Monday, June 20, 2011

A very strange phenomena. The ash cloud of Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle Volcanic Complex it too high in the troposphere to dissipate.

This is an image of the erupting volcano in Chile on June 4, 2011. 

...The brown ash plume (click title to entry - thank you) reaches high above the clouds, covering much of the scene, and casts a shadow towards the southeast. Along the leading edge of the plume, it appears that heavier material is falling out of the ash cloud, while finer particles remain suspended in the atmosphere....

What makes this odd, is that the ash plume is making its second traverse around the Earth while disrupting air traffic in Australia and New Zealand.  There simply aren't any winds and weather competing with it to dissipate the fine particles at such high elevations or 45,000 feet.

...Qantas and Jetstar flights from Sydney to New Zealand (click here) are being cancelled again following the return of a volcanic ash cloud created by the erupting Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano in Chile.
The volcanic ash cloud which disrupted flights last week has returned to Australian skies today and is expected over New Zealand from tomorrow....

And it seems as though the ash cloud is gaining altitude, now at 50.,000 feet and as of yet undisturbed.

...The CALIPSO satellite (click here) recorded the plume 15 kilometers (50,000 feet) above the Earth on the second day of the eruption, and the volcano continues to push ash into the atmosphere. At these high altitudes, the ash entered the jetstream and blew quickly eastward....

The trouble comes in as some of the cloud remains at 20,000 to 35,000 feet where flights commonly travel.

The upside is that it is providing some interesting skyscapes and some shade for the planet.  Odd though.  Don't know what caused that in the first place, except, a very high velocity eruption.

Holy smokes.  That blasted thing is scarey to look at.  Wow.

Wednesday, June 15th 2011 - 04:21 UTC

Evacuees from Chile’s Puyehue volcano allowed back to their homes (click here)

Evacuations ordered after an eruption in Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcanic complex begun to be lifted on Sunday for various areas in southern Chile’s Los Ríos and Los Lagos regions, over 600 miles south of Santiago.

...On Monday afternoon local media reported an increase in ash falling on Chilean sectors following a change in wind patterns. Previously most of the ash has been concentrated across the border, including in the popular Argentine tourist city Bariloche.

There was seismic activity as well.  I guess so.  That was one powerful blast.  This quake today was preceded by a 2.7 in Central California and followed by 5.5 northeast of Australia.

Magnitude 6.5 - ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE  (click here)

2011 June 20 16:36:01 UTC

The day of the eruption there was a 4.8.

M4.8 – Neuquen, Argentina (click here)

Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 16:28:49 UTC
Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 13:28:49 Local
Globe at -40 -70. Click to view event page.

40.52°S 71.79°W
Depth: 19km

Ready for this?  On June 4, 2010 there was also seismic activity in Central California and off Australia.  That is a little more than a coincidence.  Southern California 3.6 and Northern California 2.8.  The Ring of Fire is still moving. 

I don't see how they can find her guilty. There is no way she could have acted alone either.

Casey Anthony Trial: Expert Says Official Autopsy Was 'Shoddy' (click title to entry - thank you)


June 19, 2011

Two forensic experts testified over the weekend that 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was not necessarily suffocated by duct tape in the third day of the defense's case in the murder trial of Florida mother Casey Anthony.
Forensic expert Dr. Werner Spitz argued Saturday that the duct tape the prosecution claimed suffocated her was actually applied after her body had decomposed. He also claimed that the autopsy performed on the toddler was "shoddy," as Caylee's skull was not opened, so he conducted a second autopsy himself....

Was there anything about this case the State took seriously or was it simply trial by media?  I have not followed this case, except for hearing headlines and the like, I had no idea Casey lived at home with her parents until I had a conversation with someone today. 

I want to know where she got the choloform.  This is some of the worst prosecution work I have ever witnessed.  I knew this trial was going to be a failure from the first day of the trial.  There is nothing that makes sense to any of the evidence presented.  There exists nothing but ‘doubt.’  Every place.  And now this.  An incomplete autopsy of a toddler.  Wow. 

If Ms. Anthony is found guilty of anything, except, neglect of a child, I will have lost faith in the legal system.  There is no iron clad evidence anywhere.  There is a theory to the child’s death; theories are not enough to find guilt.  Dancing until dawn is not proof of guilt.

The movies of Casey and her daughter are not of a woman that hated the burden of motherhood.  They were of a mother entertaining and enjoying her child.  I have a lot of questions and no one, including the family has answered them to my satisfaction.  She may be found guilty, but, in appeal for all the holes in this case, it won't hold up to sincere scrutiny.  There has to be another party to this murder if indeed she is found guilty.  There is no way she could have acted alone and I have doubts she did it. 

The testimony stating she had her car backed into the garage for two days was not a matter of her living in a home alone and having unusual activity.  Her family lived in that home while she backed her car into the garage.  It is all too suspicious.  It just is.

I don't want another "Curveball." I would think that would be the motivating factor to any changes the FBI and CIA make.

...Once an assessment has started, (click title to entry - thank you) agents will be permitted to conduct lie detector tests and search people’s trash as part of evaluating a potential informant. No factual basis for suspecting them of wrongdoing will be necessary....

The question is always have we gone too far or not far enough.  I sincerely doubt President Obama micromanages to this extent.  The House and Senate need to hold hearings to assign such 'liberties' to an intelligence organization with proper balance.

It seems to me if there are reasons for suspicion of activity to investigate, then do so.  But, liberal laws such as these can lead to impetus for 'opportunity' to exploit.  I don't know how lame the FBI has gotten, but, it would seem to me there has to be some expertise that goes along with surveillance that is meaningful and not simply wasting taxpayers money. 

Give me a reason to believe this is something more than harassment of innocent citizens.  Mueller needs to have a dialogue with the American people about these changes so they can feel reassured this is all appropriate.  This is a limit. 

In all honesty, when I read this editorial my first reaction was, "Doesn't the FBI know what they are doing?"  Because this tells me there is a lot of sloppy assessements to ask the citizens of this nation to actually tolerate this level of surveillance.  There is a lot of room for abuse, including political abuse in the "W"rong hands.  It isn't enough the Plutocracy of the USA has engineered a take over of Republican Governors for redistricting after the 2000 Census, but, to realize they have are the cronies to power in the Legislature and one time to the Executive Branch is unsettling. 

I sincerely believe there needs to be more transparency that was promised to us with this administration and Mueller needs to have a news conference or find a way to ADEQUATELY communicate with this country to put all these changes into a contextual framework that doesn't resemble the beginnings of the SS.