Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The USA - Mexico Border War with Drug Cartels (click title to entry - thank you)

Above: The home of a drug cartel leader was burned down after he was murdered in Guadalupe Bravos.

Guadalupe Bravos, Chihuahua, Mexico (WBAP) - Since the escalation of drug related violence three years ago, the Mexican government estimates 20,000 people have been murdered. Mexico's government says nine out of ten murder victims works for a cartel, but as the cartels battle for control with each other and the Mexican government, more families say their loved ones are being caught in the middle....


Johnny Cochran's Daughter sounded 'the truth' after her father's death and research now backs up her warning.

No doubt the 'cell phone' industry has already begun 'damage control' but the facts are clear.  When high volume of cell phone use occurs there is GLIOMA.
The real quesiton is "Why didn't this information exist before it was sold rather than after?" I guess 10% of cell phone users are simply disposable for the profitability of Wall Street. Mr. Cochran was simply a rich peasant instead of an impoverished one.

We were lucky his celebrity status allowed his daughter to speak out about the reason for his death on Larry King Live.  Thank you, Mr. King, the one media personality that actually isn't afraid of the truth.

...Johnnie Cochran, who died from a glioma in 2005,... (see link below)

....But the 10% of participants who reported the greatest amount of time spent on their mobile phones seemed to have a 40% increased risk of glioma.... (click title to entry - thank you)

Allowing British Petroleum to experiment in the Gulf of Mexico has caused global pollution circulation concerns.

KEY WEST — The U.S. Coast Guard and marine scientists will be surveying shorelines in the Keys Tuesday morning to see if they find more tar balls after many were found today on Key West beaches.
Park rangers at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park found tarballs throughout the day - about three an hour - at the park and nearby Navy beach at Truman annex, according to a Coast Guard news release late tonight.
The balls were 3-to-8 inches in diameter.
Coast Guard pollution investigators responded to this morning's report of 20 tar balls at Fort Zachary, but found no additional tar balls. Samples were sent to a laboratory to determine where their origin....(click title to entry - thank you)

The specimens are from Key West (there is a writing pen in the picture for perspective.).  If the BP pollution is in Key West it is also in the Gulf Stream on its way and quite possibly already reaching to Laborador, Greenland, Iceland and Europe.

There is global consequences to giving BP 'free reign' to carry out its' 'guess work.'  The USA, in my opinion, now has international liability as it was unable to contain the BP rupture.  The only 'fail safe' method to handle a 'deep water' goof is to close the well head and let the oil company figure out what they are going to do later.  The only way to effectively close any well head at such a depth is to cause an explosion sizable enough to dislocate the well head from the drill hole.  In other words, but, Earth back in place where it has been disturbed.  It is the only effective mechanism and I am saying, when these deep water instances occur 'peaceful use of torpedoes' is the only method that saves fisheries.

What the United Nations has to do now is begin to educate countries with coastal economies that they are now in danger of having food sources polluted and unuseable.  "In that' is a reality that places countries such as Thialand which relies heavily on their coasts for tourism and food directly in the 'path of harms' way.'  It is time to 'get the word' out there might be consequences they would never expect in their wildest imaginations and to exert extreme caution as the evidence of oil distribution globally continues. 

Besides the crude oil coming ashore and polluting fisheries, quite possibly destroying them, what has to be realized is that the oceans' biotic balance have been disturbed by the 'dispersant chemicals' now in large volume in the water column. 

This is a profound reality that has to be realized and contextualized on the impact of populations globally to contain the impacts.  My concern is that it will ultimately lead to sterile oceans if this continues in the volume that it exists today.

Morale to this chapter in 'capitalistic indulgence' is that Sovereign Authority is suppose to mean something and protect the citizens and not Wall Street entities.  The 'returns' on the indulgence of BP is huge, there are chemical industries lapping up all kinds of profits, along with BP's own 'wishes' for securing 'the answer' that will provide them with 'an edge' in deep sea oil drilling.  It is the most hideous set of circumstances I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  That's Wall Street and its relationship with the USA.  There is no damage control by the USA government, just more opportunistic indulgences. 

This 'also tracks' with prior administrations and Congresses.  There was the Iraq War, the Vietnam War and the list goes on .  This is typical of the USA and should be limited by a larger global community.