Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About darn time. Australia and our Pacific allies have always been there for us.

U.S. President Barack Obama(click title to entry - thank you) is greeted by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, left, as Governor-General Quentin Bryce watches on arrival in Canberra Wednesday. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

How much quicker will this make our response time to tragedies such as the Christmas Tsunami and the Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami and nuclear plants disaster?

I am mostly pleased about this new relationship with Australia and ponder as to why it hasn't happened before now. 

We could have helped immeasurably with the New Zealand earthquakes.

The scientific missions into Antarctica take place off the southern coast of New Zealand, too.  We have many important and valuable people in the southern hemisphere.  I find it odd there hasn't been more involvement before.continued...

I realize that China feels somewhat threatened, but, my concern is; WHY?  Have we not been involved in peaceful initiatives with China from the beginning.  I believe the paranoya of the USA with China and possibly Russia stems from faux sources.  Not that the Neocons of the Bush Era are faux sources, but, for as misguided as that administration was under the dictatorship of Richard Cheney, the USA cannot completely be measured by the events that followed September 11, 2001. 

I believe there is a great deal of HOPE FOR GLOBAL PEACE in the relationships the USA has with the other nuclear nations.  And to measure this decision by the USA to stablize and strengthen its relationship with Australia as a means to Pacific domination, the Chinese and Russians needs to ask themselves if that is a realistic outcome.  I think not.  The people of the USA don't like war.  Distain it actually.  If I were the leaders of Russia and China I would make the most of that reality in relation to their concerns and possibly fears.

The Pacific nations also have to realize, this President has a special perspective on the Pacific region of Earth.  He hails from Hawaii and was with his mother while she worked in Indonesia.  I think the global community can give him some latitude in that understanding.

My personal view of the ever erupting scandal over the football program at Penn State is...

PHILADELPHIA — A $3 million state grant that was earmarked (click title of entry - thank you) for a youth charity established by a former Penn State football assistant coach at the heart of a child molestation scandal has been put on hold.
Gov. Tom Corbett said Wednesday he knew that The Second Mile’s founder, Jerry Sandusky, was gone from the organization when the grant was approved earlier this year. Corbett, who said the funds were being withheld in light of the growing scandal, defended the decision to approve the grant while knowing about the allegations against Sandusky....

North Carolina Beaches are the new Florida. (click title for ten day forecast)

Wrightsville Beach Today:

High - 80 degrees fahrenheit

Conditions - Sunny

Overnight Lows - 64 degrees fahrenheit

The fishing is great and the beaches are clean.

Come on down and experience 'forever summer'!

The people pleaser.

"President Obama supported the unrest..."

Don't dismiss that statement.  That is a policy statement.  The 'sane' press really does not understand what they are looking at, huh?

Then (Mc)Cain goes on to say, "...Oh, that was the other one..."  That reference, of course, is Egypt.  Cain is no different than Bachmann in that he stands with the people that believe Egypt is being handed over to The Muslim Brotherhood and spells disaster for the USA and Israel.  The Right does not see Mubarak as a man that deserved to be removed from power.  They believe standing by and allowing the Egyptian populous to actually have real elections is an atrocity to the foreign policy of the USA.  I don't believe Cain thinks he made a mistake when he made that reference.  This comments are a 'collection' of positions that can be sliced and diced for corrupt Rovian commercial bombs.

The pause and eye rolling is simply 'being human' of course.  Being human in front of the "Lame Stream Media" is expected. 

Republicans are not  brave people.  They are scared to their skivvies and why they hold on to their ideologies to their dying day.  Those ideologies are based in control of elements of life and therefore are the only tried and true methods of happiness.  Not peace, mind you.  Peace is a compromise Republicans do not relish.  Republicans want control and hate everything they don't control.  

NEOTENY.  The lack of neoteny is the profound fear of the Republicans.  Anything NOT of themselves is enemy. 

Cain goes on to state he would listen to all the advisors to get ALL the facts of which President Obama did not, of course.  Somehow in all this, Cain believes there is 'a way' in the global community to overpower any entity of government to exploit that country's resources to pay for 'the simple exercise' of riding Libya of Gaddafi.  The USA is all powerful, all knowing and all of perfection the world can witness in humble appreciation of its greatness.

Rupublicans disavow any interest in sexual exploits by their favorate sons.  They always will.  The Democrats have been targets of smear campaigns for decade after decade.  How much of the Democratic Brain Trust has been shot down by sex scandals while Republicans sufvive the scandals like water off a duck's back.

When the Lewinski scandal was exploited, the Red States didn't say shame, shame; they said "How do we nail him on impeachment?"  I didn't matter the President was of moral character or not; heck men bonded with him with an interest in his activiites.  When will the Democrats finally get their minds around this mess?  The 'moral' content of the Republican Party is ABSENT.  Their only focus in how they can manipulate the system to 'GET WHAT THEY WANT.'  Ruthless and amoral.  As long as it delivers their 'idea of fun' they don't care about morality and they never will.
Besides, the more inept the candidate, the more the Plutocrats love it.  After all, they are so very, very needed to HELP in steering the ship on the 'Path of Profit.'
Give me a break, already.

The :"Gloved One's" Defense. Will Sandusky show up in court in pajamas?

...In a telephone (click title to entry - thank you) interview Monday night on NBC News' "Rock Center," Bob Costas asked Jerry Sandusky if he's a pedophile and Sandusky responded, "No."...
He claims he is innocent.  Sounds familiar.  Any other evidence regarding pedophilia with "Good Ole Jer?"

Paraphanalia, child porn at his home, in his locker at the university, in his office or at his 'cubby' at "The Second Mile?"

This conviction might not be as straight forward as everyone expects.  It will far less expensive for the university to pay off on lawsuits from two dismissed coaches and a university President than all the parents and children that claim they have been raped, molested or otherwise by Sandusky. 

I take it that McQueary Is valued as the hero in this sitution as most have expected?  Interesting.

It is his first confiction, I take it.