Friday, January 09, 2015

They are horrible people.

...This week’s Paris attack, however, reveals a less impulsive, more complex dynamic.

That is what bothers me and President Obama and allies need to look at how good the intelligence regarding these murderers actually has become. It seems to me there are large gaps with domestic killers. I have little confidence in any intelligence at this point. They are missing the mark. We don't need to know that it happened and why, we need to have them stopped before they organize any attacks.

The attackers (click here) had ties to a previous pedigree of radicalism, to a wave of violence two decades ago when Algeria’s civil war spilled over into France and powerful bombs killed and terrified Parisian commuters. Their affiliations diverged and mutated over time, as they sought an outlet for their radicalism and graduated from being part of a motley crew of neighbourhood wannabes to linking up with older generations of Islamic militants....

..In a telephone interview, Mr. Kouachi told BFMTV that he and his brother, Saïd, were financed by Anwar al-Awlaki, the American imam who moved to Yemen and recruited for al-Qaeda until he was killed in 2011 by a drone.

In a separate BFMTV interview, Mr. Coulibaly said he got his orders from the IS “caliphate.” He said the three had agreed to co-ordinate their actions, striking at the same time. “We just synchronized the start. When they did Charlie Hebdo, I started doing the police.”...