Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Assange is correct. When political figures are killed there has to be a level of concern and murder should be considered.

Seth Rich's status as an official of the DNC automatically places suspicion of murder. His death is only weeks after the DNC email scandal.

I think Julian Assange is being prudent to raise concern for a valued official of the DNC.

Julian Assange's (click here) WikiLeaks offers a cash reward for information on the death of US Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich.

Doping suspensions are suppose to mean something. But, to enforce it in the face of an athlete that has reformed is too punitive.

Rio de Janeiro: Russian cyclist Olga Zabelinskaya, (click here) who has taken the silver medal in the women's road cycling time trial at the Rio Games after an 11th-hour reprieve due to a prior 18-month doping ban, insists she has always been clean. 
Initially facing a ban from these Games, Zabelinskaya was free to race on Wednesday after a ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on August 4 said competitors with history of doping suspensions should not be excluded.

American Kristin Armstrong, meanwhile, notched a most extraordinary gold medal feat: her third consecutive Olympic title achieved the day before she turns 43.

Attention was split between controversial Zabelinskaya, for whom British entrant Emma Pooley expressed disdain in the countdown to the race, and fairy tale Armstrong who said afterwards she felt entirely amicable with her closest challenger on the day....

The US Justice Department needs to review the hearings that were dismissed in the Freddy Gray case for fraud and corruption.

August 9, 2016
By Peter HermannLynh Bui and Matt Zapotosky

The Baltimore Police Department (click here) has engaged in years of racially discriminatory policing that targeted black residents, illegally detaining and searching people and using excessive force, the Justice Department concludes in a report released Tuesday.
In a scathing review that includes the historical backdrop of Baltimore’s racially divided past, civil rights investigators declare that a “legacy of zero tolerance enforcement” that started in 1999 and officially ended a decade ago “continues to drive” the policing strategy of the city.
The federal investigators found that officers are poorly trained and that the department has fostered a culture in which complaints against police are often ignored. Most of the unconstitutional stops occurred in predominantly poor black neighborhoods, the report says, and some people were stopped simply because police perceived them as disrespectful....

Ted Strickland owes America an apology.

The decision by the late Justice Scalia regarding guns calls for moderation and protection of the innocent. That decision by Justice Scalia saved the gun laws passed in Connecticut. 

There are many Americans that disagree with a right wing court, but, to state Justice Scalia died at the right time is an insult to this country. Ted Strickland needs to apologize for the comment about Justice Scalia's death.

His death had the appearance of a peaceful passing. But, to state it was timely is an insult.