Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Barcelona terror attack is ongoing in a different methodology. Drivers now live through the attacks.

17 August 2017
By Andrew Griffin

Two armed men (click here) are holed up in a Barcelona restaurant after a terror attack there and may have taken hostages.

The men – who may not be those who drove a van into a huge crowd of people earlier, though are presumed to be linked to them – may be holding hostages inside the restaurant.

Police have said they are still searching for the man who was driving the van, which drove into one of the busiest squares in the city centre.

The Turkish restaurant at the centre of the situation is called Luna de Estambul, or The Istanbul Moon, El País reported. That is just around the corner from the Las Ramblas tourist spot where the attack happened....

The change in methodology when it comes to terror attacks probably brings more recruits with it. But, I didn't expect the militia response for hostages after this attack. It is different. Charlottesville was different, but, this is yet another criminal element to the attack. I think of hostages in places in the Middle East. But, considering the migration of middle east terrorists into Europe, it is not a surprise this is occurring.

There was a hostage taking in Australia a few years ago, too.

I want statues of Rachel Carson.

There should be one in Springdale, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania College for Women, a notable presence at John Hopkins University, University of Maryland and every office of US Fish and Wildlife where she conducted her earthshaking research that lead to "Silent Spring."

There needs to be a non-profit foundation built in her name to provide scholarships and environmental research.

I mean every word.

Thank you, Rabbi Lookstein.

Every measure of ethnic hate needs to be removed from the American landscape. This has been a horrible awakening to the reality of the depth of racism in the USA.

August 17, 2017
By Derek Hawkins

A head rabbi (click here) at Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s New York City synagogue denounced President Trump’s response to the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, joining a chorus of political and religious leaders who say the president was wrong to blame “both sides” for the violence.

In a letter Wednesday to his congregation, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein wrote that his community had been “consumed” by the “frightening message and fallout” from the hate-fueled mayhem that left one woman dead and others injured last weekend.

“We are appalled by this resurgence of bigotry and antisemitism, and the renewed vigor of the neo-Nazis, KKK and alt-right,” read the letter, which was signed by Lookstein and two other rabbis. “While we always avoid politics, we are deeply troubled by the moral equivalency and equivocation President Trump has offered in his response to this act of violence.”

“We pray that our country heeds the voices of tolerance, and stays true to its vision of human rights and civil rights,” it read....

The country cannot ignore the rise of racism. It is now pervasive, including federal legislation. We tolerated a lot of the change as "elections have consequences." That was wrong. As soon as the whiff of racism was being realized it should have become part of the national dialogue.

David Duke's agenda is at the point where his followers felt safe enough to carry weapons into Charlottesville, Virginia. We lost a wonderful woman and two police officers and Duke didn't even blink.

The gun rights issue has to be included in this. The weapons on the street of the USA are at least or more powerful than what the average police carry. We are looking at SWAT teams being challenged by NUMBERS, not strength. The militarization of the USA has played to the racist agenda. I think the political agenda of ALEC is happenstance to the David Duke agenda, but, it certainly helped in arming the American street.

The agenda of mayors and states to remove racist statues and other symbols is correct and needed. A society values it's leaders through such infrastructure. We need to remove the heralding of the Civil War South. It is correct to do so. We have to stop passing along the legitimacy of slavery as part of the south's economy. These icons defended the enslavement of human beings. It has to be dealt with.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Viktor Yanukovych tried it too; only he disarmed the national military at the same time he deployed oligarch militias all over Ukraine. It didn't work then and it isn't going to work in the USA either. Honestly, Donald. A Russian strategy?

Any ideas of attacking innocent Americans to take over a city in the USA definitely WON'T WORK. Promise.

Ah, there are secessionists in the White House. I told you. Someone should get an invite into the office and/or his home to take pictures of Lee hanging on the wall.

Their wackos. They have their own reality and are sticking to it.It is like those religious nut cases that believe the Earth has existed for 8000 years. 
Go figure. They have created their own facts and are satisfied with that unreality.

Secessionist lawyers in the White House is a worry. A very big worry.

It appears the violence at Charlottesville, Virginia wasn't the first time. It was just the first time a woman was killed.

July 8, 2017

Charlottesville, Va. -- Authorities said 23 people (click here) were arrested during the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan rally and counter protest in Charlottesville's Justice Park Saturday afternoon.

Ahead of the rally, protesters gathered and Charlottesville Police estimated that more than 1,000 people attended the rally. Officials estimated that 50 members of the KKK attended.

The Loyal White Knights of the KKK, which is based in North Carolina, told WVIR they organized the rally to support Southern heritage.

"They're trying to erase our history, and it's not right what they're doing," Klansman Douglas Barker told the TV station....

These bubbas were building up a full head of steam to attack. They were practicing. They were measuring the police response. That is why the helicopter was in the air this time for the White Nationalists march.

I am sure there is an FBI file on each one of them by now.

David Duke has the absolutely wrong idea. It won't work. The Governors have control of the National Guard, not Trump. There would be a blood bath by the White Supremacists, a standoff and then assault by the National Guard. There is no surprise there.

The only worry is for the National Guard leadership to determine whom among their weekend warriors are White Supremacists on the other weekends they are home. Once that is determined there would be no chance for internal confusion or sabotage of the mission of the National Guard.


It over David Duke. Your Bubbas have caused the death of two police officers this past week when their helicopter crashed for an unknown reason. It is over. There is nothing to strategize. The National Guard under "W" was trained and in combat. These men and women are no one to mess with and if anyone of you morons thinks it will happen your way, the muscle between your ears is lacking. 
Ah, there are secessionists in the White House. I told you. Someone should get an invite into the office and/or his home to take pictures of Lee hanging on the wall.

Their wackos. They have their own reality and are sticking to it.

It is like those religious nut cases that believe the Earth has existed for 8000 years. 

Go figure. They have created their own facts and are satisfied with that unreality.

Secessionist lawyers in the White House is a worry. A very big worry. 


International viral news article; The Blue Dog Group.

...Dogs (click here) often wade into the Kasadi River in search of food, but thanks to the industrial waste that's been released into the water, the dogs emerged with a Smurf-like dye job in addition to any scraps they could fish out. 
When the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) investigated, the agency found that a private company was using blue dye in products such as detergents, and the waste from that process made its way into the river. Though the area around the company is cordoned off, "five to six dogs entered the site looking for food and got the blue color on them," Jayavant Hajare, a regional officer at the MPCB, told the Hindustan Times.
Nearly 1,000 pharmaceutical, food and engineering factories that are located in the area release their waste into that river. Testing done by the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation found that the water is too polluted to support life, the newspaper reported.
So far, dogs seem to be the only animals affected by the blue dye. But animal rights activists said that other animals, including birds and reptiles, may also be affected.

The USA Civil War is a shameful scar on the USA's history. Slavery was an economic demand and it is and was blatantly wrong to any American values. Slavery enabled wealth and not citizenry.

There is no Confederacy. Lincoln saw to it the Civil War dead were buried with dignity in places like Arlington Cemetry. The Confederate Generals surrendered and that satisfied President Lincoln. The political right has NO RIGHT to continue tributes to the Confederacy.

The Confederacy is NOT HISTORY. There is a remnant of the "spirit" of the Confederacy that lives on in descendants. No one is asking anyone to deny their family tree, but, they might want to, this is the year 2017.

There is NO LEGITIMATE USE OF THE CONFEDERATE FLAG. It is a symbol of hate and does not belong anywhere on display in the USA. 

The violence in Charlottesville is a promise by those 'hooked on hate' for more of the same. They are sadly mistaken to believe this will continue. It will not. Universities in Texas have canceled such marches as they should have based on safety to staff, students, faculty and the public.

The hate groups are to be ostracized from the American street. The hate groups are not welcome anywhere in the USA. The violence stops in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Everyone seeking political office should be scrutinized for any remote link to funding from these hate groups. Full disclosure forms must target these hate groups specifically, including media links to those that promote hate such as Breitbart News.

This hate is to be ended in the USA and now!

This is the picture that should have made headlines across the country. "Victory for David Duke and the KKK"

Don't think for one minute there is any remorse by Duke and his friends either. Talking past this disaster of a country won't make it any better and won't make the KKK go away.

August 16, 2017
By Will Worley

...One of America’s (click here) most prominent neo-Nazi websites has apparently ordered its readers to harass the funeral of Heather Heyer, the civil rights worker who was killed during the disorder in Virginia town of Charlottesville.

The Daily Stormer helped organise the ultra-right wing rally where a car was driven into counter-demonstrators, killing the 32-year-old paralegal and hurting 19 other people....

These are the friends of President Trump while he denies that is the case. We may as well call him and them what they are, radical extremists.

McConnnel is silent because he doesn't want to make it appear as though he and his wife have control of the cabinet. What will happen next is an infrastructure bill that will carry radical changes to the permitting process and seek to destroy the previous environmental law.

It is astounding to realize a cabinet secretary has spent the first eight months of her office making flow charts. That is probably the country's new infrastructure funding. The lack of permits.

The triumphant Duke has polluted the airwaves again with idiocy and ideology. 

"Equal Rights for All. Special Privilege for None. The Courage to Be Different."

As of the speech yesterday, Trump has drunk the Duke "Cool-aid." What Duke didn't include in his slogan is "Death to all that oppose us."

Hitler lives. His followers have their own economy spelled out for them.

"Capital"by Karl Marx (click here)

Page 438

Section 2: Relative Diminution of the Variable Part of Capital Simultaneously with the Progress of Accumulation and of the Concentration that Accompanies it 

According to the economists themselves, it is neither the actual extent of social wealth, nor the magnitude of the capital already functioning, that lead to a rise of wages, but only the constant growth of accumulation and the degree of rapidity of that growth. (Adam Smith, Book I., chapter 8.) So far, we have only considered one special phase of this process, that in which the increase of capital occurs along with a constant technical composition of capital. But the process goes beyond this phase. Once given the general basis of the capitalistic system, then, in the course of accumulation, a point is reached at which the development of the productivity of social labour becomes the most powerful lever of accumulation. “The same cause,” says Adam Smith, “which raises the wages of labour, the increase of stock, tends to increase its productive powers, and to make a smaller quantity of labour produce a greater quantity of work.” 11 Apart from natural conditions, such as fertility of the soil, &c., and...

There it is. Money to the wealthy begets labor. Karl Marx wrote the White Supremacist economy and that translates well into the Republican economic ideology. "The Trickle Down Economy."

Where is a union when one needs one? By the way, the AFL-CIO resigned from the President's council along with some very distinguished CEOs. Walmart wimped out and only made a news statement.

The Working Class Republican (click here) Henry Olsen talked about his book The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism, in which he argues that Ronald Reagan not only considered himself a successor to FDR’s New Deal policy but was more progressive than President Roosevelt. In his book, he further contends that Republicans need to reconnect with Reagan’s vision of the New Deal in order to stay relevant.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Donald Trump is a racist. "The South Will Never Rise Again." Promise.

President Trump has stated Steve Bannon was not a part of the campaign until later in the process. Steve Bannon was part of the process from the time Trump was challenging President Obama's birth certificate. Racism. I thought it was more or less Republican rhetoric. It is and was far more than that.

This was featured on "Rachel Maddow" this evening. (click here)

The problem about any reports during the 2016 election; and I don't believe I am alone; no one likes to judge someone for office based on a family member's beliefs and loyalties. And it seems so long ago that it is very difficult to assign racism as a life long loyalty. Most Americans expect other Americans to have moved on. Seriously.

Fred Trump, Donald's father, was one of seven men arrested for protesting as a member of the KKK. Donald has been part of a social scene in New York City for so long, it just is unbelievable to think he still harbors those old beliefs of his father. The image below left is his arrest record. I have to admit my chin was on the floor when hearing this report after the incidents of the weekend.

Trump's presidency has been nothing but shock and awe. I think that is a very important aspect of this. Denial. I really believe many, many Americans are in denial about racism. It is not in their normal lives. Most Americans don't embrace racism as an option. I think most Americans have contact with minorities on a regular basis.

When Trump came along, a billionaire, a casino owner-tycoon, a social icon, a married man with a pretty wife and successful children was a real option in a field of Republicans that reflect nothing much besides dysfunction. He was the unconventional candidate. But, he has proved to be, depending on one's political identity, at the very least a disappointment or a complete incompetent. There are not many Americans that actually believe he is a good president now.

Donald Trump was stealth. The KKK knew that. The KKK strongly identifies with Trump because of Fred Trump. Donald Trump is a complete surprise to most Americans, including, those who read the "Washington Post" and the warning about the future based on the past. Trump was unexpected. 

Congress needs to return to DC and make it clear through admonishment they do no accept Trump's agenda. Racism cannot return and so far the Republicans have fallen in line with their base of racists in passing legislation such as the Voting Rights Act repeal. Congress needs to do better and they need to begin that with their return and recognizing the Trump Presidency as siding with racists. This has to end. The violence is beginning to be a regular event and it has to stop.

In the video below the White Supremacist calls Trump out on his daughter's marriage. Yet, Trump is still a loyalist. The video also reveals the truth about the march by the racists. Trump is wrong. While he called the racists out by name as he did on Saturday, there cannot be back sliding into blaming the innocent for the hate of the guilty. They killed a woman. That had nothing to do with the opposition marchers. The violence was in the air and it was the racists that advanced on the others.

That White Supremacist that stated 'the pretty girl married a Jew' recognizes Trump as a tool, not a leader. Donald Trump needs to be told that embracing radical extremists is not a plank in the Republican platform anymore. The country needs to hear it. Congress needs to mean it.

"...I'm trying to make myself more capable of violence..." END IT!

"Donald." The police will identify the people and carry out investigation and charges. The violence is the President's to address.

Donald Trump cannot create his own reality. There is no Alt Left. 

The violence was THE DEFINITION of the march. The PERMITTED march was to enforce the violence defined within the mission of the Alt Right, National Supremacist, etc. Violence was met with anger within the opposition. 

Violence and anger to end the violence is an issue of justice.

Violence does not achieve justice in the USA. The opposition group defended 'the peace.' Their identity is not tied up in violence, their identity is non-violence.

It was the President's place to emphasize the mission of the non-violent. The White Nationalists INVITED violence to their march because of the definition of their mission.

Demonstrations are becoming the meeting ground of the defined violent and the defined non-violent. White Supremacists have had their leadership state they are involved with peaceful genocide. That measure is manipulative and hidden in places like the legislation that basically made the Voting Rights Act useless.

The cities have to be careful in issuing permits for marches. They can no longer allow groups with a defined mission of 'peaceful genocide' march in the streets, especially since they are carrying weapons and dressed for war.

Here he goes, the people that were violent on the right and so called Left didn't have a permit. Lacking a permit can get a person killed, huh? Permit. Amazing. "The Permit" is the star of the Trump White House.

He cannot make up a group called the Alt Left. Who are they? The opposition group that showed up in Charlottesville, Virginia may have carried defensive measures. This is more of the same to his bias/bigotry. It was okay if the PERMITTED people carried very deadly weapons into the city. But, it was not okay if the opposition group to have defensive measures. That is not reality. "Being legal" with a permit when THE OPPRESSED have no resources doesn't mean they get left out of the law or protections of the law. THE PERMIT is not all that. The permit in this instance CAUSED group dynamics that ended in maiming and death.

The violence is part of the picture now since Berkley. It is becoming the status quo. Cities will have to be careful about pre-qualifying organizations that want to carry out a march/demonstration.

President Trump is not addressing the violence, he is dividing the IDENTITY of the people involved to exonerate the violence. As long as there is a permit anything goes.

Here we go, "Was George Washington a slave owner?" He is racist and likes it just fine. The issue is the continuation of the civil war since they lost the war. There is no basis in any way for emulation of civil war icons.

There it is again, the exoneration of the guilty by a sympathetic figure, his mother. He is a racist. There is absolutely no reason to bring the murderer's mother into the spot light. Maybe she'll be at the next convention to elevate the Alt Right/All Right. I can't wait to see the fund raisers where she'll be the star. 

I apologize, I thought President Trump was discussing the murderer's mother. I agree Heather Heyer's mother said it exactly right. She forgave the murderer and found "the cause" of her daughter the purpose of her death and a defining moment for Heather's mother. I do expect Heather's mother to be at the center of a convention stage. Absolutely. The White Nationalists have to be defined and Heather's death and the method it was achieved has to define it.

The acts of the murderer were heinous. He first plowed into the crowd of innocent people. I think we can agree no one was threatened with their life when the driver killed. There was no self-defense at all. This was an attempt of mass murder. When I realized he backed his car up after people tried to stop him by jumping on the car I realized he was interested in nothing less than killing all those he could.

President Trump is still not facing the facts surrounding Steve Bannon's position in the White House. He is a White Supremacist. He has been a self-avowed White Supremacist for years if not a decade or even longer. He did so to attract voters for the Republicans that he approved of. Now, he is not a White Supremacist. Sorry, that doesn't wash. That is more manipulation and it has to stop. Steve Bannon cannot simply state he is not a White Supremacist after he gets the power he wants. Donald Trump has to come to terms with the manipulation and realize Steve Bannon does not belong in the White House. His followers laugh when Bannon states he is not a White Supremacist. 

It doesn't matter to people in the KKK that politicians pivot to appear to be a 'regular guy.' The KKK has power and they know they have power. It is capturing that power that lasts past the election and it is that power that killed Heather. Words have meaning, but, not that much. Power does not dissolve because there is a change in identity or verbs. Steve Bannon can ask his mother to see him differently, he cannot ask that of his followers, they won't permit it.
The Army Corp of Engineers will still have to get all the environmental impact statements. President Trump cannot override legislation. This has to go through a legislative process.

EPA plays a unique role in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. (click here)

The EPA oversees the policy. It is law. The EPA enforces the law. The enforcement is not an option, that is called corruption. The reason approval may have a lengthy timeline is because the company/person(s) seeking to build is in violation of the law. The law is there to protect everyone, including those in violation of the law.

I have no doubt there will be plenty of lawsuits. There is usually a lawsuit involved with these projects anyway.

There are still state and local regs to follow as well. I am sure President Trump already is receiving expedited projects since the signature.

It is always someone else's fault. I don't hear any White Nationalist declaring the death and method to that death appauling and unsanctioned by any of their organizations.

It is the cops fault. Even though 2 died due to a helicopter crash while they observed the demonstrators. It is the counter protesters fault. But, never ever is it the hate groups' fault.

August 15, 2017
By Broede Carmody

Triple J's Hack program (click here) and its host Tom Tilley have come under fire for giving airtime to a white nationalist.

On Monday night's program, Tilley grilled one of the organisers of the deadly Charlottesville protests. One woman was killed and several injured over the weekend after a car ploughed into a group of people protesting a white nationalist rally. 

Speaking from the US, Eli Mosley told Hack listeners he and other so-called alt-right protesters were "forced into violence" due to the actions of counter protesters and the "incompetence and negligence" of local police. 

Tilley, who has been hosting Hack for the past six years, pointed out pictures from the protests showed white nationalists carrying firelit torches and wearing army fatigues....

Here we go now. Here come all the crazies out of their closets.

15 August 2017
By Dubby Henry

A West Auckland pastor (click here) has delivered a sermon calling for gay people to be shot.

Westcity Bible Baptist Church pastor Logan Robertson agrees his comments are hate speech but is unapologetic.

Footage posted online at the end of July shows Robertson making highly offensive comments against homosexuals. His words have been roundly condemned by another Christian leader....  
It appeared as though David Duke and Donald Trump were tweeting AT each other yesterday. Duke stated Trump was giving in to the liberal media and Trump was tweeting "fake news." I do believe they have at least a political agenda together.

I am sure that plays into Russia's plans, however, Russia does not cater to the White Supremacists. 

But, in order to bring about the new USA, the infrastructure has to be starved and people made weak through impoverishment in order to welcome a new savior. That is quite a task in this country. 

Local economies everyone, it is a national defense priority. No wonder Americans worship wealth.
Topsail Island, NC (click here) is receiving 4 to 6 foot surf. That is expected to continue until tomorrow morning. Hurricane Gert is perfectly content to sit just east of the southeast coast of the USA.

The coastline at NC falls within what is known as the "Horse Latitudes." It seems as though Gert is proving that fact. The wind is 1 mph. Gert isn't going anywhere.
August 15, 2017
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

Hurricane Gert and the buoys in the Atlantic. W. Bermuda is receiving 10.4 foot swells.

Woods Hole NW Tropical Atlantic (click here)

The winds have picked up in the Dominican Republic. Even the south island is receiving 10 knot winds. Gert's central pressure is 986 millibars which is a mid-range category 1 hurricane. I am fairly sure with Gert sitting offshore for days now there is beach erosion within it's reach.

In tribute to Heather Heyer and her mother.

August 13, 2017

Perseid meteor shower (click here)

By Christina Caron

Heather D. Heyer (click here) died standing up for what she believed in.

Friends described her as a passionate advocate for the disenfranchised who was often moved to tears by the world’s injustices. That sense of conviction led her to join demonstrators protesting a rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday....

...“Heather was such a sweet soul, and she did not deserve to die,” Ms. Blair said on Sunday.

Others said Ms. Heyer, who lived in Charlottesville, spoke out against inequality and urged co-workers to be active in their community.

“Heather was a very strong woman,” said Alfred A. Wilson, manager of the bankruptcy division at the Miller Law Group in Charlottesville, where Ms. Heyer worked as a paralegal. She stood up against “any type of discrimination,” he said. “That’s just how she’s always been.”

Mr. Wilson said in an interview on Sunday that he found her at her computer crying many times....

The dice have been loaded in Indiana since 2008. Mike Pence was elected 2013.

August 10, 2017
By Fatima Hussein

State and local Republicans (click here) have expanded early voting in GOP-dominated areas and restricted it in Democratic areas, an IndyStar investigation has found, prompting a significant change in Central Indiana voting patterns.

From 2008 to 2016, GOP officials expanded early voting stations in Republican dominated Hamilton County, IndyStar's analysis found, and decreased them in the state's biggest Democratic hotbed, Marion County. 

That made voting more convenient in GOP areas for people with transportation issues or busy schedules. And the results were immediate.

Most telling, Hamilton County saw a 63 percent increase in absentee voting from 2008 to 2016, while Marion County saw a 26 percent decline. Absentee ballots are used at early voting stations.

Population growth and other factors may have played a role, but Hamilton County Clerk Kathy Richardson, a Republican, told IndyStar the rise in absentee voting in Hamilton County was largely a result of the addition of two early voting stations, which brought the total to three.

"It was a great concept to open those (voting stations)," Richardson said, adding that the turnout might have increased with the addition of even more voting machines. 

Other Central Indiana Republican strongholds, including Boone, Johnson and Hendricks counties, also have added early voting sites — and enjoyed corresponding increases in absentee voter turnout.

But not Marion County, which tends to vote Democratic, and has a large African-American population....

Maybe they knew something we didn't. Nah, they're just kids tired of sitting in their seats.

Monday, August 14, 2017

North Carolina has a law that prohibits cities and towns from dismantling confederate statues.

And, oh by the way, 2020 is being planned by the Trump re-election campaign already. It provides profiting by the Trump Organization even before the nomination and less than eight months in the Executive Branch of the USA government.

Trump's 2020 campaign has already paid $395,000 for space in New York’s pricey Trump Tower, ensuring the president and his family will profit.

August 7,  2017
By Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

It seems Donald Trump’s 2020 (click here) run for the White House will look a lot like his 2016 bid – the campaign will patronize Trump-owned enterprises -- ensuring the candidate and his family will profit.
For instance, the campaign has already paid $395,000 for space in New York’s pricey Trump Tower, according to spending reports for the first six months of the year filed with the Federal Election Commission. Whatever logic may have existed in 2016 for housing the campaign in the same place where Donald Trump conducted his business, does not obtain in 2020 when the candidate is 230 miles away in the White House. Overall, the campaign has raised $15 million and spent $10.7 million.
Of course, staffers stay in Trump hotels. For instance, the campaign has dropped $12,400 alone in lodging costs at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. And to the degree one can tell which charges are for a one-night stay, the campaign usually paid more than the advertised rate for the cheapest room, which is now $319 per night. One can question why aides must stay in a five-star hotel in the first place, but if that type of luxury is required, Trump’s digs would not be the first choice. For instance, Washington’s venerable five-star The Hay-Adams not only has rooms that are $40 cheaper per night than Trump’s, it is ranked higher by consumers in Tripadvisor (no. 3 vs. no. 11), but is even closer to the White House....
An independent militia marched in the sovereign State of Virginia. This is not even remotely governed by the USA Constitution. They want to overthrow the established government of the USA. They all need to be charged with treason. 

They marched as a militia through the peaceful streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. They could have opened fire at any time or before or after the march. One of their supporters took a car through a crowd in the methodology used against innocent and magnificently innocent people in Europe. He did so intending to kill people. Unarmed people were mowed down in the street of Charlottesville, Virginia after a militia marched in its streets.

That is treason. It is a military paradigm intended to recruit and terrify people and change the way the USA defines itself.

The people of Charlottesville, Virginia were in profound danger by a highly armed right wing extremist militia. 


This is a strong statement by Mr. Kenneth Frazier. How many times is an American asked to serve on a Presidential Council.

August 14, 2017
By Michael Erman

(Reuters) - Merck & Co Inc Chief Executive Kenneth Frazier (click here) resigned from U.S. President Donald Trump's American Manufacturing Council on Monday, saying he was taking a stand against intolerance and extremism.

Trump denounced neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan as criminals and thugs on Monday, bowing to mounting political pressure after initially saying many sides were to blame after a white-nationalist rally turned deadly in Virginia.

Frazier, who is African-American, is the only CEO so far to leave one of Trump's advisory councils because of his reaction to the violence in Virginia, although the AFL-CIO said it was considering pulling its representative on the committee. Prominent Democrats and Republicans criticized Trump's response to the violence over the weekend....

I hope Mr. Frazier will serve again sometime in the future. It is a real loss to the USA to lose such qualified African Americans from contributing to our policies. I understand Mr. Frazier completely and he has to be true to his morality.

President Obama tried at every turn to bring minority citizens to opportunity during his eight years. Mr. Frazier is one of those important people that brings valuable insight the USA never had before. I look forward to his return sometime in the future.

And on top of the loss of Mr. Frazier, President Trump states he will not give Merck any more time to lower "rip off drug prices." Revenge. Trump uses intimidation and coercion. Amazing. I don't recall Merck being a company with problem drug prices. 

Merk's prices don't look like rip offs to me. Merck supplied vaccines to our Veterans Administration at a cost of $72,900. NOT MILLIONS. (click here) That is only one of the contracts Merck has with the VA (click here).

Our veterans better not suffer because of inferior providers because of Trump's revenge agenda.

President Trump's statements today.

He seems to like to open with a statement of the economy. I thought he wasn't going to address Charlottesville at all. But, after those opening statements, he did address the issue.

President Trump did call out the name of the hate groups at that rally that was also involved in violence. The New York Times has brought us the profile to James Alex Fields, Jr.
James Alex Fields Jr. (click here) of Ohio was charged with second-degree murder in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday after the authorities said he smashed a car into a line of cars in an episode that left a 32-year-old woman dead and injured at least 19 other people who were protesting a rally staged by white nationalists....

I find it interesting Mr. Field's family is mentioned in his description. They have come out to talk to the media very soon after the violence. I have no sympathy for James Fields, Jr. I don't care if he lost his father early in his life. Was his father a White Supremacist? There are many children that lose their father, mother or both parents at a tender age, do they all become killers?

Considering the degree the White Supremacists/Nationalists were ready to participate in violence wearing military uniforms and carrying very deadly weapons; President Trump could have been more condemning of the demonstration itself. This was never supposed to be intended to be peaceful. I think that is obvious. That is a huge problem. The uniforms and weapons are a clear message to the country these men intend to exert violence in the country and others should join them. In my opinion, President Trump did not even begin to address these people that promote hate and violence. I mean no one expected a march through the streets of a peaceful city to include military uniforms and highly deadly weapons. What else were they carrying, hand grenades?

What is the relationship of James Fields, Jr. have with the organizations involved in the march and in particular David Duke.

Those uniforms were not a benign part of this march. It very well could have triggered the violent attack on the crowd by Alex Fields in a way we have witnessed in Europe. Every group in the march carries responsibility for the violence, including the murder and maiming of innocent people by one of their supporters.

If I was a spectator along the route of the march I would have been terrified and my first reaction was to understand why the National Guard was in the city.

Israel noticed. This is from Haaretz. 

March 14, 2017
by Nancy Goldstein

Had ISIS (click here) conducted the same kind of recruitment efforts in the United States as the armed militias that descended on Charlottesville this weekend, the Department of Justice would already be investigating and prosecuting them. So will it?...

I demand any other marches planned by these groups anywhere in the USA be canceled. Immediately.

President Trump has a great deal of reflection to carry out. He needs to realize his administration is viewed as a White Supremacist administration. The bigotry and racism have been a very big driver to his election and an identity by his own words.

Steve Bannon is a radical, White Supremacist and agitator. He acts out and makes the news nearly daily if not more often. He obviously keeps White Supremacy at the very front of the Republican Party. He would not mind if the country did have a civil war or worse. Bannon has to go. He is not a benefit to the American people in the Oval Office. He is highly detrimental to the political dialogue and this hostile and violent march is a direct result of his political influence. The phones available and his data lines, as well as websites, should be examined for any connectedness with violent extremist groups. He may very well be involved in the promotion of violence.

I want Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation of this case. He gave a speech at a White Supremacist meeting in California, not long ago.

Having s White Supremacist/Nationalist within political funding and/or on the staff of the Oval Office is NOT diversity.

Next bating opinion question:

"Is the COLA of SSI ...

1. ...too generous?

2. ...just about right?

3. ...or not enough?

Answer: COLA? What does cola have to do with SSI?

Help given: "COLA is the cost of living raise SSI recipients every year."

Answer: "OMG, they are just looking for money. They are looking for donations. Look at this, it isn't about my opinion at all."

I would expect a federal investigation into this as well.

August 13, 2017
By Rachel Weiner

Two Virginia state troopers killed (click here) doing surveillance work during Saturday’s white nationalist rally in Charlottesville were well-known to Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

H. Jay Cullen, 48, was a veteran pilot who spent several years shepherding the governor around Virginia. Berke Bates, who would have turned 41 on Sunday, was just beginning to realize a lifelong dream of becoming a helicopter pilot.

“I was close to both of those state troopers,” McAuliffe (D) said at a memorial service in Charlottesville on Sunday morning. “Jay Cullen had been flying me around for three-and-a-half years. Berke was part of my executive protection unit. He was part of my family. The man lived with me 24-7.”

Cullen was the commander of the State Police Aviation Unit.

“They’re still coming to terms with it,” Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said of the troopers under Cullen’s supervision. “It’s very raw.”...                
"Morning Papers"

The Rooster


Opinion polls: "Who do you think should be running the states, the federal government, the states or no opinion?"


The states and the federal government work together to fund the states. The question is one that divides and conquers. It also sets folks up for the elections next year. The federal government will be the enemy in all the right extremist commercials and it will be hurting the states in someway or another. Probably god will be under attack. 

The recipient of the opinion poll said after getting off the phone, "I don't think there should be a federal government. There should be one pot of gold (Irish - seriously) and all the states take from it as needed. Why are we paying for so many bureaucrats in Washington anyway?" That was the answer. Amazing how people know NOTHING about their government and how it works. There are Donor States and Taker States and the Takers are primarily the southern states where lack of education and faux beliefs live.

These folks never stop to assess their own education or lack thereof. They are an authority because the country is one person-one vote. They never stop to ask if anyone else has answers based in facts and policy; god is the authority and has control, no one else needs to. Amazing. They don't value education or the knowledge of others, they value their own lack of it, powerlessness to god and life circumstances of sacrifice/impoverishment to prove their worth in heaven. It is a darn shame they don't participate in thinking about policy so much as react to power.

Their disdain for Washington, DC is due to the fact Trump is not a king and there is a Congress to decide policy. It is why Congress is always receiving bad ratings, it doesn't capitulate to the king.

The elections of 2018 is about States Rights and runaway government in Washington; dissolving DC and placing power in the states will allow the people to finally have what they want. BUT, they don't want to give up the 'collective' pot of gold, now do they?

That opinion is from a woman in a Taker State.

There is no appreciation of the arts either. Remember "W?" What is opera?

When conceived in 1880 (click here) in its original size (approx. 70 cm) as the crowning element of The Gates of Hell , seated on the tympanumThe Thinker was entitled The Poet. He represented Dante, author of the Divine Comedy which had inspired The Gates, leaning forward to observe the circles of Hell, while meditating on his work. The Thinker was therefore initially both a being with a tortured body, almost a damned soul, and a free-thinking man, determined to transcend his suffering through poetry. The pose of this figure owes much to Carpeaux’s Ugolino (1861) and to the seated portrait of Lorenzo de’ Medici carved by Michelangelo (1526-31).

The Democrats need a new icon rather than a donkey. "The Thinker" is about perfect to reflect the American mind and it can't think beyond the next message from the preacher and the commercial media. At least "The Thinker" WANTS to move out of suffering and not wallow in it.