Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Third World countries believe they are threatened within their sovereignty...

...their first investments are the military, nuclear capacity and the space race. 

What have we witnessed?

Why is China still lagging in public health and the infrastructure investment to support it?

Now, why would the USA ever want to be an aggressor nation? AND why the investment into China in large amounts in the first place if these are known outcomes?

Where does peace, non-proliferation and sincere MORALITY lie for all peoples, not just one people?

Why is foreign investment found money?


Over investment is where it goes wrong. Over investment (outsourcing) destroys existing markets without replacing them with any that are viable.

Market research guarantees 'found money' and reduces risk.

Third World countries are high risk, even China, because they have no residual Middle Class and their products are sketchy in quality. High risk. China's imports have been very high risk to investment.

When a First World country such as the USA opens markets with Third World otherwise called Periphery Countries, the USA has to bring sophistication to that Third World country before products are imported. One of the first products that were immediately available for trade coming from Japan and China were 'native plants' to those countries. They are beautiful and coveted by landscapers to sell in their nurseries and use within their craft. It was a good beginning at the time. However, in the year 2013 those same species are now 'invasive species' and crowding out our own Native Species in the Wild. That being the case the invasive species are starving wildlife and game animals because they don't thrive on them.

Invasive species also cause environmental problems and destroy forests; ie: Kudzu. Ultimately destroyed forests cause soil erosion, ask the US Forest Service, they can attest to what happens when forests disappear.

"Found Money' in foreign investment is usually and 'at first' is found with the wealthy of that nation. If the wealthy can import all their luxuries they will never have a reason to increase their brain trust or grow their Middle Class. There will be no reason to invest in their own countrymen to have home grown products. Forever, the American Middle Class will disappear.

This is not Earth shaking information, but, it hasn't been visited here before and needs a revitalization to bring focus to the Chinese economic problems and the ultimate leaning that will be sought from the USA Treasury. China has plans to grow their Middle Class, but, they also need to expand their brain trust to provide for Public Health. In that lies the willingness for other nation's imports. The products have to be safe. Unfortunately, that was never valued at the time the banks made the investment into cheap labor. The changes needed in China and other nations won't happen overnight. Oops.

"Third World Happiness is Low Expectations." I don't want that in the USA. I don't poverty. I don't want my countrymen to be victims to Wall Street.

I don't want the USA used as a warrior culture blazing the trail for Wall Street profits.

One of the issues Congress faced in 2008 is the 'fallout' from the banking collapse.

There is a wealth of information there to secure the USA away from another Wall Street bailout.

Besides the USA Economy having a stronger tax base in new local small businesses that employ, there is an opportunity to sever the umbilical cord from Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs.

As they collapse next time, other nations such as China need to examine their exposure to Too Big Too Fail. They need to develop their own policies to deal with the fact they may be over invested and exposed to national fiscal issues. I don't see the USA government handing out bailouts to these banks again. They made their decisions in 2008 and took their bailout monies and otherwise elsewhere.

The fallout of 2008 involved secondary institutions such as the large insurance companies on USA soil. It would be best for Unions in the USA to examine those secondary RISKS and move investments in their pensions into these institutions rather than huge financial institutions such as Citibank.

If one recalls, Ford Motor never needed a bailout. They obtained their own money reserves while money was being lent at 0% interest rate. That is the understanding I seek here. The American Unions should consider limiting their exposure to foreign investment by those their pensions are investing. Some international investment is necessary, but, not to the extent it will adversely effect their pension funds. I sort of think of foreign investment as 'Found Money' and not the mainstay of a portfolio.

I would think at the very least Senator Warren would be familiar with these secondary institutions that made the large bank bailout necessary. If these secondary institutions were standing on their own without the need for large investment banks it would start to eliminate the definition of "Too Big to Fail," large unemployment rates and an intact economy and USA Treasury with a solid credit rating.

If splitting up the banks will not be a realistic outcome it becomes an ideology. There is no room for ideology in economic terms. But, just because splitting up the big banks won't happen because of political dogma otherwise, doesn't mean it can't be redefined in a beneficial methodology by those with the greatest interest for it to happen. 

Never underestimate DESPERATION  by the CEOs of the large investment banks to FORCE an economic emergency that will tap the USA Treasury again while believing "Damn the people." 

Wall Street has no conscience. Conscience belongs to governance. That is simply a fact. Economic conscience belongs to government.

Quantitative Easing.


When Ben Bernanki first announced the end to QE 3 what did I state? 

Didn't I say, "They love their money too much, they always come running home to mama." Isn't that the hideous context I put it in?

What are the markets showing now? Come on, everyone should know this by now.

They are showing the vast gains in the DOW and USA markets are where?

The gains / increase in stock prices are in USA 'standard bearer' corporations. They are looking more and more like Berkshire Hathaway then ever before.

Why the mergers in Europe? I'll let figure that one out.

Clue: When one hears about Border Skirmishes, First Think Oil.

Believe me when I tell you, the Gulf of Mexico is not valued at all for it's fisheries. Ask how many super-rich fisherman you know. Better yet, how many rich fisherman exist in the world. It ain't many. So, when border skirmishes get serious enough for the USA military to be screaming "Threat to USA National Security," then you'll know why.

China and Russia have huge offshore oil and gas deposits as well as terrestrial deposits. Their borders run right up against USA allies such as Japan and Taiwan. Does it all make sense yet?

It is all in the GEOLOGICALS. This is the Vietnam geologicals. The thing about it is that when Vietnam comes to the USA they are looking to become the next Taiwan. I apologize if I am wrong. But, then they go to China with it's untapped reserves, they are sincerely concerned for their fisheries, hence the treaty.

When Vietnam seeks more petroleum wealth for their country, one has to wonder what benefit the people will receive. The country's leadership also has to look to other nations like that of Nigeria and Ecuador to realize their people will be dying of cancers they cannot control. Their populations will fall and the pollution will last forever.

Vietnam's petroleum reserves should be managed to provide for the small country and not squandered. Vietnam has to build competency in educational systems to bring about a national brain trust, too. They will need their health care systems and more modernization than the leadership may realize.

Once the waters are polluted the people no longer have a viable food source. When companies come to Vietnam or any other Third World country, including China, they need to take example of the laws of the USA to reclaim THE LAND and THE WATER. Those that pollute must PAY.

Wealth should never be so attractive it destroys the future of the sovereignty, burden a nation with grief of generations or pollute or PULVERIZE IT with such techniques as hydraulic fracturing the land with none left to call cities.

Those in power of the wealth of the petroleum industry already have their 'personal land use' staked out. They don't care about the deaths of millions or the future of their children. 

Curse of the Black Gold (click here) 
Hope and betrayal on the Niger Delta
By Tom O'Neill

National Geographic staff

Photograph by Ed Kashi
Oil fouls everything in southern Nigeria. It spills from the pipelines, poisoning soil and water. It stains the hands of politicians and generals, who siphon off its profits. It taints the ambitions of the young, who will try anything to scoop up a share of the liquid riches—fire a gun, sabotage a pipeline, kidnap a foreigner.
Nigeria had all the makings of an uplifting tale: poor African nation blessed with enormous sudden wealth. Visions of prosperity rose with the same force as the oil that first gushed from the Niger Delta's marshy ground in 1956. The world market craved delta crude, a "sweet," low-sulfur liquid called Bonny Light, easily refined into gasoline and diesel. By the mid-1970s, Nigeria had joined OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), and the government's budget bulged with petrodollars.

Everything looked possible—but everything went wrong....

Something about China that completely surprised me and I don't why, except, to realize they were naive and kept that way for what seems like decades. And then wonders why the USA is hated sometimes.

While cheap labor was a desire of Wall Street and so much of the USA was outsourced to the point of hideous collapse of the Middle Class; Wall Street never bothered to educate the people of China along with the investment they were making.

The Chinese are struggling to feed their people without killing them. The baby formula issue is not settled. Families spend their money on imports to be sure their child will not become sick and die. The families sometimes live in poverty, except, for the baby formula on the shelves.

The pharmaceuticals coming out of China were found to be contaminated only to kill Americans. It was when American pets, children and consumers were found to be irreparably harmed did the Chinese Industrial Complex finally become an issue. What kind of leadership is that within the USA? What kind of leadership is that on Wall Street?

The outsourcing brought wealth to China but it never translated in to a better quality of life for the people, hence no Middle Class and the continued draconian economy of the USA. When Goldman-Sachs states there will another economic collapse they are bemoaning their losses due to their investment in China. Their view of the global economy is completely myopic and never expected the USA's people to develop their own local economies that exclude them.

Think about it.

In defense of democracy and free elections.

The USA has a problem as do other nations that claim their government exerts open and free elections. I'll use the USA as an example to this dynamic.

Democracy is dominated by the undercurrent of religious values within their members of government in the USA. This has nothing to do with atheism. I have nothing against atheism and understanding that is the definition of diversity. 

Diversity is a requirement of a healthy democracy. Diversity enhances all spectrum of human experience and brings it to the government to consider as a growing benevolent experience. I am sure Europe already has entertained the idea that some of Christianity is based in suffering and exclusivity of belief, basically 'the one true faith.' In that theology is a lot of room for abuse of the members of the faith. Suffering is not too much to ask of them and that is most prevalent in the Bible Belt of the USA. Capitalists take advantage of the oppressive nature of Bible Belt Christianity in the USA. 

This entry is about entering the idea that a mass number of people can be constrained within a PROFIT driven paradigm whereby few reap the riches while the masses suffer under leadership promising the return of God to redeem their world.

I don't hate God. 

This is map of the Evangelical existence of the faith in the world. (click here)

It is massive. It is global and it has a mission. That mission is far more aggressive than any other faith including Roman Catholic based in the Vatican.

Evangelicals by the nature of their theology are rather meek and worry about that meekness in the way of protections to their faith and their ability to carry out their theology in that bring others to their reality is a requirement. The world sees that in Mormonism as well. While they are missionaries and non-profits, they also have a mission that is understood in the monies and time they spend. The idea that religion can serve the purpose of Wall Street CEOs is a very real dynamic.

The Founders of the USA Constitution demanded there be separation of church and state. The reasons are obvious. Demanding all people of a nation to worship a 'One Church' is oppression. In the case of the USA Founders, they were searching for religious freedom away from the Queen's Church. There are many, even today, that believe The Church of England has a basis in heretic theology. It was a church founded by King Henry the VIII to accommodate his divorces. That is not the point here and this is not a discussion on the benefits of one religion over another or one 'serviceable' theology over another.

What the USA Founders realized by belief, experience and instinct was the oppressive nature of an Overlord based in religious belief. The Overlord is the issue here. 

What astounded me about the Bush Presidency is the huge and massive movement of Evangelical Christianity as a political base. Then to realize Iraq was a designer war is more than alarming. 

To realize Russia has existing religions within its borders and always has the idea it is an atheistic nation is propaganda and always has been. 

The highlighting of Indonesia on this map is simply a convenience of the computer pointer. But, this world map of an Evangelical website (click here) is more than enlightening.

As one moves the pointer of the computer over each iconic face surrounding the globe there are huge numbers of people accompanying that one iconic face. In the case of Indonesia/Southeast Asia the numbers are this: Population 550.7 million. The USA has a population sightly over 300 million last I checked. According to this website that population exists in 12 countries, not one with 1525 groups, where as the USA has very limited groups of majorities of people. The USA also allows a group of this religious content that dominates an entire electorate and the base of a political party. The global map also points to People Groups Unreached and Unengaged. 606 and 255 resepctively.

Remember the White American Woman selling the idea of "Millionaire Mindset?" Yes? It is a previous entry if the answer to that question is no.

The USA currently, through actions taken to the USA Supreme Court, allows "Religion Based" non-profits. Guess where these folks are going to find their Millionaire People Mindset Groups. Religion Based Non-Profits can receive funding from the USA government. Getting the picture. Religion Based Non-Profits in a country outside the USA that allows hatred and discrimination can actually make huge strides in expanding their member base with promises of services they provide, even in the way of education. I am quite sure if these Religion Based Non-Profits that receive funding through the USA government were audited they would have found OUR MONIES are buying them members for services. It is coercive and acts as a wedge to foreign governments, especially where other religions, such as Muslim, are well established.

The point is this. There is a growth in anti-gay expression in Russia. The current Russian government is not stupid. But, there is opposition to it. I have watched President Putin and admired him for a long time since the fall of the Soviet Union. This third term is taking a different tone. Now, some might say it is necessary and I am certain he sees Russia as a rising power and one that is necessary to temper the last Superpower, namely the USA. The extremism that is growing within government expression during this term of President Putin is not at all dissimilar from that of Bush/Cheney.

What else do we know? We know that Wall Street is coveting BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). To have such a drastic and oppressive policy come from Russia having experienced this 'trend' in the USA, there is only ONE logical conclusion. That conclusion is that globally, Evangelicals are tucking themselves into bed, knowingly or not, with Wall Street to expand their member base and spread the DEVOTION to suffering that accompanies to redeem their sorry souls.

This is not new. I am quite certain China is aware of it and to some extent Russia. But, in Russia the Old Communists are becoming old and retired, no different than Cheney and his bunch of rich morons. Hell, by every right Cheney should be dead by now, except, for the USA's health care system. 

What do we know about winning elections? What works for the marginalized GOP otherwise known as the Tea Party? Money wins elections and no one is going to tell me John Roberts and what's his name Alito doesn't know that and banked on Citizen's United with a knowledge base noted above.

Not only Money, but, a lot of it supplied by Wall Street along with 'insider government' oppressing the electorate to vote on a specific path. What would make people vote against their best interest and willing to be oppressed? 

I'll write that again, what would make people vote against their best interests and willing to be oppressed?

What indeed? How about a belief system where by THEIR SOULS are on the line and what better than a nation reflecting the morality of their GOD.

What makes people spend their money against their own best interests? What indeed. Propaganda and the belief the product is necessary in one's life to live their beliefs and exonerate their sorry lives.

The theology of Evangelical Christianity fits perfectly into a Wall Street paradigm of profits.

Have a better day.