Wednesday, May 05, 2010

High Level Families are being targeted by al Qaeda in the Middle East. The Times Square Incident is the SECOND of its nature. Christmas Was the First.

Pakistan's former ISI official Khalid Khawaja.‎
 The Times Square Suspect that has pleaded guilty can be linked directly into the Pakistan ISI and get this; one was killed at the end of April.  Probably a potential leak to the Times Square Plot.

According to Michael Moore this morning (click title to entry - thank you) the Times Square Criminal has direct ties to Kahn and if there are direct ties to Khan there are direct ties to the Pakistani ISI.

The Pakistani ISI is still an issue !   I mean Musharraf and bin Laden were practically brothers.  The secret, from an intelligence point of view, is TO SEE IT COMING !!!!!!!!!!!


Believe what you see.  Even believe THE INSTINCT of what you see !  Keep your nose to the ground, it will probably prove correct.

The death of Mr. Khawaja was definately a CLUE.

Ex-ISI official found dead in Pakistan

Fri, 30 Apr 2010 23:29:51 GMT
A former Pakistani intelligence official kidnapped a month ago was found shot dead in a lawless northwest tribal region, officials said.

Khalid Khawaja, an ex-official of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) went missing in late March along with one of his former colleagues, Sultan Amir Tarar, and a film maker. There has been no reports on the fate of the other two.

His body was found on Friday with gunshot wounds to the head and chest on the road between Miramshah and Mir Ali, in the Karam Kot area of North Waziristan, which is under effective militant control.

A note was attached to his body accusing him of spying for the United States and killing innocent people during the 2007 government siege of militants holed up in a mosque in the capital Islamabad, security officials said on condition of anonymity.
After the three were kidnapped, a previously unknown militant group calling itself the Asian Tigers delivered a video to the media claiming to have the men in their custody. No demands by the group were made public.

Both Khawaja and Tarar were reported to have deep militant links for their role in establishing the Taliban movement in Afghanistan in the 1990s, when Pakistani security agencies were engaged in providing support to the group, Associated Press reported.

Khawaja was known to be sympathetic to the militant cause, often appearing on television to speak in defense of suspected extremists. He had been at the forefront of raising the issue of "missing persons" or people detained by Pakistani security agencies without charges.

Let's get this straight. BP has delivered ONE of the three cement structures to their oil disaster and the oil is still spewing from the rupture.

The damage is real, it is in 'containment' of sorts simply because of current 'water circulation patterns' in that region that actually have a 'whirlpool' distribution due to its very dangerous location near the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current.

We are also seeing endangered and threatened wildlife that is supposed to be protected by the Endangered Species Act coming up dead, MOST PROBABLY, due to ingesting contaminated food supplies.

The REAL reason BP is doing this is to stem its economic losses, it has little to do with any other reason.  The sooner it 'collects' the oil the sooner it can stem mounting costs. 

The environmental community might be breathing a sigh of relief at this point, as the HERO status belongs to the USA Military and Coast Guard.  They have done a magnificent job at containment and have worked very hard at securing the coastline in the face of impossible odds.  

I remain skeptical to this outcome.

BP stops 1 of 3 oil leaks in Gulf of Mexico--local media  (click title to entry - thank you)
TORONTO, May 5 (Reuters) - BP (BP.L) officials said they capped one of the three leaks that have been gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico after last month's explosion and fire on a drilling rig, local media reported Tuesday.

 WWLTV in Louisiana said that BP officials confirmed they have stopped one of the three leaks.

A spokesman for the company was unable to confirm, but said, "We've been trying to fit a valve to a point along the riser." (Reporting by Janet McGurty in Toronto and Tom Bergin in London; Editing by John Picinich) (; Reuters Messaging:; 646 226 3027))

One might recall the extensive flooding of the Midwest last year. Don't expect this year to be any different. (click title to entry - thank you)

Besides the housing bubble that sent the entire nation and the global economy into failure, there are environmental consequences when concrete replaces biotic content. 

Proposed Order on Floodplain Development
July 27, 2009
The White House is considering a new executive order to limit floodplain development.  The proposal covers roughly the same federal licensing, project, and funding decisions as NEPA.  The heart of the proposal is section 4, which unlike NEPA imposes a substantive requirement (preventing or mitigating floodplain development.)  The proposed language is after the jump.  This is a very constructive step — we can’t keep putting people and infrastructure in harm’s way, nor can we allow development that increases flood risks elsewhere.
The Association of State Flood Plains Managers has a very helpful website.  Information about flood issues can also be found in Berkeley’s archive on disasters and the law....

Grand Ole Opry closed due to flooding

Spiritual home of American country music forced to relocate after record-breaking rains hit Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday 5 May 2010 13.02 BST 
Sean Michaels
...Record-breaking rains have led to flooding across Tennessee, and the rising Cumberland river has caused the closure of numerous Nashville buildings. However, no institution is as esteemed as the Opry, a weekly country revue, located at its current site since 1974. Officials do not yet know how long the Opry will be closed, nor how much damage has been sustained. Photographs of the stage door show that the water level is above the doorknob, and floodwaters at a nearby hotel had reached three metres by Monday afternoon....

Nashville residents return to homes as Cumberland River begins to recede

12:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Chris Talbott,
...A record-breaking weekend storm dumped more than a foot of rain in two days, rapidly spilling water into homes, roads and some of Music City's top attractions.
Floodwaters and tornadoes killed at least 28 people in Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky. As the water began to recede, bodies were recovered from homes, a yard and a wooded area outside a Nashville supermarket.
By Tuesday, the flash floods were blamed in the deaths of 17 people in Tennessee alone, including nine in Nashville. Authorities initially said 10 people were killed by floods in the city, but on Tuesday, they said one of those people died of natural causes.
Hundreds of people have been rescued by boat and canoe from their flooded homes over the last few days. Those operations were winding down in Nashville on Tuesday.
It remained unclear how many – if any – people were missing in Tennessee....

Flood victim found in field; Tenn. toll hits 18
TRENTON, Tenn. — Emergency authorities in Tennessee say the death toll from weekend flooding has risen with the discovery of a man's body in a field in the west of the state.
The Jackson Sun says the man was swept away Sunday while walking on a road.
Carol Fite of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency confirmed that another body was found. No one was available early Wednesday at the Gibson County Sheriff's Office to provide the victim's identity.
The state's flood death toll stands at 18. A tornado in western Tennessee also killed another person at the weekend.
The water is slowly receding in Nashville, where nine of the deaths and most of the damage occurred....