Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anyone find the shut off valve for the KXL?

I found this on "You Tube." I didn't steal it.

The shelf cloud is enormous and both all the tornadoes were on the ground for an extended period of time.

June 18, 2014
0307 gmt
The Weather Channel "US 24 Hour Temperature Change Map."

Does everyone know where Nebraska is on the map?

The temperature in the region of Nebraska are completely ridiculous. The temperature change in 24 hours in the region ranged from -24 to + 18. Why wouldn't there be extreme weather?

Below is the current wind map.

Wind Map (click here)
June 17, 2014
12:00 gmt
The Weather Channel "US Departure from Normal Highs"

What else does anyone need to know. When west meets midwest the picture is obvious. The area between the blue negative and the yellow positive is nearly neutral. "Heat Transfer" between the two systems. And the wind map above shows the turbulence northeast of Denver where the mixing occurs. Directly over Nebraska.

June 17, 2014
UNISYS Infrared Satellite of the North and West Hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

I am not promoting a product, but, this is a new experience for Nebraska, for the most part. The local stations might want to demonstrate to folks what a NOAA radio is and what it is not. They need to purchase the right kind and know they are hearing official broadcasts.

Springfield 96200 7 Channel Portable NOAA Weather Radio provides current weather conditions, forecasts, severe weather warnings and warnings from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and local emergency management officials. Other features include a telescoping antenna, clock, AM/FM radio, an ultra bright LED flashlight and battery backup. The small size of the 96200 makes it great for travel, camping, boating, sporting events, and more. 

This one sells for about $24.00. It is the basic radio that can be carried on tractors if there is no such radio already installed. I am sure many stores in the local vicinity would be more than happy to stock some if they don't already. I wouldn't wait for shipping. People need them now.

This statement about alcoholism reminded me of something "W" would say.

It also completely exposes the right wing for the religious bigotry they hold dear and their self-righteousness to govern according to THEIR OWN RELIGIOUS LIFESTYLE CHOICES.

What is good for the Perry family is good for the world.

Killers get privacy and women are victimized.

Texas so called, "Women's Right to Know Laws" (click here) designed to kill women for going to bed with their spouses and/or lovers.

How is it Texas can publish abortion clinic information without asking any physician to do so (under the guise of "A Woman's Right to Know Resource Directory," (click here) but, the execution team to a death row inmate is not known to the public as to the expertise?

How does that happen? 

A legal citizen happening to be a woman wants an abortion and has to risk her physician being published in a resource directory knowing full well the clinic, her physician and she could be in danger by right wing Pro Life nut cases? And the State of Texas knows this danger exists, yet they publish the list anyway.

Yet, a person on death row due to be executed has their privacy rights upheld in protecting those that will execute them? 

How does that happen? 

Killers and their execution team have privacy rights, but, women legally engaged in life have to be exposed to danger beyond imagination.

Let me tell you how that happens. 

MORALISTS illegally practicing religious dogma through legislation in Texas seeks to carry out illegal protocols they call 'lethal' when they are not. So, in order to cover up the scandalous lack of expertise and the illegal drug protocol they simply hide all the information from the public.

Those same moralists illegally practicing religious dogma in the legislature want to drive women into poverty, or better yet, into wearing a chastity belt even if married so they won't CHOOSE to have an abortion legally upheld by USA judicial precedent.

Does that sound right?

Two standards that dictate religious dogma through Texas legislation exist and neither uphold federal law. 

HIPPA violations occur when physician's names are published because of the sensitive work they do and women are photoed entering a clinic. The Texas Legislature is one of the most self-righteous legislators in the country. Oh, granted the other southern governors try to 'out perform' Perry for the sake of campaign financing. All those are illegal. Women are allowed privacy. When a woman makes an appointment with a physician it is not for publication in the local newspaper. Why then is an appointment with a clinic under surveillance by right wing extremists known to assassinate physicians and bomb clinics permitted as a published list? A shopping list for activists that have brought impeding danger to women's lives, both by oppressive abortion laws and exposing their clinics to danger.
Remember this guy? The Shah. There was once an assassination attempt and that should have been a clue that Sunni leaders were not getting the job done for the people in Iran.

What spawned the Iranian Revolution? It wasn't the allegiance to a dictator named Khomeini. Not really. The Grand Ayatollah Khomeini was a vehicle for the revolution, but, the reason the people came to his side in large populations is because they were suffering. My question is why were they suffering?

It has long been understood that the Shah and his spouse were treated better than royalty as they had fresh food flown in from areas outside Iran daily. There was a reason beyond the fact he simply liked high end gourmet food. It was because the water in Iran, from the oil fields, was unhealthy to drink.

The people of Iran were also suffering because they didn't have enough food. While the Shah was comfortable with centuries of royal blood in his veins it never translated to a relationship with the people. The Iranian people, the Shi'ites that is, if they were to survive the flash point was all too obvious.

Once the Shah was overthrown the reaction by The West was to take up an offensive against any leader of the country and has isolated Iran ever since. The reasons nuclear power is so important to the people of the country is because it proves their leadership is equal to anything The West or any Sunni nation could produce.

The politics inside the nation of Iran and that of The West and Israel has only served to escalate the tensions of decades to a pinnacle every nation in the world understands to be idiotic. There is no tossing nuclear weapons around in the Middle East. It would be catastrophic, yet only a year or so ago that is exactly where Iran and the rest of the world were. Crazy stuff, but, The West was in Iraq and the threat of returning to a prior status was all to real in the eyes of the Shi'ites.

What made it worse and probably propelled the former President Ahmadinejad to leadership, was the attempt to destroy the Imam ali Mosque in Iraq. Why, in god's name would any USA military ever conceive of destroying a Mosque, especially this one. 

I think this Mosque, if it were destroyed, was to break the will of the Shia in Iraq. No one will convince me differently. 

The point is this. The Shia have every right to live and live well in full longevity on Earth. One of the most devoted Ayatollahs to peace is that of the Grand Ayatollah al Sistani. He is affectionately known as the Peace Ayatollah. They are good people. They may be somewhat out of step with advances in society. I really wouldn't know. I do know they were out of step with reality under Saddam, but, their reality then was so very different than today. And to think for decades this ethnic group in the Middle East has been under attack for the sheer reason of their religion is completely unthinkable.

The West needs to get this right and entering Iraq with war machines is not the answer. Iran and southern Iraq must have a place on this Earth. They cannot be sacrificed as the Kurds cannot.

Both the Kurds and the Shi'ites have fought back against the Western dominated region for a long time. It is their homeland as it is the Sunnis homeland. A generation of all people in the Middle East has to come to pass whereby war is not part of their daily lives. When is that going to happen? When are all ethnicities in the Middle East going to know they are safe enough to lay down their weapons? There is no room for hate. The Earth is not that big. 

When will an entire generation (20 years) know life without war?

Al Pressin
June 17, 2014 11:47 AM

This sort of dual tornado occurred one other time, albeit briefly. It began as a 'wedge tornado' which is the reason why it looks like one system on radar.

I have no idea why there are the words "Holy Tornado" on the screen. It didn't look like a tornado from heaven to me.

One might note there is a fair amount of water vapor in the air when these dual tornadoes show up. This one is noted to have a healthy and vibrant forest in the foreground which would 'lend' higher density water vapor to the system. The dual system yesterday is noted to have crops in full chlorophyll in the foreground. Those crops would lend higher water vapor to the system as well. Just thought I'd point that out. It is a botanist 'thing.'

This is the trend of global warming.

This is the way this entire end stage global warming has been trending. First there are occurrences that are unusual such as the manifestation of North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation in the north Pacific at the same time on October 4, 2002.

Then there were three tropospheric vortexes and then four to a maximum of seven all sequestered in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere. Then the vortexes hit a maximum as singular systems that covered at least half the Atlantic Ocean. The vortexes as water vapor moved up in altitude then started to spawn in lower latitudes where they could find water vapor to fuel the energy/heat calories in the troposphere.

First there were increases in the velocity of tornadoes and then the tornadoes were moving their trend outside the 'normal' tornado season, then there were outbreaks of multiple tornadoes and now that is the norm. There are rarely singular tornadoes anymore even if it is a F4 or F5. This scale to the right shows the POTENTIAL of escalating heat in the troposphere. This is Fujita scale, not the cockamamie EF scale. 

In this illustration scientists made room for potential greater than F5. But that is not what occurred with human induced global warming. Earth's surface area has a lot of potential to absorb greater amounts of heat and there is also a question of the tensile strength of water vapor when consolidated to absorb Earth's heat. In other words, while scientists allowed for greater velocity in single systems such as tornadoes and hurricanes it didn't INITIALLY occur. What did occur were greater occurrences of the same velocity maximum. Sort of. Better said, what occurred is the greater occurrences of systems (tornadoes/hurricanes) within the same F Scale, hence, tornado outbreaks rather than F6 or F7 for tornadoes and the SSHWS scale for hurricanes.

The maximum for hurricanes occurred in 2005 in the northern Atlantic above the equator when there were 31 named storms and three huge category 5 systems and two category 4 systems.

This record appears on UNISYS (click here).

The water vapor was literally tossed in the upper troposphere with each huge storm that year. The surface of Earth would mostly lose it's available water vapor. It was matched after that with increasing numbers of tornadoes year after year and diminishing numbers of hurricanes. The first 'near shore' hurricanes occurred that year also. I think the first significant named 'near shore' storm was Dennis. What was happening was a shift from available water vapor in tropical rainforests and ocean surface to Earth harnessing sea spray at shorelines to propagate hurricanes. These are not cognitive decisions by Earth, it is all physics. 

But, the manifestation of twin tornadoes of substantial size is not surprising. It is simply the next step in heat calories/energy on Earth. What did occur last year in 2013 to challenge the category 5 maximum in the western Pacific was Super Typhoon Haiyan.

November 10, 2013
By Manuel Magato and Roling
Tacloban, Phillipines
(Reuters) - Rescue workers struggled (click here) to reach ravaged towns and villages in the central Philippines on Monday as they tried to deliver aid to survivors of a powerful typhoon that killed an estimated 10,000 people and displaced more than 600,000....
This was it's tracking information with wind speeds to 170 knots.
12   7.40  139.60 11/06/00Z  130     - SUPER TYPHOON-4
 13   7.60  138.00 11/06/06Z  135     - SUPER TYPHOON-4
 14   7.90  136.20 11/06/12Z  140     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 15   8.20  134.40 11/06/18Z  150     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 16   8.60  132.80 11/07/00Z  150     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 18  10.20  129.10 11/07/12Z  165     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 19  10.60  127.00 11/07/18Z  170     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 20  11.00  124.80 11/08/00Z  160     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 21  11.40  122.60 11/08/06Z  145     - SUPER TYPHOON-5
 22  11.80  120.60 11/08/12Z  135     - SUPER TYPHOON-4
 23  12.40  118.10 11/08/18Z  125     - SUPER TYPHOON-4
Normally category 5 is simply stated as greater than 155 knots (one knot is equivalent to 1.15 mph). The fact of the matter is there may be a necessity for a category 6 storm at some point.

The reason the Pacific would spawn high velocity storms is because Pacific is the largest ocean on Earth. It provides the 'best surface' for continued escalation of velocity without interruption. So, it is correct to be finding these high velocities in the Pacific Ocean.

What really made me realize the profound impact of human induced global warming in the year 2013 was the denser appearance of noctilucent clouds. They appeared regularly last year.

Polar mesospheric clouds (click here)—also known as noctilucent or “night shining” clouds—form between 76 to 85 kilometers (47 to 53 miles) above the Earth’s surface, near the boundary of the mesosphere and thermosphere, a region known as the mesopause. At these altitudes, water vapor can freeze into clouds of ice crystals. When the Sun is below the horizon and the ground is in darkness, these high clouds may still be illuminated, lending them their ethereal, “night shining” qualities.

To me if one accepts the storms of 2005 stimulated the transfer of water vapor from Earth's surface to the upper troposphere and unavailable for 'normal weather patterns' than how will denser and denser amounts of water vapor manifest other than recharging high elevation glaciers?

Earth's surface had gotten so hot the expansion of air mass and the movement of water vapor to higher and higher altitudes resulted in water vapor moving outside the troposphere to the mesopause. Basically, there is permanent sequestering of water vapor unavailable for any benevolence to Earth's surface now.

The countries of Earth need to take all these 'real world' facts seriously and end the emission of greenhouse gases. Human beings did this. It is time to get real.

Well, here it is.

So, most thought the movie was simply sci-fi, huh?