Monday, September 03, 2012

It is going to be a great week.

How appropriate Democratic Convention Eve is the end of Labor Day.

We need President Obama.

He has kept his promises against all political odds.

The Republicans could not break his spirit, nor force him to destroy his promises to the American people. He loves the people of this country and that was evident at every turn.

I could list all his accomplishes over the past four years, but, I am confident we will revisit them all this week.

It's time to take account and move the country forward.

Southern California is still shaking. No damage? Think Geological Liquification.

M3.3 - 0km E of Beverly Hills, California (click here)2012-09-03 10:26:56 UTC

...Beverly Hills police (click title to entry - thank you) watch commander Sgt. Michael Publicker said his station has been getting numerous calls from anxious citizens. He said, “Every alarm in the city is going off.” But he added that his patrol officers had seen no signs of structural damage.
An officer at the nearby West Los Angeles police precinct said there had been no calls about the quake.
The Los Angeles Fire Department says its survey found no significant damage, injury loss of life in the city.

In my estimation, Leslie's status is changing. My estimation has potential for landfall South Carolina - Georgia.

Interestingly enough John and Leslie have close relationships to their latitude. John is at 19 North and Leslie 23.6 North. Central pressures are different Leslie 998 and John at 1001. CLICK HERE FOR 12 HOUR HEMISPHERIC LOOP 

Noted in the article below John is at an unusal place in relation to Baja. 


Could it be push me - pull you along the 5880 isobar? 

September 1, 2012 - 1030:00z

September 3, 2012 - 1030:00z 

11 20.20 -58.40 09/02/03Z 55 998 TROPICAL STORM
12 20.80 -59.50 09/02/09Z 60 994 TROPICAL STORM
13 21.30 -61.10 09/02/15Z 55 997 TROPICAL STORM

The velocity is more north than west, but, the upper mass is changing. I think Leslie is reorganizing and we'll know more about it's direction within the next 3 to 6 hours. But, Isobar 5880 is dominating the southern half of the country. That is a significant change from a few days ago.

14 22.40 -61.30 09/02/21Z 50 998 TROPICAL STORM
15 23.40 -61.70 09/03/03Z 50 998 TROPICAL STORM
16 23.80 -62.10 09/03/09Z 50 998 TROPICAL STORM

Tropical Storm John forms in Pacific far from Baja (click title to entry - thank you)
Read more here:

Published: Monday, Sep. 3, 2012 - 3:33 am
Tropical Storm John has formed in the eastern Pacific near the Mexican island of Socorro but far from the mainland.
The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said the storm formed early Monday near Socorro, part of an island chain about 300 miles (480 kph) south-southwest of the tip of Baja California peninsula.
The storm is forecast to stay at sea and head northwest. It had top sustained winds of 40 mph (65 kph) with little change in strength expected in the next 48 hours.
In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Leslie was moving north-northwest over open ocean on a track that could take it closer to Bermuda by Saturday. The storm was causing potentially dangerous surf in parts of the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

What is the difference between the two vehicles?

September 3, 2012 |  2:13 am
...Many of the suicide bombings (click here) and other terror acts in Peshawar have been carried out by the Pakistani Taliban, the domestic insurgent group that for years has been attacking Pakistani security installations along with markets, mosques and other civilian targets. In recent years, the Pakistani Taliban has expanded its agenda to include the West, and was involved in providing training and logistical support for a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent who botched an attempt to detonate a car bomb in New York’s Times Square in 2010.
Despite the continued presence of Al Qaeda-linked militants in northwest Pakistan and the intense anti-American sentiments that pervade Pakistani society, terror attacks against American government entities within Pakistan remain relatively rare, largely because of extensive security measures the U.S. employs at its offices and compounds.
The last attack on U.S. consulate vehicles in Peshawar occurred in May 2011, when a car bomb detonated by remote control targeted a convoy of two American armored vehicles in the University Town area, killing a Pakistani bystander. No American personnel were killed in the blast. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack....
A relatively short distance and the government targeted. The photo to the left is today. The photo below was January 16, 2010. The picture below is in Kashmir. It was by a suicide bomber on foot. My guess is the munition shells used today was obtained when NATO pulled back from the more remote areas of Afghanistan and left behind munitions collected and loaded on donkeys. There is a video about that.

Kashmir Suicide Bomber Strikes Pakistani Soldiers (click title to entry - thank you)


Published: January 16, 2010

...The bomber blew himself up as a Pakistani military vehicle passed, wounding two soldiers, a Pakistani military spokesman said. The attack took place near the town of Rawalakot, in the Pakistani part of Kashmir, a Himalayan region at the center of a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan.
For years, militant groups had focused their efforts on the Indian side of the disputed territory, some with the support of the Pakistani state, though those attacks have fallen significantly. The Pakistani side had long been free of violence, but a number of attacks in the past year have broken that calm and raised worries that militant groups in Pakistan are widening their fight....

The governments involved with violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan frequently draw lines as to who is causing the deaths and who is responsible for stopping the deaths.

There is common ground between violent militias of extremists throughout Pakistan and the region. There are no borders, there is only defeating any entity other than Islamic rule. There may be some ideological divides between groups of militias, but, for the most part al Qaeda is the umbrella group to the violence. Sure, the Taliban is responsible for the extremism and are foot soldiers, but, for the most part the militias are more tribal than separate interests.

I think NATO makes a mistake in Pakistan. NATO doesn't see much of the violence as a solution to the hate for India as well. An attack on a consulate at the outskirts of tribal Pakistan is no different than an attack anywhere else in the tribal regions.

The death of 'the next bin Laden' is indicative of the 'rock and hard place' the Pakistan ISI and military finds itself. The Pakistan military is used as human shields as well as methods of intelligence gathering for the Taliban and al Qaeda. The fact al Qaeda is intertwined with all forces in the region is very telling. The Taliban rely on al Qaeda, the Haqqani network co-exists with al Qaeda and the Taliban. The coordinating entity is al Qaeda and I do believe finding bin Laden near a Pakistan military university is significant to realize he was more or less the general of all the coordination. I do believe bin Laden received information from within the university military complex and disseminated it to the rest of the militia initiative across the region.

Osama bin Laden was the Commander to the violence against all governments and their miltiary, NATO, Pakistan military, the Pakistan ISI and the Indian military. The fight by the militias in the region is primarily a war between soldiers, not a war to kill the leadership. Bin Laden was successful in harnessing 'the threat' to continue to have power within the ISI and other military structures. 

If 'the soldier' was torn between allegiance to their government and also respected the real 'threat' of dying from fellow soldiers and the mutual military information they shared, it continued and continues the violence. I don't believe the region is separate from the authorities that respect borders. In order to stop the violence the entire region has to ally each other and treat their region as one territory. 

Alliance is not a threat to sovereignty. However, there is a danger to that is the idea there would be a melding of authority to defeat the militias. The more streamlined the hierarchy becomes the less secure a 'singular knowledge' base becomes. The prime example of how invasive these militias are to the region is the chronically divided ISI in loyalty to their elected government.

The entire NATO-Pakistan-India military/policing effort has to be purged of its corruption, return the truth of elections to the people that cast their choice in the promise of peace and make criminal those that challenge the sovereignty of the countries themselves. It is not the military of NATO causing challenges to sovereign authority of Pakistan, it was bin Laden chronically challenging the sovereignty of Pakistan from within. Pakistan's tribal region is dangerous to the Pakistani government and not the other way around.

Why would the people ever believe a singular government would bring peace to their lives when elections never achieve their goals?

Divide and conquer. Warlords and economic strength. Who are you going to give your son to sacrifice his life to God, the person putting food in your belly or those that promise to do it?

Nato blames Haqqani Network for Afghan strikes (click here)

Kabul—The double suicide attack in Maiden Wardak province of Afghanistan on Saturday was the work of the militant Haqqani Network, according to Isaf. The top US and Nato commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Allen said that Nato believes that Haqqani is behind the Wardak attack which killed 12 people and injured at least 59 others. “We believe this attack bears the mark of the Haqqani network, which continues to target and kill innocent Afghans and blatantly violates Afghan sovereignty,” the Isaf commander said in a statement.

“A number of Afghan civilians were killed and wounded by vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (IED) near a combined Afghan National Security  Force and International  Security Assistance Force base in Sayed Abad district of Wardak province,” he added. While the attack did not breach the base’s walls, the blasts caused widespread damage to the surrounding civilian Sayed Abad area with large numbers of Afghan civilian casualties....

As a bit of a side note, What would Benazir Bhutto do in the tribal regions in cooperation with India? 

By the way, she wore a head scarf as well, why would a television journalist in Egypt not?

During WWII, the USA generals had no use for European generals, but, they won the war together. If it weren't for the autonomy of the Russian generals, the Allied Powers questionably would have stopped the Axis powers.