Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The trouble really started in 2006 out of Western fears of extremists.

...It also was seen (click title to entry - than you) as an effort to block the banned Muslim Brotherhood, which made unprecedented gains in recent parliamentary elections, from promoting an independent candidate for president in 2011.
Mubarak's allies in the upper house of parliament and in his party said the planned delay was, in fact, a step toward greater democracy because it would allow time to put in place a new law for greater decentralization....

The citizens of any country cannot be oppressed forever, when 'the flag' of free elections are promised as a solution to problems.  In Lebabon, we are seeing the same paradigm. 

Speculation as to weyher 'The West' should even be involved with these countries is a very goog question.  The West always has designs on their assets when in fact, that is what oppresses them in the first place.  We have been here before, in that, the needs of the First World requires the oppression of others to insure trade, stc.

"W" was correct, in that, invasion and occupation is necessary to secure American's standard of living under the old paradigm,


Now, that there is peace and transition, what are the Plutocrats to do?

NBAD sees Q4 profit jump 71% amid Egypt exposure (click here)


Tuesday, 1 February 2011 5:40 PM

...NBAD also said it has about $400m exposure to Egyptian entities. The North African state has been racked by political unrest as protestors demand the end of president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule....

Ah, the reassuring words, "Made in the USA and "Electric car" and mass transit.  Ah, to be so bold as to say it.

Will there be an interim government leading up to free and transparent elections?

The 2010 map is at the title to this entry. 
...According to the survey’s findings, 2009 marked the fourth consecutive year in which global freedom suffered a decline—the longest consecutive period of setbacks for freedom in the nearly 40-year history of the report....

What is occurring in Egypt, Tunisia and now Jordan is what other First World Democracies hope for, a peaceful movement of the people to a transition to free elections and freedom   Rarely, if ever, do they expect it to happen, especially considering "The West" loads these governments against this reality.  But.  through peaceful protests the people are asserting their rights.

Quite stunning isn't it?  To have tanks stopping their columns to protest with the people.  That wasn't in the script, was it?

The current movement now in Egypt started in Palestine under Israeli mentoring to stop illegal placement of a barrier fence.  Interesting that Israelis should be the mentors for freedom to what is 'nornally' defined as their enemy.  Yet, the leaders of Jordan and Egypt have stood shoulder to shoulder with Sharon at peace talks for this very reason.  To stop tbhe hatred and find harmony,

The people don't want much.  They want their government to lead through freedom and peace and not war.  They want control of their nation's assets to be responsible global citizens.  They want to move out of poverty and have better qality of life.  They want the Middle East to stop the violence and enjoy peace.  Quite a noble aspiration for any peoples.  Some would say it is long over do.  There is no threat here.  They are unarmed and do not seek power through violence, but, through empowerment.  Not every revolution has to have a war to mark its beginning,