Sunday, May 07, 2017

The report by the IAEA was written in 2008.

When a United Nations' body addresses any problem it tends to be comprehensive and with specific goals to achieve.

This is a beginning paragraph and is better written than anything in the USA legislature when addressing pressing issues.

...The specific objectives of this project were: (a) to improve animal productivity and decrease discharges of selected greenhouse gases, (methane and carbon dioxide) and selected nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) into the environment; and (b) to identify and adopt better breeding strategies to improve animal productivity through the use of better selection criteria for offspring from cross-breeding programmes, optimum utilization of appropriate indigenous cows, benchmarking for growth and reproduction, and improving procedures for management, nutrition and healthcare programmes in dairy farms....

Why is it important to identify the GOALS in their entirety at the beginning of a document? It allows those writing the document a chance to work in all the end goals into every aspect of the document.

The reason this doesn't work in the USA is because of toxic politics of one party always undermining the other. Why??? Because the Republicans want to protect Wall Street while the Democrats want to protect the people. There is complete dysfunction in the USA democratic process because of the extremes of the country's politics.

The USA is completely unable to effect legislation as good as that of the United Nations in the completeness of thought. Part of the reason, besides the constant extremist views, is the dire needs of the global community in effectively addressing issues.

Here is a magnificent example:

The date is November of 2017, it is a recent publication dated April 11, 2017:

11/04/2017 -
Herders’ representatives (click here) and development organizations from around the world have agreed to promote sustainable pastoralism and coordinate their advocacy work. Over 14 partners of the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub, a FAO initiative launched in 2015, met in Rome on April 3, 2017, to discuss how to support pastoralism. The participants included representatives of pastoralists’ groups, research and development organizations, and governments.
Better coordination will strengthen the presentation of pastoral concerns at international policy forums, the partners concluded. They will work together to raise awareness on the benefits of pastoralism and press for pastoralist-friendly legislation.
Past successes have included a resolution on ‘Combating desertification, land degradation and drought and promoting sustainable pastoralism and rangelands’, adopted by the United Nations Environment Assembly in May 2016, and the Cancun statement on ‘Promoting sustainable pastoralism and livestock production for the conservation of biodiversity in grasslands and rangeland’ at the Convention on Biological Diversity in December 2016....
Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture.
The most stark reality haunting the world is the desertification of Syria that lead to civil war.
I think global leaders outside of the West actually are more sensitive to the climate and it's effect on their people. The West insulates itself from it to some extent, although I think the climate systems over the USA is impacting it in the way of danger to life. The incidents of death because of natural disaster is rising in the USA.