Sunday, May 07, 2017

Let's take a look at the 2005 report about New York State's Finger Lakes including Otisco Lake.

...The 2005 report (click here) summarizes the current understanding of the limnology and water quality of these lakes. An initial water quality evaluation of Otisco Lake was added to the Finger Lakes comparison program in 2008. The watersheds of these lakes have a diversity of land use activities and bedrock geologies . The lakes contain 98% of the water in the Finger Lakes. The water quality ranks were based on monthly surface water samples, CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth water column profiles and secchi disk readings from at least two mid-lake, deep-water sites in each lake. Water samples were analyzed for total coliform and E.coli bacteria, algae concentrations (chlorophyll-a), nutrient concentrations (dissolved phosphates, nitrates and silica), and suspended sediment concentrations.

The data indicated that Seneca, Owasco, and Honeoye Lakes had the worst water quality. Skaneateles, Canandaigua and Keuka Lakes had the best water quality. Cayuga Lake fell in between. None of them revealed significant health threats.

The 2005 preliminary report noted a strong correlation between the water quality ranking and a first order, qualitative assessment of water quality protection legislation. Water quality was better in lakes with more stringent and, more importantly, more active water quality protection activities. The goal is to provide scientific data and concrete evidence so that state, county and local policy makers, residents, farmers, engineers, and all the other stakeholders understand the current situation and probable water quality trends into the future because everyone has to work together to preserve, protect and in some cases improve water quality in the Finger Lakes....

While the moron running the EPA is all about throwing away the regulations, there are historic documents in many states indicating the importance of regulation and it's correlation between legislated protections and actual results and outcomes that benefit citizens. 

Got that?

Regulations Work. Just that simple. When scientists apply their knowledge and legislators respect that knowledge, really good things happen for the citizen that supported through their taxes universities and colleges. 

This is not tree hugging or any of those defaming names or concepts, this is real results proven to protect the interest of the public. This is NOT a political agenda, it is real and it is life!