Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Obstructionism? Speaker Boner has got to be joking. I am disgusted with the Republicans. Completely.



In an apparent bit of political gamesmanship, (click title to entry - thank you) President Barack Obama on Wednesday invited himself to address a joint session of Congress about jobs at 8 p.m. next Wednesday, a request that would have put him on national TV at the very moment when Republicans will be staging a debate in California among the candidates who are vying to replace him.
Hours later, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, rejected the request. He said... 

...there wasn't enough time to prepare the Capitol on the
 same day that members return from their summer break.... 

...He suggested that the president would be welcome the next night instead, at the very hour when the NFL starts its first game of the season with New Orleans at Green Bay.
The back and forth came over Obama's plans to roll out a new agenda to create jobs, the issue that's certain to dominate the 2012 presidential election. The president has said he'll use the speech to demand that Congress approve his new agenda. If it does not, he's said, he'll take the issue to the people in the campaign, suggesting that he's setting the stage for a Harry Truman-like campaign against a "do-nothing" Congress...

There is chronic complaining the President hasn't laid out his plan for creating jobs and now the House of Representatives isn't ready?

Why bother at all?

There is no reason to even have a meeting of both house to deliver a message that will help the nation.  

Why bother?  

There is no reason for any politicking at this point and to realize the President wants to deliver this speech as soon as everyone is back is enough to realize how urgent this is and the House can't be ready.

The House can't manage to find the place to sit down or what?  I mean for real.  What preparation does any House member have to go through to SIT DOWN to hear the President address the urgent matters of jobs.

What are they worried about, their baggage being lost in transit?  Who cares?

Republicans are worthless.  They have no loyalty to the people or the country.  None

This IS the Republicans answer to a "Jobs Bill."  There isn't any.

WASHINGTON -- In a party-line vote Wednesday, (click here) a congressional panel approved a Republican bill that would allow states to divert $31 billion worth of federal money for the long-term unemployed and use it to pay down state debt instead.....

I could understand redirecting 'jobless monies' to creating jobs, but, 

to pay bills?  

They are horrible at governance and

even worse at supporting the

unemployed when the GOP HAS NO


If the GOP has no jobs bill than pay

the unemployment and get out'

of the way of those that do have a 

jobs bill that may even require NEW


The GOP believes the unemployed are 

just lazy.  

This is their answer.

The ANSWER by the GOP is always 'attitude.'  

Nothing that matters, simply attitude.

I hope I am wrong...

...but, I believe the military and not just the National Guard will have to be called in to assist in Vermont and Louisiana.  

The Army Corp and lots of man hours.

It is just too dangerous.  The National Guard is not prepared for the extent there is devastation in either of these states, especially Vermont.  I would not be sending private contractors to do this job.  Not yet.

There is also another storm in the Atlantic near Africa.  Katia.  It most probably will becomes a significant storm while it crosses toward the USA East Coast.

President Obama needs as much support as the country can find for the best outcomes because of a very hostile House of Representatives.  

Time goes forward and has no memory.

August 30, 2011
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