Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The commercial space industry can go it's own way, it doesn't need USA taxpayer money.

This level of blundering has happened before!

It occurred under Ronald Reagan when he attempted to turn the Space Shuttle into a profitable venture for the USA.

Now, in all the wisdom of a right wing President, his cronies got their wish and have a privatized space program. 

I want to know who exactly is going to run the investigation to find the "O Ring" disaster this time? Will there be conflict of interest? Will there be a citizen review panel? And how much is it going to cost and who exactly will be paying for it?

And if the private space industry doesn't like or want citizen oversight, then they need to take their rockets elsewhere and out of NASA's launch facilities. The USA will fly their own astronauts into space or seek passenger status otherwise. 

I have to say this at this point. Recently, Virgin Galactica came up with a program for their executives to vacation as long as they like once they have filled their jobs with a qualified substitute. I find that odd when a company is set on high ambitions and wealth. I would think taking a long vacation may lead to boredom and seeking temporary employment in the industry to learn as much as one can learn to bring back to their regular day job.

This is a launch from their private launch pad and there is no way our astronauts need to be involved in this folly. The USA should never give up it's sovereign space program.

He is worried and I am sure he is more worried for the country than one wants to admit.

President Obama has righted the ship, set it on a course and the country is stronger and better today than at any time in recent history. He is worried about any return of regressive policies that will not only cost people their hard earned dollars or SSI funds when paying for Medicare rather than INSURED of it's rock solid backing of it's recipients and might return their sons and daughters to war. 

He stated this to an audience because they have to carry his worries with them. He didn't state this to the Democratic conference in an election hall or a meeting of the Democrats already in Congress. He carried this message to the people that care about the country and it's accomplishments during his presidency. 

I am sure he doesn't expect every Democrat to march in lock step with his agenda. But, when Republicans state the Democrats are carrying the President's policies back to Washington through the magic of the election box they are incorrect. Every Democrat thinks for themselves, are sworn to take care of the people that elected them and every state in "...this United States..." is uniquely different from each other. In that there is no rubber stamp for any Democrat.

The Republicans can state they never voted with the President's policies and they mostly are not lying, but, then what Republican ever voted at all? Did they uphold their loyalty to the people of their state? Not really. They held loyalty at bay to be sure the elections would still bring in more money than the previous. The people were not to be benefited by a vote for moving the country forward, but, held in abeyance in fear they were losing their democracy to socialism. The ideology is intact.

Megan Kelly is a 'designer' infortainment anchor. I don't really think she qualifies as a news anchor actually.

She is suppose to bridge the gap for women while bringing in the FOX dogma of glamour and glitz. Everyone wants to be a Kellywannabe.  Differently said, she poses as a sex symbol to the right wing and invites all to consider her brevity to the truth. I suppose she is to have unquestionable character to her program's content.

There is little to no truth on FOX, but, the fair and balanced news is suppose to present itself as INFORMED as in 'info' in the infortainment. And FOX's news' folks are entertaining to any possibility the uninformed, now newly informed audience, wishes to express as their godly right to a sovereign nation that hates any idea FOX does not entertain.

Basically, FOX is god and god is FOX.

Dogma is a principle or set  of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. It serves as part of the primary basis of an ideology or belief system, and it cannot be changed or discarded without affecting the very system's paradigm, or the ideology itself.

FOX presents dogma as entertainment. Megan Kelly is turning up a lot in talk media as having invalid facts and narrowed views of life in the USA. That is what FOX wants. It wants attention to it's entertainment and doesn't care how it achieves it. So, if Kelly irritates you, then FOX has viewers that are irritated, but, the methodology is always the same, therefore, dogma.

With such a narrow view of a woman's possibilities in the USA democracy, is there any wonder why women don't flock to FOX for information that meets their needs. There is no loyalty to democracy at FOX. There is no loyalty to women and what women value at FOX, except, in that very narrowed ideology.

Supposedly she has been groomed to be the female version of O'Reilly, except, she doesn't have an interest in killing Lincoln. More like baking the cookies for Booth.

Is evolution a miracle?

Kindly consider this: Without evolution wouldn't life on Earth be chaotic and bizarre? Would it exist at all? Within the constraints of evolution life sustains. Would a benevolent God place the ultimate protection on his creation to sustain? Isn't life on Earth sustained without evidence of chaos that destroys the idea of miracles only? Biology is consistent in it's laws. Physics is consistent in it's laws. That establishes scientific laws that is the basis of the life on Earth. 

Aren't people capable of rejecting or embracing the sustainability of Earth's gift? In that is the ability to contest the laws of any science, yet they hold to the truth.

There is eons of room for religion to embrace science as the truth of life on Earth. The incorporation of the Big Bang by the Roman Catholic Church is the recognition any religion has to embrace the truth upon questioning.

Isn't religion that treats God as a patron of all life standing in contempt of the very creation they embrace? Embracing a lie can never be the basis of a doctrine. In embracing a doctrine that is dreamed by holy men unwilling to examine all truths is simply a fairy tale.

Religion is manmade. Faith in god is not manmade. That is why there are multitudes of religions. Not saying one is best over another. There is common ground in the majority of religions that a higher being exists. If a religion dismisses the truth in it's doctrine, it no longer is doctrine but dogma. To embrace god is not about being a selective member of the faith, it is about including all of nature as the reality of a faith.

If one wants to evaluate religions it is safe to say the Roman Catholic Faith is well established, bends to the truth and seeks only the pure knowledge of God's gifts.

Believing the Roman Catholic Church as it bears the greatest understanding of Gob because it includes the truth in it's doctrine does not exclude anyone from being an atheist. There is no reason for anyone to believe they are threatened in their personal voyage. Treating the Pope as some kind of iconic politician only concludes one has exclusive understanding of the truth beyond what is accumulated in human's current knowledge. I think that is arrogant and incomplete in it's judgement of self.

Were there little experimental animals in there?

Unmanned rocket blowing up over the launch complex at Wallops Island, Virginia. Photo: AP

October 29, 2014

...The cause (click here) of the accident was not immediately known, said NASA mission commentator Dan Huot....

I am serious, I want to know if living things died in that payload.

The cause? It blew up. The primary principle in rocketry is to get it aloft and keep going. In the case of NASA, they prefer to make it to the place in Earth's atmosphere where the heaviest equipment imaginable become weightless. It cuts down on the fuel.

I am not happy.

What is this with Pope Francis? He must be a political liberal, right?


Pope Francis is NOT a populous leader. He leverages his influence and leadership with inclusion and facts. 

Since the elevation of the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Constantine that called Easter a holiday for pagan rituals, too, there has not been a Pope with the insight and resolve to set the religion back on it's feet.

Pope Francis is a doctrinal Pope, not a populous Pope. His drive to find resolve to Catholic Doctrine permanence brings those estranged from the Roman Catholic Church back home. He is brilliant. He loves the people and is determined to not only show them the way home, but, to demonstrate the strength of the faith. A populous figure can only smile for so long to hold the loyalties of many before they become estranged from the dogma that first attracted them. Pope Francis is speaking truth to the strength of the faith and it's promise to every one of the diaspora.

October 28, 2014
By Josephine McKenna

"God is not a divine being or a magician, (click here) but the Creator who brought everything to life," the pope said. "Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve."

Unlike much of evangelical Protestantism in the U.S., Catholic teaching traditionally has not been at odds with evolution. In 1950, Pope Pius XII proclaimed there was no opposition between evolution and Catholic doctrine. In 1996, St. John Paul II endorsed Pius' statement.

Some wondered if Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wanted to change that when he and some acolytes seemed to endorse the theory of intelligent design, the idea that the world is too complex to have evolved according to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn of Vienna, a close associate of Benedict, penned a widely noticed 2005 op-ed in The New York Times that said "Evolution in the sense of common ancestry might be true, but evolution in the neo-Darwinian sense — an unguided, unplanned process … is not."...

Evolution is not planned. It develops out of 'condition.' Diversity is the basis of evolution. Evolution does not disregard any religion, but, it does stand alone as a potential for a reality that dismisses 'chance.' 

In other words, is God watching over all that transpires on Earth as a guardian and protector? Or is God so wise and inconceivable in human thought that evolution is a protection for all species in the world created?

I take it the young dictator isn't interested in paying the price for his father and uncle's past policies.

October 28, 2014
By Anna Fifield

 North Korea (click here) is embarking on a full-scale campaign to neutralize allegations of human rights atrocities, apparently alarmed that snowballing international pressure will lead its top officials — including Kim Jong Un — to be charged with crimes against humanity.
The campaign comes as a United Nations human rights officer is set to release a report Tuesday strongly urging the U.N. Security Council to refer the regime to the International Criminal Court.
Having long refused to even enter a room if human rights were on the agenda, North Korean diplomats and propagandists, with their trademark colorful language, are now actively engaging critics....

Ebola policy is evolving. Not an excuse, but, fact.

This is the first time Ebola has found it's way outside of West Africa. This is the first time Ebola has spread like wildfire throughout West Africa. This strain of Ebola is a dangerous virus, but, not as dangerous as it could be. 

Previous to the exposure of the USA sovereign borders, Ebola research has been conducted as a problem, but, never as a potential to an epidemic. There are vastly different approaches in the USA than the approaches in West Africa. West Africa, even with the WHO, has limited ability to address the reality of Ebola. Sanitary and isolation facilities have at times escaped West Africa as a means of minimizing Ebola virus.

This will be a new paradigm for West Africa. From here forward West Africa will have to test for Ebola in any patient coming to their health facilities within the symptoms which is it's unique foot print. West Africa has to conduct it's health care differently and better. The interest of the success for West Africa is global. Ebola is finally receiving the attention by the global health care community and in a reasonable time there will be a vaccine.

West Africa has to be interested in sanitation and health for their citizens. This episode has proven Ebola can be conquered on a regular basis with people that are healthy in the first place. Emaciated, hungry and thirsty West Africans cannot be the standard for charities to raise money and provide relief. West Africans have to be consistently healthy.

The status quo of the past cannot stand. To that end gun violence cannot destabilize governments that have provided the best path for citizens. The United Nations Small Arms Treaties cannot be ignored and require global adherence to end the destabilization of nations of people. 

There also needs to be library information in the multitude of languages in Africa. It can be an audible library and/or one with written information or both. There is much to do and to that reality there is an abundance of economic development available to these countries. The leadership has to move forward out of Third World status. This episode has proven the global community has an interest in the best outcomes of any Third World country. In that lies the future of the health care industry as well as any product development serving Africa's new focus for economic growth.

Any Third World country developing a health care infrastructure will find an expanding economy without much prodding as workers receive paychecks and invest in comfort and convenience within their understandings of healthy standards for their society. 

I know this sounds melodramatic, but, in all sincerity Africa can renew it's understanding of leadership while building infrastructure for it's people. No longer can Africans rely on the character of personality only for their leadership, they need those that understand how to bring their nations to success and prosperity and strong sovereign borders. 

Every African country should be a melting pot of many languages and traditions with tolerance of religious difference. It is a hard road to master, but, it can be done. African nations need constitutions that prohibit treason and mass murder and honor the well being and quality of life of every individual within it's society. To achieve these goals their economies have to grow from within and not simply Western gifts for comfort to the wealthy.

The terror attacks of September 21, 2013 is an example of the vast differences in social status of people within Kenya. The opportunities for militants to destroy African stability in the name of a better life for all has to end. The militants feed on poverty and acceptance of poverty for anyone is a strong goal to bring a stronger government with the loyalty of people to defend it.

THE OPPORTUNITY for disease to spread will be evident if sovereign stability is chronically disrupted. It can't be tolerated anymore. There are investors in many countries that want to bring quality of life to African countries, but, to realize their investments can turn to dust in an attack by militants only prolongs Africa's suffering and danger to the world. The African people deserve a far better quality of life and health care to match.

To those who understand the governing capacity of religion, in a perverted sense, isn't it easy to understand how militants can see a better SURVIVAL within Sharia and other hyper-conservative religions? Then The West wonders why people follow militant regimes even after a brutal takeover costing the lives of many. African countries cannot fall from grace anymore, they have to work for all their people. Extremism works for the impoverished. Why should those engaged in that form of governance believe it would not work for all in the world? How sophisticated are they normally? That is why the addition of Westerners to the populous of the Islamic State is so attractive and tolerated.

I understand Qatar is back to funding wayward regimes again with military equipment to end aerial attacks. The State Department has to get to the bottom of this softness in resolve. What is it, fear or simply religious visions in dreams that drives this?
October 28, 2014
By Robert F. Bukaty
FORT KENT, Maine (AP) — A nurse (click here) who was confined against her will at a hospital in New Jersey after treating Ebola patients in West Africa is in Maine, where state officials said she's agreed to be quarantined, officials said Tuesday.
Nurse Kaci Hickox traveled in a private vehicle to Maine where her partner is a nursing student at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, after leaving a New Jersey hospital on Monday.
Her lawyer confirmed Tuesday that she'd arrived in Maine and said she was at an "undisclosed location." Her boyfriend's home in Fort Kent was quiet, with no sign of activity Tuesday morning.
Maine health officials announced that she'll be quarantined at home for 21 days after the last possible exposure to the disease under the state's health protocols. But one of Hickox's lawyers, Steve Hyman, said he expected her to remain in seclusion for the "next day or so" while he works with Maine health officials....

Being a child in the USA should not be a trick or treat, it should be fulfillment of a promise of mire birthright.

October is National Youth Justice Awareness Month – a time when the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Campaign for Youth Justice and our allies host community events that expose the devastating consequences of children being sent to adult courts, jails and prisons.
Even though the research is clear that children in the adult system are more likely to reoffend than if they are held in the juvenile justice system, thousands of children are sent into the adult system every year in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. We must stop this destructive practice. Steps also must be taken to ensure children in the juvenile justice system have every opportunity to get their lives back on track.

To begin young people should not be nameless and faceless in a juvenile justice system. They need to recapture their innocence and way forward into the promise of this country. Every child is someone with potential. Young people should never be abandoned to a system that creates a void for their personality and value.

Welcome. (click here) The Juvenile Justice Resource Hub is a comprehensive source of information on cutting-edge juvenile justice issues and reform trends. The content of this website is being developed in phases, so check back regularly for new material.

While Faith Based assistance can provide a means of finding a young person's spirituality, it should never be the only aspect of their life that provides the reward of social interaction. Every young person should have a focused Case Manager to move them from dysfunction to being proud and autonomous and drug/alcohol free. Juvenile detainment can be the opportunity the USA has to reclaim their lost before they enter into a life of self-destruction. Society needs wholesome young people that can even be mentors to those needing to find their way home. No young person leaving juvenile detention centers needs to have a clear understanding of the dangers of substance abuse and gun violence. They need to value their individuality and realize relationships are best when each in the relationship are anchored in their own sense of self and purpose.

When and if young people return to their families the juvenile system needs to be sure they are entering into a life renewed by their experience with sufficient food and monetary resources to carry them into the promise of education. Where families are not shored up to provide that level of stability the family becomes part of the rehab program to improve the home environment these young people return. 

Juvenile justice is the country's 'chance' to make changes in their lives and in their community to move not just the individual to hope, but, within a community that can provide that stability and future.

The drug economies in any state have to end. We are moving as a country into accepting some level of the drug economy into legitimacy. When the USA accepts the fact drug legitimacy creates financial resources, there is then a responsibility by the industry for addressing abuse and rehabilitation. As the country accepts the cannabis industry there is every reason they will conduct their own research with public service commercials to stem abuse and risk. Young people should never be a focus of potential profits as the tobacco industry has in 

The cannabis industry should never become the focus of social ills, political rhetoric and potential lawsuits as the tobacco industry has been so willing to participate. The cannabis industry needs to exhibit social responsibility with real benefits and uses of their product.

The age of permission should be the same as alcohol. The industry has an opportunity to be smart and adult about this new economy within the USA. The industry has the opportunity to stem substance abuse and find a healthy use of it's product, both medicinal and recreational. No outside interest should seek to exploit this new industry causing it's reputation insult and rejection by the American people. I would suspect there will be international interest in viable industry and to that end it needs to have policies and goals for the industry. 

Young people are important to the USA and they should never be targets of anything except their promise of a future and how to achieve the rewards of a democracy.

Games Five, Sunday, October 26: Royals 0 Giants 5

Boats fill McCovey Cove as the Kansas City Royals take batting practice before Game 5 of baseball’s World Series against the San Francisco Giants Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

October 26, 2014

Fifteen runs (click here) in Game 4, 11 by the Giants as they evened the World Series at two games apiece, looks like an offensive explosion at first glance.
But it hardly felt like it. Neither team hit a home run. There were only five doubles between Kansas City and San Francisco. So how did the Giants pull it out?
They drew six walks. While they only had three extra-base hits, they collected 16 total hits. Between that many hits and those walks, that’s a whole lot of base runners. And while the back end of the Kansas City bullpen has been so highly touted–Herrera, Davis and Holland–San Francisco broke through against the pitchers that are supposed to lead up to them. The Royals led 4-1 before the Giants knocked around starter Jason Vargas, reliever Jason Frasor, and most notably lefty Brandon Finnegan....

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.....take your base.

The way to political success in Colorado is not about 'the weed' it is to resolve the banking problem.

That is what the bankers want, too. They simply don't know how to get the money into deposits without someone breaking the law.

“Where do you keep your piles of money?” (click here)

Keber laughed but quickly turned serious. “We actually have strong banking relationships,” he said. “We don’t talk about them. Asking someone about their banking is like asking them what they wear to bed at night. It’s an intensely personal question, even within the industry.” You can begin to understand why banking is such a touchy subject for the newly legal canna businesses in Colorado and Washington (as well as growers and dispensaries in the 21 states that allow medical but not recreational use of marijuana) if you consider the federal laws a financial institution violates when it does business with a state-licensed company like Keber’s....

The most viable solution to circumvent the current laws is not much different than prohibition. Get a prescription.

..."The second one was medicinal liquor. (click here) I have a bottle on my shelf at home — an empty bottle — that says Jim Beam, for medicinal purposes only. In 1917, the American Medical Association — supporting Prohibition — said there was no reason at all to use alcohol as a therapeutic remedy of any kind. Then they realized with this loophole that there was an opportunity to make some money. And capitalism abhors a vacuum. Within two or three years, you could go into virtually any city in the country and buy a prescription for $3 from your local physician and then take it to your local pharmacy and go home with a pint of liquor every 10 days. And this is really how many of the large distilleries in Kentucky and the middle of the country stayed in business throughout the Prohibition years....

Currently, the Justice Department and the Treasury Department is to bring this out into the open. The cannabis industry has already proven it can conduct business in a safe and open environment. It is time to bring potential for any state to open their doors to it's sale and bring home the illegal drug trade, prevent crime and deaths. Then the states have additional revenue as well as the federal debt.

It is silly to prolong the prohibition of cannabis. The crime rate will come down, the use will not be covert, driving still has to be safe, cartels will lose clout and maybe a legal cannabis trade will actually stem the use of illegal drugs. It is time to get it done. No state has to participate, but, can if their electorate wants it. It is just the federal government that has to get out of the way.