Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vladimir Putin and the Russian Duma may be the smartest country on the planet.

September 16, 2014
By Calum MacLeod

BEIJING – You might be millionaires, (click here) but please spend wisely. In recent months, as the IPO of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba loomed into view, founder Jack Ma kept warning his employees. "We've worked so hard, but not for the sake of turning into a bunch of uncouth new rich," he wrote in a late July e-mail.

With Friday's eye-popping, record-breaking $167 billion listing in New York, China's nouveau riche just swelled some more as more than 5,000 current and former Alibaba employees were selling their shares in this IPO. And they won't lack for places to splurge their new-found wealth....

This is an economy killer. There are water cannons for sale and something called "Quality hot sale herbal incense bags with tear gas" that sells for 2 to 5 cents US.

This is Wall Street's dream come true, a discount online store where anyone can buy anything. It is ultimate control of merchandise to those with money and if this is the way the world is going to purchase anything it won't last for long.The world, I mean. Every other merchandiser will be out of business for the inability to attract customers.

For 5% of the order amount Alibaba will provide an escrow service. The monies pad will be held (collecting interest in their bank, of course) and then released when the buyer confirms delivery. 

An unverified member can sell up to 50 separate products for no cost. (click here) Good-bye E-bay.

Besides selling your products on, (click here) you are suggested to use our sourcing platform “AliSourcePro” to post buying requests and source easier online. After your buying request is approved, you could receive up to 10 quotes from accredited suppliers.

This thing is a nightmare and probably breaks every USA trade law on the books. I'll never purchase anything from this service. I am appreciative of my local economy.

The protests in Albuquerque continue, while police insensitivity to the community is celebrated.

September 17, 2014
By Julie Turkewitz

...Ted Beaver (click here), 42, a staff sergeant at the Oklahoma City Police Department, called the competition “the grand hurrah,” a camaraderie-building event he looks forward to every year.

But protesters have been agitating for weeks about the six-day tournament, sponsored by the National Rifle Association. Although it has taken place in Albuquerque annually since 2006, this year’s circumstances are unusual: The Albuquerque Police Department was reprimanded in April by the Justice Department over a spate of fatal shootings, many of which were declared to be unconstitutional uses of deadly force. And several local officers are participating in the National Police Shooting Championships, which will end Thursday with trophies and prizes....

The celebration of brutal tactics against unarmed citizens is inappropriate. The games should have been moved from Albuquerque to Fairfax, Virginia, the headquarters of the NRA.

Obviously the training police officers have been getting since 2006 has created a militarized domestic force that is very dangerous to every citizen of the USA. 

Any prize for this six day police event should go to a trust fund to present to the families of those murdered by police.

Turkey received preference by preventing war.

September 20, 2014
By Dorian Jones

...Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (click here) announced in a written statement that 49 Turkish hostages held by Islamic State had been released through the efforts of Turkey’s intelligence agency.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry says all the hostages are in good condition.
The hostages are Turkish diplomats and their families, including women and young children, who were taken in June when Islamic State militants overran Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and seized the Turkish consulate.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who cut short a visit to Azerbaijan, said the release was the result of a protracted process.
Davutoglu said after days and weeks of intense work, Turkish officials returned their citizens to Turkey early in the morning. He said he was honored to share the happy news after the developments, which made up for weeks of sleepless nights and worry....

Congratulations to American Airlines Gate and Ticket Agents.

September 18, 2014
(Reuters) - Passenger service agents at American Airlines backed union representation for the first time in their history on Tuesday, with about 86 percent of members voting in favor of collective bargaining, the union said.
The vote affects about 14,500 agents who work at both American and US Airways. The workers will be represented jointly by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represented agents at US Airways for more than a decade prior to its merger with American last year to create the world's largest airline by passenger traffic.

The CWA said 9,640 agents voted in favor of the union while another 1,547 opposed it....
At a time in the country when Wall Street and government seeks to undercut employees, I strongly believe this is the venue for most workers.
I saw an ad about a substitute teacher complaining that her hours were cut back since the Affordable Care Act took effect and therefore candidates backing that measure should not be in office.
When employers, be they private sector or public, are respected for the benefits they deserve it is progress to a better and more thriving America. 
Wall Street has realized that undercutting employees is profitable. Why hire a full time teacher when substitutes are cheaper and don't demand benefits? Forcing Wall Street and ruthless government to look at their practices will bring about change. If a substitute teacher wants full time and guaranteed employment they need to apply for a full time position and not undermine the status of full time teachers.
The USA is more and more a part time employment society because it benefits Wall Street profits. Electing people willing to stand up for the Middle Class and pass minimum wage laws as well as requiring open forums, without interference from government, for unions to organize and bring about better pay, benefits and working conditions is what America has always been about.
Part time employment is suppose to serve those seeking only part time work. Part time employment is not suppose to destroy the economic fabric of the USA which brings families security. Families have no security anymore. It is wrong.
In order to achieve a living wage with benefits citizens have to unionize and put the balance back in America. It will return tax base revenues as well as provide a stable economy. Unionization is best for the USA and when it achieves status abroad it levels the playing field in international trade.