Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Since the Bush/Cheney adminstration parked missiles at Russian borders, the Russians have been serious about new capacity.

The new Russian ICBM is smaller, can be more easily carried in larger numbers and is as accurate as it reaches within 1000 feet of a targeted site.  Launch failures will be overcome in a matter of time. 

The new missiles may look a bit unreliable at this time, but, the Topols are still active.  The new ICBMs from Russia are designed to overcome "Star Wars."  They can be launched in multiples with deployment of multiple warheads.  The "Star Wars" 'response' would have to be huge in order to overcome the Russian nuclear capacity.  In other words, there would be some ICBMs destroyed by a successful 'Star Wars' program, but, there would be many that would find their targets.  It makes "Star Wars" mute.

The new Russian subs are impressive.  I remember the launch of one a few years ago.  A START Treaty is more than a good idea.

It is time to 'start' START.

...Repeating failures (click here) have drawn much scrutiny and attention to the Bulava, but the Russian Navy insists there is no alternative to the missile. The missile started engine flight tests from ground launch pads in 2004. The first two sea launches in September and December 2005 were successful....

...Bulava was scheduled to equip the new Project 955 Borei class submarines, which will replace the older Typhoon class nuclear powered missile subs currently in service. The lead submarine Yury Dolgoruky was scheduled to receive its complement of 12 Bulava missiles around 2008, while two sister ships Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh will be completed in 2008 and 2010. Delays in the completion of the SSBM will undoubtedly push back the commissioning of the new submarines.

Bulava -Nuclear, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile - Misil balístico in...

Bulava, Topol, Sineva: successful launches