Sunday, August 05, 2012

The United States is becoming a war zone. There are too many guns on the street.

The officers put their lives on the line. They kept firing until the gunman was disabled. Even though shot himself, the officer didn't flinch from his priority to stop the attack on innocent people. He knew. He knew if it weren't him to stop the killing then whom would it be the next police officer and what if he succumbed to gun fire?

I suppose this one is just another crazy, right? Just something everyone has to live with, yes? 


7 dead in US Sikh temple shooting (click title to entry - thank you)

August 06, 2012

...It was also not clear whether more than one shooter was involved. Bradley Wentlandt, the chief of police in nearby Greenfield, told journalists on the scene that a police officer had exchanged fire with a shooter.
“That officer was shot multiple times,” Wentlandt was quoted as saying by the Times. “The shooter was put down.” He said the injured officer was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. He did not disclose the condition of the shooter. “We don’t know if there are additional shooters inside the temple,” he said. “The situation is very fluid. Tactical operations are ongoing.”
At least three men - all with gunshot wounds - have been admitted to Froedert Hospital, said Nalissa Wienke, a spokeswoman for the hospital.
One victim had been shot in the head and extremities and another in the abdomen. The third was undergoing evaluation.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reported that victims were being removed from the temple’s prayer room and that SWAT team members were sweeping the building. The newspaper reported that the temple’s president, Satwant Kaleka, was among those shot. There were conflicting reports about whether another gunman had taken hostages inside the temple....

Swat teams are becoming routine calls now. What is the crazy's problem this time? No job? No job security? Skinhead? Hates Israel? Hates Palestine? Hates the world? Argument with his wife? Kids? Had a hang nail? 

What the hell was the EXCUSE this time for some wacko to carrying huge amounts of munitions into a Temple to kill innocent people.

The Opposition to the Montana Medical Marijuana Law is about politics, not the youth of Montana

Montana Supreme Court rules against medical marijuana transactions against providers (click title to entry - thank you)


July 13, 2012 - 9:08 am EDT

HELENA, Mont. — The Montana Supreme Court has upheld a lower court's decision that says medical marijuana providers can't exchange delivery or cultivation services with each other or with contractors.

Lee Newspapers of Montana reports that the justices upheld Kalispell District Judge Stewart Stadler's decision in a 5-0 ruling last week...

The Montana Medical Marijuana Law is very successful. The opponents to the law want to stop that success because they don't have control of the wealth involved. They are afraid of the money this new industry is enjoying as it could be a game changer in Montana politics and ultimately national politics.

The teen use of marijuana rate has not changed in decades in Montana. The laws upholding criminal intent and/or activity still apply. It is a matter of enforcing the law not inhumane treatment of people in need of pain relief.

The one complaint made regarding the escalating availability of medical marijuana is obvious. The industry was under the radar until 2008 when the frequency of new vendors started to increase. They increased again in 2009 and escalated significantly in 2010. THE ECONOMY STUPID. As people became under or unemployed there was the opportunity to embark on growing medical marijuana as a potential income.

Here again the chances for enforcement of laws regarding wayward growers should be followed. There will be survivors of this new economic dynamic and there will be failures. 

There were complaints about people without medical conditions having medical marijuana cards issued by opportunistic physicians. Enforcement of laws regarding white collar crime and fraud need to be implemented. 

The opposition to medical marijuana is dangerous. There probably are not studies yet, but, it is my estimation that medical marijuana users are doing better medically then their peers using more conventional medicines. I believe they are going better overall. Studies need to be conducted.

When a patient has effective pain relief the immune system works better. We know pain and stress repress the human immune system. When fighting cancer the immune system is important, even when chemo suppresses it. 

If pain reduction is successful with medical marijuana as patients report (which is the only sincere measure of success) their immune systems have to be doing better. That is measured easily along with a simple blood test called CBCD (complete blood count differentiated).

There can also be slide made to examine the quality of the immune cells to realize how many are normal.

The opposition to medical marijuana is due to politics, not FACTS.

I have been at the Traverse City Film Festival this week. I will be putting together a collection of opinions regarding the films on Monday evening.

For those interested, my friend with the heart condition is doing fine. Not great, but, better. Her medication was changed and hopefully that will maintain her stability. Her defibrillator is working well. She was only diagnosed in March. She has had complications, so it has been a bit of a roller-coaster