Saturday, November 26, 2011

To some extent Pakistan reminds me of the USA before it entered WW II.

Previous to the attacks on the USA itself at Pearl Harbor it had divided loyalties. The reasons for that were due to Wall Street primarily. To stay out of the war was to realize profits from both sides of the war in Europe. Pakistan has those qualities, but, it power is developed beyond the scope of the USA at the time of WW II.

...“It seems quite (click title to entry - thank you) extraordinary that we’d just nail these posts the way they say we did,” said one senior American official who was in close touch with American and NATO officials in Pakistan and Afghanistan early Saturday. “Whether they were going after people or whether there was some firing from the Afghan side of the border, then the Pakistan side, we just don’t know. It’s real murky right now. Clearly, something went very wrong.”

The American ambassador in Islamabad, Cameron Munter, called an emergency meeting and expressed regret over the Pakistani casualties. And Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, offered condolences to families of the dead and promised an investigation. “This incident has my highest personal attention and my commitment to thoroughly investigate it to determine the facts,” he said in a statement....

The USA cannot forget about the Mumbai attacks, the allegiance showed to China when Musharraf purchased weapons to gain more power over India with the payment by Rumsfeld for air space, the 'stab in the back' of allowing our downed helicopter to be inspected by the Chinese, the finding of extensive networks of al Qaeda after ten years of war in Afghanistan.

The global community cannot forget the work of Dr. Kahn and his empowerment of rouge states of nuclear capacity. If there is a shadow of a doubt about these attacks being conducted by the USA, there is more than enough reason to allow that doubt to exist. I believe the forces at work with Afghanistan and Pakistan with the success of the USA in the region are at work here, not the USA or its troops, but, the investigation will show what has occurred.

Pakistan can never seem to 'get over the hump' of its own problems simply because its problems serve a purpose to its power.

While the established government plays on the world stage, its people suffer under oppressive and anarchic power regimes. Those regimes struggle for power and provide a venue of excuses for the Pakistani government to justify its existence while allowing terrorist networks to thrive within its borders. The networks are a form of a 'security force' for Pakistan, no different than Al Capone had his day as well.

Currently, the people of Pakistan are experiencing profound problems of survival. The floods have devastated families, cast more and more into poverty and debt while oppressing them to local councils that have little use for the central government. Actually, the local tribal authorities find comfort in opposing the central government empowered by their own extremists will to fight the Holy War.

China is not a benign interest with Pakistan. China has a paranoia of The West fostered by the circumstances with Taiwan. It is not a strange paranoia, it is actually justified. China wants peace, but, it also is vigilant to those in its neighborhood that do not. Being a partner to Pakistan serves the national security interests of China in its concerns about The West. China could not care less if Europe is secure because it does not see it as an ally, so much as an opportunist to conventional war.

So to say there are tensions is an understatement, but, those tensions are allowed to exist for a variety of reasons.

It is the people of the nation that most concerned the former Prime Minister and Presidential Candidate Benazir Bhutto. It was the people of the tribal regions that she loved. Her Pakistan was not to be torn in its loyalties, so much as healed of the factions that comprise the instability that reaches all the way to the ISI. It is that focus the global community, including China, needs to focus upon. The people are a nation or at least they are suppose to be and the people of Pakistan have yet to be a priority. The priority of the central government of Pakistan has been power and NOT SERVICE. The focus of 'power' is somewhat enforced with its diplomacy and resourcing with China.

The power broker that Kahn was has caused great hardship to the people of the countries he tooled up, North Korea and Iran. The people within those countries are neglected by their governments, while they embrace power, the acquisition of it and strategies for its use all wrapped up in ideologies that do not value life.

I sincerely hope the investigation into this incident is telling of the powers within Pakistan the central government can't seem to contain, including those still existing that found the resolve to attack India. I fully anticipate the investigation to include any and all knowledge the ISI knew of such activity. I find this 'incident' oddly linked with demands for the USA to withdraw from the region with its drones after the Pakistani government now has spy drones of its own. The power structure within Pakistan continues to separate itself from any alliances with the USA, so much as seeking more weaponry and insidious forms of combat against India. Pakistan has to know there is an alliance with India the USA cannot forget and while Pakistan views the proximity of the USA as a problem, I am confident India does not while it does not have spy drones.

The people of this region suffer continued challenges to survive. The militarization only provides the impetus to the escalation of power by Pakistan. The demand for power is waved in the face of its President by the ISI and the continued indulgence of the Pakistani military for its need for overwhelming force in the region is engaged at every opportunity to insure the President is not assassinated when the military gifts stop.

The people of this region have to become an overwhelming focus on the global stage. I don't see why there is any military indulgence within this region by any country. But, it will continue and the powder keg will increase day after day while Pakistan and China continue to desire to fight The West while it attempts to dominate the region.

The power struggles are significant, but meaningless when the people have no hope and only serve as foot soldiers to extremists. The vision the leaders of the region have for their people are not accomplishing their goals. China has more of interest to end terrorist regimes and networks in the region as much, if not more than the USA does. Yet there is no active pursuit of peace by China with The West when it seeks to out wit them rather than resolving its own tensions.

The USA is not accomplishing anything, it is marking time. There are no improvements and the only focus that has been successful is ending the al Qaeda presence. The people continue to struggle, the children remain without a future, the same paradigm of debt slavery exists and women continue to be valued for less then they are capable of contributing to their country. Sooner or later, the USA has to leave the region as there can is no resolve by the governments to peace and co-existence. To that end the countries will be less one more scapegoat and we will have reclaimed our dignity and perspective. Perhaps when we finally don't carry the mantle of battle anymore, the USA will be valued by Pakistan in the light it should be.

Until tomorrow.

The Surge is not working. It is working against the USA and NATO's best interests in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

All those soldiers are not needed in Afghanistan.  There is over 'tasking' of missions. 

These tragedies contribute to the 'divided ranks' within the ISI.  No one needs this mess.  This is not the first time wrongful targeting has occurred.  I sincerely hope there will be a clear information as to what has occurred here and adjustment to 'purpose' of cross border targets. 

This incident has created problems for Pakistan Commanders that do not have clear and open channels with NATO.  I would think NATO would not be acting autonomously.  I realize the trustworthiness of Pakistan's police and military infrastructure has much to be desired, but, 'making enemies' where there were none before is not a good outcome of any action of NATO or the USA.  There has to be some way to verify trustworthiness in dealing with Pakistan's infrastructure.  A clear understanding of security, what the purpose of that security is and who indeed is acting in the best interest of the sovereignty of the nation. 

I don't believe Pakistan is a sovereign nation at this point, it has far too many factions within its own infrastructure to call it a sovereign nation.  Don't the Pakistani people want a nation with a clear vision of the future while resolving its impoverished peoples to more than a daily existence?  Is there no future for these people to latch onto?  Is there only what is best for the National Defense of the USA and NATO?  That is not a moral mission.  Civilians and their attempts as security at check points are non-military targets. 

It is one thing to have Pakistan military and police attacked by internal enemies of the Pakistan government, but, quite something else when that occurs by allies. 

The USA doesn't have methods of identifying 'permanent check points?'  It doesn't have the capacity to seek assistance in bringing enemies of Pakistani and Afghan people to a just end? 

This 'incident' speaks loudly to the destabilized circumstances in both countries.  Very loudly.  There seems to be no cooperation between Pakistan and NATO.  If that is the case then what are we doing there?

Recently there was an attack in Afghanistan where a high level meeting of the Afghan government was taking place, why do people think that happened, because the infrastructure is secure and stable?  Quite the contrary.  The USA and NATO are operating in a vacuum in that country and have been for quite some time.  I think it is time to leave.

I hope there will be a full disclosure about this incident that validates the claim by Pakistan or dispells it.  I look forward to hearing the results of the internal investigation by NATO hopefully with the cooperation of those making this claim in Pakistan.

...The rugged Pakistan-Afghanistan border is extremely porous and difficult to police, enabling Afghan Taliban insurgents enjoying sanctuary in Pakistan to launch cross-border attacks on U.S. and Afghan forces in Afghanistan, and for Pakistani Taliban militants on the Afghan side of the border to attack Pakistani troops and checkpoints. In past incidents involving NATO aircraft fire on Pakistani security forces, NATO officials have said their troops were either pursuing Taliban militants or thought they were shooting at insurgents.

Pakistani authorities said the assault was unprovoked and denounced it as a gross violation of their country’s sovereignty. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani condemned the attack as “a blatant and unacceptable act.” The military said it had lodged a protest with NATO and coalition forces in Afghanistan, demanding that “strong and urgent action be taken (against) those responsible for this aggression.”

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling the attack “a serious transgression of oft-conveyed red lines and could have serious repercussions” for Pakistan’s cooperation with U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan....