Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Jesus Christ, the Mexican Drug Cartels are becoming Muslim according to Tom Cotton!

After the alleged death of Nazario Moreno González on December 9, 2010, a split between the cartel leaders José de Jesús Méndez VargasEnrique Plancarte Solís and Servando Gómez Martínez started, a large part of "La Familia Michoacana" left with Plancarte and Gomez to form the Knights Templar cartel, while Jesús Méndez kept the leadership of the now disbanded "Familia Michoacana".

Oh, Mary, Mother of God we'll never stop them now! They have both Mohammad and Jesus on their side!

March 19, 2014
...Today the Knights Templar cartel (click here) that once dominated the region is a shadow of its former self, but concern is growing that the heavily armed militias who helped break the cartel's dominance could themselves trigger more violence and prove as difficult to control.
"The basic problem with the self-defence groups is that the government cannot disarm them without handing control back to the Knights Templars, but it can't tolerate them either," says Alejandro Hope, a leading expert on Mexico's drug wars....

All humor aside, the Mexican Drug Cartels would destroy the Islamic State in a heart beat. They don't need any help or an education on causing death. The Islamic State would be shaking in their boots at the thought.

February 10, 2014
Tens of thousands of people (click here) have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico over the past seven years.
Most of the violence is attributed to fighting between rival drug gangs for control of territory and drug shipment routes. Who are these groups and who are they fighting against?
Who are the main players?...Look what happened this year at the USA border. Children were placed on 'death trains' to try to save their lives by their parents. The entire area where North and South American come down to a land mass about 500 miles across is controlled by a drug cartel war whereby children are used for soldiers and errand boys. The Islamic State is no match for the drug cartels of Mexico. They have more experience and a far longer longevity spanning several generations to prove it.The Islamic State would meet it's maker before they set a foot on dry land.Beheadings happen or hopefully use to happen all the time in Mexico, of innocent people as well as any cartel member. The Mexican drug cartels are far worse than the Islamic State and the USA has been assisting Mexico in their defeat for a very long time.
The bodies of seven men arranged in chairs are pictured in Uruapan in the Mexican state of Michoacan, on Saturday. The men were shot in the head with threat messages nailed to some of their chests using ice picks.March 24, 2013MORELIA, Mexico — Authorities (click here) say the bodies of seven men were found in plastic chairs placed along the side of a street in the drug-plagued Mexican state of Michoacan, while another seven people, including three federal agents, were killed in neighboring Guerrero.Michoacan's Attorney General's Office said in a statement Saturday that the seven bodies had bullet wounds and had been placed individually in the sitting position in chairs near a traffic circle in the city of Uruapan. The office did not provide a motive for killings.
In Guerrero state, authorities said armed men opened fire in a bar in Ciudad Altamirano late Friday. Four civilians and three off-duty federal agents were killed....An armed soldier stands guard next to communication radios displayed  at a military base in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Friday. The army seized rifles, two grenade launchers, 345 cases of ammunitions of different calibres and 352 communication radios raiding a drug hitmen training camp.
For the Republicans the difference between the Mexican drug cartels and the Islamic State is that the Islamic State makes for better fear mongering and conspiracy theories, AKA Republican Electorate. Just look how low a Republican goes to attempt to win an election and this is the USA, huh? Republicans have no morals, they care little about the truth and only understand power. The power of lies and fear is their prime directive after which winning the election they take care of their cronies that made it possible.

Evidently, greed is greed. Oil simply seems to bring it out in everyone, everywhere.

October 8, 2014
By Marty Klinkenberg, 
EDMONTON – Just like everyone else, (click here) sex-trade workers are travelling across the country to earn big money in Alberta.
All but one of 16 prostitutes interviewed by Edmonton police recently as part of a human-trafficking investigation had arrived from outside Alberta, mostly from Toronto and Montreal.
“There is a pattern where women are coming to an oil-rich province chasing the money, and we are seeing more and more of that,” Det. David Schening, with the Edmonton police’s vice unit, said Tuesday.
Participating in a nationwide undercover probe called Operation Northern Spotlight, Edmonton detectives contacted sex-trade workers by responding to advertisements on the Internet and then offered intervention and exit strategies instead of arresting them. A secondary goal was determining if they were being forced to work for somebody else....

I think Professor Michael Eric Dyson has the best perspective on this charge.

How do African American parents discipline their children to avoid ANY confrontation with police that might cause their death and how does that transcend their childhood? Is the culture of any African American home conducting discipline in contradiction to social/legal standards today for that reason?

October 8, 2014
By Rochelle Olson and Mike Kaszuba

A Texas judge on Wednesday (click here) discussed the possibility of a Dec. 1 trial date for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who, according to his lawyer, wants his child abuse case resolved so he can get back to work.
Peterson sat in the audience with his wife and mother during the brief court hearing in Conroe, Texas, north of Houston. He wasn’t asked to enter a plea and did not speak during the hearing, during which lawyers for both sides huddled in front of Montgomery County Judge Kelly Case. Peterson’s next hearing date is set for Nov. 14.
After the hearing, Rusty Hardin, Peterson’s attorney, told reporters outside the courthouse that his client is “champing at the bit” to respond to the allegations. He called Peterson a “good man,” adding, “This is a case about a parenting decision.”
Asked how he was feeling, Peterson, swarmed by cameras crews and reporters as he entered a dark Mercedes SUV, responded, “I’m good.”...

The USA did the right thing for West Africa to end this disease by building infrastructure for that goal.

October 8, 2014

WASHINGTON - The economic impact (click here) of the Ebola epidemic could reach $32.6 billion by the end of next year if the disease ravaging Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone spreads to neighboring countries in West Africa, the World Bank Group said Wednesday.
The World Bank's assessment said the economic impact of Ebola is already serious in the three countries and could be catastrophic if it becomes a more regional health crisis. The CDC said last month that unless efforts to curb the outbreak are ramped up significantly and quickly, the disease could infect up to 1.4 million people by mid-January in two nations, Sierra Leone and Liberia, alone....

Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are basically the same thing.

I have two sisters. I am the oldest of the three. This is about the middle sister.

She was diagnosed with an astrocytoma in 1986. She was given six months to live. That was 28 years ago. Her spouse took her to a different physician at a world renowned teaching hospital after receiving her prognosis. The neurosurgeon there stated 20 years. According to that diagnosis/prognosis she should have died eight years ago.

Two years ago she underwent 5 gamma knife (gamma radiation) treatments for five separate tumors in her head. Today and since her initial diagnosis, she lives on her own terms and conducts all her own activities except her financial life which she lost control over seven years ago.

She still carries a conversation, ambulates with a walker due to balance issues, is still a fashion bug, attends church and smiles. Now, you tell me.

The United States of America is cutting edge for many medical achievements. This path of patient determined suicide is a very slippery slope. If patients decide the burden of living is too great or become entrenched in self-pity then what happens to the achievement gap that drives medical discoveries. I think this is a very dangerous slippery slope in the USA. 

Mr. Brantley cannot continue to be the sole source of antibodies to this virus.

Dallas did a magnificent job, this death was not their failure. They weren't expecting anyone walking in off the street to be carrying this virus.

There was an indication when the family went to the hospital to visit with or at least see Mr. Duncan. Frequently, it is the practice of any hospital staff to alert the family a patient's condition is deteriorating. I had feeling he might pass. Sympathies to his family and friends.

There has been a lot of fear in the USA over this incident. 

October 8, 2014
By Dan Diamond

...A passenger had Ebola-like symptoms (click here) aboard a jet from Texas to Florida — nevermind, not Ebola after all.
As predicted, the number of Ebola false alarms in the United States has skyrocketed since Thomas E. Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas on Sept. 30. In a briefing this weekend, the CDC said it’s been getting more than 800 calls a day from hospitals and other concerned parties, up from about 50 a day before Duncan’s diagnosis.
None of those thousands of calls have turned out to be Ebola....

The new protocol for arriving passengers from overseas travel (one might want to consider all ports of entry at some point) will help close the 'window of opportunity' for the virus.

Replicating the antibodies. One living source can't be the only answer. We have to do better. Is there any chance survivors in West Africa can donate to begin to end the suffering in there?

October 8, 2014
By Abby Ohlheiser
For the second time, (click here) Ebola survivor Kent Brantly has donated his blood to a patient fighting the virus. NBC News announced Wednesday that Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance cameraman who was diagnosed with Ebola while working for the network in Liberia, will receive some of Brantly's blood as part of his treatment against the virus at the Nebraska Medical Center.
In September, Brantly, an American doctor, donated some of his plasma to Rick Sacra, who was also treated at the Nebraska Medical Center....

...Mukpo, like Sacra, also has the same blood type as Brantly, opening up the possibility that the transfusion treatment could work in his case. The medical center reached out to Brantly, who was traveling at the time, after realizing that the pair were a match....

So, the treatment to date is to transfuse whole blood. Curious. What happens to the circulating red blood cells of the victim? Is there something different between the victim's and survivor's red blood cells? Is there any chance the white blood cells of survivors can be separated and even divided to begin the body to produce their own? 

Immunoglobulins (click here)

I am not going to even attempt to be up on all the latest in transfusion technology, but, as a rule the plasma and white blood cells don't require blood typing. I don't know that immunoglobulin can be cultured either. Sandoz was the premier Ig producer.

October 8, 2014

...Under normal circumstances, (click here) the Dallas Medical Examiner’s office would be in charge of moving Duncan’s body from the hospital.  According to the CDC, the virus can be transmitted postmortem through bodily fluids.  Therefore, the CDC has issued guidelines to hospitals and mortuaries for how to safely handle the human remains of any person who has contracted Ebola and died from the disease....

This is going to sound morbid, but, is there any value to the body fluids of the deceased in research?
I think that's it. I already covered Panetta. 

I heard about this on the radio.

A couple (click here) had their cellphone camera rolling when they drove up to a train crossing in Louisiana and noticed there was a big rig stalled on the tracks. What followed was the impact as the train smashed into the 18-wheeler.

Two of the train's engines and 17 train cars derailed in the crash. The driver of the stalled semi abandoned his rig and was not injured. 

Union Pacific Railroad Co. officials said the conductor's injuries weren't considered life-threatening. They say the engineer suffered minor injuries.

The family filming the accident had to make a quick getaway after they were told one of the train cars was leaking a dangerous chemical gas.

I am actually more concerned about the rails going through Mer Rouge, Louisiana. If there are many derailments the entire stretch of track needs to be looked at. People were lucky. The first engine that impacted the truck came up off the track a little bit. But, as soon as the barrier was pushed aside it stayed on the track. It could have been a lot worse.

The Canada explosion just seems to me to be the same phenomena witnessed since North Dakota decided it was okay to douse the entire nation in oil. The cars are full of explosives, they may or may not be properly vented. They are flammable contents and the question arises, what exploded first the inside of the rail car causing the derailment or did the derailment happen first exploding the rail car. 

It has always been my contention that rail cars carrying explosive material are derailed after the explosion. Even derailed a rail car may not explode unless the integrity of the tank is breached. In other words, if another rail car or piece of track pierced the outside wall of the tanker then the spark would ignite the chemical inside. I also believe some if not most can be avoided. Not enough personnel, not enough rail inspections and not tight enough regulations.

October 1, 2014
By James Walsh

...New York state (click here) on Tuesday submitted its concerns about oil trains that traverse the Hudson Valley to a federal agency developing rules for the transport of hazardous materials including volatile Bakken crude oil.

Emergency orders were issued in May by the U.S. Department of Transportation to railroads hauling the Bakken crude to immediately notify state emergency officials of the shipments. Shippers were also asked to stop using old DOT-111 tank cars, which have a history of rupturing and exploding in derailments. The cars were originally designed to carry nonhazardous materials such as corn syrup and fruit juice.

New York's suggestions include enhanced braking systems for oil trains, speed controls for trains hauling hazardous cargo and degasifying crude oil before shipment to reduce its volatility,

"Only with such a comprehensive approach will we reduce the risk involved with shipping high-hazard contents," said the correspondence signed by the state's commissioners of transportation, environmental conservation and homeland security....

New York has this right. Finally a state that recognizes Bakken crude as highly flammable. It was crazy to see the MDSD list this liquid as crude oil. Not even close. 50 - 50 mixture with naptha if it is tar sands.

I am glad it is New York seeking regulation and enforcement. Safety will have it's best outcome in New York.