass it in the Assembly. It's common sense legislation," Manhattan Assemblyman Keith Wright said. "The Republicans in the Senate have historically not had the will nor the ability to pass legislation that would ban assault weapons."...
The 10-20-Life Law does nothing to prevent guns deaths. This is a very harsh law instituted AFTER the fact. So, if an extremist wants to obtain guns and kill people that is fine. He'll be incarcerated afterward.

10-20-Life Law was instituted by the Former Governor Jeb Bush. So, the former governor looked at the crime problem in Florida and decided to build bigger jails and prisons. Right? If a governor can't prevent the crime, then build bigger and better prisons. Put everyone qualified for imprisonment behind bars and throw away the key. Easy. That is what this is all about. This is simply stating there is no way of stopping violent crime.

Building more prisons is an interesting way of moving responsibility from society to a human rights issue enforceable by international standards, but, it doesn't stop the crime. As a matter of fact it escalates the severity of the crime. Basically, if someone is going to use a gun to hold up a bank, other than Wall Street CEOs without guns, and will receive stiff penalties, why not kill witnesses along the way?

Florida is not the state to look for effective crime laws. There has been a move in Florida to privatize the prisons. Some time ago, Florida was found guilty of substandard living conditions for their prisoners, so they have been building new prisons for a long time now. About four decades of new buildings actually. But, the privatization movement is fairly recent and the courts have struck down all the plans. Florida has become a Republican wasteland of policy that does not work and shunned by the courts.

The Florida Prison system is the third largest in the nation and if they haven't imprisoned enough people to stop gun crime in Florida, then dear God, when will they?

The problem here is not the proposed changes to gun laws in the USA. They are correct and needed. The problem is they are not politically viable for the Republican Party and THAT is the only problem. Every strategy the Pro-Gun Zealots are advocating have all been tried and they don't work. We have children to protect which means the police have to survive the day outside the educational classroom to be effective. Does anyone believe this is a good idea or policy?

I don't think so.

Gee, if I were a militant in Algeria where would I find Americans?

The Amenas natural gas field, where Islamist militants raided and took hostages on Wednesday Jan. 16, 2013, is seen in this undated image released by BP.

Do you think the petroleum industry could pay attention to travel warnings from the USA State Department when they staff their facilities? 


When is the petroleum industry going to realize they need to ONLY move into a country for investment when the country has expertise to actually benefit the people of the nation? When will that happen? You know, hire Algerian engineers, construction companies and employees? Sound like a plan? Maybe?

What a flyin' pain the the butt this is!

VOA News

Algeria (click here)

September 13, 2012

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Algeria. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning for Algeria dated May 4, 2012, to update information on the current security situation in Algeria and the continuing threat posed by terrorism, and to reiterate information on security incidents and recommendations on security awareness.
The Department of State urges U.S. citizens who travel to Algeria to evaluate carefully the risks posed to their personal safety. There is a high threat of terrorism and kidnappings in Algeria. This kidnapping threat was noted in the Department of State's Worldwide Caution dated July 18, 2012. Although the major cities are heavily policed, attacks could still potentially take place. The majority of terrorist attacks, including bombings, false roadblocks, kidnappings, and ambushes occur in areas of the country east and south of Algiers.
Al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is active and operates throughout Algeria. They claimed credit for the December 2007 United Nations bombings in Algeria, the last major attack in the capital, and have pledged to carry out more attacks....

I'd like to address the horrible campaign propagated by the NRA.

To begin, the lovely young ladies currently gracing the White House have lent their Dad to the USA's people.   As a nation we are grateful for their sacrifice in sharing him. And. Their Mom. She has been an incredible force for good in the USA. How could we have "Moved" without Michelle Obama? She has been great and she is a great sport, too.

To turn to the rhetoric of the NRA and their lousy idea of fun on all fronts, including political, it is inappropriate. But, they are struggling. They are seeking any and all 'points of contact' to secure their monies to leverage power. They want to leverage power with the electorate in areas where lack of education exists, where people are naive as well as seeking to put the 'fear of the government' in people ready to believe it. I suppose it could be characterized as Anti-American. There is no one seeking to remove any gun sport and/or personal protection away from the American people. Given the verbiage of the NRA, they are simply Anti-American.

The dead across this country occurring with guns that simply do not belong among us is enormous. The NRA sees the dead as collateral. That is a battleground term. The USA is not a battleground. That was resolved a long time ago and except for extremists the American people are not interested in having their country establish killing fields again.

The country doesn't need high powered weapons. They are being bought by straw purchasers at our southern border and shipped across to ANOTHER country struggling to stop the drug cartels and protect their people while trying to improve the lives of their citizens. That is impossible if the USA doesn't stop this disaster. The USA is not alone in the world to conduct it's domestic life styles in a vacuum. We are causing problems for our allied neighbors. I would like to keep them as allies, too. That is not a minor issue either. It adds to endanger private gun ownership, if we as citizens can't own responsibly.

So, to prevent redundancy, the NRA is way out of line. They are not promoting sport or domestic tranquility or responsible gun ownership.

The NRA campaign is about money that they hope will ultimately bring power over the CITIZEN of the USA. Do folks stop to realize what the agenda of '...if guns were in the hands of the good guys the bad guys would be stopped,' actually means. 

Think about it.

It means every person in the country needs to own a gun for personal protection. It means everywhere an American travels with and without their children they need weapons to COUNTER RETURN fire by others with weapons.

It means everyone adds to their grocery list, the ammunition supply in the house. It means there will be more dead domestically at the hand of those they know. It means there will be more dead children within their own homes as they find the guns that are not secured (And there will be plenty regardless of any prosecution for neglect.). It means more dead citizens while shopping as they are dead and cannot return fire. It means there will be more dead children at schools as there will be gunfire in their classrooms and in the hallways of what is suppose to be thought about affectionately as THEIR SCHOOL. The place where they are entrusted to people who are basically strangers away from home.

The entire agenda of the NRA is unhealthy for our country. There is every reason to have personal protection within the home to protect those loved ones, but, to bring that to an agenda empowering the very people, the extremists that will kill you anyway is the wrong way to think about this.

We need to stop thinking about guns as an answer. They aren't. Guns have power. They have power to kill. We need to stop this madness in our country. The NRA is wrong and they know they are with no way to simply take a back seat so much as a methodology to exploit every opportunity for money and power. I am sorry, but, that is grossly immoral lacking ethical standards at every turn. 

The other thing is the NRA is advocating public spending on POSTING police at schools. We spend money, as a society, to protect the citizens that serve in pubic office. We do that because they have inequitable focus on their lives by people known to be violent. Not every citizen has that focus. 

The focus on the Obama children is grossly wrong and a threat. A real threat. The NRA and specifically their CEO, should be found criminally involved in an agenda of victimizing the innocent. The four year olds, too. The children at Sandy Hook Elementary School were killed by a weapon legally purchased by an extremist that believed in owning them and a weapon they advocate as responsible gun ownership. I suppose that is difficult for the NRA to take ownership of as FACTS.

The NRA is targeting anyone four years of age or older, not just elitists, so please get that right.

Elitism is not simply a definition about wealth. Elitism is about separating into special interests. The NRA is elitist. 

The language throughout all these campaigns from the NRA is sloppy without any cohesion to a common ground of American values. They are struggling to find a ground to stand on and considering the video loop was propagated by Breitbrat it is understanding why there is no cohesive message. 

Breitbart really should leave the man's name alone to rest in peace. Sympathy to all, but, it is inappropriate to continue to 'seek to destroy' for the sake of seeking to destroy. The website has nothing but extremist MESSAGING.

One other word about the word elite. Elite is frequently used to describe Seal Team Six, so get over it.

This is a Springfield 9mm semi-automatic stated to have "Superior capacity with 19+1 in 9mm". This gun was used for killing at the Sikh Temple Massacre. It sells as Cabela's for  approximately $700.00 plus the cost of ammunition.

The gunman was a White Supremacist having served in the USA military. He was not just a White Supremacist, is was a leader of an entire group of White Supremists. He was also a populous figure. He was a singer in a White Supremacist Band.

The gunman should have been a leader among others and an inspiration to us all after having served for our country, but, he turned against us. He was a Fort Bragg soldier. He left the military and became engaged in hatred rather than patriotic participation in our nation. Heck, for all anyone knows he entered the military to kill Muslims. He displayed a tattoo stating 9.11.2001.

The gunman at the Sikh Temple was an extremist by every definition of the word. The laws of the USA provided him with a weapon to carry out his own personal war after leaving the military.

We have recently witnessed a man stating it is time to take up arms against the very citizens advocating better laws and regulations for the USA. He is an extremist by every measure of the word. He is 'powered' by the USA laws allowing guns within our society.

There are many extremists in the USA. I believe many are good people that simply don't or won't understand the real world for whatever reason they don't. Not all extremists have mental illness problems. Mental illness has SPECIFIC definitions. The Colorado gunman, in all honesty, doesn't fall into that category. The viciousness and sophistication of his plans within the theater and creating a bomb of his apartment is not the work of a madman. It just isn't.

I sincerely believe the reason the Colorado gunman sat in a parking lot and allowed the police to arrest him is because he had no place to run to barricade himself away from them. Not only that, but, he didn't want to die. He absolutely didn't want to die. He was wearing body armor and used tear gas in a closed space to disable anyone with a gun in the closed space he was killing. That is not a madman. Could he benefit from medication. You betcha, but, not because of a psychosis of some kind of organic condition, but, because he participated in a culture of violence. A culture of violence that uses fantasy as a method to remove the participant from the killing.

There are many reasons why the culture of violence is 'available' in the USA and there are professionals that will state it is necessary for a 'ready at will' military. That is nonsense. A culture of violence did not provide impulsion of a nation having Pearl Harbor attacked. When the time came, Americans rose to the need of the nation. Having a prepared military is not about having a nation of people full of fear and prepared to protect their Homeland 'no matter what.'

If the USA were ever 'invaded' and their 'military defeated,' then believe me, it is too late to look for the machine gun in the basement. It won't stop aircraft and tanks. Okay? At that point if the fellows outside the house are speaking in a strange tone and language while having marshaled their expertise in stating, "Put down your weapons," hell you better do it. And do it with a white flag, asap.

If the electrical grid breaks down and there is some kind of atmospheric magnetic attack on civilization, then find the candles and find some way into town and do what everyone else is doing, namely getting their food and provides. It is the only answer. Looking for zombies isn't where it is going to be at. I am absolutely sure the USA is prepared for such instances and it isn't going to turn weapons on it's citizens. That is not the way it is going to come down and the fantasy surrounding that aspect allows citizens to disconnect from being involved in their society and become isolationists while building arsenals.

I would think all these scenarios need to be addressed by the legislature of the USA. I fully expect these issues will be addressed.

The Second Amendment does not legislate extremists to carry out their personal agendas. Absolutely it doesn't. The Second Amendment was written at a time when the colonies were of 'one purpose / one mind.' The Second Amendment was not about killing each other. It is time the nation dealt with it.

The nation needs to remember whom these people are.

Vice President Biden knows all to well the loss of family in a sudden and traumatic way. He was perfect for this initiative.

President Obama has children of a tender age. It would be only appropriate and expected to have his focus seek the needs of the children of the nation. It is why we need a young President. We decided twice to place a young man in the White House. He carries their future with him in a very real way.

The people in the room have something in common, namely violence. They sincerely want the violence to end and prevent, in any measure, such acts of violence that continue to plague the USA.

This is called problem solving for the American people.

The American People may not recognize it. It is difficult to support problem solving legislators if the people don't understand what it looks like. 
Updated 7:30pm ET: 
The U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday night (click here) approved an additional $33.7 billion in funding for emergency spending on recovery efforts aimed at helping those devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The final vote came after the House had passed another $17 billion in spending earlier in the day.
The approval of the $50.7 billion came only after political debates over spending that does not directly go to the areas impacted by the super storm. 
The House GOP leadership carefully orchestrated a multi-stage process designed to permit Republican members to vote for some Sandy aid, but not the full $60.4 billion the Senate OK’d last year, if they objected to that much spending. By designing the process in this way, the GOP leadership made it highly likely that the total package will ultimately become law after the Senate acts next week....

Healing the people of New Jersey is up to Governor Christi. I am confident he will succeed. He has fought hard for New Jersey, he won't stop now. New Jersey has always been a 'donor' state. It contributes more to the USA Treasury than it receives from federal programs. We, as a nation, cannot ignore that fact. The people of New Jersey are great people. They have suffered enough.

The USA can't put emergency relief on the backburner.

The National Debt has to be addressed, but, depriving our citizens of their economy is not the way to do it. Seriously.

Woman rescued between two cider block walls.

The Rescue Team has performed an incredible act in saving a woman who fell between two cider block walls, but, why did this space exist in a way that endangered her in the first place?

This is an eight inch space between two buildings. Like, what?

There needed to be locked and secured steel doors within the walls themselves to access the space and there needed to be a secure steel wire bridge at the top of the two walls closing off the space to such an accident.  

No zoning? I mean, this was an accident waiting to happen.

I suppose she either didn't have a cell phone or was unable to secure it her handbag or able to dial it.

Can Portland try to fill in the gaps in city planning?

Rescue underway for woman stuck between 2 buildings (click here)

by Michael RollinsFollow: @KGWNews
Posted on January 16, 2013 at 6:09 AM
Updated today at 7:28 AM

PORTLAND -- Portland Fire Bureau were crews trying to rescue a woman Wednesday morning who somehow got wedged between two buildings at 12th and Columbia in downtown Portland.

The incident began about 3:30 a.m. when a woman was seen on a second-story smoking area, a witness told KGW.

The woman was yelling for help and was seen climbing on a wall before apparently falling between the two buildings, the witness said.

Her loud behavior was out of the ordinary for the types of tenants in the building, the witness said, and described her mannerisms as "rude."

She had somehow fallen about 12 feet into a tight space at the Gretchen Kafoury Commons and an adjacent building....